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Be a Model Magazine Cover 'ELLE Korea' s youngest, Suzy reap Much Praise

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Suzy recently shocked fans after being chosen as a model for the cover of the magazine 'ELLE Korea'. Miss A's Suzy has established her career in modeling to become a model for the cover of ELLE Korea, as well as make it a model among the youngest model ever face plastered on the front of the magazine, considering its age still in 20 years.   The photo shoot for the magazine 'ELLE Korea' October issue was taken in an old house in Rome, Italy. According to the staff who worked with him on a shoot, Suzy looks plain and joke and show charisma like ramaja youth in general. "Suzy really beautiful," said a netizen on upvote to more than 3500 people. "Suzy Aigoo very charming. Goddess of Autumn," "Suzy the best. This is the prettiest I've ever seen in a magazine cover celebrity !!! daebak," and "Suzy amazing to shoot. They catch her eye so good," which upvote reach more than 2000 people, proving its success as a magazine cover model. As you know, Suzy became a member of the girl group the most active solo career, both in the world of acting and modeling. See Suzy action during a photo shoot for the magazine ELLE below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWk1WljZX0 Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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