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Boys Are Stupid. Girls Are Mean #10 "Just Like A Baby Seal"

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Lindsay Bushman from "The Young and the Restless" stars as Cady, who confuses Alan by being both mean and nice to him. Alan, of course, remains dumb throughout.
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Text Comments (26)
Antonio Diaz (4 months ago)
Smh is this a joke😁😁😁
Dr. Pepper (1 year ago)
What kinda school did you go to
awhclementine (1 year ago)
Female circumcision?
Gianni T Martin (2 years ago)
face girls
awhclementine (1 year ago)
Gianni T Martin what does that mean lol
Da Cod Boy (2 years ago)
girls are both girls hit boys and don't like it when they hit back I hate that
Dman82499 (3 years ago)
How about just change it to most people are stupid, most people are mean.
Matthew Musgrave (3 years ago)
Girls are stupid
awhclementine (1 year ago)
Matthew Musgrave both sexes are actually. Apparently, on the internet, it said that girls are smarter than boys, but men are smarter than women. Idk how it works...
Matthew Musgrave (3 years ago)
Boys are better loser
awhclementine (6 months ago)
Eclipse I was just kidding, lol, I'm a girl myself
Eclipse (6 months ago)
@awhclementine how is that true? Us girls go through way more
awhclementine (1 year ago)
Matthew Musgrave true tbh.
Em Kersting (3 years ago)
LOL The Nazi report
Gav man (3 years ago)
awhclementine (1 year ago)
Gav Man why us a kid on Youtube?
Sarah Skye (3 years ago)
Well why are you saying that
The wannabe (4 years ago)
no wait change your title to:girls are bitches and are stuck up and boys are stupid but and knows how to chill comment or like if agree:)
Yankeezcap (4 years ago)
I really don't like that he said yes. no self respect whatsoever on his part. what a fucking self depreciating worm of a person.
Tyler Tuck (4 years ago)
38 thru1:08 and boys are stupid
Courtney Jackson (5 years ago)
The F? The Reds have bat night? 
funtubersfunclub (6 years ago)
Nazi report LOL
starkid77 (6 years ago)
Oh I wish my school was this way, way back when:)
The whole season one of the webseries can be found on Funny or Die. And we are starting production on Season Two currently. They should be up here and on Funny Or Die sometime in early 2013.
awhclementine (1 year ago)
jamaica verde you said that already, dumbass. Turns out you're stupid...
jamaica verde (2 years ago)
girls are stuoid and girl are idiots and stupid

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