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Angela McCluskey - My Funny Valentine

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Angela McCluskey - My Funny Valentine
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Cloudy Out (1 year ago)
Richard Condon (3 years ago)
wow ! very are wine of a voice. harmonic, close to the upper part of the key and then some. you have a rare talent. try some jobim and listen to elis regina but don't go her way. nice addition of the classical to this song. almost an abstraction.
Cinzia Ruzza (4 years ago)
Beautiful very very 
pensacola159 (4 years ago)
co za nastrój.... uwielbiam....
Candice Alanayé (5 years ago)
I love it perfecto
Johnny Deer (5 years ago)
im in love
דינה ברסון (6 years ago)
Sweet and soft
Daylit Inquiry (6 years ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday.

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