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How to Design an Online Product Catalog in 5 minutes for Non-Designers

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A tutorial for building an online product catalog the easy and fast way with www.CatalogMachine.com
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Devi Yulia (3 years ago)
Great tutorial! Well done. Just one question: should we have our own website to publish our own catalog? It's because I don't have a website but I wish to create my online digital catalog to sell my products. Thank you so much!
Andriy Solovey (3 years ago)
+Yulia Devi You don't a website as our service host your html and pdf catalogs.
Henry Hoe (4 years ago)
is this free? any restrictions?
Henry Hoe (4 years ago)
@Andriy Solovey ok
Andriy Solovey (4 years ago)
Hi Henry, we have free forever plan and paid plans with more capacity.
Suraj Thool (4 years ago)
Good one..

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