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Teppanyaki in Japan - Food in Japan

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Relaxed, family-run Teppanyaki restaurant in Osaka, Japan. Several Japanese dishes are getting prepared: Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, beef tongue and a mix of egg, vegetables with meat - Price: 20 USD / Location: Toganochō, 11, Umeda, Osaka, Japan
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eewoo (1 year ago)
That does it! I'm packing up all my shit and moving to Japan. Osaka, here I come!
haj joha (1 month ago)
eewoo masoni
haj joha (2 months ago)
eewoo la masoniya un mierda
Tree Sapp (2 months ago)
Maybe put 500 hours into learning japanese first. weeb
Juan Luis Valentin (3 months ago)
Pewd Meatball donut Take me with you brother :.
eewoo غقعقععث
DarkonekoHellsing (2 hours ago)
damn, now I'm hungry
Akshay Chaturvedi (2 days ago)
Japan Food Best In The World
Arvin Samson (8 days ago)
Im a filipino but i really like japanese food👍🍴
Delicioso 🤤
Nathan Drake (8 days ago)
Is teppanyaki good without the egg??
Cyber God (9 days ago)
that looks great how much is it to eat there 😎 🙏
Buscot (9 days ago)
Какое-то говно и в добавок на лопате
Sunil Ghale Gurung (10 days ago)
Tero kaam.slow vayo.machikney
Takashi Shibano (10 days ago)
cost 0.5$ rip-off
yun yun (11 days ago)
So satisfying 😆.....
Noemi Valentino (13 days ago)
Wow...è davvero rilassante osservarlo <3
Karl Heinz Geiss (16 days ago)
Great ... i ordered a teppanyaki gril last days ... yesterday i make a entrecot teppanyaki style in a big pan ..
noman ahmed (18 days ago)
i am at pakistan and eating noodles ..ALL FULL
vennela (20 days ago)
hehe Xd (21 days ago)
How much was it? Like 20$?
O que será aquele molho que ele colou encima da tortilha?!!!! socorro ! coisa boa!!
Steven richerd (24 days ago)
What is there was an Indian without gloves likehim I guess there would be many negative comments
JH C (26 days ago)
All these foods look just tasty.
Isabel Echarri (28 days ago)
cual es el secreto de una gastronomia tan apasional? me cautiva tanto este tipo de comidas..
manduheavy vazquez (28 days ago)
Rojee sol (29 days ago)
Very good 😍
my account (1 month ago)
im starvin man, loca vida
Bappy Roy (1 month ago)
Hello bro I am hungry 😝😝😝
Bappy Roy (1 month ago)
Why chinese, korean, japanese so much eat noodles. Can you explain me??
sangeeta meena (1 month ago)
Amazing video🙏👌 I like Japanese food 💕
Keshav Sahu (1 month ago)
Favorite Japanese Food
Shank Pearce (1 month ago)
I'm Indian, i love the way japanese cook their food. 😍😋😋
moz6616 (1 month ago)
what ever it is i'll have it mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ingridvanderhoeven (1 month ago)
This is a GOOD thing
jose . a fernandez (1 month ago)
Next time....
Kabuki kool (1 month ago)
sjtom57 (1 month ago)
Too much needless playing with the zoom. Outta here.
Burro B (1 month ago)
this guy looks clean. And no stupid unnecessary clanking. Letting the food cook. Respect ✊
sifat sifat (1 month ago)
Esa comida sé ve rico
ن ن (1 month ago)
Juan Hernandez (1 month ago)
9:59 The brush he uses looks dirtier than my ass !!!
Gilbert Anyi (1 month ago)
That make me drooling
sherry chung (1 month ago)
oishi sho!!!!
Stephen Dillon (1 month ago)
I love watching cooking videos, especially those in Japan, but the person operating the video camera has no f'ing clue how to properly video the action. The constant zooming in and out is not how the human eye and brain processes the surrounding. Teppanyaki method of cooking is meant not only to simply cook the food but also to be watched as a process and experience. The camera man ruins this through inattention to what the cook is doing and focusing so closely on the food the majority of the time that we miss what else is happening with the cook. For example, we know the bacon is cooking and bubbling, so you don't have to zoom so closely to see it that we miss the other stuff the cook is preparing and putting on the grill at the same time. What a shame. I've seen a lot of the cooking videos posted by Aden Films and finally decided I can't watch any more.
Layth (1 month ago)
and im here eating some chips.. life is cruel man
Pabro (2 months ago)
I guess when you have a tiny dick, cook your stress away, no matter how trash the food comes out.😐
Damian Kasper (2 months ago)
Look closer, this raw belly strips are ruining it all so unilke.
Chromwell A (2 months ago)
If only our school lunch looks like that (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
Srivani Angelika (2 months ago)
Looks delicious 😍🤓😯😋😋😋
Вот бы выяснить рецепт этого соуса которым он поливает, вообщем у их немало соусов отлично бы выяснить самые самые сладко острые и сладко кислые
Не пробовала их кухню, однако то будто все гигиенично я бы попробовала... Даже глядеть одно наслаждение, истина созерцания наедаещься... А другие видики смотрела в других частях света нуууу кушать то будто готовят. Ну это ЭКСТРИМ.... МОЛОДЦЫ ЯПОНЦЫ...!!! РЕСПЕКТ И УВАЖЕНИЕ..
UNDER UNDER (2 months ago)
I lives in vietnam, videos very good. Yummy 😍😍
Xz_ Nini (2 months ago)
Eu gostei ☺
SJK (2 months ago)
This is the best asmr ever.
Ricky Linz (2 months ago)
i didnt expect watching japanese cooking would be this good. i fall asleep in 11 mins, its so relaxing
okolekahuna (2 months ago)
I love Kansai style okonomiyaki.
Lyngrey Delosreyes (2 months ago)
Wow yummy
make food taste good (2 months ago)
Hi have a quick look on my channel thank you so much
علي الملكي (2 months ago)
Yami gh
richard wallace (2 months ago)
KingFloda 23 (2 months ago)
Better than watching indian dirty cooking
LadyM345 USD (2 months ago)
I just had my breakfast yet am soooo hungry again!!! Fault of this video!!! :):)
It's like honey I shrunk the kids with that big ass candy thing. The camera is zooming in so fuckin close I feel like I've been shrunk and I'm inside the food. Super creepy
Destrudo Alexandros (2 months ago)
No meat , no sallad , just spagetti 😣 look good dom.
Lata Fede (2 months ago)
rowten meat
BattleAudioRecords (2 months ago)
dafuq disliked this and why? 1,3K seriously? what's wrong with people?
jdhkx geu (3 months ago)
*hi welcome to janpan rastret what can i get u?* Based on a real spelling mistake made by my dad cuz he dunno english
Kim Chowking (3 months ago)
We're having sex and it's so relaxing and giving energy watching this it's almost 8 hours we're rocking the bed.. .. Woohh..
Leo.H Lee (3 months ago)
No yum yum sauce
Juan Luis Valentin (3 months ago)
I still dont understand why i keep watching this late in the night,,, 🤤🤤🤤 now im so hungry !!!
vasy bylli (3 months ago)
donronn 71 (3 months ago)
Kay S (3 months ago)
Yummy 😋 😋 😋 Great chef!👍👍👍💕💕i love Japanese foods.
David Anderson (3 months ago)
cooking with paint scrapers. I love it
Jens Ich (3 months ago)
wonderful video ... what is this for a white sauce ?
charles smith (3 months ago)
that was back in 1993
charles smith (3 months ago)
I LOVE THESE, Had one in Sasebo Japan,
Nilanka Padmini (3 months ago)
i like Japanese food and language
Dasa Llienna (3 months ago)
Who's like japan food
민주 (3 months ago)
it looks like Korean Pa jon or Buchimge.... almost same the food process of the food, vegetables and eggs on the pan, round form..ㅎㅎ japan always copy Korean culture... for thousands years...
민주 and yet they do it better than korea😂
akai ikaka (3 months ago)
Orochimaru sama (3 months ago)
En Japón hay poca carne?.... Siempre veo que ponen grandes cantidades de muchos ingrediente pero de carne de res o derivados muy poco
James Mundell (4 months ago)
Frederique ZOLTANE (4 months ago)
Whaouh ! The camera guy is really good... the cook too but I have a great respect for the pictures ! Excuse my english faults, I’m only a little French...
Xxx Xxx (4 months ago)
RaJah,Dat (4 months ago)
The food is dancing
Elaheh Zufferey (4 months ago)
Ça donne envie de manger 👌
Jesse Monico (4 months ago)
ele é muito bom mesmo.
Crystal Sanchez (4 months ago)
I thought this was okonomiyaki
SnowWalker (4 months ago)
Yum! Btw, some very unfeminine like clomping at the end of the video, lol.
Moonlight (4 months ago)
Вот ведь зараза,мне тоже охото испытать.
Kohtan (4 months ago)
김환국 (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/QIN5_tJRiyY buddhism
LikeAGroove (4 months ago)
Martin Tio (4 months ago)
I'm so hungry
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens (5 months ago)
Kiseki Kazama (5 months ago)
Damn now I'm hungry
Mo Mo (5 months ago)
Some idiots say this is relaxing?! More like drool inducing!
San Hoang (5 months ago)
I love the people of Japan, I like japanese foods too EXCEPT RAW FISH, (NEVER TRY IT AGAIN)
Bella Australia (5 months ago)
Lovely and clean.
darkbrian ' (5 months ago)
too much pork

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