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WWYD: Young Black Men, Saves Little White Girl!

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Episode Of "What Would You Do!"
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Miss Aden (16 days ago)
Only the people of colour helped typical.
Miss Aden (16 days ago)
white people are selfish simple
suukbang (2 months ago)
Black guys to the rescue!
Sam Milun (4 months ago)
white people are stupid
James Moore (6 months ago)
And sadly would still be racially profiled despite their obviously noble natures respectively
tish x (8 months ago)
The black Man
Mustefa Shoge (10 months ago)
White ppl are punks I'm a blk women and small frame and I would fight him I'm not scared
Juelz Winnifred (10 months ago)
When a brotha drops his bag of snacks, you about to get that work for real!!!
Melissa Crum (1 year ago)
my bruthas good job. thank you. never judge by color of skin.
BeautyEffect (4 years ago)
can't hear you because your're too fucking embarrassed to speak right now!
BeautyEffect (4 years ago)
white people are too timid! God Damn it and you wonder why we have loud black people. it's always the black people
Raive Darkstone (4 years ago)
Why does this guy sound like Peter Griffin??
Huron .Blackheart (4 years ago)
The bystander effect doesn't just count in these scenarios, think of a time when you've heard someone's burglar or smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night, I know these are set off by trucks half a mile away and candles (respectively) but would you look round the house, would you call the police or the fire brigade? In those cases the bystander effect is strong because it's not something as extreme as a child getting grabbed and you don't want to seem like the busy-body. But think of it this way, wouldn't you rather there were a few busy bodies calling on false alarms instead of no-one doing anything and your house getting robbed or burning down?  It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the bystander effect so you have to make an effort to fight against it, you may be in a crowd but you're an individual and you have to learn to think like one.
RangO ArtS (4 years ago)
do this experiment in a muslim community
gohar harutyunyan (4 years ago)
For soe reason I don't buy that people were 'going' to do something or that they didn't want to get involved because they thought she was being a dissobedient child. I think the real reason behind why alot of people dont get involved is that theyre simply afraid, both by what will happen if they approach the bad guys, but also by standing out in society
MJFan625Moonwalker (4 years ago)
If the little kid could act better, maybe people would get more involved.
Rachel Taylor (4 years ago)
Shocking that this could be real and no one would want to help if a little girl was getting taken.
Muiz Rahim' (4 years ago)
thats why you cannot judge people by its skin... racist.
Mariah Booker (4 years ago)
Props to those guys
Bryce Rush (4 years ago)
It's because in school we are taught not to get involved with anything because it's nt our business
johnny Cage (1 year ago)
yea right you guys are quick to call a cop
JHRO813 (4 years ago)
Most people need to grow some balls... Cough cough (whites)
madmike1 (4 years ago)
There is a problem here..the people here probably think the kid is just saying that to get the parent in trouble. I bet you kids actually do this.
madmike1 (4 years ago)
Yeah, its a tricky thing, because kids are not stupid, and know this can get their parents in trouble. I bet most of the people who walked past probably were parents themselves. Its that thing.
Dutch Avenger93 (4 years ago)
Could even be her step-dad. You're not my dad, as in you're not my biological father!
primate4 (4 years ago)
People today make me sick!!!!! Bunch of fucking cowards not willing to help a victim out!!!!! Especially a child!!!!!! I hope they're victimized themselves!!!!
THEO DAVID (4 years ago)
Nina J. (28 days ago)
Black guys Lord and savior
Blue Sky (11 months ago)
I am black. My brothers grew up in the suburbs and college educated. Their fearless for kids, dumb ass! White men looked like real punks! Their wives should be embarrassed. Watch the entire show 10 white men grabbed their wives and ran off! Ugh!
sharon odonnell (4 years ago)
Damn im going tom pretend to be kid napped.. that dude was hot!!!!
кιllιє (5 years ago)
Should have beat his ass and teach him a lesson
Doc Holliday (4 years ago)
"Should have beat his ass and teach him a lesson" Um, you do realize what this video is, right? It's a social experiment. An act.  He's an actor.  He's acting.  He's not a predator. Please tell me you were joking and aren't actually that stupid.
John Bello (5 years ago)
They don't look like thugs to me.
Brittany Clayton (5 years ago)
They were about to start beatin that ass!
DeludoSui (5 years ago)
... The girl kept saying your not my dad and the guy said nothing in the last one. In all of the other versions it makes it seem like he is the step father and she is just being a brat that doesn't want to listen to the father.
raven Fox (5 years ago)
I love how this video only has 11 likes and 1,292 views yet it's been up for a few months. If this were bashing blacks it would have millions of views and just as many comments. I am starting to see a pattern youtube seems as though they hide the good about the black community but put the bad on the forefront. I mean look at tommy somo mayor....ugh
ulquiorra zhirkov (5 years ago)
try the exp with a black dude being the bad guy next time and see what happens...
FLAVORED MEAT (5 years ago)
Mac Warren (5 years ago)
The fact that only six people like this pisses me off. I wish I could meet those three guys. I would give them a reward out of my own pocket. Much respect.
Len ie (5 years ago)
I love those guys!

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