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JIGSAW & Ultimate Elevator Prank (IbraTV)

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La saga la plus flippante du cinéma revient avec JIGSAW. le 1er novembre. Je m'amuse à effrayer les passants. Résultat : J’ai pris des gros coups de pieds.  Instagram: http://po.st/ibratvI SnapChat : Ibratv Twitter: http://po.st/ibratvT Contact presse / Collaboration [email protected] Ceci est une vidéo sponsorisée
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Text Comments (16557)
IbraTV (1 year ago)
Pour d'autre video de ce genre il suffit laisse un POCE BLO et PARTAGEZ la famille
Loana Flx (3 days ago)
C'etait qui sur le velo???
Joep Van Berkel (4 days ago)
IbraTV dont do it with kids please
Red pool (10 days ago)
Tu parais super grand avec le costume
Abderrazak Zentari (10 days ago)
Ça se voit que ces que des fakes genre quand le mec fou des coup de pied dans l'ascenseur on voit bien qu'il n'y va pas à fond
Kevin Baker (14 days ago)
IbraTV are u not afraid to get shot
orianne hudgens (36 minutes ago)
The typical run for living 3:06 😂
misssweetpea24 (1 hour ago)
Antifa! 😬😉
im Army person (2 hours ago)
Very funny
Adam Adamov (13 hours ago)
МА хаз саг ву хьо 😂
G0lden Kid (13 hours ago)
I hate when they just stand there instead of running so they don’t die 💀 👀😂even tho I know this is a prank but still
Davo Pro (20 hours ago)
Timothy Perdue (1 day ago)
Ok. last year...this kind of doesn't work UNLESS you have Jigsaw there. You have to make people recognize the saw theme...but forget all that. It is clear this is how white bitches die. Look at all them brothas say nope...and that black gurl went in there anyways. RIP. ignoring the political correctness I am ok 100% you say black people ALWAYS run..I'm ok with...I'm ok with not waiting to find out what the fuck is going down...especially if my black ass decides to where heeled stiletto boots. HAHAHAHAH!
Lunar Angelus (1 day ago)
joel kunze (1 day ago)
Cant wait till thwy show a video of one of these pranks and soneone pulls a gun fucking dumbasses
Sandeep Debnath (1 day ago)
That was superb.... We want more.
Dean Valenzona (1 day ago)
That intro with the pig was scary!
Juan Pino (1 day ago)
If that deal that prank in the park in New York New Jersey they will get double-tapped
nitish kumar (1 day ago)
Cristian Stark (1 day ago)
1:14 así es como se hace prrs
malik TV (1 day ago)
malik TV (1 day ago)
salam alekum
Faduli Fadel (2 days ago)
Fais en encore une autre C'est graave bien🤣😍
Aniket Magare (2 days ago)
1:17 men's reaction 2:31 wome's reaction
Matisse Saker (2 days ago)
mohamed amine fakiri (2 days ago)
1.19 😎😎😎😎😎
HMF Vlogs (2 days ago)
0:42 that's my my turbo r sike its someone else's plus I don't even live where he lives so that not mine
ABC News (3 days ago)
Do it in Texas, you will be shot lol
Sikandar Alas (3 days ago)
Girls are really brave😉😉
Блять еп твою мама чуток не обосрался
Shianna Enoka (4 days ago)
1:17 I would've done the same thing lmao
Denisa Gromanova (4 days ago)
Math (4 days ago)
Il est racisme envers lui même
Math (4 days ago)
Euhhh non je veut dire a 1:12
Math (4 days ago)
Le mec avant de te donner des coup a dit chocolate a 2:12
Camille LITA (4 days ago)
Ça fait tellement peur
jigb07 (5 days ago)
I'll run 100 km away.. 🏃
novihok novihok (5 days ago)
Негры имели всех ужасов, попросту белоснежные бабы имеют и страхи и негров
Xromokei ### (5 days ago)
ебать жесть ахахах XD
Kimberly H. (6 days ago)
The soundtrack from "IT" really brings it out.
The black dude 😡💪💪 best reaction ever
ISSA A H (6 days ago)
if this happen to me i will kill u son of pitch
Jurek Filipowski (6 days ago)
hearth attack
Jesus_83 (6 days ago)
Ебать в начале стрёмно ))))
Maxim Samoilov (6 days ago)
Maxim Samoilov (6 days ago)
О даа.. 😂
Ultras Stephanois (7 days ago)
20M de vue 👍👏
REND PAS FOU (7 days ago)
A 2:35 la meuf elle est déterre
Trickle Raindrop (7 days ago)
Clowns don't scare me because I always loved my Bozo the Clown doll and my Ronald McDonald doll as a child. However, that giant pig man would scare the scrap out of me...especially in an underground parking garage!
Mell0 (7 days ago)
*Chill bro is just a game*
Mell0 (7 days ago)
*Chill bro is just a game*
Moses D (7 days ago)
i dont think its funny. if i had a gum. i show you some fun!
Sebastien Sebastien (7 days ago)
Mdr very strange
なっさん (8 days ago)
TOM and Me. Ch (8 days ago)
toxic nardady (8 days ago)
😂🇫🇷déchirant j'adore.😂
Mehdo (8 days ago)
anatole vachon (8 days ago)
Gg mais il y a que des anglais qui regarde
Abdoul Ahad Niang (8 days ago)
C'est vraiment drôle regarde la peur de ses pauvres gens
Karim Chorfi (8 days ago)
Joshua Hillel (9 days ago)
Ibra on veut la même mais avec 1) vraie tronçonneuse EN MARCHE 2) faire peur à des vraies putes (commandées sur le web par ex)
Igor Silva (9 days ago)
Özlem Açıkel (9 days ago)
when i see this guy I think; "am i made a bad thing??" I DON'T WANT TO DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Lais Urquiza (9 days ago)
RENDER GOd (9 days ago)
This is just perfect 👍🤲👏
Ashish Kumar (9 days ago)
That giant was ☠️👹🙀
ANDREW SEMAKULA (9 days ago)
That white dude tall af
The Final Natural (9 days ago)
Lol I'll never understand why people get in the fettle position when they're scared...what's that going to do? Get you killed quicker...
るにゃ (9 days ago)
結論 襲われた場所が狭ければ人は対抗する。
るにゃ (8 days ago)
ウェルカムブラッド ドッキリに国境はなーい⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝ピョンピョン
항상 행운이 깃드시고 건강하세요 https://youtu.be/mGRqQU34uOQ https://m.tv.naver.com/kyg710319 힐링하러53 산속에서 민물장어 참게낚시 구경53 구독 좋아요 추천은 사랑입니다 돈 들어가는것이 아닙니다 부탁드려요
Pepero Pepe58 pliz (9 days ago)
top du top 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 merci
Emre Ernst (9 days ago)
1:10 c est black traap
Reggie Taylor (9 days ago)
Old video, but the two girls in the elevator reaction was "priceless" i love how when some women are scared and you are standing right next to them they will grab you,2:38,grab your throat,i had one that got so scared at a haunted house,she bear hugged me, twisted me around to sheild herself with my body i was like"you bastard let me go i am trying to fight this bastard off and you got me wrapped up, you dumb a#$% let me go!
神無月太郎 (9 days ago)
2:03 welcome to the jungle
김hello (9 days ago)
tg trash (9 days ago)
Cosa c'entra il maiale con saw
К . М. А. (10 days ago)
PaulyG Speaks (10 days ago)
That’s so scary haha
herbo 500k (10 days ago)
0:58 that run get me every time 🤦🏾‍♂️💯
Steven Alford (10 days ago)
This is why you carry guns
Kevin Ramirez (10 days ago)
That song tho😥😥😥
rémi no (10 days ago)
mauvaise idée ton histoire. si y'avais un flingue tu te prendrais le plomb
rémi no (10 days ago)
de plus si tu savais se qui se vend sur le deep web tu verais que ton histoire est totalement réel.
Hasan Niang (10 days ago)
😂😂😂putains le gars de l'ascenseur il allait te tuer
Monica Frontino (10 days ago)
Cavoli,adoro tutti i Saw, però ritrovarmi davanti loro due........😱
MAHDI (10 days ago)
0:21 fuck
まーみん (10 days ago)
えっ一人で見るんやなかった…見てるだけなのに最初クソ怖いんやけど( ;∀;)おっきいくまちゃん抱きついて寝よ←←
すらっしゃー (10 days ago)
Mdrrr les coup de pieds 😂😂😂
LoL JJLLLj (10 days ago)
Почему у пилы такая большая бошка
ghostember 27 (10 days ago)
Maksim Huzmiev (10 days ago)
1:15 Your lucky dat guy didnt have a gun in his pocket
alex thompson (10 days ago)
Srq CF (10 days ago)
So Bad Guy.s Stop :Q
Sanjay Kumar Shukla (10 days ago)
Mast but so scarry
Solid Playz (10 days ago)
1:16 was extreme savage 👌 plus at 2:12 the girl it looked like she got punched. 2:35 THOOOOOOOO XDD
Why the voice of the huge man is pig sound🐖🐽🐷?
JG Studio (11 days ago)
like don't do this like people in us might have a weapon or gun you might get kill or seriously injure for doing this kind of prank
18 20 (11 days ago)
Julián 2244 (11 days ago)
They are trying to cause people heart attacks like y'all fucked for this that woman probably think it was her last day on earth and y would you get on an elevator if there's a pig bitch lol?😂
Zin Lin Paing (11 days ago)
amandine Galland (11 days ago)
Mdr lintro !!! My god
lia CARMONA (11 days ago)
Es espantoso
the killer2000 (11 days ago)
Ce putin de cochon à gâcher ma vie
elena favour (11 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the old lady was sooooo!scaerd

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