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120426 miss A Suzy Surrounded By Many Fanboys + Fanboys' Chant.

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source:tudou miss A suzy going to mnet japan. Wow! crazy! thats alot of fans! i think about a 100. haha i love how the fanboys shouted "suzy ~" in the end!
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Text Comments (21)
Miss Miss (3 years ago)
Suzy!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
mgl cristal (5 years ago)
Suzy Suzy Suzy...
PJ Pyaar (5 years ago)
Oh Suzy ahhh
726jigglypuff (5 years ago)
Hallyu8 Suzy thread.
timber (5 years ago)
so where's the list? i type miss a fanboys in google and i don't come across any "whole damn list"
1soomuchA (5 years ago)
Suzy !!! I'm here ! I love you too.... :)
Dung Hoang (6 years ago)
If i were there, i would also do that.love my Bae 4ever
726jigglypuff (6 years ago)
There is a whole damn list for that. LOL!
likehimkiee (6 years ago)
I'm fangirl!
timber (6 years ago)
are there any famous fanboys that like suzy?
The Rock (4 months ago)
Akira Todou (6 years ago)
She's perfect! SUZY BAE my no. 1 IDOL :* <3
Abigail S (6 years ago)
she is very sweet and nice
sueweetie (6 years ago)
me alsooo!
Nyu015 (6 years ago)
and meee!! hahahha xD
726jigglypuff (6 years ago)
Please add me to that ever growing list as well. I think Suzy has as many fangirls as fanboys. Even during performances there are always a lot of girls screaming for her compared to Min, Jia and Fei who have more males yelling for them. :)
wawalemanbest (6 years ago)
suzy effect
blueblossom2223 (6 years ago)
suzy <3
S.A Chen (6 years ago)
WOAH~ so many fanboys ehh.. Well, who wouldn't fall in love with such a great and kind hearted girl. :) -- /watch?v=02kuDkuwBzs
Rosalina Scarlet (6 years ago)
So Cute!! Omg! Suzy! You are so POPULAR!
anon (6 years ago)
Aigoo Suzy ahh~<3 Pure and innocent, such a beauty as well. No doubt so many guys go gaga for her hehe^^ ~<3

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