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Do You Have A Racial Preference?

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Online dating statistics reveal users still have racial biases. Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1erBRaA Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k Post to Twitter: http://bit.ly/1erBSew Sources: http://www.ayi.com/dating-blog/online-dating-ethnicity-racial-preference-interracial-dating-ayi/ http://qz.com/149342/the-uncomfortable-racial-preferences-revealed-by-online-dating/ http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/your-race-affects-whether-people-write-you-back/ http://healthland.time.com/2013/11/04/hope-for-online-dating-study-shows-its-less-segregated/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/facebook-data-reveals-how-weirdly-racist-we-are-when-it-come Music: Kauf - "Relocate" (Psychemagik Remix feat. Henri) soundcloud.com/psychemagik/kauf-relocate-psychemagik kaufaudio.com soundcloud.com/kauf Makeup: Sonia Resh www.soniaresh.com Starring: Shakira Barrera Roscoe Brandon Cathleen Cher Pamela Francesca Kara Gilmartin Luis Lucas Seli Marset Siaka Massaquoi Nathan Mohebbi Samuel Wang Junes B. Zahdi Mika Zhane Voiceover: Chantel Houston Styling: Esther Yoon Choreography: ELY LINKS www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeed www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedpop www.youtube.com/cnnbuzzfeed BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed is the world's first true social news organization.  Featuring tasty, short, fun, inspiring, funny, edgy, interesting videos from theBuzzFeed. /BuzzFeedVideo is BuzzFeed's original YouTube Channel, with a focus on producing great short-form BuzzFeed videos for YouTube (and the world!). BuzzFeed Video will entertain, educate, spark conversation, inspire and delight.  Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today and check us out at http://buzzfeed.com
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Text Comments (45537)
shivam more (4 hours ago)
So I prefer myself from india
Red Shield (7 hours ago)
I am a white swiss Jew and I LOVE JAPANESE GIRLS! i’ve been with one for the last few years and you can not beat Japanese girls, they are fun, healthy, and very clean.
INSPIRE (20 hours ago)
This is awesome !
Protoreste (1 day ago)
I find black girls super attractive but get super shy around them, I have no idea why. Got game speaking to white girls regardless if they're older 5, 10 years, or how hot they are, the same with other races.
Pandora (1 day ago)
What do straight males of non indian origin think of Indian women? (south asian, not native american)
Different Breed Wolf (21 hours ago)
the one that Nick Jonas married is very attractive.
pup101 (1 day ago)
No matter how hard any guy tries..... The penis does not discriminate.
Intelligent human (1 day ago)
It's ok to have preferences and to be an adventurous person by dating any race. So long as that person makes you happy, that's all that matters. People may rank BW at the bottom of the dating totem pole but it depends, if God has a guy for you no matter what people do, you'll have someone.
Kalani (1 day ago)
America is weird stick with your own people
Margarita M. (1 day ago)
My disgusting 5 cents: women are all pink on the inside, so why do you care?
Margarita M. (1 day ago)
When I watch movies or have crush on celebs I think I do, but IRL I just recall my previous boyfriends and they all are of many different ethnicities which has never come across my mind. So I guess, I don’t have a preference. Race doesn’t matter, only culture, customs and religion matters, that’s the difference that can make your relationship rather complicated. I’m multilingual, secular, progressive and educated, I date people who are just like me in that way so our backgrounds never play a big role in our relationship. People who make a big deal out of someone’s phenotype precisely, yes, you are racist. Because looks-wise there are plenty of hot people in every ethnic group.
AssassinAltair (2 days ago)
I’m mostly attracted to white blonde skinny women. But of course that would be considered racist 😐
Ēniola Kae (2 days ago)
The society can’t tell me what is or isn’t attractive. I AM BEAUTIFUL IN MY WAY period. Well if nobody likes me for who I am that doesn’t mean the i can’t have genuine friends
Potatoes and Tomatoes (2 days ago)
I am so confused by the video
QüEëNïE Tīffy (3 days ago)
I don't really care about race it all depends on the personality to me
Sebastian Johns (3 days ago)
And.... I am gay
Alparslan seans (3 days ago)
I'm a middle eastern man I’m attracted to my right hand
Tinker Bell (3 days ago)
I'm often called racist, by my friends, for liking Caucasian men and if they like me back they're appreciated for being open minded. Seriously frustrating!
Tinker Bell (3 days ago)
I don't understand why so many white girls are dating Black guys nowadays. Don't they find white guys attractive? I am a brown girl and I find caucasian skin beautiful. Well maybe because It's rooted in Asian culture that " the Fairer, the better". Maybe it works the same way for Black guys? 🤔
Different Breed Wolf (2 days ago)
White women prefer #1 white men #2 mixed race men #3 Spanish men. And thats who they marry the most if you look at interracial marriage stats. Black men are NOT even in the top 3 which is strange because they do have the biggest minority demographics in U.S which just goes to show how uninterested white women are in them. And the few that are with them are the lowclass and often overweight ones that white men nor any other group of men wants.
western music (2 days ago)
white girls outnumber white guys by millions just in the USA, so they should date outside to find a partner, plus a lot of white guys date/marry outside since the guys control the relationship, cause guys ask and the girls confirm or deny it.
Kayla Holmes (3 days ago)
I like Latino men I'm half Costa rican
Hrithik Ravi (3 days ago)
Is this by percentages or amounts
TeenageRetard (4 days ago)
Not even gonna watch, but it’s science. People pick the partner most appealing to them, most worthy. It’s BIOLOGY! _natural selection_ You can’t control your sexual preferences. Just like you can’t control if you’re gay. If it’s an unhealthy decision like animal attraction or pedophilia, that’s when others should step in
Carrot Boy (4 days ago)
I strongly prefer latino and I am latino so idk. Not really into East Asians every other race is fine
Kat Parks (4 days ago)
Yes I have a preferance. I tend to lean toward minorities ,or people that are mixed. If I am attracted to a white man they usually have a unsual ,or a exotic look to them. Example blue eyes and black hair and pale skin.
Ella Wilson (5 days ago)
Jokes on you I’m pansexual which means anyone can turn me on!
Henry Pazmino (5 days ago)
"White men respond less, even though the receive the most replies. Latino men are also in the middle." Im so blessed and proud to be a White-Latino 🙌
I am middle eastern and I am attracted to Baklava.
Darth Vader (7 days ago)
My dating preference is not black people
Lea Bouchard (8 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with having preferences.Just dont go around degrading to other's.
candyvodka (9 days ago)
I think about this video a lot over the years
cuddley kitty (11 days ago)
I’m middle eastern haha and I love all types of people, mostly Asian and mixed. Not to be racist or anything ;-; most people think I’m European though.. because of how I look haha
western music (10 days ago)
you are just the female version of me, north Africain & I look European ( blond hair, green to blue eyes, light skin ) ✌😉
panos paou (11 days ago)
White women are the most beautiful followed by Asian women I ve date Asian women too but when coming to making a family i think most people want their children to look like them
Jim Richmond (10 hours ago)
The most attractive are White and Hispanic women..hands down.
캐세키씨빌 (11 days ago)
My men preference: White Asian Hispanic Black Middle Eastern South asian
Bificalera1 (12 days ago)
Black woman are so beautiful tho
riptorn (7 days ago)
If you have a lot of money you are most woman's type.
Nëutt Matthew Nord (14 days ago)
Don't be such a lay down I'm into black Girls & i'm a Filipino 🇵🇭
larry bailey (14 days ago)
At the end of the day, we don't even know who will be our wife of husband.
Ajay Negiii (14 days ago)
I prefer HUMAN race
Danny Kellman (14 days ago)
2014 Facts, it is 2019, any updates on that? I'm curious because A LOT happened during that timeframe. :)
western music (8 days ago)
+Danny Kellman this study is international not just in us ( ayi = facebook app = are you interested ) & ( OkCupid = biggest website for international dating )
Danny Kellman (13 days ago)
I beg to differ as these are bold generalizations of statistics (that can be manipulated) inside one of the most racist country. The USA is always on the verge to experience a racial war. Anyways, I’m not at least preoccupied by these bold statements of one research. If you want to believe it! Go ahead! Meanwhile in Canada, these statements are hard to believe! Same in some parts of Europe! Thanks for your input!
western music (13 days ago)
these things are ultimate, for example, black women always will be the least desired, south Asian men too, east Asian and black men always will be after south Asian, white men always will be the most desired, since they respond 20% less than other men, even that they receive the most replies, and has nothing to do with power and wealth or privilege or why white women are not the most replied to, since they are the most represented in media why white men get the most replies? - white men on average are cutest, smarter, taller, masculine ( body hair + facial hair + eyebrows + jawline + blue/green eyes + blond hair + white skin ) these features attract females, you can see comments under videos that show a handsome white guy like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoV31edqf4g girls go crazy on it, Asian girls have a strong preference for them even more than Asian guys, it's a weird phenomenon. it's difficult to accept it if you are not a white guy, but hate or like it a reality.
Lyrical unknown misfit (15 days ago)
White girls and light skins
Elissa Chlela (15 days ago)
So im a middle eastern woman.. Does that make me hot? 😂 Instagram: elissachlela
Michael Casey (2 hours ago)
Yeah you're hot
Kamal King (1 day ago)
Personality is more important than "race"
Sodio Clawkus (15 days ago)
The way the actions take place in chronological order is very impressive and somehow satisfying
Löttchen 11 (15 days ago)
If I was male I’d find black women the hottest tbh
CatsRidingDinos (15 days ago)
Only thing im attracted to is pizza... Seriously though I'm attracted to anyone slightly attractive, and who can also speak another language.
dil oreo (15 days ago)
Race honestly shouldn't matter cuz every race has its uggos and the beautiful gods.
Ayayona LittleEagle (15 days ago)
This pisses me off i saw every race up there but my own :-( Well my First Nation's Native American brother's and sister's it's true the world hates us ....
Michael Casey (2 hours ago)
Guess there weren't enough Native Americans in the study to come to a conclusion
gulag master (16 days ago)
This video is literally women and men walking around and standing for a moment with each other and then again walking like zombies trying to show something
Ananya Inchal (16 days ago)
the south asian men thing was kinda sad
minny Coo (16 days ago)
I’m a Middle Eastern woman. I always feel beautiful black men/women are out of my league or they want something else 😂💁🏻‍♀️ could be wrong
minny Coo (15 days ago)
Efrem Marcus and I’m so happy to be wrong. Great answer!
Efrem Marcus (15 days ago)
You're wrong...We see the beauty in all women....and without prejudice.
unblock me bitch (16 days ago)
this comment section is so toxic jfc
beach water (16 days ago)
We get black people prefer white people more then black people
Dana Aldana (16 days ago)
Classic middle east boy😂
FriendlyCrooc (16 days ago)
This biased trash of a video should be titled "America's racial preferences". Unfortunately the world doesn't spin around USA. If anything USA is the laughing stock of the world.
Comic but Serious (17 days ago)
Yes i have racial preferences, and i m racist too? How is that a problem please? Everyone is
Matko Vitez (16 days ago)
I m only attracted to WHITE WOMEN. It s not like i don't find WOC attractive , some of them are beautiful but when i think about having babies with WOC that won't look nothing like me...I'ts just huge turn-off!! And also height is very important to me since i'm very tall ( 6'10) and i would say i m pretty good looking guy😂 ,but anyways white girls are tallest girls in the world so its easy for me to find 5'9 - 6'0 partner...
Matko Vitez (16 days ago)
+minny Coo Go away. Thats my opinion.I didn't hurt nobody with my comments...
minny Coo (16 days ago)
You don’t need to explain or write white in capitals, the rest of us feel the same about you... thanks... peace 🙏
FIRE (17 days ago)
weird asian women are popular but not asian man.
Michael Casey (2 hours ago)
Asian women tend to come across as the most feminine to others whereas in other racial groups you can have women that can be quite masculine which is a turnoff. That's very rare with Asian women
The Legend (17 days ago)
Didn't understand a single thing
That One Guy (17 days ago)
I'm white and I'm most attracted to white women and east asian women. When I am at the gym i do occasionally see nice looking black, latina, indian, and arab women and i do glance at them a few times and admire their beauty but than i quickly move on and go back to doing whatever i was doing. But when i see a good looking white or asian women i'm like FSFKLJSDKLFJDLSFJDKLSF lol i lose my damn mind. I visualize my entire future with them, i even start getting stressed out that I didnt put enough effort in the way i looked/dressed before leaving the house cuz i wanna be at my best when I am around them haha.
Jim Richmond (10 hours ago)
I find Hispanic women way better looking than Asia women anyday. White and Hispanic for me.
Usagi Snow (17 days ago)
I’m mixed with black and white where most ppl think or assume I look like the palest Hispanic to walk the earth who is married to a Latino (El Salvadoran) who everyone thinks or assumes looks like a hot Asian guy and I’m loving every second of our ambiguous appearance especially when we are together :).
billy Crawford (17 days ago)
I'm an equal opportunity extractor. I make sure to extract all my black heads and the white heads too.
Sailor whoa (18 days ago)
I like asian men. But they don't like me. So I'm dating myself😂
Stealth Panther (15 days ago)
Going Autosexual. Good luck 👍
Sana Ku (18 days ago)
I am an Asian women n usually prefer my own race❤️😘
Ariana H (18 days ago)
I'm a Persian (Middle Eastern) girl and I mostly like Persian men and black men. Tho Persian guys have this very true and catchy pick-up line: Once you go Persian, there's no other version.
Tulop (16 days ago)
I actually find the persian guys I meet to be attractive too... It feels weird saying that xD I'm half lebanese
Jennifer Smith (18 days ago)
So white men are at the top and white women almost at the bottom. Interesting
Jim Richmond (10 hours ago)
+western music Well if we take it a step further, the highest interracial MARRIAGES not just dating are between White Latino at 42%. Asian/White is only about 13/14% and lastly Black/White at 12%. According to MARRIAGE statistics most of us Whiten prefer White or Latin women. Than Asian and lastly Black women. It's not who you date. It's who you MARRY.
western music (14 days ago)
you have to understand these things white men are on the top there is no doubt about it, it always will be, since Asian women and latina women choose them over their men, https://theblog.okcupid.com/race-and-attraction-2009-2014-107dcbb4f060 white women are on the top if, but in the new era, a lot of white women these days are not wifey material, loud-mouthed, and the important thing, they put white guys down, so white guys, are searching other females especially Asians since they have a strong preference for white guys even more than white women do, we can say if white girls don't appreciate white men, white men have no problem to find good women, Asian women are more intelligent, more feminine, more educated... but if white guys don't want white women, white women have, black guys, some latino guys if we compare them after marriage black men/white women rate divorce is 278% higher than white/white but white men / Asian women rate divorce just 60% of the regular white/white. so white women have a lot to lose if they lose white men for other females, but instead of that, they don't care, they always making videos on youtube targeting white men and putting them down.
harshit sharma (18 days ago)
i like black women(not wanted to do reverse racism though)
harshit sharma (5 days ago)
+women are devastating creatures yeah if they dont like us , we force them to like us(arranged marriage)😂
I think East Asian man & indian man need to go for black women as there own women don't like them.
Afomia Ayele (18 days ago)
I mean they’re all hot so
Bingo Duff (17 days ago)
This is about dating. Not about who's more attractive or not.
Sam Gomita (18 days ago)
The latin pair that were in the video were really hot (because that’s the stereotype that must ppl have over Latin people) and I’m not trying to say that all Latin people aren’t, but y’all should travel around Latin America and you’ll find out that almost 70% ain’t good looking at all (not counting Brazil and Argentina)
AJITH P.J (18 days ago)
it's weird I'm not attracted to Asian and Middle Eastern women as much as women from other ethnicities....... Ginger girls are the ones I find most attracted to...........
Jen Ye (19 days ago)
And back to say dem arms on the East Asian man, well dang
Mulatre Star (19 days ago)
77% of Black women are single!! They are the most obese, aggressive, masculine, loud and vulgar women on average! White women, and Latina and Asian are tops!
Sir platinium (19 days ago)
95% of the male humans have white female preference.😂
FriendlyCrooc (4 days ago)
+canadate123 Where exactly? In US of A where this survey was made? In the western world white women REALLY ARE the most DESIRED race of women except only for USA and 2 or 3 other countries and maybe because white women don't look like much in that region of the world. Unfortunately Americans have the impression that the world spins around them. Well the world doesn't spin around America, the world only laughs at America.
canadate123 (4 days ago)
White women are the second least desired race of women.
Bingo Duff (11 days ago)
It's mostly about Eastern European girls actually. White America looks OK. Don't worry about it. The men are apparently pretty popular.
Bingo Duff (11 days ago)
Well first of all this fetish for white girls that many people have and you see it with many guys on the internet, never had anything to do with the US where this survey was made in the first place. It's about mediterranean girls, it's about Slavic girl, it's about Scandinavian girls, it was NEVER in history about white America unfortunately.
FriendlyCrooc (14 days ago)
Julia Roberts or Scarlett Johansson would band over and kiss their own butts if it made them look like any unknown poor eastern European country girl.
C. Daniel Thomas (19 days ago)
I’ve found a solution. Black women need to wear their own hair stop straightening it and love themselves and white women need to stop being racist.
Zach Bleeker (19 days ago)
Tbh Indian and middle eastern women are winning
Mara Fiki (19 days ago)
1 in 2.9 men😂😂😂 black women we are fine😂😂...what even is 0.9 man?
quoshtard (19 days ago)
most confusing video i've ever watched lmao
Zalden N (19 days ago)
i m attracted to ur mother
the goat (17 days ago)
Zalden N hahaha very funny 🙄
Sophia Vogel (19 days ago)
whats the black girls ig ? :)
chris181996 (20 days ago)
I am Filipino with Spanish/French and Indian descent. I don't find pure typical Filipino guys attractive. They're loud, conservative and body wise, they're either skin and bones or really fat. The only filipinos I found attractive are famous people.
Dr Doggo (19 days ago)
Rude much?
Baylasin Mc (20 days ago)
So middle eastern mrn are not sooo wanted as they claimed 😂😂😂
James Mathai (20 days ago)
People are saying "Come on guys, why can't you learn to look past race?" Well, MOST people don't think "oh, she's black, so I won't date her. " Yes, some people do, and it's horrible, but mostly it's subconscious. It's called implicit bias, look it up.
Crystal Fay (20 days ago)
Awe I love Asian men. I don't think people pay attention to how attractive they really are.
Crystal Fay (18 days ago)
Lmao actually no. My husband is Korean and very Rugged looking/ covered in tattoos. Not that I need to explain myself to you but I prefer masculine men, not pretty boys.
Dr Doggo (19 days ago)
You probably think asian men all look like plastic kpop guys
Nisha (20 days ago)
"Overall users tended to date within their own race ... WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ASIAN WOMEN" That's why
Josh marks (15 days ago)
Black men as well
Kenudice (20 days ago)
I will admit it. I have a preference for attractive women.
Phoenix Force (20 days ago)
My racial preference is white. I don’t think I can *EVER* have a relationship with a black person. Not being racist,just don’t like black people to be in a relationship with
katie bristow (21 days ago)
I just want bobs and vegene
Delt Bollim (21 days ago)
THERE's a difference between preference and prejudice. Preference is like saying I like coke better than pepsi BUT i would still drink pepsi if i was offered. Racial prejudice (racist) is like saying I will only ever drink coke because all other drinks aren't coke
YouTube Ivan (21 days ago)
Asians and light skinned Latinas are my preference
Bingo Duff (17 days ago)
light skin latinas are white. And this survey is not about beauty or beauty standards it's about stereotypes in dating preferences.
Dr Doggo (19 days ago)
Asia is the most diverse continent. You have arabs, south asians, east asians, and many minor groups. But yes arabs and east asians are light skinned mostly.
Sage (21 days ago)
i dont believe i have a racial preference. i usually gravitate towards caucasian males because there are under 10 black people in a school of 700.
Sarah Leason (21 days ago)
I'm Bisexual and I tend to find Black women more attractive but white males more attractive. But tbh, I could care less. If we share the same interest and views and you're kind and generous to me, I'll take you
Merve Özkan (21 days ago)
If being Half turkish/kurdish counts as Middle eastern, yes I am more attracted to asian men. And my other race half chechen ( russian republic) likes asian man aswell 😜
Raisa Khan (21 days ago)
Honestly though, I'm South Asian and I don't really have a racial preference. I mean if you hit it off with someone, you generally don't by their race or whatever. Personality is everything I guess. (also how attractive that person is to me but that is subjective)
Raisa Khan (21 days ago)
South Asian women weren't even included😂
Bork (21 days ago)
no problem with having racial preferences, it becomes a issue when you have racial dating *standards*. if you prefer to date white people and you're black, sure. but if you think its wrong to be white and date a black person, and as a result of that not being open to date a black person thats where it becomes a issue really
Josh marks (15 days ago)
+Famous internet youtube celery lmao, just shows how much they desire a white partner.
Not wanting to date black people is an issue? You gonna send them to re education camps or force racial dating quotas on people lol.
Kikinara Kitty (21 days ago)
When's the one for gays?
bts army (22 days ago)
I'm not black but I find them really attractive. But to be honest biracial black women . They look just perfect at least for me.
Makiya Athey (22 days ago)
I just realized I don’t have a racial preference I’ll like any guy depending on personality
Raisa Khan (21 days ago)
Girl same
august ken (22 days ago)
black women are a gift from god these men dont deserve yall! coming from a gay asian man lol
Masudur Saikat (22 days ago)
Potato2840 Ali (22 days ago)
Why did YouTube reccomend me this 5 YEARS ago!!??
Kimberly Muro (22 days ago)
My boyfriend is asian he always preferred latinas and I’m Latina who always preferred asian men
caa9ify (22 days ago)
I'm latina but I prefer white men or Colombian men. Hmu😉

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