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top 15 Anime guys -{long hair}-

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i love anime guys with long hair! here are my top 15 ;)
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SL Chi (11 months ago)
I love this list, I agree with pretty much all of it. OO what about Kanda or Kuroh from K !!!
c martinez (1 year ago)
1. Sephiroth
Pearl_AquA 6 (1 year ago)
This music is so extra 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Farzana Shrin (1 year ago)
What about inuyasha ? He is sessomaru's brother
fatima313 sh (1 year ago)
Is this snk ost
erlus (1 year ago)
Here are some I've noticed aswell: Shin Hyuga (Akito the exiled), Abel Nightroad (Trinity blood), Li Xingke (Code Geass) Gilbert Guildford (Code Geass), Kanon Maldini (Code geass), Isaac (Trinity Blood) Andrea Farnese (Code Geass) Hugue de Watteu (Trinity Blood) .
Sanjida Shoma (2 years ago)
itachi is best
VietnameseGirl98 (2 years ago)
Zura anyone?
Crystal ASMR. (2 years ago)
what anime is the guy on number 12 from?
Kelai Just (2 years ago)
Realjasmine moore (2 years ago)
RelagCZ (2 years ago)
And where is undertaker from Kuroshitsuji :D
Wonho’s bicep (2 years ago)
And where's grell aswell
palestinARTian (2 years ago)
what about monty cristo
Jaqui Rośe (2 years ago)
Totally agree with Hijikata being number 1
Destinee Davila (2 years ago)
Long haired men huh? What about Kanda from D.Gray-man?
Erza Scarlet (1 year ago)
Destinee Davila ... I LOVE "KANDA"♥
Soraya Alhady (2 years ago)
Souichi Tatsumi Sebastian Michaelis Grell Sutcliff Mikoto (from K) Sonic (from One Punch Man) Nezumi (from No.6)
Bebeng Malandac (2 years ago)
samantha michaelis (2 years ago)
deidei <3
kpopderp islifeu (2 years ago)
Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji)... Shirogane (Monochrome Factor)... Soubi (Loveless) sorry yaoi fan here XD
Soraya Alhady (2 years ago)
If you like yaoi AND Undertaker then try Souichi Tatsumi😏😏 (SOUICHI IS HOT)
Cpt. Sideburns (2 years ago)
what about Raditz from DBZ? :)
heather 5 (2 years ago)
i so agree with number 1 :-)
Cora Schöller (2 years ago)
I love all the boys of Hakuouki <3 But The first ones I loved was Sesshomaru and Kaname
Sabina L (3 years ago)
Hijikata all the way.. and Sesshomaru
Winster Chesty (3 years ago)
Hakuoki has all of the hottest long haired guys o_o. Annnnnd then they all get their hair chopped off ;-;.
Jarrod Young (3 years ago)
You forgot Sephiroth!!!!
Ariel Procope (3 years ago)
it's uchiha not ichiha!!!!
Vincent Pagano (3 years ago)
you forgot Gajeel from Fairy Tail
Bleu Clues (3 years ago)
YES! YES, YES!!! Hakuouki All The Wayy!!!!
BLR (3 years ago)
Song name?
Hey No (4 years ago)
OMG Hakkenden has all the hot guys with long hair. (Satomi, Keno, 18 year old Shino). And don't forget Kuroh from K-project ;) and yeah Hakuoki has all the hot long haired guys...
reddragon8 (4 years ago)
Yess!! Hakuouki and Bleach guys for sure! nice!
Where is Gajeel Redfox?
SilverRain (4 years ago)
Ayame, Sesshomaru, Kaien, Jushiro, Saito, Byakuya, AND HIJIKATA!! ^^ He is so hot. :3 There is one anime, hot, long-haired guy that you didn't get, my favorite, Hitomi. :) He doesn't have a last name....but he is so hot... <3 *^* 
Silvia Farren (4 years ago)
muy bueno!!! y a algunos n conosco!!! tengo q conocerlos!!!!
Freakey66 (4 years ago)
Ayame, Deidara, Sessy, Itachi, Sanosuke, Saito, Byakuya and Hijikata **Q** *I´M IN HEAVEN!!!*
Coffeeba (4 years ago)
Please please PLEASE! Can anyone tell me the name of the music?! PLEASE!!
AhriTheBeauty (4 years ago)
yes hijikata ^.^
Mary Faison (4 years ago)
kaien cross,itachi uchiha,sanosuke harada,hagi,saito hajime,byakuya kuchiki and hijikata toshizou are so sexy and hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them.
kHrYz42na (4 years ago)
i really like those guys from hakuouki shinsengumi kitan since most of them have long hair... hehe! anyway i agree with this list! ^_^
Pitacat1129 (4 years ago)
yu kanda is my fav he could've made the list
Grim Reaper (4 years ago)
No Alucard...meh
Simbuh (4 years ago)
Your missing inuyasha, his hair is freakishly long.  And your missing kenshin, he keeps his hair in a pony tail but its still really long.
Toadstool Peach (4 years ago)
Omg the music!!!!
palestinARTian (2 years ago)
palestinARTian (2 years ago)
what is the music
Marie Pleños (4 years ago)
Why all the dominant white haired guys?
chokokitties (5 years ago)
wat no sephiroth?? no sale XD
†Leviathan† (5 years ago)
Jeeez we're havin a lady boner over here! :3
Freezing wind (5 years ago)
its uchiha u can't be messing up Itachi name like that
Kate Lynn (5 years ago)
Itachi ichiha!!! I love you!!!
tohanyimchunger (5 years ago)
Kyla Salgado (5 years ago)
Elene Boets (5 years ago)
Epic music
Kazuki Akira (5 years ago)
No Jack Vessalius? ;P I love him and his long hair...
beery MSP (5 years ago)
Sesshomaru *-*
みほ, ミホMiho (5 years ago)
Tori (5 years ago)
amazing ^.^
James Faustus (5 years ago)
the boys with LONG hair that ar really sexy to me !!! R -> Kaname kuran , Saito Hajime & HAJIKATA TOSHIZOU!!!!!!
FruityTrity (5 years ago)
What about Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist? I mean he didn't braid or tie his hair for nothing. O__O Yeah... I know he is a pipesqueak or a shorty, but he grew much much taller when the series is growing.
bnmzxcvbn (5 years ago)
Yes, on old photos of the present Hijikata Toshizou,he is a handsome man
Alia KS Fontán (5 years ago)
It´s Itachi Uchiha not Ichiha. Big mistake!
Lenya sb (5 years ago)
Hijikata <3
Nicole (5 years ago)
hijikata toushizou <3
Sora (5 years ago)
Sesshomaru and,and.... Where is Inuyasha?!
Tenshi Hikarii (5 years ago)
Why no Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita! Q_Q
Cafeplayer (5 years ago)
the men from Hakuouki ^___^.... *gets red, foams from the mouth, then faints*..
Mulatto4Metal (5 years ago)
Great list; some really nice guys were on here and some that I didn't know about. Now I have more anime guys to lust after! Btw, I thought it was odd that you had guys from Naruto on the list, but didn't think to include Orochimaru. He's an infamous long-haired character.
Ali Druge (5 years ago)
Hagi and Kaname Kuran *drool*
based sabrina (5 years ago)
Itachi !!!! -3
AnimeAngel581 (5 years ago)
Where's Yu Kanda from D. Gray Man? Anyway cool vid love hiji-chan XD
aki senra (5 years ago)
i love hijigata_kun., oh my ghosh.,!! he's so drop-dead gorgeous, :-) I like Sano and Saito too.,
loveispeace (5 years ago)
i wish i was chizuru- i wuld be able to see the hakouki boys every single day! yes heaven......!
Nanami Chan (6 years ago)
toshiiiiii <3 kyaaaa XD *-*
animelover1506 (6 years ago)
LOVE IT plus my fave guy is no. 1 :) :)
Naureen Mohammed (6 years ago)
love the music
Bubble Tea (6 years ago)
Where are undertaker and grell >.<
Angelic31GR (6 years ago)
pffff Sessy is only a 10????? he´s a perfect one ;-P *-*
Akira Kichirou (6 years ago)
Claire Chavannes (6 years ago)
Another long haired guys fan ? I love you ! The long haired ones are the best
Kelsie (6 years ago)
where's the Final Fantasy guys?
juppiecookies (6 years ago)
Nice list! i love it especially the number 1~ >.<
YomiKudoro (6 years ago)
0.0 mission impossible lol, mission finding hot anime huys with long hair, Final moment song plays hot guys shows
Stephaniahsmom (6 years ago)
So glad you included Hagi from Blood+, most people forget about him.
TypicalInsomniac (6 years ago)
Hijikata should definitely be # 1! Although I love Byakuya too, I just adore Hiji's soft side. Great video by the way.
liz cabarrubias (6 years ago)
i love shin!
hatakeygin (6 years ago)
for me neji and inuyasha isn't so cool and hot....... but shiryu is hot...
demonslover (6 years ago)
You #7 is NOT long hair that's a shag. Same goes for #5 and Deidara should not be on there because his NOT hot.
Lady691989 (6 years ago)
Great Job! =D I love it =D Even the music is great =D
hatakeygin (6 years ago)
they aren't so cool anyway..this guys is usually calm but neji is calm too i dont know maybe he doesn't care about them so much
hatakeygin (6 years ago)
i really like all the long hair dudes! i hope they are often to be the main character
Jayla Chapman (6 years ago)
ya ok hijikata is great but he doesn't have anything compared to sesshy!
Michelle V (6 years ago)
hatakeygin (6 years ago)
Many anime watchers knew Hijikata his even in backgrounds in anime.net
hatakeygin (6 years ago)
Hijikata is the long hair guy for me they should've make the ending in hakuouki shinsengumi more clearly...
kissrasberr (6 years ago)
awesome vid and very cool editting! itachi on 8th? that surprised me but i cant and wont complain since i loved your choice on who tops the list ^^ hheh
pizece (6 years ago)
Oh yeah!! Hijikata-san is the legend long hair ever (he's my No.1 too) I really like him but I also love Saito Hajime and Sesshomaru sama ;)
ThePerfectBlue4 (6 years ago)
guau your videos are really good! I love this,,,and Hijikata OBVIOO first jeje good job! ;)
bu2fulFantasy (6 years ago)
duuudddeeee!! kaein cross is suprisingly sexy. and i need to read/watch/play hakuouki soon~ the men in there all look so epically hot <3
QUEEN TRINITY (6 years ago)
Hijikata Toshizou is my number 1 tooo...i swear to god i cried like a baby when he died and i cry for hagi too.
takeimotion (6 years ago)
WHERE IS KANDA?!?! D': ;3 i still love this
Vitainuka S. (6 years ago)
Esta muy bien el video :B ; Mello no lo tiene tan largo, solo te faltaron Kanda Yu, d D-gray man y Yu de Scc :)
Ana Loiseau (6 years ago)
hahahaah me too my most hot guys are the guys with long heir haaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (sigh!)

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