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"Silicon Valley Story" — a Very Short Romantic Comedy by Ted Nelson

43 ratings | 3802 views
A playful story about the microcircuitry of love, with Ted Nelson as an absentminded genius, featuring Doug Engelbart as Ted's father and Stewart Brand as the villainous CEO. Closing song: "Information Flow", sung by Donna Spitzer and the auteur.
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Travis Stahler (4 months ago)
MrBeful (1 year ago)
wow pure gold this one
Nima Johari (3 months ago)
Eugene Zilman (1 year ago)
Ted, if you read the comments: I watched this after your 80th birthday video with a melancholic grin not unlike, heh, not unlike your own. Mind you, watched at 2am from onboard a ferry traveling between two obscure towns in Japan for no reason in particular. I'm not Japanese and have no business being on this ferry, but I must be somewhere and that is where I happened to be when I came across your videos. They mean a great deal to me. I've been aware of your work for a number of years - I am 28 - I say all of this because you should know that there seems to be still a small kernel of the like minded, a thread between generations, that doesn't forget what you or your friends were about. You will not fade into obscurity, when I'll get leverage (or the one or two like me somewhere out there) your story will re-told. And a good implementation of your work will find a way into this world, the web is not the final word.
zarjesve2 (1 year ago)
I completely second that! Ted Nelsons ideas are something that only will be implemented! He understand human to human relations better then anyone else and he integrated this relationsin bits and zeros!
Lori Guidos (7 years ago)
"with the right strategy".

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