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Why Filipino Women Prefer White Men For Dating?

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Best Filipina dating sites - https://idateadvice.com/which-dating-site-has-the-best-filipinas You must be wondering why so many young and beautiful Filipina girls with exotic look and sexy brown skin look for much older men and find them attractive, love them dearly and commit for a life time? One of the main reasons of why they are so attracted to the men from the West is their white skin. They find white skin people extremely attractive and hot! So why not taking the advantage of you being a white-skinned man and marry one of the gorgeous and family-oriented women, who are taught since childhood to be the best wives and dedicated partners, great mothers and understanding soul mates? While this is the truth, not all the Filipinas are looking to get married to a white man, many of them like men of other races, but if you are white skin man, stay white as long as possible in the rays of Philippine sun to attract those gorgeous exotic Filipina women.
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Kitty Cat (2 days ago)
The only nice thing about this video is the cute cat meow in the background and the rest are just strange.
iDateAdvice (2 days ago)
I already see that you like cats ))) Any substantial corrections about Filipino women?
Asian Sex Diary (5 days ago)
Filipino women are attracted to white men because they think it's an easy way to get the good life. They think stereotype about white foreign men because they think all white foreign men are rich, tall, handsome, have a good life, superior, open minded, more romantic and are able to give them whatever they want in life, but again that is not always true. Not all white foreign men are handsome, rich, open minded and have a good easy life, as I said its just a stereotype. Filipinos are also very racist toward darker skin people, and they believe that by hooking up with white guys their children will be born with white skin. They think white skin is better over there in the Philippines for some reason, and they are very prejudice toward darker skinned Filipino people. They look down on black people or any other darker race once they arrive in America, as if they are actually white people themselves in some manner. The White man and Filipino marriages normally last around 2 or 3 yrs, and then it's a wrap. Filipino women are very jealous, selfish, very conniving, shallow, superficial and very delusional about being in love with these old white American men. - Almost 100% Guaranteed divorce rate with that sexy old white man. - hahaha !!!! Again I think there are too many Filipinos that watch too many Hollywood movies, they think white foreign men are some kind of Hollywood actor or movie star. Even a normal looking white foreign guy or an ugly looking white foreign guy in their own country are considered handsome in the Philippines, but surely there must be some 100% local Filipino men that are considered more attractive looking then some white foreign men. LOL
Dennis Manabat (8 days ago)
Ugly filipina Brown skin wife
iDateAdvice (8 days ago)
My condolences. Lucky men got beautiful Filipina wives. :)
Dennis Manabat (18 days ago)
It’s sad, but it’s true! Filipino women adores white male!
zook nut (1 month ago)
I'm 46 white guy and my Filipino girlfriend is 43 I guess we break the stereotype on the age thing. I do look better with a tan but she don't think so
miss fitz (2 months ago)
Not all. I love my black guy
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
You must not really care about what people think...
Doren Nazareno (2 months ago)
Mgtow Saved My Life (2 months ago)
Filipino women are trash. Not to mention they are annoying as fuck.
Patrick Warfel (3 months ago)
It's complicated. Sure, it's partially about money. But so is white/white dating about money ... I mean, it very much is. Yes, it's more transparently about that w/r/t filipinas, but whatever. They do love white guys. Idk why, but light skin is the ultimate social status symbol in the Philippines. (Personally I think darker skin looks more healthy but that's probably just because I'm paper white!) I have a dated a few -- I guess 7 -- and they were some of the best times of my life. But idk know the heck you'd integrate them into Western society. I don't remember exactly but I don't think a single one of them had a driver's license. These were some of the most beautiful girls I ever saw on this planet and not a single one of them weighed over 90 lbs. Yeah, you would think it weird to date a girl just over a third of your age but it is hard to describe, it just works. There's absolutely zero trouble with their parents approving wildly of the situation, too. Many filipino girls simply will not date guys from their country. They are known for dishonesty and being mean to girls. I'm really not sure how all that shakes out. 99.9 percent of the time when you see a pretty girl there (and there are tons), she either has a white bf or has had one. Plus, their parents and peers put a lot of pressure on them to go with a white guy (whether American or Euro; Aussies too but for some reason seem to carry a little less prestige). Just be cognizant of scams and cheaters. Let's face it, 6 of the 7 girls I have dated there -- sure, it was after weeks of talking etc. -- had sex within a half hour of meeting them in person. The other one may or may not have, but upon meeting her she revealed that she was only 17, so I got outta there right quick!! The reason I mention this is, duhhhh, they probably would do that with anyone, and that's a pretty horrible thought!!!!
home fresh 19780402 (3 months ago)
I've been married to the same Filipina woman for 9 years it's got nothing to do with money because she makes twice the money I make it's got to do with your personality and how you treat a woman in general do you have a sense of humor are you smart can you make her laugh can you treat her with respect
Jackie P (3 months ago)
They (the women mostly) are obsessed with having half-White children. It's their standard of beauty. The funny thing is that they never seem to care to mention that the child is half-White even though they are...they just call them "Filipino". It's like they are trying to convince the world that Filipinos look like that.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
Vince Sang (3 months ago)
filipinas are only after your money.. there are horror stories here in the philippines from white men who were left by their pinay wives or gf when they lost their money..
tefnut 666 (3 months ago)
This sound so condescending
Ryon Morris (4 months ago)
Filipinos are self-hating fools suffering from inferiority complex like that dumb girl you just kissed.
Dominique B (4 months ago)
Because they are brainwashed like many other races to think that white men are superior when it is white man that if I f***** up their country and destroyed the cultures of Nations around the world. Filipino women should be ashamed of ever being with a white man
HT logistics3434 (5 months ago)
LOL 😅 😅 get yours old tymer keep getting yours 😅😅
Samuel Denson (5 months ago)
it's the money dumbass so you can buy her and all her family and friends everything they want as long as they want till you have a heart atttack and die why you they like old wrinkle ball white guys
southerngirl 008 (5 months ago)
The comments section is glaring of ignorance. for those who are judging Filipinas wanting a white man because of money, let me ask, do you guys have real Filipina friends? The ones you meet in an office setting, in an sports activity group ot an outreach? because seriously, what would you guys expect from dating women (from any race) from ktv bars, on-line dating apps or pick them up on a street without really knowing them? Do you expect them to be innocent? silly people, please use your common sense ... 😂 😂 😂
Erik Stronghold (5 months ago)
Don't get to chocked up buddy! You look like an out of shape middle American with fat pocket! 🤣🤣
Amaya Hannah (6 months ago)
Even filipino men finds Filipino girls with fairer skin more pretty not the darker Filipino girl
Amaya Hannah (6 months ago)
I’m filipino and it’s true Caucasian beauty tend to be attractive to Asians in general . But to me anyone different race than me is interesting and attractive to me , coz foreign men just look different than typical filipino . But if you see a young filipina with old white guy is obviously for financial. But a lot of filipina are really attracted to young hot Americans, they don’t care if your rich or not as long as you can feed the family , they’re happy . Although not all but most . So don’t be judgemental , a lot of filipino guys like white girls too but they just don’t initiate this white girls because as filipino cultures men is suppose to provide for the women or family . Most Filipino men think they can’t afford a white chicks on a date .
Vexille The Pretzel (6 months ago)
Well hey for the record I'm a black dude. And your absolutely right. Pretty much all Asian women perfer white dudes. And it's also true that they could very well love the money more than the man. Way more in fact. But it's no reason for us to get offended or nothing. A preference is a preference. No need to get upset over it. And if they ain't into black dudes, hey it's all good. Their loss, not ours. And besides we really can't say nothing because there are so many white women out here who only dates black dudes. Kinda funny how that rolls down hill. Asians women are chasing white men, white women are chasing black men, black men are chasing whatever is convenient pretty much. Not too sure of white men's and black women's preference. I think I may have a idea but I don't need any angry mob trying to kill me. These days you can't even mention certain words without being hopped on.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
Bruh, I enjoyed your diplomacy.
Frederick walker (6 months ago)
Hating white men is the in thing in America. All white men even good guys are lumped in with the white moronic bigots. If you have white skin then you must be racist.  Filipinos haven't figured that out yet. They need your help. Even if that white man is kind and generous, understanding and loyal and even if he treats your child as his own making sure your child is protected and gets a good education if that man is white then he must be a Devil and deserving of your hatred.
iDateAdvice (6 months ago)
Jedeite (6 months ago)
we don't prefer the skin color and hair of black men. i mean black men don't have hair they are usually bald wtf.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
Just remember the the original inhabitants of your country looked more like me.
Pappadappa Carhauler (6 months ago)
The colonization by the Spaniards and Europeans and the idea of what beauty is came from white supremacy. White skin is actually inferior to dark skin. Whites-control the world so they call the shots Putting whitening chemicals in their beauty supplies is utterly ridiculous! They are ashamed of the color God gave them. How sick is that?
Trevor Hamilton (7 months ago)
Sorry must disagree with this video .I consider myself Middle class ;been to philli before with my white friends and I'm not talking red light areas .I found philli women beautiful and philli people in general very nice .I had no problem at all in meeting women down there and I'm not talking about your bar girls etc .Speak to them like a women and not like a customer you will find out who's who .There's good and bad in all races .Myself I prefer the Philli Morena women but I get hit on by mostly the light skin ones .But to me I can honestly say not all are gold diggers .And I take this video with a pinch of salt .
iDateAdvice (7 months ago)
Trevor Hamilton The guy is married to a Philipiba, so, definitely not all Pinas are golddiggers
JoseAngel Hernandez (7 months ago)
This guy is a kindergarten dropout.... Obsessed with his own imagined whiteness. Here is a REAL response to why filipinas marry foreigners, including those with dark skin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6QlyxnO-Lc
JoseAngel Hernandez (7 months ago)
I wonder if this guy is broke already...LOL
Sunday School Dropout (7 months ago)
I’m an Afro Latino and I have no problems with Filipino women, they approach me all the time.......I think they just like that I am an American not about color or race and it’s the Americans that have an advantage.
iDateAdvice (7 months ago)
Omar Angel Garcia Thank you fir your input on dating Filipina girls!
Global Sass (8 months ago)
American pedophiles, perverts and dirty old men should stop coming to the Philippines!
Kane 21 (7 months ago)
Women with brains, beauty and body attract men with brains, beauty and body. Nicole Scherzinger is part filipina. She doesn't look filipina at all. Nicole Scherzinger is BEAUTIFUL woman. GOD was in a good mood when Niclole Scherzinget was created lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls.
iDateAdvice (8 months ago)
Kane 21 100%
Kane 21 (8 months ago)
Women there are desperate.
gene walker (8 months ago)
That's not true all of the Filipino girl's know ask me to set them up with black guy's. Not white like this white man lying about. Even the Filipino on my FB said this guy is a lier
Wayne96819 (8 months ago)
eh filipina!!! can I suggest you one thing before you plunge into dating or marrying a white dude.....think about a tragic accident in Jersey which killed 4 beautiful daughters and their dad.....if the driver who caused this is a white dude, think about them first.....fuck the honkys!!!
iDateAdvice (8 months ago)
Wayne96819 Yhanks for your input
C R (8 months ago)
You may not like what this dude is saying but his not lying. The truth hurts.Sidenote, Not all Filipinas are brainwashed but overall this dude is not lying.
iDateAdvice (8 months ago)
Thanks for your input! We appreciate your knowledge on Filipina girls!
C R (8 months ago)
Besides loving the money, I think this guy is somewhat right.
iDateAdvice (8 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback in terms of Filipino girls!
lexcorp18 (8 months ago)
because of Visa lol!
Middle class and wealthy Filipino women generally do not want to date foreign men, much less one that's far older. Economics is the biggest and sometimes only factor in these forms of dating.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
Thanks for keeping it real.
Fatima Hussain (9 months ago)
You are a sicko!
iDateAdvice (9 months ago)
Who? Max?
lalo rc (9 months ago)
Sorry black people hahaha.....
iDateAdvice (9 months ago)
yes, as statistics shows black people have less luck with Filipina girls
J J (9 months ago)
Because they're dumb enough to believe a beautiful bitch half their age loves them.
kimeli (10 months ago)
In the us 46% of filipino women married a non filipino men but only 8% of filipino men married a non filipino women, filipino men has the lowest marriage rate ethnic group
Anton Gonzalez (11 months ago)
So It's Okay For A White Guy To Date A Filipina But It's Bad When an Filipino Dates A White Girl ? Well, Jokes on You Because My Dad Is Filipino & My Mom Is European.
yolo dolo (11 months ago)
FUCK your white washing propaganda. The Philippine media praises white people so much and that's why Filipinos think "the whiter you are, the more attractive you are" then they have products to bleach your damn skin white like GTFO! Filipinos think white is attractive while white people wish they had our nice golden tan skin, white people injest in themselves artificial melanin lol! And that filippina woman at the end smh what a joke. Theres a reason why white people don't reside in hot climates cuz they get burned there white skin cannot handle it. more power to the Filipinos I represent for tan, black and brown people because dark is beautiful! N I love my dark sun kissed babes:) FUCK YOU Fucking white boy pedopihile who travels to foreign countries to fuck trannies and take advantgae of girls in difficult financial situations. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
iDateAdvice (11 months ago)
This comment was quite a racist, you know
Anton Gonzalez (11 months ago)
The Guy Looks Like a Nonce.
Anton Gonzalez (11 months ago)
iDateAdvice ((
iDateAdvice (11 months ago)
Anton Adan ))
John Marshall (11 months ago)
Hi Max I have read the many comments. I cannot understand why they think your partner is with you just for money. I am very sure that your partner loves you very much. I think that many men & some women commenting do not know how a good Filipino lady thinks. As you know there are bad western men who wish to use these ladies just for sex, Our partners were selective in the man they chosen to have a relationship with. When they are in love we both know how they show their emotions. Regards to you & your partner.
John Marshall (11 months ago)
If you are a tall white blue eyed western man. The truth is that you are exotic. You are Gaupo in a Filipino ladies eyes. You have so many advantages compared to Filipino man. They know your penis is large & you have enough money to support your partner & Children. Make sure she is educated & has a career. Gold digger no they just have common sense.
iDateAdvice (11 months ago)
You are a one lucky man!
John Marshall (11 months ago)
I forgot to add. The main aspect they love you very much. It is depending on the man you are. I treat my partner as a equal. I Respect & care for her. Sexually & emotionally she is yours. The love and caring a true Filipina shows to her man. Hot passionate aggressive & wet & horny from my experience a Filipina in love.
iDateAdvice (11 months ago)
Jun Aleria Mercado (1 year ago)
Don't pratronize yourself.. The only reason is money
juan def (1 year ago)
They think white men have huge penises. Also they think white men have a lot of money and don't gamble. Also, the passport.. However, my mixed race half black mate has light brown skin with green eyes. When he goes Philippines and goes to a club. They get excited and white dudes are second choices. If you're a good looking bloke ot look like you are wealthy and clean. Women flock to you regardless.
Felix Simon (8 days ago)
+iDateAdvice Being that as it may be, it still does not eradicate one of the underlying reasons for the reasonable accessibility for as you say, "westerners to get very good Filipina wives." I can't hate the modus operandi, I am not going to keep my 'head in the sand' about it. Have fun 'shooting fish in the barrel'. Just realize the dynamics behind it. Again, just my 1 1/2 cents... Cheers!
iDateAdvice (8 days ago)
+Felix Simon I see... Well maybe we shouldn't go too deep into the topic as many westerners are still getting very good Filipina wives. :) As well as local men too
Felix Simon (8 days ago)
+iDateAdvice I believe that you are correct concerning Christian values and norms. But unfortunately in most formally colonized nations, the stigma of color, sex and paternalism is still prevalent.(especially in developing countries such as the Philippines). Just observe the skin-whitening culture/industry there. To be fair, as I have mentioned before, this was not uncommon in my own race/culture circa 'Jim Crow' era in the U.S...jussayn...
iDateAdvice (8 days ago)
+Felix Simon Good that many Filipino women choose Christianity, it teaches them to not care about the skin color and superficial stuff.
Felix Simon (9 days ago)
+iDateAdviceIn my opinion, you seem to fail to grasp the impetus of your own commentary. (The worshiping of white or lighter skin.) IMHO, it is just the by product of the colonial mentality. No offense intended, it is just how it is. The 'white is right' syndrome. A lot of my own people are infected with this 'disease' We ALL live in a sad fallen world...
Pr Bh (1 year ago)
Don’t even fucking deny these whores wants white mans money and the passport. What a shame they bring to their country. Disgusting.
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
Gold-diggers exist everywhere
Thomas Page (1 year ago)
Cause they don’t cheat white women the biggest cheaters
Thomas Page (1 year ago)
Cause they do better than white women
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
Is this your personal experience?
Rump[e Stillskin (1 year ago)
This is one of your older videos. The newer ones you have put on some weight. She must be a good cook.
Rump[e Stillskin (1 year ago)
Thank you for doing these videos my Brother. I'm 63 and it shows.
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
The eye of an eagle, bro!)
Rump[e Stillskin (1 year ago)
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
most likely
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
most likely)
IamAfrica 007 (1 year ago)
What a disgusting country and culture with goldiggers. I have money, I love to travel, but I'll never choose to visit the Philippines. They'll date only for money.
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
IamAfrica 007 all of them?
JAYSTAR VAZION (1 year ago)
On my comment not all filipino women prefer white men some just need to experience being with a black guy and once they try dating a black guy and know how sweet they are they never changed that
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
JAYSTAR VAZION Thank you for your imply
James Freefoot (1 year ago)
haha lol what a story
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
James Freefoot welcome
Bruce Banner (1 year ago)
Welp don't dispare because their are plenty of Filipinos in america...Many who were born here who will date outside of their race. I live in LA & most of the Filipinos here are warm & friendly....You would get more backlash for dating a Korean or Chinese girl...At least when it comes to family.
Dennis Manabat (1 year ago)
I’m so sorry, I have to apologize for our culture and our Filipino women. Most of them have a mental disorder called white skin supremacy. This is how they perceive beauty it’s a brain disorder. We Filipino guys don’t have that problems. Just take a look all those movie celebrity women most of them have a white skin. They used skin whitening chemicals . This is harmful to them . Also the lack of education who we are. No self identity! It’s a sick Filipino women culture
Gerald Lebeau (1 year ago)
I like the fact that you sound like a happy man being there all the right reasons they like what they like that's okay it's not always about age I do believe there are men who are older meet younger Filipina and there are true true feelings
Josh Williams (1 year ago)
2 Types of Asian Girls: 1. The strong, healthy, woman who is proud to be Asian and proud of her culture, and her people. 2. The Whitewashed, brainwashed, weak Asian woman who gets eyelid surgery, skin bleach, desperately wishes and believes she is white and only dates men of a different race (usually white). Deeply loathes, hates, and despises herself and her people inside and her people but won't acknowledge or admit it openly.
Professor B (1 year ago)
I always wondered why filipina women were not crazy over there own men some of the smoothest coolest guys I have met are Filipino guys but if a corny fat beer belly goofy dressing white guy comes through they can barely control themselves weird funny shit.
southerngirl 008 (5 months ago)
Professor B most bcoz most Filipino men are players it's like a natural thing for them.
Indubjflip (1 year ago)
They reject Filipino men because of our small brown limp 3 to 4 inch eggrolls and go after the white man, because of the bigger below the belt package. And of course, body structure, skin tone, good at English and has money because the white man from America, so the POOR DARK COCONUT SKIN RAT FACE UNATTRACTIVE FILIPINA CAN ESCAPE POVERTY AND HAVE MIXED BIRACIAL BABIES. WHICH TURN OUT GOOD OR BAD, DEPENDING ON GENES.
Desucof K (1 year ago)
I have 2 Filipino maids and this is the only thing they are good at doing. The reason why they go after pink men is because they think pink men are easy target and they think all pink men are rich (haha), and they are obssessed with pink skin color.
kam shaft (1 year ago)
1 white woman in the west are entitled 2. they like white men because they want green card think they can get economic gain for her family white men are easier because they have hard time dating their own 3. older men because they have.money and possibly die off faster so they can collect i hire 140 Filipinas they tell me this
Nathaniel Carreon (1 year ago)
Self respecting decent Filipinas dont date old white men.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
Statistically you have a point. 50 million Pinays vs. 2 million foreigners.
Clorox bleach (6 months ago)
+Sam Mathis yea right
Sam Mathis (6 months ago)
Completely wrong
Clorox bleach (8 months ago)
Nathaniel Carreon amen!!
Nathaniel Carreon (1 year ago)
I was born there and live half of my life there.
Karen Marshall (1 year ago)
I am a British man 6 feet tall with blue eyes aged 62. I have dated all nationalities. Filipino women they sometimes fall in love with a older western man. Yes they would like a Child with their white boyfriend. The guy on this Video is correct. Even western women want security in selecting a man. The wages that many Filipino men earn are much lower than even a man who has retired on a private pension. These men have had successful careers. This attracts all women because of their confidence & power. If a older man is handsome this means that many women are attracted to this type of man. The Filipino woman can have a career & return home after a day at work with a meal cooked by her man. To feel safe is very important to all women. She wants her Children to grow up feed & looked after. The good Filipino woman is often deeply in love with her partner.
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
Karen Marshall thank you very much for your feedback
Elizabeth Wakefield (1 year ago)
For some reason when I see a Filipina (especially in the US), I already assume that her husband or boyfriend is White. And most of the time I'm right. It's becoming a trend for them and they just really like to have mixed White kids because they think mixed White kids are beautiful. Notice I said "mixed White"... the ones who date outside of their race would never go for a race with dark skin or features like them. They are ashamed of their dark skin, that's why the skin-bleaching market is booming there. They will never date an African/African American/Indian because that's not their standard of beauty. They want their kids to have a sharp, defined nose (which most Filipinos lack), a defined face structure, and light skin. If you look at Filipina celebrities, many of them are mixed with White because that is their standard of beauty. It's easy to get into the Filipino entertainment industry if you are mixed with White. Many Filipina women are vain in general, a clear example is their unmatched obsession with beauty pageants.
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
You nailed this! Great observation! I am sure that you will not have many rebuttals...but their is a reason for their hyper-vanity: they are an emerging country with limited global contributions. So that is why they get so geeked up over their Ms. Universes and Manny P!.
Jackie P (3 months ago)
+Kit A You sound like another Filipina woman in denial. I bet your husband/boyfriend is White. Not surprising. A Filipina woman who only dates White guys "appreciation of other cultures" (aka ONLY WHITE MEN) is really just internalized racism...aka hatred against their own race or feeling that their ethnicity is inferior in one way or another. Keep lying to yourself.
Kit A (5 months ago)
Elizabeth Wakefield ok have u had enough of assuming whites are God. You are pathetic someone with your attitude shouldnt even be around people who look different than you. Im a filipino and if i saw u in the street in usa or especially in philippines i would gladly knock you out manny pacquiao style. Learn to appreciate other cultures asshole
southerngirl 008 (5 months ago)
Elizabeth Wakefield almost correct. Not because we are ashamed but the eurasian look is highly coveted in Philippines. It doesn't really matter if the offsprings will have brown skin, it's the face and height actually,. Example Alessandra de rossi, jasmine trias and etc.... also we know the children will have an edge when they grow up, let's be realistic Filipinos are treated as second class citizens anywhere. Money is not really what most Filipinas wanted unless the girl is a scammer (which exists in any nationality) I even have friends who would request or pay to get impregnated by Caucasians.
Don't worry, they spend billions on skin whitening, not because they want to be white, but just because, and they don't marry white guys so their kids come out whiter, it's just because the guy has money, of course so he can buy her skin whitening, so she can be white, but not because she loves white, but just because he is an atm to buy her skin whitening so she can be whiter. So don't stress, she really does not love white, nor does she think white guys are more handsome. It's just because she wants money to be like white people. Okay, thanks for the comments. That's all I got out of this. lol
Rach Browne (1 year ago)
Rach Browne (1 year ago)
Jennie (1 year ago)
ewww why tf is this old white old pigs.
Jennie (1 year ago)
White old men are disgusting ewww.
DarkusLife (1 year ago)
This is pretty long, but trust me it's worthwhile reading if you want to know how this whole filipinas liking only white men story. The only 'money' a filipina woman wants from a white man is to get a job to pay for good food for her kids unlike the rations most filipinos get in the phillipines and to make sure her kids become a nurse, join the military or at least make good money in life. Basically an everyday American story, but switch doctor to nursing. And yes, filipinos follow many traditions like America because they love this country so much that they almost became a Christian country, but moved in as Catholics. Literally almost every filipino you will ever meet are 100% guarantee 99 out of 100 are Catholic. SKIP THROUGH THIS PARAGRAPH if you want to continue with the story and dont care about why I say 99 out of 100 filipinos being Catholics. I say 99 because I know some filipinos who are Christians or their family members or friends are. Also my grandma's sister's daughter converted to Jewish when she married a filipino Jew. her daughter became Jewish, but her son became Catholic just so he can hang and be with his cousins within his age group and to go to church with them. But then, years later she let her daughter become Catholic when she turned 10, but I don't know the whole reason for that as I haven't seen them in almost 8 months. And no one really knows the full detail who I know that have connections into contacting them about it. I can always ask my grandma since she's pretty tight with them, but I hardly see her maybe once a week or two and need to find the right time to say it. not just randomly lol. As a filipino light brown skin, this man has it straight in the bulls - eye. Most filipina discourage their dark brown skin. I even dislike my sister's brown skin that becomes dark when she doesnt put sunscreen and keep her light as possible. Except for my little brother who I don't care about letting him getting dark because he is ilocano and plays youth football. Lots of filipina girls in high school always tried to talk to me just because I am a 5'8 filipino who plays football with light brown skin. When I was a kid 11 and younger, my skin was pretty white and pale. As I got older that shifted into a light brown skin. I have the lightest skin out of 4 of us siblings. my little brother, second of us is dark as black toast, literally because he is ilocano from his dad's side. his dad also has a daughter a year younger than me, older than my brother, but she is white as a new painted house. even though her mom is light brown and my mom is white, my brother is dark lmao. its because she got her skin from her grandma on her mom's side who is a full on white soman with brown hair and green eyes. My other little brother is just a regular brown skin asain kid from a dark brown skin dad and white skin mom. my biological father, who I never met is you're typical 5'7 brown skinned filipino man, but looks spaniard because we are decendants of them. so yea, filipina woman care about skin color A LOT. that's why you hardly see any of them with black men, but don't mind dark brown skin men. it's not racist, but rather a preference to how the genetics play out for their future children. While it may be true that filipina prefer white men. it can be the same the other way around. My grandma is the oldest of 4 sisters and is the only brown skinned sister. She married filipino, italian light brown skinned man. But her 3 younger sisters are all white skinned who married really dark brown men. hell, I didn't even notice that until now when I look back at my grandma's 3 sisters' husbands. Holy sht lol. oh wow just realized my great grandma on my mom's side is a white filipina as well and married to a brown filipino military man. hmmm.... interesting haha. on my biological father's side they are all brown filipino spaniards ranging from 5'7 to 6'4. Some are almost as light skinned as me, but my mom showed me all the family members on my biological father's side that I am the lightest of all because of her white skin while the "last name here" all married to light brown or brown women. While he was the only one married to a white filipina, which is my mom. Genetics plays out very interesting lol. If you made it this far, Congratz. Hope you learned a lot from this or at least got some new perspective view point. *thumbs up*
That's extremely easy. Most Filipina girls Love Very much white guys for two reasons. 1) Because the White People are the richest People in earth, and the Most Filipina girls want a guy who is wealthy or generally financially stable for supporting financially them and their Family. And 2) Because the White guys are the Most Beautiful, civilized and educated gentlemen. That is the truth.
Ryan Heard 1st of all I never said that Filipina girls like White guys. I said only about the Filipino girls eho like White guys, not all. 2nd You aren't Filipino. You are a Black African American. Not only your Name but also your Lastname too are fully Anglosaxonic. I'm not a Retarded idiot you know. Tell the truth. 3rd The real truth is that the overwhelming majority of Filipina girls go with Filipino guys and the rest going mostly with White guys. 4th Lol whaaaat?? Filipina girls like Very much and go with Black guys??? Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Nice joke. The only Filipina girls who go with Blacks, with Muslims etc. etc. are the Ugly girls and the sl*ts. I know that very well. I had Filipina girlfriends, i have some Friends with Filipina girlfriends and also Most Asian girls don't like Blacks at all. Seriously. Also many Filipina girls i know they get mad when you call them Brown Skinned and say that they have White skin, even though they have a bit dark skin. If you go to China, to South Korea, to Thailand to Vietnam etc. etc. they don't like Blacks at all, i mean it. And 5th you say that the White people are an unfair group of privileged and Very Stupid. Hahahaha. Who Invented Democracy? Who Invented Theater? Who Invented Arts? Who Invented Cara? Who Invented Comedy? Blacks?? Hahahaha. Nope. Have you heard the names Beethoven, Mozart, Herodotus, Socrates etc. etc. etc. Were they Blacks? Hahahaha nope. Yes you have right. White people are very Stupid. Give me a break.
Ryan Heard (1 year ago)
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes Naw, not even close to being true. I'm a Filipino and almost all Filipino girls do not like white men. They either go after other filipino men or black men. Men they share many perspectives with. White men are an unfair privileged race but it doesn't mean they are more capable of anything. They have just been more privileged and therefore more opportunities await them. In college, I knew many white people that were the stupidest people I've ever seen but got great internships when they were nowhere near deserving or intelligent for them.
General Lee (1 year ago)
For money and a greencard
Henry Macalos (1 year ago)
haha he really thought that girl loves his white skin.
Dave Albrecht (1 year ago)
Sam Gilmore (1 year ago)
Although I like your channel, I'm going to have to educate you sir. You're only partially correct. Filipinas ARE fascinated with light skin, but that has nothing to do with their dating preference. They like to have lighter skin for THEMSELVES , and THAT'S why whitening products are huge sellers in The Phillipines. Trust me, I know and dated enough filipinas. Most do not care what color the guy is. It's their own skin that they wish to be lighter. So no, they don't prefer white men for dating.
chin bin (1 year ago)
Sam Gilmore I'm a black man who's been with enough of them also but the vast majority I've come across who dated interacially, dated exclusively white and shared the same racial views with their puti partners concerning other races (specifically black). I don't fuck with Filipinos anymore because of that Colonial mentality.
Veronica Wilson (1 year ago)
Here is more proof, when you forget history, you can make person hate what they are https://youtu.be/RQK9MfMV1_o
Hot Mustang (1 year ago)
I'm sorry bro but you've been fooled. You guys will always start feeling all special and exuberant about yourself and your "super glorified goddly skin" just because some filipina girls are lining up at the airport for some dude. Enjoy the moment but just note, later they'll dig in your pants and try to steal your wallet once they touch that green card. If she really likes you, then you just got lucky. In a third world country, the only reason they want you in the shade, is to protect the money on your skin.
iDateAdvice (1 year ago)
Hot Mustang Thank you for sharing your opiniob. Let's wish all the men searching for a Filipino wife good luck then
walrus vision (1 year ago)
George Kafantaris.... you are WRONG.That is not the only reason why "most" Filipinos prefer white men. First would be people usually want what they do not have. like blue or green eyes and "well defined" noses, white skin and a ticket to another country in the hopes of getting not themselves but everyone close out of their current poverty. They would try to get legally bound to anyone..... and I mean anyone they do not know just to do this.
Anne* 411 (1 year ago)
Every minority race has some insane idea that if their kids are mixed with white, that they wont get the same discrimination the mother has went through
AMAZ0NGIRL (1 year ago)
I am curious to know if the male Filipinos find white women attractive?
Felix Simon (10 days ago)
I heard that they do not.
khansahab vlogs (1 year ago)
Even though they come to pakistanis as well.
tom ster (1 year ago)
if you say anything other than money, you are fooling yourself. money, its money. go to north america and its not like that at all. most date pinoys. cuz by then, they all got ok or good jobs and money. i love my pinay wife, i met here after she became a legal here in canada. but i know, and so do most of you, know the truth of their drama. oh so much drama, world champs of it. aside from that, they just like any other people around the world, give and take such and such stuff. you got to avoid the drama though, or you will be miserable as long as you are with her. if its not her drama, its her family's or her friend's. they love it, they crave it. they would even kill for it, its their addiction drug of choice. they love their poison/drama. take it away and they rather die, they live for it. north american women expect to be queens and princesses, to be put on a pedestal. pinays expect to play the drama game. its mostly a make believe story they live out in their imagination that has little to do with reality. resembles reality but twisted here and there to deviate from the path of the real truth. if you go to far down that path, you are lost forever and will have to lobotomise yourself to keep her, or challenge her to bring her back to reality. if they love the drama to much, you will lose her and you humiliated her by calling out her game. got to know how to spar without battles or you will suffer and lose. just leave her if you dont know what you are doing. and dont pretend you do if you dont know their culture like you know your math cuz they will beat you down with experience. their drama math is not of any other world on this planet. they have already aced it while you are not even a C- yet. if you know what you are doing and can keep them on the right path, she will be ok. dont let them get lost in their own drama world. not easy tho. dont kid yourself when you find a nice pinay that seems drama free but likes to go out all the time, party party party. friends friends friends. wrong. they love the atmosphere, not the people. they dont have friends, they are only there to party. if you dont show up for the party, you are nothing. if you show up for the party, you are still nothing but a face in the crowd and they love the crowd. the bigger the better. this type dont count friends, they count faces, only. fb lists in the hundreds or even thousands, all strangers. dont know anything about any of them. careful if they never have an opinion. if you can get your woman to talk to you in a conversation, thats a rare thing for a pinay. "im just listening" they always say. to what? i stopped talking five minutes ago! most of the time its cuz they have low self esteem, insecure or shy. they are not really taught to interact [other than joining the party] they mostly just go along with the flow. thats not all bad, most mean no harm by it, the rest just dont care and are just along for the free ride in between the parties. hope that helps. what to look out for, good and/or bad. good luck but use more skill to have good fortune.
ramatarex dimaguba (1 year ago)
because a pussy always need a big and long dick and dollar that's why.
rich thomas (1 year ago)
hope this helped. pure truth.
rich thomas (1 year ago)
8 in and $$$$$$$$$ > 3 in and 0$ or future with a filipino man.
zudemaster (1 year ago)
That's because we have bigger dicks-and bigger wallets!
That is Very easy.And everyone knows that. Whether you like it or not the most Filipina girls prefer White guys 1st because the White People are way more wealthier than Filipino People and they want them for financially Support themselves and their Family and 2nd because the White guys are the most Beautiful guys of all time.Nothing racist here.That is the truth.
southerngirl 008 (5 months ago)
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes lemme guess the only Filipinas you've met are from online dating or from a bar.... 😂
Fshn Tik (5 months ago)
+Truesky44 hahahahahahaha that guy is a dick
Kit A (6 months ago)
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes i dont know about that ive been to philippines many times and im filipino. Not most.
Truesky44 (10 months ago)
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes You are so stupid its funny. Bringing up your granny too how old are you 5? you’re a joke
chin bin (1 year ago)
Lol, you're full of shit buddy. I've seen lots of pretty white and Asian girls with black guys. Go to alot of Filipino kareoke bars and you'll see lots of Indian guys with Filipina gfs. You're just a racist Greek.. your country is a shitty cess pool of poor ass Greeks yet you and your old ass granny got the nerve to think you're better than blacks, Arabs and Indians.. LMFAO what a joke
권희석 (1 year ago)
Not all babaes are like that you are only saying that based on your narrow experiences hahaha Koreans are far more popular in many ways and old white balds are dying out as time goes by~by the way ~^^
ToFester (1 year ago)
Sorry buddy it's not your white skin they want it's your retirement money.
Huynherful (1 year ago)
Just watched several philippine documentaries and mail order brides videos, the Philippines is rough. They are extremely poor and crime is very high. A lot of the girls who married older western were hookers. A lot of them scam them too, but I'm not saying it's a bad thing that Westerners are marrying Filipino women. From the videos I watched, the western guys are very lonely and usually not really attractive at all. The Filipino women are extremely poor. The guy gets companionship and sex and the Filipino girl gets a better life and will send her family money back home. Western guys need to be careful though since a lot of the women scam them. They will get divorce after getting what they want or never marry and just keep milking them for money. Sidenote: yellow fever is a myth. The number one mail order bride country is Ukraine. Western men still prefer western women.
Matt (1 year ago)
They do like white American men. But in this case of the guy in the video I think it's just for his money cause that could of been his daughter.. which is kind of sick. But Japanese, Koreans, and philllpinos like foreigners and Americans.
The Flying Hamster (1 year ago)
Hi there lets talk about , lying , cheating , manipulative brown skin, disgrace to the rest of the female population .Iv have unfortunately had to live here the last 14 months ( not too much longer, thank god!) Iv seen so many middle aged white guys who have been lured out here ( I have to say, decent , nice ordinary guys , not paedophiles) by these girls they have met on Face-Book, then once here they get ripped off and discarded. Being white myself I bump into them in super markets and Malls, all with the same story, a younger woman whom although not educated is no fool by any means! has slowly worked away at this guy, probably others at the same time until they come out here, and within two weeks their money is gone and the girls and her family don't want to know. Iv had to lend them money, feed them, take them to the airport etc etc, get it through your heads guys, 99% of  these girls are in it strictly for the cash!! or if your that loaded a way out of this shit country, they are professional scam artist, its bred into them from a child! Do you really think a young woman is interested in an old guy? of course not, its all about what they can get out of you! Iv never seen a young woman with a middle aged Filipino guy, unless he's got plenty of money!The reason Iv posted this is I'm FED UP of meeting these guys all with the same pitiful story, its not entirely their fault, just get it in your head guys, this is a race of people that are lazy, lie and cheat anyone to get anything! Iv seen it!!!  Don't let yourself become another one of these poor guys, keep well away from them, they are just shit!
Jon Stevens (1 year ago)
( 36 single, fun to be around, alcohol no, I'm attractive, smart, call buildings !!! Ferrari and Lamborghini technician... I want to move to Panama, l'm single... Filipino, Philippins, Thailand... [email protected] com) Mercury is very bad for you, really bad !!! (Fish) Science !!! I didn't know that, chicken 🐥🐔and turkey 🦃and ham and eggs🥚 and cows🐮 really healthy, so I thought...🥚🍗🍟🍣🍳🍖🥓🍕🥞🌭🍤🍔🍦🍶🥛🧀🐟🦀🦐🐮🐷🐔🏥🚬💊💸😵😵😵😵😵  Gorillas never have cancer... they never have cancer !!! Gorillas are vegan !!!! (0.001 🐜ants)  Vegans live 10% longer, (on average) than carnivores !!!! Loads of people have hired arteries, (gorillas in rhino, et cetera, smooth arteries) Lions, wolves, bears shortcuts, 3-6 meters. Elephants 🐘, gorillas 🦍, antelope, (humans) it's sector, have longer, 10-16 meters 😬😬😬😬😬 !!!! Heart arteries now I'm not, (chicken, cows.....) now I'm vegan !!!! Curry is my favourite (Black rice (Chinese) is good, really good) meal 🍛 !!! Science !!!!!! Garlic, mushrooms, walnuts, lentils, (red) onion, tea (ginger, hibiscus 🌺 Every day), dates, seeds, oranges, apples, bananas, cherries, melons, lemons ... 🍏🍌🍒🍎🍉🍑🍐🍇🍍🍊🍓🥝🍋🍈🍅🍆🥒🥕🌽🌶🥔🍠🌰🥜🥙🌮🌯🥗🍲🍛.Sushi seaweed, very, very good one of those, awesome. One day is good, every day !!!!  Science !!!!Beetroot, one day, kiwi 🥝one, or two a day, I day oatmeal or something, go to the gym feel good absolutely good, anything you want, try it and see !!!!! Science !!!!!  Eggs and sperm, disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢!!! Cows baby males get killed at birth or close to birth, mother accounts get taken away at birth, the mothers at birth taken away from them, mothers get sad, so sad for days and days and days, the "milk is for us, pus cells 135 millions or more"... Hazenutl milk, Almond milk, Soya milk.... really good for you !!! Science !!!! "Hydraulic fracturing, for natural gas, uses a staggering 100 billion gallons, of water per year in the USA however, raising livestock in the u.s. consumers thirsty four trillion gallons of water and the methane emissions, for both areequal one quarter pounder require 660 gallons of water to produce this is the equivalent of showering for two months !!!!"Only one Earth, 🌎..... "Earthlings" YouTube (film) !!!! "COWSPIRACY" YouTube (film) !!!! Dr. Greger. NutritionFacts.org "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death" YouTube !!!!
The Flying Hamster (2 years ago)
Lets be honest about this shall we !!!!! Iv had to live here the last year, and I can tell you quite simply why Filipino women like white me,  yes exactly like George Kafantaris says on here, its nothing more than cash!!!!  Iv met so many western guys out here, who have been stupid enough to believe that a young 25 year old attractive Filipino girl is really in love with them, them being more than twice their age, the sort of guys who for one reason or another cant get a woman in his own country, and hey lets face it, any guy would want a woman half his age wouldn't he! So they get sucked in by these woman, usually ( well the last two Iv met)  met up on Face-book, been texting, for months, etc etc, what they don't realize she has been texting 50 other guys till she finds one gullible enough to come over, then when he gets here, they bleed him dry, when the cash has gone they don't want to know!  Then its mugs like me, feeling sorry for them who takes them in and gets them back to the airport!FOR GODS SAKE!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK WILL YOU!!!!! all these comments on here about Filipino that lie and cheat cant all be wrong can they !!!!! its bred into them!!!!! and don't let people tell you that these girls like older men, that's shit, Iv never seen a Filipino girl with an old Filipino man !  simply because he has nothing!!!!! its ALL about the money!!!!!!!! these people are expert liars and will tell you exactly what you want to hear!!!!!!!!!!!
GATORS-ROCK-TIM-T (2 years ago)
or just go to the mall and all the posters have white models
bonghan cho (2 years ago)
me too i want to searching a american men im a korean woman  .

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