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Text Comments (155)
this is my Account (2 months ago)
why is her story exactly like mine
ISIAH HILL (4 months ago)
Raya is pretty awesome and cool
ISIAH HILL (4 months ago)
Raya is cool
Purefoldnz (6 months ago)
The bone-er yard?
Jeffrey Fleming (6 months ago)
You are a very beautiful woman to me
Mark Spears (7 months ago)
I laugh my head off at this girl. Funny personality.
ZZZABpLEZZZ woza (7 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I just got click bated AND SO DID U
Blake Taylor (7 months ago)
thank you for another storytime I love hearing about your life experiences
Nuthing2Sumting (9 months ago)
I don’t like how you went from mw3 to sexual clickbait and more,Your just losing old viewers
Rulan Amenigo (9 months ago)
Sexy Raya
cutemike39 (9 months ago)
U r beautiful raya. Love you
Caden Kerr (9 months ago)
I know you you’re in that video with road to Hollywood
123valve (10 months ago)
I don’t know how big you are but you seem to be very petite but you have a well per portions body. Sexy.
King Silva (11 months ago)
Hash (11 months ago)
I hit a home run on another dudes girl 4 the 1st time
DrOmg99 (11 months ago)
God Damn Raya One Of Those Girls That You Know Is A Freak When The Camera Is Off, He He 👌👌👌👌👌😝😝😝😝😳😳☺️☺️💎👨🏿
House OfEl (11 months ago)
youre so awkward I love it
Q.H.S (11 months ago)
Im like that Raya. Everything natural on a girl is just perfect. Even though i don't really care about the Beasts or butt.
TheInfamil (11 months ago)
I'm putting you on punishment for this story.
Enzur (11 months ago)
love it when Raya touches herself
jeremiah toussaint (11 months ago)
5:21 no pants
Hyman Rosenman (11 months ago)
wanna hear me sing?
SolventDukeGaming (11 months ago)
Haha "bone" yard.
Hyman Rosenman (11 months ago)
have you ever had spaghetti with marijuana sauce?
Geoffrey Albury (11 months ago)
You got a nice head shape
Ethan Jones (11 months ago)
How are u still not at a million
WidyAF (11 months ago)
The world still is like that but only the kids are adults and called perverts
X1 KILLA (11 months ago)
5:20 are you in your fucking panties 😂
X1 KILLA (11 months ago)
Gabe H nope lol
Gabe H (11 months ago)
X1 KILLA Yup, no @ss though
Coolmusicplaylist (11 months ago)
Raya u so fine. Happy Thanksgiving
Alex Gorell (11 months ago)
Why the fuck didn’t this show up in my subscription feed yesterday?!
Natasha Lewis (11 months ago)
Im in 8th grade and im in a D cup
Kayla Nobre (4 months ago)
Not to be rude or anything but your probably a little overweight so...ya, cause it’s pretty early to have d and c cups.
Miranda T (7 months ago)
I’m like 1 year old and I have a c cup
Hinted (8 months ago)
Im 6 years old and d cup too
TEFLON-_-MONEY (8 months ago)
Probably fat as fuck
MadisonKaitlyn (9 months ago)
Natasha Lewis im in 7th grade and C cup
Rainbow R6-Brax Brax (11 months ago)
Why is she grabbing her boob ?
Nyla Em (8 months ago)
Rainbow R6-Brax Brax i dont see that
Wet Dreamz (11 months ago)
Can you just send nudes
Wayne Staples (11 months ago)
have the best Thanksgiving!
Cascade HyDRO (11 months ago)
People with iOS 11 or screen recording if you love the boneyard thing record it and you cam play it over and over again lol
TC08071 (11 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Raya. Also, you need to stop being so dam insecure with yourself. Your intelligent, funny, very beautiful (even though you say you aren't) and you have a great body and I'm sure many of your followers feel the same as well as the only person that really matters when it comes to all these statements I just made and that's your bf.
Andre La Faye (11 months ago)
TC08071 damn u sound inlove
Raya (11 months ago)
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Kvothe312 Twitch (11 months ago)
I got a mug 😎
Sergio Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Raya pretty bad ass stuff
landy531 (11 months ago)
the boneyard look ;)) great chula.
Might just get some merch to say thanks for the hours of entertainment that made me from liking you to disliking you and back over the years (sometimes even in the same video) might get some clickbait, I like it
Raya (11 months ago)
Gabe le babe - amoklauf.ch Hahaha I oddly love this comment so much. Thanks for the support even when I annoy you!
Brett_Kendrick (11 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Raya!
Raya (11 months ago)
MonkeyButt69 you too!!!
Golden unicorn (11 months ago)
Nice clickbait
NWA Pimp (11 months ago)
Second base?they hit home run
clark kent (11 months ago)
So.. desperate for followers it it raya? Haha. Love you vids. Love your outro more. Byeeee....😘
ThejaRRo OnE (11 months ago)
Raya has nice titties who agrees??
therebelnetwork215 (11 months ago)
ThejaRRo OnE i agree with you
joey the kid (11 months ago)
You and second base is so cringe
1 sonofabiscuit (11 months ago)
Know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful for Raya being the entertainer that she is and doing her best to bring us that entertainment we all crave and love happy Thanksgiving ms. Ray and to all the Rayamons!
Kyle Salt (11 months ago)
It's been a while since I got to second base 😂😂😂
Rodrigo Ramirez (11 months ago)
You're so funny 😂
Cascade HyDRO (11 months ago)
You should make a 12-24 hour loop of the boneyard bit lol
Charlie Renouf (11 months ago)
Raya, did you film this in your underwear 😂
tiny shniz (11 months ago)
This day second base is full penetration
jppcbc 00 (11 months ago)
Dont do this to us this thumbnails😂
Miguel Rodriguez (11 months ago)
More story time like if u want more story time
Zocollo (11 months ago)
The boneyard 😉😉
BOI 19 (11 months ago)
You're so Cute😍😍😍
ivanrqs9785 (11 months ago)
That poster about to get it
The Chosen One (11 months ago)
I love the Saxophone music! What’s the track? I want that as my ringtone.
VinnyCx (11 months ago)
Raya .. Queen of click baiting not anymore. Girl.. You starting to become true to you're videos. I fuckn love you
Dylan Hutton (11 months ago)
Tank top and underwear, love the video
CZGaming10 (11 months ago)
I have no problem with small booty
Elite Slayer (11 months ago)
Can you make a hot poster where I can put it on my wall and my mom not give me hell for it lol ?
Raya (11 months ago)
Elite Slayer I think the black and white Polaroid one is very PG/PG-13! What do you think?
THE BATMAN (11 months ago)
Awesome story Boneyard lol
Le Vej (11 months ago)
Show *BOB* pls
How da fuck you go from sucking toes to being a heroin addict. I mean god damn. Lol
Dean Roddey (11 months ago)
Toes are a gateway digit. This is well known.
Josh Peters (11 months ago)
love all your videos you're so Amazing
Randy Robinson (11 months ago)
i want you to have 173K (from the time this comment was written) more subscribers!!!!! then your old florida friends would be major jelly
Rebecca Stovall (11 months ago)
You are soooooooo pretty
takingofthedays. (11 months ago)
did think u were gonna do that "bone" thingy again.
MisterGnasty (11 months ago)
Those LIPS lookin xtra thicc
Vinu Ratnayake (11 months ago)
she was definitely not wearing pants
Ian Brown (11 months ago)
Can't wait for that Christmas Merch to drop!
Paul Morris (11 months ago)
poor raya her bf is in china and i think she sexual frustrated
itszaaaamzeh (11 months ago)
Always back to the toe guy in the cafeteria
Zach Chase (11 months ago)
I love your story time Raya you are an awesome YouTuber Raya
Bob Steel (11 months ago)
I really enjoy your stories, it's so cool that you're so open about yourself.  I also enjoyed seeing you live and hearing Gabby ramble on in Spanish while using your feet for her hands.  You rock!!!!       415L / 3031 View.
SnowLeopard46 (11 months ago)
Is it me or did it look like she was only wearing underwear on her bottom off not trying to be weird or anything
Braulio (11 months ago)
Who eats ass?
Jaso AR15 (11 months ago)
BlakeBullock1995's Vlog (11 months ago)
Crazy Gorgeous Woman, and don’t want to break your heart at least try not to
Michael (11 months ago)
I had to go back when you said waiter the end cause I was clicking on another video as soon you said bye but I went back and it's hella worth it
Anthony Chavez (11 months ago)
I love how tiny you are.
Your Avg (11 months ago)
Your lips look amazing!!!!
Man of Destiny (11 months ago)
Your Avg They were injected
Danny Sanchez (11 months ago)
Happy thanksgiving y’all
Theolord Enthusiast (11 months ago)
+Danny Sanchez. Happy thanks giving from New Zealand, even though we don't celebrate it over here. Anyway, happy holidays 👍
Adonyz (11 months ago)
Every time she said boneyard and did that face had me dying
Mr BrownMann (11 months ago)
I swear Raya’s videos are always entertaining af.
Dean Roddey (11 months ago)
We should be more classy and use, say, Chess terminology instead of baseball. And it's more universal as well. So, I castled hard, man. Or I got my pawn into her 4th rank. Or the queen took my bishop. That sort of thing.
〉x Tasha x〈 (6 months ago)
Deven Das (7 months ago)
Dean Roddey lemme suck ya toes
Call Me Jay (11 months ago)
I enjoyed the story time raya 😤👌
Jari (11 months ago)
Gang gang
9Lanes (11 months ago)
Why is the click bait design on the back of the hoodie And is the iPhone case not a iPhone plus case...niggas confused
Raya (11 months ago)
9Lanes it’s for the 7, 8, or the plus.
mrlithium (11 months ago)
"sucking her toes in the cafeteria who then turned into a heroin addict" - Wow
SmashingSnow (11 months ago)
mrlithium69 crazy turn around
Austin-C Media (11 months ago)
More story time please!
Theolord Enthusiast (11 months ago)
+Raya. I don't need to say it. I just let the two 👍👍's up do the talking. But I want to say though, I just love having you as my favorite youtuber, and as always I love STORYTIME!!!. Have a great rest of your week. And happy Holidays.😂✨
I'm Magiix (11 months ago)
Show bobs open vagene
FinalFusion (11 months ago)
Raya do a dog video
The mental gimp (11 months ago)
My first time with second base was fisting and anal beads
Tonette Vereen (11 months ago)
32nd oh yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sorry im so late
gabriel valles (11 months ago)
Did someone say...boneyard? *Sax music plays*
Tiqew (11 months ago)
Zach Barwick (11 months ago)
Merch looks lit! The red bra and panties is for sure a winner
Zach Barwick (9 months ago)
Lizzietheunicorn why's that? Lol
MadisonKaitlyn (9 months ago)
Zachary Barwick then i'm a real winner😂😂
Moge moge (11 months ago)
awesome Love you
Paul Bonittojr (11 months ago)
Kool amazing greAt YouTube video raya

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