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Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean - Season Two - Episode 7 - Dumbest Idea Ever

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Alan tries to get Heather to help him win back Cady.
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generic person (2 years ago)
That mean girl is so basic
Hoppy Bunny (2 years ago)
MGTOW lesson 13 Zero point Energy otherwise known as something for nothing. MGTOW realize modern relationships with most western women is based on zero sum principles. This is more exemplified as feminist or female ideas of zero point energy. The output of emotional, physical, psychological and economic energy expected of boys and men from most western men and all feminists is INFINITE. Meanwhile the return balance of reciprocal energy across the board for men is zero. Unlikely you may be thinking. After all boys do get sex and a relationship and companionship. True, but as the girl in the video openly communicates, the boy must make an offering of himself or what he possesses far in significance and value than what she's willing to do for him. This is called differential sacrifice. He offers a long term service as obligate payment for a short term minimal exercise of kindness on her part. And for what, to appease the zero sum relationship with another girl who obligates him to keep proving his affection for her by increasing acts of demeaning self de-valuation.
Breanna Henry (4 years ago)
why does alan even like heather. cady is way prettier than heather anyway lol
Libby Lee (5 years ago)
YAY I love this video series so much!

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