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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

431746 ratings | 101182658 views
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Text Comments (31771)
John Seed (52 minutes ago)
The only girl I have ever dated and probably ever will date is my right hand
George Yang (2 hours ago)
first, 0 gf. second, engg degree.
Kiabeta (2 hours ago)
Unrealistic disliked
Whisky Gordon (3 hours ago)
She kissed just like my hoodie!!!
I'll Be In The Car (4 hours ago)
The one that goes to church and the perfect one would be the worst one.
Bold of you to assume I'll date 6 girls.
Mateus Martins (6 hours ago)
So that was a fucking lie.
Ok Ok (10 hours ago)
The church one killed me
Hydreigon (12 hours ago)
Bold of you to assume that I get a date.
pontiacGXPfan (13 hours ago)
Rather date a HS girl
Cristian M (14 hours ago)
The church girl is what I need in my life
Tim Reeves (15 hours ago)
3 and 6 were smoking hot! I’m taking 3 as the best.
Nihaal Sandim (1 day ago)
James Deen with wolverine claws was awesome
Whats a girl?
JackAttack MLP (1 day ago)
Was the thumbnail blurred for anyone else? That’s probably nothing to do with YouTube’a new thumbnail crackdown... no.... Edit:totally not...
Dallion Coker (1 day ago)
Ha ha ha ha I'm not attractied to women or men so haha sucks to be you
youngtaai (1 day ago)
so wait, I turn white in college
Emi Space (1 day ago)
*so that was a fucking lie*
Gorjan Drakulic (1 day ago)
Or you are going to be a vergin baisment dwewler like me
Justin Y's Stand (1 day ago)
Sorry, can't relate. No girl would want to date me.
scalethemachine (1 day ago)
Wrong. No girl wants to date you RIGHT NOW. Make yourself respectable first. Then some girls will date you.
End Creeper (1 day ago)
*But what if you're not into girls?*
Der Schurkinist (1 day ago)
But the truth is, that on average a guy around 20-25 has a statistical chance of somwehere around 15% to even have girl-/boyfriend at all during some point of those years, even if just for a few months. Face it, most of us just settle in later. No shame in that. It's not better for the female counterpart either. But then again, maybe it's good that way.
CAPEY100 100 (1 day ago)
Thats funny i thought I was dying alone
James Schlosser (1 day ago)
"You're the one with the liberal arts degree" lolol
PANZERFAUST90 (1 day ago)
"bouncer at Prolapse"
Wow my single vibes are radiating onto the video that it became 5 girls youll date in college
Erik (1 day ago)
Three years in college and this is the kind of girls I've dated so far: Miss them so much.
When I saw the title im like HAH no
TheLegend275_ (1 day ago)
Number 7 The Rapist
MC Gargamel (1 day ago)
So this was a fucking lie.
I came here for the thumbnail.
Carlos Abundiz (2 days ago)
Just be a vergin for the rest of your life I sighed a contract to myself that I will never get a girl/boy friend but I will have friends that are girl/boys
Overdose Nigga (2 days ago)
Clickbait, No girls ever wanted me
coolboyz (2 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie
Aiden Rodgers (2 days ago)
Bold of you to assume Ill date anyone in college
Ava Hannah (2 days ago)
Look at the views
jravage77 (2 days ago)
Uh,no this total non sense...you're not getting a job with a liberal arts degree.
Quiet Storm (2 days ago)
1: As If I’d go to college 2: I’m loyal
Logan Suriano (2 days ago)
Thumbnail quality 100
lil genius (2 days ago)
moo man (2 days ago)
Now get out of my recommended
#84 AB (2 days ago)
0:25 I'm dead XD
DemiGod Godzilla (2 days ago)
I ain't goin to college then
Jamshed Kali (2 days ago)
Liam Harrison (2 days ago)
So this was a fucking lie
Louis Saludo (2 days ago)
so that was a fucking lie
Tudor Miller (2 days ago)
Only 6 ? WTF ? Yep! Mormon girls do it better for sure. But Amish girls ? Just enjoy the ride in the back of her buggy.
When I'm the hoodie.
Mania Squad (3 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie
J o k e r (3 days ago)
*Patrick voice* Zero, take it or leave it.
Noboy (3 days ago)
Jokes on you bitch im already fucking my hoodie
O O F (3 days ago)
*so that was a fucking lie*
LAV (3 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie.
Masahiro Sakurai (3 days ago)
You forgot the big tiddie anime goth gf.
buba776playz (3 days ago)
Masahiro Sakurai (3 days ago)
Ha jokes on you I never went to college. And have a minimum wage job now :(
Night King (3 days ago)
I'm going to college
Matthew Steiner (3 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie
Jordan Malbrew (4 days ago)
This video is still growing
Blazing Accounts (4 days ago)
is no one gonna mention the horrible resolution thumbnail?
Rahool Sarkar (4 days ago)
Brilliant story line....
Misfortune Follows (4 days ago)
*Liberal arts degree*
Brennan Moto (4 days ago)
No crazy ones shit that’s decent
Poodles 256879 (4 days ago)
What if I’m gay
James Frank (4 days ago)
I seriously got tired of the party one, who drank more than her body weight and couldn't handle it, and ditched me constantly for strangers, she was also the church one, so that was confusing.
Eurospezial (4 days ago)
Easy, you stop at #3. She is all you'll ever need.
BELA GRAH (4 days ago)
why does the one that goes to Chrurch has to be crazy?
Alesio K.C (4 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie.
iTzDreamii- (4 days ago)
relationships are for pussies.
Aryan Dey (4 days ago)
If a does not talk to you openly in a date.. you know that guy really loves you
Fly lol Die (4 days ago)
100millions view!!!!!
MeZe (4 days ago)
Well that was a fucking lie.
N B (5 days ago)
“Six girls you’ll date” *So that was a fucking lie*
Anthony Illescas (5 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2019???
Doctorlibtard (5 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I came here for the thumbnail And you probably did too
Ezequiel Dingman (5 days ago)
100 million views.
The Q (5 days ago)
When will I date those girls? I am in college now. Can they find me please?
Paul Stark (5 days ago)
The question is im gonna get to the college first....
Kris Bruce (5 days ago)
100 mil views
Cengiz Yıldırımaa (5 days ago)
A moment of silence for those who will never date in college
Sang Sang (5 days ago)
So That waas a fucking lie.
Layton Mathieson (5 days ago)
That's bold of you to predict that I'll get 1 girl, never mind 6.
jaac811 (5 days ago)
I'd definitely bone my hoodie...
Štefan Žuber (5 days ago)
What's wrong with the one who goes to church
Tommy Anderson (5 days ago)
Lucas Possnien (5 days ago)
congrats on 100mil
Kakashi Hatake (5 days ago)
How did you mess this up???
Darin DePasquale (5 days ago)
somebody got a boner
Peace (6 days ago)
I didn't dated not a single one 😂
Heli UM (6 days ago)
100 million
The Subarist (6 days ago)
This girl from The one who goes to church is my kind of woman :P
Chuck Baker (6 days ago)
I married the one that goes to church. Oh yeah. LOL
Crispy Diaz (6 days ago)
Jokes on you, I won't have one HA Ha! ... *Cries*
Auggie Pullman (6 days ago)
So this was a lie
samjdavies (6 days ago)
100 mil boys! Like if you were there before 1 mil.
AceMiloMedia (6 days ago)
He only had a girl in the first place that became 6 because he took a liberal arts degree. Take any other subject, you will have 0. On a serious note, to those of you here in the comments who haven't had a relationship, my advice to you is DO IT before it's too late because the longer you go without a relationship the tougher and more awkward it will be.
EdgyZiggy9538 (5 days ago)
That is some awful advice... I would say go for the social interaction as soon as possible, but don't rush into a relationship
logan white2 (6 days ago)
But what if your gay though?
James Thomas (6 days ago)
Best part...dude graduated with a lib arts degree.
Sexy Videos (6 days ago)
Jeremy Cornwell (6 days ago)
BV frys your brain.
Jeremy Cornwell (6 days ago)
Sixian Tan (6 days ago)
nah nobody likes me coz am a fat asian look like kim jong un and i lick my anime figure every day

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