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The BEST Nude/Brown Lip Colors for Brown Skin

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The struggle of buying a "nude" lipstick, only to get home it's too pink/light and just not how you envisioned it is so OVER WITH. In this video I show some of THE BEST nude and brown lip colors, that are perfect for darker skin. THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO:) Keep up with me via social media! ghoghgoods.com Twitter- @iamghogho IG- @iamghogho Snapchat: @mia_gho PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Nyx Matte Lip Cream 'London' Colourpop Ultra Satin/Matte Lips 'Trap' 'Limbo' 'Tansy' MAC 'Photo' Too Faced Melted 'Chocolate Honey; LA Girl MAtte Gloss 'Fleur'
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Mariah Francois (10 months ago)
oh god my natural Lip's are light pink but people tease me about it😑
Mariah Francois (10 months ago)
I am upcest with makeup
Moor Gigi (1 year ago)
I love your choices! I have limbo and it looks nothing like that on me 😩. I still wear it though.....as a liner! Yasss. Thank you for the video.
Jamira Rodgers (1 year ago)
That neck piece is everything
Yolanda Howard (1 year ago)
I'm a first time watcher; nice video .
Shukri Isse (1 year ago)
Tansy always comes off orange on me.
Presh•uhs (1 year ago)
Ur lips are goals ❤️
Savannah Jones (2 years ago)
where do you get your head wraps? I love them
Nicole Jones (2 years ago)
Your skin is Amazing... But you used almost the same color different brands. Versatility please. Your still Super Cute tho
highkoos (2 years ago)
tansy and photoooo!!! ❤❤❤
Shinika Best (2 years ago)
kapow by colourpop
ilive2laugh1 (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video, I have watched so many videos for nude lipsticks for woc and this is the best I've seen!
Jeynaba (2 years ago)
My favorite would have to be the Melted. Great video🙌and i love your head scarf
Mariah Summers (2 years ago)
I love nude/brown lip colors :)
veronica w (2 years ago)
my favorite nude lippies are: MAC: Fresh Brew, NYX: Praline and too faced metallic frozen hot chocolate
Moesha S (2 years ago)
Where do buy your head wraps? I've been on a hunt for them this summer.
MARKIA DAILY (2 years ago)
Where is your beautiful neck piece from
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
I got it at festival here in Chicago. Festivals literally have the best jewelry
Christina Guillot (2 years ago)
I have Limbo and sometimes I mix mine with NYX's Abu Dhabi. I really want to try Too Faced Melted Chocolate Cherries shade :)
Marilyn Capehart (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing
Fatima Farouk (2 years ago)
Yesss 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Jasmin F (2 years ago)
Essence "Barely There"
Grapesyrop (2 years ago)
Where do you buy them?
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
+Grapesyrop Sephora for the Too Faced, NYX and LA Girl a local beauty supply, MAC from the MAC store, and Colourpop on their website!
Cassie Best Ever! (2 years ago)
they all look great on you. I'm a bright colors girl but I've been wearing some browns and nudes lately and I love it.
CHATTYAFRO (2 years ago)
Would you ever do a video on different ways you tie your scarves? Great video as usual btw 🙌🏿
CHATTYAFRO (2 years ago)
clothe246 (2 years ago)
Please do a spring lookbook!
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
+clothe246 I will:)
clothe246 (2 years ago)
You are my favorite youtuber!!
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
+clothe246 Aw, That means so much! Thank you:)
Kayla Murrell (2 years ago)
YASSSS I needed this video!
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
+Kayla Murrell Glad u enjoyed:)
The Set apart life (2 years ago)
I love your head scarf!!!
Mia Ghogho (2 years ago)
+godistheanswer123ify Thank you:)

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