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What Do Finnish People Think about Dating Foreigners?

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In today's video I interview random Finnish students and ask what they think about dating foreigners. The Finnish people had interesting answers so if you are interested in dating Finns, check it out! NOTE: the thoughts and comments in the video represent the opinons of the individuals and not the whole Finland. How to Date Finnish Girls: http://bit.ly/2xmgjAV How to Date Finnish Guys: http://bit.ly/2x7n9tl ✔ Start learning Finnish & many other languages using WordDive: http://bit.ly/StartWordDive (affiliate link) Playlists for you to enjoy: ✔ Fun Videos on Finnish People & Culture Videos: http://bit.ly/FinFunVids ✔ Things You Need to Know about FInland: http://bit.ly/GreatFin ✔ Daily Vlogs in Finland: http://bit.ly/FinDaily ✔ Videos with my Friends http://bit.ly/VidsWithFriends ✔ Subscribe for more adventures ⇉ http://bit.ly/SubToAleksi Between my videos, follow my channels for more fun stuff: ✔ https://www.facebook.com/aleksihimself/ ✔ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aleksihimself/ ✔ Twitter https://twitter.com/AleksiHimself ✔ Snapchat: kippariz ✔ Check out my prank channel too: www.youtube.com/socialengineering358 Video equipment I use for my videos (links for people in the UK & Europe) ✔ Go Pro Hero Black 5 http://amzn.to/2raMIaf ✔ Takstar SGC-598 Micropnone http://amzn.to/2s6mq8o ✔ Luxebell Go Pro Hero 5 Case: http://amzn.to/2s6errQ ✔ Go Pro Mic Adapter: http://amzn.to/2scQTCu ✔ Joby GorillaPod: http://amzn.to/2s9bAMZ Links for people in the US: ✔ Go Pro Hero Black 5: http://amzn.to/2srHTJX ✔ TakStar SCG-598 Microphone: http://amzn.to/2srhY52 ✔ Joby Gorillapod: http://amzn.to/2tkLiGU ✔ Luxebell Go Pro 5 Case: http://amzn.to/2srGP9d ✔ Go Pro Mic Adapter: http://amzn.to/2t0SAjE Disclaimer: These links above are affiliate links, which means if you click them go to Amazon and buy stuff, I will get a small commission. This will help to create sustainable and better content for you. Thanks for understanding and supporting! :) Music: Lower third by: MacLobuzz www.youtube.com/c/MacLobuzz
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Text Comments (531)
Ryujin Tsk Kshoch (2 days ago)
I am a Northeast Indian guy and I love Finland.. And want to a marry a Finland 🇫🇮 girl in future...!
Ryujin Tsk Kshoch (2 days ago)
Thank you
Good stuff!
PeaceKeeperMoe (2 days ago)
1:11 That girl liked you Aleksi... too obvious from body language ;)
Haha :P
Frankie Mancini (5 days ago)
I'm Finnish with a latino father, and I think it's difficult to have a social life in Finland. Almost impossible.
Frankie Mancini (2 days ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland i just don't know how to interact with finns. Of course there are exceptions but i don't know where. I respect most finns and even look up to them, but i have no idea how to socialize with finns, and Finnish women are just too weird for me. But I gamble daily and when I win it's moimoi Suomi
Well here it comes down to the fact how social you are.
Sh0ckmaster (7 days ago)
I'm married to a Finnish girl, and she's still the most beautiful woman I've ever met.
Thanks great!
No Face (11 days ago)
I thought the girl on the right at 0:44 was Chinese
Thanks for the comment No Face!
Lisanne K. (17 days ago)
My boyfriend is from Turkey and im german 😊
Krass! :P
Alias Alex (18 days ago)
I like nordic peoples ;)
Thanks for the comment Alias Alex!
HarriHaffi (26 days ago)
Interesting video! More street talks coming up soon? Ps: Tony’s chocolonely is also fantastic!
Maybe at some point!
Cano (27 days ago)
4:23 lmfao :D
Thanks for the comment Cano!
Skillin It 25 (29 days ago)
So that cute blonde chick (taller one) with her friend likes blondes huh? I bet I could change that haha.
Skillin It 25 (28 days ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland I wish haha 😁
Go for it! 😀
white EU countries have 5 - 11 million people .... small spot like Bangladesh has more than 170 million . Average family in EU has 1-2 kids , in middle east 8 kids . Why should we mix with foreigners ?? It's like to ask would you like to destroy you nation
Adu Boy (1 month ago)
Am from the Gambia but am happy,
Mrs Tiger (1 month ago)
Ive dating multiple Natins i tend to Date foreigners more 😊
Mrs Tiger (28 days ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland thanks xD
mears89 (1 month ago)
This is a good video. Have just started to take up Finnish. Who knows this time next year.
Thanks for the comment! I've made some videos on learning Finnish. Check out those as well.
123 (1 month ago)
Thanks for the comment ercan kilic!
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
People say fins are mixed with mongolians, but I dont see it except a little on the girl with the yoga laptop besides that non of them look mixed but I'm guessing they maybe have 1 or 2% or less Asian?
Khusugt en (11 days ago)
No Face you joking right? I’m a mongol and original han chinease are ugly as fuck.
No Face (11 days ago)
I’m Chinese and I thought that girl with the laptop was Chinese lol
Khusugt en (1 month ago)
Enter Valhala vikings were actually blonde mongol originated from modern Finland
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland it's just what I hear in other western countries like France, Germany and UK and try and downplay people from Finland saying they deserve forced diversity and multicultural because they aren't white, but people in those western countries usually have 1% Indian or middle eastern/north African... if you think about it it's more the other way around arabs, Indians, north Africans, other asians and even somalians have more European blood and are more white than Europeans are non European.
I don't even understand where this comparison comes from.
Davide Accorsi (1 month ago)
I used to have a finnish girlfriend. She was like the Yoga notebook girl. The girl with the pink earphones is super cool! She wins it all!!!
Thanks for the comment Davide Accorsi!
Kind Wolf (1 month ago)
Mikset voinu vaan kääntää sitä attractive piti sit muokata koko sanomaa
COALA CHAOS (1 month ago)
Don´t forget... Although we live on the Euro, we had different senses of time. Had a wonderful girlfriend from Finland. But there are certainly differences between Fins and Krauts... which cant be overseen and may become an issue. Krauts are known for "being smart" but also exact and strict especially in judging wether the behaviour of another one was correct or unfair. (Beside the fact that we seem to complain too much). For someone who has lived in a not very populated area, with a smaller circle or people around and in general a relatively stress free life - its too much. Although it was a relatively short thing between me and her all this has changed my life and certainly my viewpoint of how I see and reflect myself and what would others think of that. Love Finland. The moment you get out of the plane you know - its all maximum relaxed people around you. Amazing :)
Thanks for the comment COALA CHAOS!
Kimkouy Chhour (1 month ago)
Why are they sound like Japanese @@
Japanese and Finnish have similar pronunciation.
喻晨 (1 month ago)
I am Asian and I find both males and females in Finland very hot! Wish to meet a Finnish guy ^ ^
Thanks for the comment 喻晨!
nice video i have a Finn friend, she's very Christian and very conservative and nice too she doesn't leave a day without doing sports Finns are generally not family oriented she told me, very opposite to Italians Greeks and Spaniards
Thanks for the comment Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios. Finns are quite individualistic, but families are important too.
Jassy Jass (1 month ago)
I think I am from Finnland, rly, I mean.... My grandma is from there but I can't speak Finnish, buuuut I look like girls from there 😂.... I love the country and the people..... Guess I wanna move to Finnland when I have the money for it and when I finish my studies here in Austria.... My granny wants me to have a finish boyfriend cuz she says that most guys are nice, well-upbrought, intelligent and if she's right I definitely have to move to this country and I wanna learn this language as well! 😍 it's annoying me when my relatives are talking and I hardly get a thing 😂 there's a finnish-austrian Christmas market every year in Austria and I'm there every year to sell things from my granny.... And rly, every year people ask me sth in Finnish and I'm like 'eeeuh yeeeaaaah, could you ask me in English or German?' 😂 #annoyingaf I think so much things are nicer in Finnland than here in Austria.... I mean, I'm not complaining but I went to Finnland for vacation and to visit my relatives in Oulu and it has been the best time of my life so far 😊❤
Thanks for the comment Jassy Jass!
Sanna Mati (1 month ago)
Finally someone says it.. 5:42
Thanks for the comment Germo Staalfeldt!
The Sacha (2 months ago)
I've dated finnish women and what I've learned is, well...a woman is a woman at the end of the day. They can be just as crazy, bitchy and manipulative as any other women...also just as easy to game. Nothing special there or whatever. I also find this low-key arrogance in northern europe masked as "humility" and aggressive sarcasm. But when you start tackling them they show their true colours.."oh but finland is this, finland is that". This is mostly Finns and Swedes. Norwegians and Danes are actually honest with their humility and don't need to remind you every time how their country is the best in the world.
Thanks for the interesting insights!
Yurii Syvko (2 months ago)
Nice girls in Finland!
Son of Huryn (2 months ago)
My dream girl ever
Thanks for the comment Son of Huryn!
Son of Huryn (2 months ago)
I walk looking for a redhead with green eyes are rare all over the world
Thanks for the comment Son of Huryn!
De Sanc (2 months ago)
Gotta love suomi ♡♡
Thanks for the comment De Sanc!
YO NO FUI (2 months ago)
this would be a really really interesting videos if you had interview more people..
I'll probably do a part 2 later.
X X (2 months ago)
I am Finnish 🇫🇮
Hyvä homma!
AngloAm (2 months ago)
I think some of those girls were coming on to you....
Haha maybe :P
Aakash Yadav (2 months ago)
key to any girl is ---$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ , simple as that, money attracts any girl no matter who you are and how you look
Yea and those are called gold diggers. I'm not into those.
Grinch The (2 months ago)
I am turkish and for me finnish girls look similar as germans they are big I prefer turkish girls most of the time because I feel more connected
Grinch The (2 months ago)
Adrian Harrison why ?
Yep it makes sense with your own people. :)
45132134 (2 months ago)
You look like a Mongolian turk
Dale Kirkendall (2 months ago)
You are young and you don't know what the ruling elite 100 years ago planned for you and your country, In 1926 Richard Kalergi started the EU so he could find a way to mix the smart white genes of Europe with the low IQ African genes to create a new race of people who would be easy for the ruling elite to control. White genes are recessive and black genes are dominant and when you mix them the white goes away for ever. Finish boys are shy because their mothers taught them to respect women, but they will make good husbands and fathers and keep white genes going for the future. Look this up on youtube. No self respecting white man would want a woman after she has been with a black man.
T C (1 month ago)
+Enter Valhala what is so frightening of intermarrying with a different ethnicity? Why are u so scared?
T C (1 month ago)
+Enter Valhala ...that's not true some people are just attracted to someone...its case by case...you cant be like "oh u like all black men" or all whites or whatever....and attraction is much more than looks....usually black men are a bit more aggressive/honest about attraction in getting women and some women like that....they dont like shy guys who keep it inside and stuff...it depends....and plus it's happening more because people are intermixing at school and work and in public whereas before the government forced separation through laws...now it's not illegal to marry a black person, so people are more likely to accept it, and the newer generation through intermingling with various ethnicities in school and their neighborhoods can find someone they like who is different. Like for me I'm attracted to the muscles, the nice skin tone, round butts, and we go from there....if they are educated, have faith in God, are nice, have respect towards their friends and family, don't smoke or drink often or do drugs, can dance well, likes sports, are a great conversationalist and kisser then yes I'm looking at possibly thinking of marrying u....some women have different standards....for me I can be attracted to many types, just matters on what people want out of life.
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
+T C they wouldn't be attracted to them if schools and politics and media where not pushing the anti white agenda and the pro mixing agenda all over.
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
It's not just Richard Kalergi, he had the Idea of starting the E.U to make Europeans a mixed race with an Average IQ of 90 good enough to work but not good enough to wake up and fight back, the ones who made his dreams become reality are the satanist Zionists Rothschild family who are now worth over 500 trillion and own all the central banks in almost every country, they have funded both sides of every war and all forced mass migrations since the French Revolution, even WW2. WW2 was created to make the E.U, make all Europeans cry and beg for peace by starving them and killing them to make it easier to create the E.U and WW3 will be a war between every country big or small and will make the entire world cry and beg for peace and that will create the One World Order.
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
I hear that white Gene's get stronger after being mixed with each passing generation, I see mixed people who mostly look white all the time and many with blue eyes and blonde hair, also every single time those white woman who have different twins with a black guy 1 of the twins always comes out white and the other one mixed it's never 1 twin comes out black and 1 mixed or 1 black and 1 white it's always 1 white and 1 mixed. But I agree I'm Portuguese and I agree everyone in Europe should keep their own people, culture and country intact.
Sunrise Pictures Ent (2 months ago)
what about dark guys
Pietro Rotari (2 months ago)
No chance.
Shouldn't be a problem
Sveia (2 months ago)
My boyfriend is Finnish and I am from Czech Rep. It is funny how different we are. He is quiet and shy, I am opposite of him, but I must say it was him who made the first step. I never met better guy :)
Eva The girl next door (2 months ago)
Finnish men are great 👍
Good stuff!
Schmaiah goldberg (3 months ago)
wow alot of them look like mongols
deniz (21 days ago)
http://chartsbin.com/view/38925 It must be a good thing.
Felipe kmcz (1 month ago)
Mongols? Haha they look nordic. Small eyes are common in northern europe.
Why do you think so?
Leonardo R.C. (3 months ago)
0:50 yesss
Thanks for the comment Leonardo R.C.!
Big Boy Arnold (3 months ago)
I'm Russian but I want to date Finnish women they're so beautiful
Timo Kuusisto (22 days ago)
+Big Boy Arnold That's great but what's wrong with the Russian babes
Thanks for the comment ФриФрайс Нигга!
Unpredicted World (3 months ago)
That guy is an icing He's so relaxed ... Gadda have a tough time talking To him tell him am an African .............
Thanks for the comment Unpredicted World!
aedj73790810 (3 months ago)
Since I had a Finnish boyfriend back in the 90s, I can t go back. .. Finnish men are not supercharming when you met them first but they are really, cute, humorous, honest and respectful. Really, I love them❤️. Greets from Vienna, Austria, Itävalta
Vielen Dank für den Kommentar! :)
Nika (3 months ago)
As a half Mexican I am just saying if you date latino/latina from poor ass country who is weird about money beware. Some people want to marry for citizenship and $$. This goes for any poor country there are people who want to rob you blind. Make sure you know they have no alterior motive, and have a very transparent and compatible background (like valuing education and having a good job lol). But other than that Latinos are cool. A lot who don't get into the dumb hip hop culture are really fun and laid back. Thank God my latino friends are stoners..... we just don't talk about music but so far they think South American metal is cool. lolllllllll viva Sur America and Finland has good bands seriously! You guys have many metal fans in the Americas who like Finnish and other European bands.
Carlos Maldonado (3 months ago)
central and south are good
Carlos Maldonado (3 months ago)
just mexicans are weird
Nika (3 months ago)
But for the most part they are very open friendly people who really like music or dancing and sports! Many nice guys and gals in Mexico/Central/South America. A lot of the women think blonde guys are very "cute" and different I think. Opposites attract and all that!
Nika (3 months ago)
Yes this happens to guys I know they date a beautiful Latina and she's getting weird about the money... big red flag!!!!!!! Goes for anyone. Like if you date girl from poor country- something to think about :)
Thanks for sharing the insights Nika!
Jörg Appenzeller (3 months ago)
Jag älskar de finska kvinnorna, som är alltid ärliga, sanningsenliga, öppna, jordnära och som besitter bra hjärtar. Det finns bara ett problem, det är väldigt svårt att starta en konversation. Du kan inte vara för beskäftiga och påträngande. De finska tjejer är inte våga flickor. De är lite blyg. Men jag gillar väldigt mycket om deras långa blonda håret, blåa ögon samt också snövita leenden. Min livets dröm är att ha den finska tjejen. Hälsningar från Polen. /Rakastan suomalaisia naisia, jotka ovat aina rehellisiä, totuudenmukaisia, avoimia, maanläheisiä ja hyviä sydämiä. On vain yksi ongelma, keskustelun aloittaminen on hyvin vaikeaa. Et voi olla liian tunkeileva. Suomalaiset tytöt eivät ole rohkeita tyttöjä. He ovat hieman ujo. Mutta pidän paljon niiden pitkistä vaaleista hiuksista, sinisistä silmistä ja lumisesta hymystä. Elämäni unelma on saada suomalainen tyttö. Terveisiä Puolasta.
Jörg Appenzeller (3 months ago)
Tack för ert stöd. Jag ska inte att ge upp. Huvudmeningen med vårt liv är kärlek. Jag ska att kämpa. Tyvärr, talar jag ej finska. Jag bodde i Sverige för några åren och talar det på ett behärskat sätt. Men förstår jag också en del finska. Jag hoppas, att ska det räcka. Igår fattade jag beslut, att kommer jag besöka stad Vaasa under mina vinterlövan. Jag ska bara försöka prata med de finska tjejerna i parken, på gatorna, medan promenering, eller medan resor med pendeltåget. Jag kommer att vara så ärlig, öppen, lugn, trevlig, värm och respektfull som möjligt. I Sverige mina bästa vänner var alltid finnarna eller av den finska ursprungen. Vi (dvs. finnar och polacker) är liksom två bär. Så synd, att känner vi oss varandra inte alls. :( Åtminstone Kimi Räikkönen är välkänd och alla håller sina fingrar korsade för honom i mitt land. :) Ursäkta mig, att svarar jag ej på era meddelanden på finska. Tack för hjälpen med de finska underbara och jätteväckra tjejer. :) Jag ska bruka era råden. Ha det bra!
Kiitos kommentista! Kyllä Suomesta niitä rohkeitä tyttöjäkin löytyy. Pitää vaan olla sinnikäs ja etsiä niistä paikoista, joista niita voi löytää. :)
No chance for Asians 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Of course the are chance for Asians. I know many Finns who have an Asian partner.
444suse (3 months ago)
The Finn (a poem): A Finn is the one who answers when not asked asks when not answered, does not answer when asked, the one who loses tha way, yells on the shore, and on the opposite shore yells another of the same kind: the forest clangs, echoes, the pines hum. There comes a Finn and groans, is here and groans, goes there and groans, is as in the sauna and groans, when the other one throws water on the stove. That kind of a Finn always has a partner, he is never alone, and that partner is a Finn. And nothing separates a Finn from a Finn, nothing except the death and the police.
Interesting! Did you come up with that yourself?
Matias (3 months ago)
Finns should mix with Africans, Asians and Native Americans. I recommend it because their gene pool especially in some part of the country is too much inbred. Great joy that many Finns have already started that process. They are not stupid. They know what genetic drift is all about.
Nirvana447 (1 month ago)
and lose their identity hows about no
People shouldn't mix for the sake of mixing, but because of the fact they find someone to spend the rest of their life with and start a family.
Leonardo R.C. (4 months ago)
"yea yea guys"?
Thanks for the comment Leonardo R.C.!
Zahra S (4 months ago)
That girl with the pink earphones tho..she sounds like a very fun person😀
She is!
Hachiman (4 months ago)
seems finns are very tall 😭
I'd say so!
Neon FoxXy (4 months ago)
I feel like i never meet "my ideal type" boys in Finland. Im sad😂😟 i feel like some other countries have more good looking people. IM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN, this is just my opinion. Im not a model either. Go follow me on instagram : e22izz 😂😂
First of all, you need to figure out what is your ideal type of boy. Secondly, you need to figure out where it is likely to meet your ideal type of boys.
DaiMonAlex (4 months ago)
4:34 finally she said it, stop wasting time and go straight for the awnser!
Yep! Just take action!
Art Warmanen (4 months ago)
I am of Finnish (71%) and Scandinavian (18%) rest other according to Ancestry. Com. I married a Filipina 28 years ago. Still married.
Thanks for the comment Art Warmanen!
John Sam (4 months ago)
I'm confused when they say Latinos are they talking about like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and other countries in Latin America or are they talking about countries like Spain, Portugal, and Italy? I know some europeans consider those european countries to be Latin but my Finnish ex didn't, so I am a little confused.
It seems Latin are the ones in Southern America and I made a mistake by saying that Spanish would be as well.
Jussi Pänkäläinen (4 months ago)
It is just natural to want to be with your own.
Germain Martel (13 days ago)
Not really; I come from a country where foreigners are idealised.
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland it should be tho since it's one of the main deciding factors with the survival of your people, culture and country.
Cris Yorke (2 months ago)
It’s the combination of compatibility, culture, chemistry, attractiveness, values.
Ziemomysł (4 months ago)
It makes sense but nationality isn't the most important thing for everyone.
schnuff (4 months ago)
those girls are pretty.
Thanks for the comment schnuff!
Nikola Mihaylov (4 months ago)
im so lonely
You should get active, find a new hobby, go out the events, start talking to people.
YTVO Benji (4 months ago)
Lol I’m Mexican and would stand out if I was to visit Helsinki
Maybe but that could work out for your advantage. ;)
Ziemomysł (5 months ago)
My beautiful blond neighbours!! :D Greetings from Poland! Never change for the world
Lisanne K. (17 days ago)
Changing is good
Thanks for the comment Ziemomysł!
oontyhmä (5 months ago)
mä oon ollu ranskalaisen kanssa yhessä hehehe
sad ladka (5 months ago)
oontyhmä 😘😘😘
oontyhmä (5 months ago)
Hienoa! Oliko erilaista verrattuna suomalaisiin?
sad ladka (5 months ago)
Bro the girl will open minded in Finland ?? please tell me
sad ladka (4 months ago)
Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland you from Finland
sad ladka (5 months ago)
Aleksi bro love girl of Finland from India 😘😘😘😘😘😘
The are both open-minded and closed-minded girls here.
Satellite (5 months ago)
As a Finnish guy, I'm attracted to darker featured women (dark eyes/eyebrows, skin color doesnt matter). Nothing wrong with Finnish women, it's just that many of them give too much of a sister vibe to me.
phantom (1 month ago)
+Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland I'm currently on my second girlfriend would like to ask a question since ur finn and know do you think they lie about their sexual history. (just curious) The first one was a virgin and the second one techinically is a virgin but she says she has done anal and so but since she was under 18 her partner didn't wanna have sex due to being iliegal she is 18 now. ??
Pietro Rotari (2 months ago)
+Satellite Now I'm drunk, so I can't return the appropriate comment to you...
Satellite (2 months ago)
+Pietro Rotari Don't take a DNA test, could be a traumatic experience. Btw what is the threshold of brown pigment in eyes where one becomes a "dirty brown person"? I've seen more than a few ethnic Finns with brown eyes, where should we deport them?
Marcela Gm (2 months ago)
Hahaha! Man, this comment made my day
Mesi (3 months ago)
same here. tho im a woman. blond men just dont do it for me, ive always been attracted do darker featured man. i have dark features myself (but really blue eyes)
I'm Brazilian and my wife is Finn, we just moved to Finland!!
Welcome to Finland!
Juli R (5 months ago)
I subscribed..because it's free haha
Awesome! Welcome to the Finntastic Squad!
Gianfranco W (5 months ago)
This video is quite about all the women in the world, not just finnish ones
It is true that some of the stuff can be generalized to western women in general.
David kicker 38 (5 months ago)
Belle fighe
Vanessa Attah (5 months ago)
girl on the right at 2:05 is gorg
Thanks for the comment Vanessa Attah!
Johnny Wadd (5 months ago)
finnish women are hot, owwwww
Thanks for the comment Johnny Wadd!
I like the guy on 4:42. He is really cute.
The chances that I run into him again are slim so probably no but who knows.
Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland Any chance you interview him again?.
Thanks for the comment מוות לשמאלנים!
Malik (5 months ago)
I’m Spanish and Mexican , I have a chance ?
Your nationality doesn't matter. More like how you are as a human.
Just got into the channel, loved it man. I’m French, and my family has nothing to do with Finland, but I’m getting more and more attracted by the people and the country. Very interesting stuff you’ve got here! Great job. Love it! Gotta visit your country. Cheers from Bordeaux
Jussi Pänkäläinen (1 month ago)
My sisters husband is french and he is brilliant. And so is my sister.
Thanks Victor and welcome to your channel! ^^
NYYBBTeam (5 months ago)
I met my wife in Finland. We were both exchange students. On our third date we discovered that we lived three miles apart in Omaha, NE. You never know when you will meet the right person.
T C (1 month ago)
Love it!
seppo nurmi (1 month ago)
Yep it was ment to be
Timo Kuusisto (1 month ago)
And to think that there are no coincidences...
Wow such a coincidence! :)
Seyed Hussein Husseini (5 months ago)
What do th Finnish girls think about the Muslim guyes, specially Afghans??? I think most of Finnish people have wrong impression about Afghans.
Seyed Hussein Husseini (5 months ago)
Frogha Noori خیلی خودخواه و نژاد پرستن لاشی ها با این ک د پای مردم ما نمیرسن و از مردم افغانی میترسن کلا
fro. nri (5 months ago)
Seyed Hussein Husseini اسقاتر زن نیستن و بت رنگ استن. And racist
Seyed Hussein Husseini (5 months ago)
Frogha Noori چرا؟
fro. nri (5 months ago)
Seyed Hussein Husseini afghans dont date foreigners.
That might be the case. Finns are bit cautious towards people from Middle East. Media is probably one of the reasons.
James John Mathew (5 months ago)
I'm from Kerala, India. I'm interested to date a Finnish girl
Thanks for the comment James John Mathew!
Manuel Bart (5 months ago)
Keep Finland extremely blonde folks !!
Thanks for the comment Manuel Bart!
Faster Jeff (6 months ago)
How many blonds are in Finland? Holy cow
The way it should be! That's true diversity! Only in Scandinavia can you find this trait as a commonality. and it should be protected!
Timo Kuusisto (1 month ago)
+Enter Valhala True
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
+Timo Kuusisto He Is a low rank Zionist puppet
seppo nurmi (1 month ago)
Mmmm saw that one, he is a noob.
Timo Kuusisto (1 month ago)
+Faster Jeff "Tall, blonde, blue-eyed… boring" (globalist Bono (U2) of the Swedes).
Theawesome Lad (6 months ago)
In my experience in Finland, if you are not a European (white) but POC, African or middle eastern, finnish girls wouldn't be too quick to date you even if she's attracts to you. She would wait if her circle of friends and family approved you, then she might consider it. One night stands are different case tho. Finnish people care too much what others think about them, it's sad cause they are bright and all, but the confidence departments is pretty super low.
Good points there. For the type of people you mentioned, it might be a tad or two more difficult but not impossible by any means. I know people who have found a Finnish girlfriend.
Panos Nikolaides (6 months ago)
moi Kreikkasta!
Panos Nikolaides (6 months ago)
wow ! :D
Moro! Your first name "Panos" means ammunition, stake, wager in Finnish. :)
Finnish/Estonian Council (6 months ago)
I wonder what finns Think of half finns regardless of nationality and if they would marry half finns
Thrash Thrasherson (5 months ago)
I am a New Zealander, married to a Finnish lady. We have 3 young children, so I guess they are "half Finns" (or Finnish / New Zealand). We have never had any problems with being "accepted" by Finns. Perhaps because I am New Zealand / English heritage? I cannot speak on behalf of people from other cultures though.
That's a good video idea!
Novocrine (7 months ago)
Ugliest language I've ever heard
Thanks for the nice comment! 😀
pravesh bhatt (7 months ago)
pls don't mind, give any extra ordinary knowledge your next video each topic , please extra knowledge Finland 1- lifestyle, 2- behavior, 3-CULTURAL difference between finland vs India, 4- good & bad Talk, 5- famous veg & non veg foods, 6- nationality process, 7- Finland History , 8- why minimum population in Finland many Reasons Describe
Thanks for the comment pravesh bhatt!
MidnightFlower13 (7 months ago)
2:07 the girl on the right is SO gorgeous!
Ozymandias (7 months ago)
So if you are not blonde then your chances are zero...
I was surprised how many of the people in this video mentioned blondes. That still doesn't mean Finns don't like you, cos we only got the opinions of these people.
jazzbeau507 (7 months ago)
Another great video by Aleksi,  many nice Finnish students;   Wonderful nice ladies and gentlemen.Finnish girls are the best.       Regards, from Florida.
Thanks for the comment jazzbeau507!
Brahim Mortada (7 months ago)
Beautiful channel bro Can you give us some Finland dating sites
Just some basic stuff like ok cupid or tinder work well.
kenzy ! (7 months ago)
i really dont know why i liked that girl who is so hyperactive the one who got interviewed alone shes really nice
kenzy ! (7 months ago)
you deserve a sub here you go
Yea she was indeed nice!
R W (7 months ago)
I would happily date Finnish girls; they're gorgeous :)
Me too! :P
isaac amazigh (8 months ago)
I am Italian.. I want to meet a Finnish girl
mohamed raby m3ah (6 months ago)
kadab hhhhh
We got lots here.
Xela D (8 months ago)
I like this language! I'm gonna learn it
I can teach you☺️I am Finnish.
Nice! I have a playlist of learning tips on my channel. You should check them out!
Zalden N (8 months ago)
Finish people are like blond mongolian
deniz (20 days ago)
+Oleg Olegovich Indo Europeans.
Oleg Olegovich (20 days ago)
+deniz germanics from asia?? From which source you had this data?
deniz (20 days ago)
+Oleg Olegovich No they are not. Normally, Huns are Turkic but it's more like a confederation. There were Finno Ugrics and Germanics into Hun Empire. There were two Hunnic Empire.
Oleg Olegovich (21 days ago)
+deniz finns are from hun empire of middle asia
deniz (21 days ago)
+Oleg Olegovich After who emigrate from Asia? Germanics or Finno Ugrics? Finno Ugrics are Eurasian people. Germanic have emigrate from Central Asia, just like Turks. For marriage: Do you think it's possible? But clearly they did it less.
Troll General (8 months ago)
The blondes saying they prefer blonde Nordic guys is bull lol
X X (2 months ago)
Eva The girl next door i am blonde and I would only ever date blonde. I notice a trend for others to promote mixture but I see no good in it for our culture genes or ancestry. The future for mixed kids is bad as they have no strong associations to one culture. I have always loved blonde even without any of these reasons however.
Eva The girl next door (2 months ago)
I am blonde and I prefer blonde men
Cris Yorke (4 months ago)
They are being honest, and I like that. I hate the I like all races BS
Jessi Cale (8 months ago)
The girl in the black and white scarf seems like she would be a lot of fun! I am American but of Finnish descent. All of my great grandparents immigrated from the Oulu area of Finland. I did a DNA test and it says I am 96.8% Finnish. Number one on my bucket list is to visit Oulu. I am learning a lot about Finland watching your videos. Thank you, Aleksi, for making them!
obnoxiousGenZ (2 months ago)
Jessi Cale Are you from Minnesota or Michigan?
Thanks Jessi! I've met her a few times after the video and she is quite fun! I'm glad you find some value out of my videos. :)
Secrets of Perfection (8 months ago)
Kiira Korpi is one the most beautiful girls i ever seen, beautiful eyes, perfect face, pretty body, like a humanoid
Abd Alrzak Sweha (7 months ago)
Biokinesis life Do you accept marriage?
She is really pretty indeed!
Ian Miles (8 months ago)
I am from Karelia and most Finns view us as rednecks without culture or education. We also look different, we are less blond,a bit darker and have more green and blue eyed people. Be Greatful, without us Karelians Finland would have been communist and now poor. We are fighters!
That's too bad. I don't have anything against Karelians, quite the opposite, I see them as unique individuals. :)
Erika Budai (9 months ago)
Omg this language sounds so amazing !!I just realized that I want to learn it !(From Hungary)
Erika Budai (9 months ago)
Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland Kiitos!And if You can next time you should make a video with a Hungarian!That would be just amazing!:p For example:A Hungarian tries speaking Finnish or something like that...
That's great! Finnish and Hungarian belong to the same family tree, so maybe that's why? :P If you want to start learning and don't know where to start, check this out: https://youtu.be/6-B1lgk5p9U
obnoxiousGenZ (9 months ago)
Finns sound similar to Japanese people.
Helena Broome (27 days ago)
Cano (27 days ago)
really? i speak japanese and all i know is that the grammar structure is similar along with turkish. i think finish sounds like dutsch, switzerland german with a bit of an italian touch :D
skjold holm (1 month ago)
Not at all for sure
@gibbons, same!
Gibbon (6 months ago)
This is why i'm learning Japanese, it's easy to pronounce.
obnoxiousGenZ (9 months ago)
I sometimes forget that they’re not Scandinavian.
Me too. :D
sambi bambi (9 months ago)
"vaaleet"....... voi jaiks
Mitä niistä?
Jonathan Allen (10 months ago)
I'm was born in Kotka and I'm half Finnish, my mother's family is mainly Karelian but mixed with some Swedish and Dutch. The other half is Jewish, my mom met my dad during a trip to Israel
TheMosT (4 months ago)
Jonathan Allen nice, I was born in Kotka too.
FanStormZ (10 months ago)
Finn girls are so cute!!! Unfortunately I don't live in Finland (lol)
You need to visit some time. :)

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