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Dal Fry Recipe Restaurant Style Indian Vegetarian Food | Indian Cooking

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Dal Tadka Recipe, Dal Fry Recipe, Mung Dal Recipe and paneer recipes are very popular in India. Most of the Indian Vegetarian Dishes are very popular and delicious in taste. Indian Vegetarian Cooking is based on some simple cooking Methods. Indian Restaurants serves very wide range of Indian Vegetable, Dal, Paneer Curries and other dishes daily. In the Indian Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, Udaipur you can try the best and authentic Indian Food in the restuarants. Food & Travel Network. Indian Recipes. https://www.foodontvnetwork.com Recipes in Hindi. https://recipesinhindi.in Indian Street Food. https://www.streetfoodandtraveltvindia.com Street Food Videos. https://www.youtube.com/crazyindianfood Cake Network Videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6T8aXCIFut01O6I1EcIrw Indian Recipes Blog. http://www.allindiarecipe.com
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Text Comments (100)
Missy Clark (1 month ago)
Raw honey instead of sugar! Way better!
Anshu Joshi (3 months ago)
English 😂😂😃😆
rajiv mashru (7 months ago)
Jabru Kaam, dost. Maja aavi gai tamari channel joi ne. mari farmaaish chhe amuk kathiyawadi vaangio ni, jo thaay to. Ringan / Bhinda / Saragwa ni kadhi Wagharelo Rotlo Bharela Karela Rajwadi Dhokli Kera / Wadi nu shaak (traditional dish of Darbaar community) atyar sudhi ma pelli youtube channel subscribe karu chhu. Great Going.
Foodon TV Network™ (6 months ago)
Jova mate Mari aa channel juvo ek thi ek best kathiyawadi recipes https://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyIndianFood
Disha Patel (10 months ago)
Recipes is nise but plz say in gujarati or hindi becaue your eng is vary bad
Hulk Shan (10 months ago)
Can you give the amount of each lentils used because this is the first time I m going to cook it
Foodon TV Network™ (10 months ago)
+Hulk Shan equal
syam prasad (11 months ago)
Also see 5 minutes recipes reloaded
Kate Kabir (1 year ago)
jitne bhi cook ya chef khud ka recepi ko beautiful tasty yummy delicious luscious bagarah bagarah bolte rahate hai khaskar barbola sanjeev kapoor...utna hi ghatia dish banta hai....tera bhi dehati recepi so so hai uss sanjeev kapoor se lekin better
Foodon TV Network™ (1 year ago)
+Kate Kabir thank you so much
Wow Testy Dal Fry......
Nirmal Kumar Ganguli (1 year ago)
It's a nice way of making Punjabi Dale Ma Khan I. I shall try it for my family. Thanks to you Kapoorji for sharing the recipie.
Vishu Munjapara (1 year ago)
It's yummy! I have tried yesterday! Amazing recipe......thanks!
pandeyG Cooking (1 year ago)
Great work Chef Nikunj!!
Sher Of India (1 year ago)
Hindi me bol
Pravin Pawar (1 year ago)
please don't speak in English.. I can't understand anything..
Taj Kitchen (1 year ago)
NyC Dal Fry...👍
pranali Shinde (1 year ago)
anisha Dhankhar (1 year ago)
very nice
lina line (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. 1+ sub :))
BIPIN KUMAR (1 year ago)
super taste....
Foodon TV Network™ (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for your feedback. helps a lot to improve my recipes.
A1 Taxi Tour (2 years ago)
What about tempering the dal? Anyways still looks good.
senthil kumar (1 year ago)
Foodon TV Network™
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
My friend it is not a dal Tadka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT3IhMesta8
haritha raguraman (2 years ago)
may I know what dal did you use for the recipe?
Sonu Tomar (1 year ago)
sathi kandiah (1 year ago)
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks. Chana, Urad, Masoor, Green and yellow Mung.
bhaskar shravan (2 years ago)
its tasty can u give me some
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks. Take it, it is all yours.
Lavanya Sinha (2 years ago)
Hey guys, check out this fun post by Heinz! http://gph.is/2e9sMJZ
louisejacobs (2 years ago)
do you have a list of the ingredients? i dont know 1 of the ingredients? its the one that kind of looks like white pepper. what is that?
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks Here is the recipe: https://www.foodontvnetwork.com/dal-fry-and-jeera-rice-recipe-dal-chaval/
shoaib baig (2 years ago)
indian vegetarian dishes r best in the world
Vaibhav Kaktikar (2 years ago)
Tried this today. Turned to be simply awesome. Just like restaurant .. Thanks a lot. Tussi great ho bhai.
Savleen Kaur (2 years ago)
Very well explained. It looks delicious too. I shall try it. And Here I have subscribed to your channel :)
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
+Savleen Kaur most welcome to foodon TV and foodontvnetwork.com
Akash vasishtha (2 years ago)
only basic not good .
Arvind Desai (2 years ago)
Very well edited, however not so good receipe.
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks. It is rally helpful. I tried my best.
yi-wen chen (2 years ago)
I wish I know what he said QQ
Ricky S (4 months ago)
yi-wen chen atleast he sooke better english than most of the chinese people can!
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Hey thanks a lot. There is CC feature is available on youtune. Just turn CC on.
yi-wen chen (2 years ago)
plus subtitles would be better
Taha Mustansir (2 years ago)
hahaha your accent :D
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks. Really appreciated.
Sejal Mehta (2 years ago)
Look at your accent first Taha! At least he is a youtuber, what are you? And with that accent he is so famous and much far ahead of you! You been scratching ball sack for years correcting accents of others!! you make perfect ass wipe of yourself hahahah....
Taha Mustansir (2 years ago)
hahaha your accent :D
Khushi Khushi (2 years ago)
thanks a lot. please tell us which five dals those are and how much.
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
In India it is available in ready made pack. These dals are Yellow Mung Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Masoor Dal and Green Gram Dal.
bhavesh kotecha (2 years ago)
Nikunj make a video of Dal Dhokari !! gujarati chho
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Ha Gujarati chhu. I'll make it in new season. Thanks.
Yours Truly (2 years ago)
His English. Lol!
Sejal Mehta (2 years ago)
hello amir sab tu kya British family ke jaat se peda ho gaye ho kya chutthad kahike hahahaha!!
Sejal Mehta (2 years ago)
+Foodon TV Network™ don't worry about any loose comment given here by any you are doing a good job and I much appreciate your hard work keep it and keep going!☺
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot. Yup if a foreigner speak in Tuti futi Hindi then people will appreciate it and support him. But in Asia everything is Ulta Hai.
Khushi Khushi (2 years ago)
we Asians can never appreciate someone's effort (specially if he/she is an Asian).
Best Indian Cooking (2 years ago)
Lovely.. Looks delicious..
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks it is so good.
Soumali's Kitchen (2 years ago)
Nice recipe, Hi I am Soumali your new subscriber it would be great if you subscribe back.
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot.
Ashok Modhvadia (2 years ago)
Thanks for nice recipe.
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Always welcome +Ashok Modhvadia I just like it very much.
Shrikant Tillu (2 years ago)
Very nice and explained in details
Wade West (2 years ago)
+Foodon TV Network™ u did a great job!
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks +Shrikant Tillu I tried my best possible.
Jason Dominic (2 years ago)
Jasmine Prerana Joylene Jasmine prerana joylene.
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks +Jason Dominic Sorry what are you saying?
sunil kotalwar (2 years ago)
by referring ua video, ri8 now I have made it
Nitin Soni (2 years ago)
+Foodon TV Network™ He died after eating that :P
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks +sunil kotalwar How was that?
riya ahmed (2 years ago)
what a English haha...lol
Jayabye Ittoo (2 years ago)
If you really want to learn English then let's start right now. First of all it is " what AN English" not "a". We learn this in primary school. I guess. Care to go back and re-learn the basics? With love. :) Have a great day ahead.
riya ahmed (2 years ago)
+babablap chup beyadope
riya ahmed (2 years ago)
+Chris Manzino shut the duck up your so called English...u idiot...haramjada
babablap (2 years ago)
+riya ahmed his English is alright, he just has a strong accent.
Z Malek (2 years ago)
+riya ahmed shut the fuck up and learn the cooking bitch
esha pisavadia (2 years ago)
I know you are trying to cutting down the length of the video one tip do intro and add the ingredients in a slide easy for viewers to write down the ingredients.. and try and talk abit slow.. only suggestions because you talk too much and too fast I could not understand you and remember your viewers are all over the world not just india so slow down with the talking... otherwise good recipe shall try it
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Wow I love to hear from you +esha pisavadia It is so helpful. I try my best to make you people happy. As I believe Food is the Cheapest source of Happiness in the world. You can also try recipes with step pictures on my website: www.foodontvnetwork.com
Naomi Nair (2 years ago)
Mind to list the dals you used and how to cook? Really appreciated
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks +Naomi Nair Chana Dal, Moong Dal, Mashur Dal, Tuver Dal, Udad Dal. you can read full recipe http://www.foodontvnetwork.com/how-to-make-dal-fry-at-home/
tb717 (2 years ago)
that apron..solid color please......please?
random guy (1 year ago)
He is saying, use plain colour apron.
MataramJayatvarya (2 years ago)
wo keh riya hai ki check wala apron na pehna karo.. plain color ka pehna karo.. angrejo ke yaha apron hamesha plain color ka hi hota hai isiliye uski fatt gyi..
Foodon TV Network™ (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot +tb717 Sorry i didn't got what you said?
Stephan Münstercity (3 years ago)
Do you put coriander seeds in your garam masala?
Andrea Lew (1 year ago)
Your recipes are easy to follow. I am an American lover of Indian food and have been learning to cook it at home with gluten free vegan modifications. Will you be doing a video with a recipe for garam masala? I look forward to hearing back from you.
Foodon TV Network™ (3 years ago)
Thanks +Stephan Münstercity Mainly Garama Masala includes Cloves, Cinnamon, Star Anis, Black Pepper, Red Chilies, Cardamom, Cumin, etc.
Cooking World (3 years ago)
Just found your channel, nice dal fry recipe..going to try to make it.
Foodon TV Network™ (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot +Cooking World Must try and submit your feedback right here. Get the detailed recipes of Dals at www.foodontvnetwork.com
Dipa Patel (3 years ago)
Foodon TV Network™ (3 years ago)
Thanks +Dipa Patel Indeed Very Tasty.
stormylook64 (3 years ago)
You didnt mention the names of the five dals used. Can you please name them?
hasibunnisha khan (1 year ago)
I want learn so want to joint classes so please provide address for class in mumbai
Foodon TV Network™ (3 years ago)
+jini t Thanks a lot for the nice information.
Foodon TV Network™ (3 years ago)
+stormylook64 Thanks for asking. Mung Dal, Chana Dal, Yellow Mung Split Dal, Masur Dal, Udad Dal. It comes in a pack all together.
jini t (3 years ago)
Usually in Gujarat the most common lentils (dals) are chana, tuvar, split moong dal, and yellow split. You can use any of them or all of them. My mother-in-law makes this exact recipe with split moong dal (green) and it tastes great.

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