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CNN: The RidicuList: BeautifulPeople.com

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Anderson Cooper explains why the website BeautifulPeople.com has earned a spot on AC360's RidicuList.
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Text Comments (84)
Blind Goat (1 month ago)
They wouldn’t get accepted into beautyontheinside.com
Leon Leona (1 month ago)
Sou uma participante do site Beautiful People
linda maxie (1 month ago)
Rachel Garber (3 months ago)
Hodge is not that good looking himself
iced coffee noctule (4 months ago)
I am not lying. I nearly committed suicide because this site exists. Please can someone tell this to the founder?
Abby Nebeker (4 months ago)
"Dude seriously, button up your shirt" 😂
Sara Terry (8 months ago)
My jaw dropped when he said 30000 fuglies
adolf512 (8 months ago)
It's not that difficult to become a member, their standards are too low.
Luqman Wadood (10 months ago)
Carly Fournier (10 months ago)
Lol "The lion ain't half bad either. He might have a shot on the site." Everything else was amusing too.
Khanh Phi (1 year ago)
i got in and i can confirm that most of the member are average, some a really hot and some are really ugly. seems like every other dating site to me. deleted my profile afterwards xd
Zalden N (1 year ago)
I was rejected, I am going to end my life today !
John Ford (2 years ago)
How dare someone want a dating site where they don't have to wade through the uglies to get to something good.
kiss my ass (2 years ago)
The snake is more beautiful than any member or staff on beautiful people dot com
Annette Shirey (2 years ago)
"I don't buy that accent either"... oh my god hahahaha. i laughed out loud
leatcanned (2 years ago)
If I were the founder of the site, I would demand childhood pictures of the beautiful people. So many people getting plastic surgery nowadays, if they want to pass on their 'pure' pretty genes, you could be tricked by a 'beautiful' fraud. I know most people 'grow' into their adult features, but sometimes, plastic surgery is obvious. I would also demand comparison A and B pictures of faces with and without makeup and high lighting so I can see the bone structure without the obvious contouring and see if the true skin is really clean, clear and even. No eye contacts, tummy tuckers and cinchers, no oil-injections or spray-on abs or push up bras or stuffed pants. and photoshop would be strictly prohibited. Every person would have to 'fit' the universal 'beauty' mask and the more symmetrical their face is, the higher their chances of entry.
Rafaela B. (7 months ago)
You're an idiot just like him. I am a model, never had a cosmetic surgery done in my life and even so I am not vein and stupid like you.
AniMesuro (2 years ago)
Joshua Lopez (2 years ago)
AniMesuro Some people just don't like Asians lol. This site is a joke and pretty much is good for nothing more than Cyber attack practice lol. Mr. Hodge basically established a dating site that operates by the same standards as most if not all night clubs around the west coast (except for the rich person part but I think that comes in the form of buying membership).
Alex Jones (2 years ago)
Love Anderson cooper
fumomo fumosarum (2 years ago)
haha ^^ he has a fun writer. nice nice..
lola bigcups (3 years ago)
Anderson Cooper would get accepted. but he has to much class.
Mike Camps (3 years ago)
im a member :) but i'm not really disappointed :)
J o n a t h a n (3 years ago)
Lol why would anyone go on a site like that. Do you get banned if a person use photoshop.
Toufiq Aziz (3 years ago)
What this beautiful people should do is get an island on somewhere and get relocated their so they dont have to endure the sight of ugly people like us...I am sure this beautiful people can live their life very well without us ugly fuglies helping them out...
AUGUSTUS CAESER (3 years ago)
The guy in this is SOOOOOOO FUNNY
TXF (3 years ago)
I hope someone that gets rejected for the site, goes back and tries to sue them for discrimination. Or something along the lines of "Beauty is subjective." I don't even care if the site gets taken down. I just wanna see what the guy running the site says about it, especially if he loses. Also. I love that. "If you go back through history.." Yyyyyyeah. If you DO actually go back and look at history, you'll notice differences between what was considered attractive, or beautiful. Not to mention even MORE differences if you look at places outside the US. "Beauty" hasn't always been about being a toothpick covered in makeup with artificial blimps for a chest.
Love & Metaphysics (3 years ago)
What was considered beautiful then and now is what different. Too skinny was considered ugly ...
Lord Diesha (3 years ago)
do they count beauty with makeup or without makeup?
Rose Confetti (3 years ago)
i just joined to see if i'd get voted out lmao
Tech Core (3 years ago)
This sounds like he's been watching too much Tosh. 0
Imran Kabir (4 years ago)
And yeah, its also not at all that difficult to get in. You either need six pack abs/big boobs(doesn't matter what you look like), or a photoshop expert.
Imran Kabir (4 years ago)
If ppl dont want to be judged, why bother joining a site that specializes in superficial judgement. I would advise everyone to avoid that site.I was on that site for 2 months,its a very average dating site, it only feels good at the moment you are selected, but for a person who know's he/she's attractive need not go through that process. The site has a very low success rate in terms of creating relationships which is the primary purpose of a dating site. I joined with the sole purpose of meeting attractive, nice women.I was partly right abt the 1st part,but the latter,hell no. Everything on that site is skin deep.The members there are less concerned abt dating and more concerned abt rating. I believe most of the members dont really care abt meeting someone, they just want to be part of an elitist club that would,in their eyes, separate them from so called "ugly" people, and give them a chance to reject and look down upon them. Try OKCupid, its a much better site.
Imran Kabir (4 years ago)
+hurryupnow1 Cant view msgs that I've recieved, cant see the ppl who have "checked me out" unless I pay an amount for it which I will never, esp for a site like that.
Soniya (4 years ago)
why did u leave?
LuxuryLioness (4 years ago)
"Are you friends perhaps with a lion?" lol
Michael K W (4 years ago)
Anderson would 100% get on to that sight he is so good looking its unreal .. but who would want to get on it??  its a joke 
Zain Abidin (4 years ago)
Margarita Retinskaya (5 years ago)
WOW how about not crushing someones self esteem + isnt the real beauty in the inside 
Hams Allspice (5 years ago)
If they're so beautiful, why do they need a dating site?
Lisa Wang (5 months ago)
Clearly it's because they lack any sort of substance
Honeycat (4 years ago)
I just heard about this site on another show. AHAHAHA, are they kidding? All of the people on there are fugly as hell. Plastic surgery and Photoshop your brains out all you want, you're still plastic, fake and ugly.
John John (5 years ago)
Someone should burn him just enough to scar him so they fire him from his site.
Joanne Person (5 years ago)
I don't think the founder of beautiful people should make the cut on his own website..
rukk (5 years ago)
Wow, you have spoken the words of god. Or something close to that.
Edvard Bolaas (5 years ago)
2:00 hahaha!
heiafclynoslo (5 years ago)
So you wouldn't date an "ugly" person..? They made the site for people like you so I don't understand why your'e dissing them
JuaffreBlumpkins (5 years ago)
This video is so awesome! The sarcasm is so intense.
Randy Jackson (5 years ago)
I have confidence issues, but i've been laughing my ass off the past hour or so after joining. I'm definitely out, but I know I ain't "ugly". My self-esteem ain't that bad. A dam dog got voted on in a different video regarding this site. I know I look better than a bitch haha
Joshua Allison (5 years ago)
as far as beautifulpeople com goes, we should all kill ourselves
id88viper88id (5 years ago)
I don't buy the accent either... I have nothing against the British as a nation, but their accent always seems so exaggerated, just as if they were trying to make themselves look more noble through it. And to think that GB is the home of the English language (putting aside the Germanic onslaughts). And as for the subject of the video itself, the founder of the website isn't so beautiful himsrlf. Being honest, Anderson Cooper looks way better
P Fletch (5 years ago)
The guy behind beautiful people.com is no oil painting himself,...in my opinion
P Fletch (5 years ago)
But what about photoshop/chop? the moment when you meet that online person and they are hideous compared to the photos they posted?!
McPidgeon (5 years ago)
"Very pretty tool emporium"
Aaron Darko (5 years ago)
"Let's look at this woman with the lion again."
Mel Sheehan (5 years ago)
Anderson Cooper belongs on the site... just sayin' lol
JandAfan (5 years ago)
I seriously love anderson cooper. effing hilarious
BastetAsshurLotus (5 years ago)
Attractiveness or lack thereof does not say anything about a persons soul, depth, sexuality or intellect. Why is it that this ideology is applied easily to most people but thrown out the window if the person is deemed attractive? There are internally beautiful people in all kinds of bodies.
Hanako Hashiguchi (5 years ago)
Was I the only one that thought for a second that the pillow on the couch was that guy's butt?
Domino (5 years ago)
Cooper cracks me up!
flipoutitsfay (5 years ago)
Anderson is far more attractive than the founder of the site.
IronwolfSOF (5 years ago)
LOL funny one Anderson.
Sajida H. (6 years ago)
They site says featured on CNN. I wonder if this is what they're talking about lOL
Troy Lipensky (6 years ago)
The girls are much better looking then the guys. cause girls are all backstabbing each other while guys dont really care heh- Everyones a critic when it comes to girls but people arent as hard on guys.
Kyzn (6 years ago)
My gay friend is the same age as you, never saw so many 'Beautiful' on my one, he literally had his thing maxed out, he had his thing on Bi aswell
Troy Lipensky (6 years ago)
I was on the gay version thought. same creator and same concept just gay people evaluate you. gay people can be just as stuck up thought haha
Kyzn (6 years ago)
beast, *brofist*
Troy Lipensky (6 years ago)
Im 15 And I was accepted. Haha
Kyzn (6 years ago)
I haven't been accepted yet but i'm actuallly pissing myself laughing that im only 16 and getting way in atm :D
Troy Lipensky (6 years ago)
I was accepted. My ego just tripled! :D
expats united (6 years ago)
Sounds like Anderson got rejected lol :p
blsh1243 (6 years ago)
the funniest thing i've ever heard AC talk about...that was just ridiculist!(lol made a pun)
Egle Bungaite (6 years ago)
1 hour left and im still IN
Patricia (6 years ago)
Wow...such a superficial website.
Emma Rose (7 years ago)
Anderson is GREAT!!
Simi101 (7 years ago)
IrkenAlchemist (7 years ago)
Tool master.
akv1984 (7 years ago)
Wow. What a tool. Also, isn't it ironic that the founder of the site isn't even beautiful himself? Anyway, you go Anderson!
djhiphop23 (7 years ago)
haha damn anderson is treating the living hell out of that site
Jeanne90275 (7 years ago)
They deserve each other...shallow people looking for other shallow people. I guess they don't realize that beauty decreases with age. Then you have 2 formerly beautiful people with no soul. This sounds more like a prostitution service. How pathetic!
ppitstop38 (7 years ago)
One has to realize from the get-go that anyone who would actually post themselves on this website has no soul, and if they have any brains, they'd likely be good for conversation about hair products and how much your pretty watch costed.
ppitstop38 (7 years ago)
Or Funny Or Die vid - whoever gets to it first!
ppitstop38 (7 years ago)
I smell an SNL sketch...
paulpittsburgh (7 years ago)
did he just say "fuglies"?

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