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BEST NUDE Lipsticks For Tan Indian Skintone W/ Lip Swatches

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23 BROWN GIRL FRIENDLY NUDE LIPSTICK SHADES that look good on tan, brown, olive, dark, medium, indian skintone. This also works on WOC, women of colour and girls with light fair skin tones! All the nude / my lips but better (MLBB) lipsticks mentioned are cruelty free (except Sephora). Mentioned are drugstore lipsticks, high-end lipsticks, Indian lipsticks available in India, and lipsticks available in UK, UK, Middle East, Africa, and all over the world. ►Subscribe to my channel here: https://goo.gl/jjxGDR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST NUDE Lipsticks For Tan Indian Skintone : 1. Victoria BVD 38 (More info in info bar) 2. Nykaa Naughty Nude: http://amzn.to/2v7SD1l 3. Isadora Deco Rose 06: http://amzn.to/2v88ahU 4. The Body Shop Liquid Lipstick Tokyo: http://amzn.to/2eNE8c6 5. Sephora Cream Lipstain 24: http://amzn.to/2uBOArn 6. GC Cream Lipstick in Envy: Use code JOVITA 7. Colourpop Tulle: http://amzn.to/2tJvcve 8. Colourpop Stingraye: http://amzn.to/2eNZ2b9 9. OFRA – Santa Ana: Use code JOVITA30 10. The Balm – Trustworthy: http://amzn.to/2uxh1rT 11. The Balm – Committed: http://amzn.to/2uBUOaG 12. The Balm – Sincere: http://amzn.to/2tK3Jtd 13. The Balm – Snap: http://amzn.to/2uBBF8A 14. The Balm – Bam: http://amzn.to/2h2GkNV 15. Sephora Cream Lipstain 23: http://amzn.to/2uxfNgq 16. Colorbar Liquid Lipstick Haute Latte: http://amzn.to/2v7HZb0 17. Chambor Flowing Lipstick: http://amzn.to/2w09vDB 18. Kat Von D Lolita: http://amzn.to/2uZ1r9a 19. Motives Rust N' Roll 20. GC Hydra Matte Cher: Use code JOVITA 21. TBS Nairobi: http://amzn.to/2v8aTIf 22. Sugar Cosmetics Elle Woods: http://amzn.to/2tZ67rl 23. Sugar Cosmetics Jackie Brown: http://amzn.to/2tZ4mup ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries ONLY please contact: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also find me at: http://www.mrjovitageorge.com/ Instagram: @mrjovitageorge : https://www.instagram.com/mrjovitageorge/ Snapchat: mrjovitageorge Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrJovita/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrjovitageorge Pinterest : @mrjovitageorge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video is not sponsored. Thank you for watching my love!
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Text Comments (495)
Subhadeepa Saha (3 days ago)
I was really having this confusion to go for which sugar nude lip crayon....I thought all looked same... going through your review videos like 100 times a day...but now after watching this video I am sure which one to get....you are such a cutiepie....I love you... You go girl❤
nomal human (7 days ago)
Which shade u r wearing?
T. C. (18 days ago)
you should start singing.. your voice is really nice, sweet and clear.. ❤️
michelle khan (1 month ago)
Your voice is so soothing😍
CONTR A RTISTIC (1 month ago)
Do you have a real septum piercing???? It looks so amazing..... I got one too lol
Rajeshwari Waghela (1 month ago)
U look like Priyanka Chopra 😍
Shilpa Naik (1 month ago)
Hey can u plz send me close pics of Isadora deco rose lipstick plz ? Just wanted to buy it but since the cost is too high I just wanna be sure how the swatch exactly looks before buying it
Musthak Khan Musthak (1 month ago)
Priyanka chopra copy
Musthak Khan Musthak (1 month ago)
U are very nice
sirisha vura (1 month ago)
U r very lively and feel like listening to you and there is some charm In you
Shreya Raj (2 months ago)
Oooohhhh... U looks like Priyanka Chopra
JUIN SAHA (2 months ago)
I just discovered you. Oh my God. You look like Priyanka Chopra but better. And such honest swatches. Love from your new subscriber.
ANSHU TIWARI (2 months ago)
Love u, looking amaxinng
Madhuri (2 months ago)
Pragati Bansode (3 months ago)
do a updated lipstick video for brown girlz, since huda beauty n few new products are there in d market, I wanna shop for diwali
deva priya (3 months ago)
Can you please put a video on nude lip gloss for dusky skin.. happy with ur nude lipsticks..But plz wanna know abt nude lipglosss
barsha dé (3 months ago)
u freaking look like priyankaaaaaa
Sangeetha Thiru (3 months ago)
You are so pretty💙
Muskan Massarath (3 months ago)
I thought that I was the only one who was thinking she looks like priyanka copra. .. I mean she's beautiful 😘
Biona Chettiar (3 months ago)
I love you. You super awesome ❤️
Uzma Mukabi (3 months ago)
hey will you plzz make a review video on maybeline fit me foundation for indian skintone
Seema Agarwal (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/8ic7DIItgE0 Plss checkout 6 budget friendly lipstick swatches
Aishwarya Kashyap (3 months ago)
Such a helpful video. Thanks! ❤️ Btw, you look a bit like Isha Ambani. 😀
Nandini Mittal (4 months ago)
Number for colourbar haut latte ?
durga konagalla (4 months ago)
Which online site do we get sephora, ofra??
arogya raj (4 months ago)
Looks lik Priyanka Chopra . I am a big fan now. Keep rocking .
arogya raj (4 months ago)
chechi am sandeepa from kollam, Kerala... New subscriber of u... Ur videos r vry superb and U TOO.. videoZ r vry helpful... Thank u so much .. Will keep watching ur videoZ ...
Shalu Mishra (4 months ago)
GOSH I LOVE THIS VIDEO! You’re so joyful
S B (4 months ago)
Priyanka chopra vibes very pretty I subbed
Chhuti Maiti (4 months ago)
Finally someone with dusky skin tone. Now I can relate to the shades.
YOItzSaniah (4 months ago)
Which lipstick were you wearing in the thumbnail???
Rutuja Shelke (5 months ago)
You are look like a priyanka 😍😘😘
Respectevery soul (5 months ago)
You are awesome and so pretty. Can you please suggest a cruelty free, long wearing transfer proof lipstick. Please..
vaidika Sharma (5 months ago)
Somewhere you resembles PC
Debolina Roy (5 months ago)
Abe price to bola kar
S M O K E S H O W _ (5 months ago)
U are a beautiful personality *first time watching ur vid**
silpa mallick (5 months ago)
Hloo.. I js luv your video.. 1 thing I just want to know that there are so many shades in NYKAA NAUGHTY NUDE, so exactly which shade you are using??
Akshara Jerry (6 months ago)
You have recorded in too much light ....pls reduce the light
Lizmol Antony (6 months ago)
Wow.. Loved you! First makeup review YouTuber who listed out cruelty free stuffs I saw till now.. Thank you so much..I was looking for nude ones. Lots of love. 🖖
Rimita Saha (6 months ago)
U look like twin of priyanka chopra❤
Kaya James (6 months ago)
This is an amazing review. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a review like this!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Finally!!!!!!!!! All of the colors are soooo beautiful, you have great taste in lip colors. Thank you so much for this vid, I want to buy them all!!!!!!!!!!
sneha pandey (6 months ago)
For better options click on https://youtu.be/uXFOTSwiLCk
E thom (6 months ago)
Please adjust the lighting ...or film with natural day light? The colors aren’t showing true to color
E thom (6 months ago)
Please adjust the lighting ...or film with natural day light? The colors aren’t showing true to color
Ibtisam Mandal (6 months ago)
So beautifully explained, i always find it really hard to choose nude lipstick, as m in your skin tone... I love this my new favorite channel..... Ps- can you please do a video on "how just how your lips are so pink, i thought that you were still wearing a pink lipstick, mine are brown ... Please do a video , i need your remidie" Xoxo❤❤❤
gemstone online (6 months ago)
I love your septum ring. where you got it? beautiful video. looking hot in all shades. 😘
kittu sharma (6 months ago)
tan skintone ? lol
payalikespapaya (6 months ago)
Omg I am so happy I found your channel. We are the same skin tone and shades in foundations. Very rarely find that on YT.
Tania Ghosh (6 months ago)
I may be wrong..but you have a spooky look a like look of Priyanka Chopra 😐
Jennifer M (7 months ago)
You should actually try anchoring and u have much more potential..Coz I feel in single take u talk long dialogues 😍
leela prabhuram (7 months ago)
The best Indian Beauty Youtuber. I am in love with this woman
javeria iqbal (7 months ago)
Thank you so SO much for mentioning which of the products are cruelty free and which ones I need not screenshot because they aren't. I would've had to look most brands up otherwise.. Thank you!
Darshna Jaiswal (7 months ago)
please make video in natural light..💟
Naina Verma (7 months ago)
Priyanka Chopra 😀
priyanka pathak (7 months ago)
U resemble PC a lot
Sowmmiya Shivakumar (8 months ago)
Jovi you r too cute n love the swatches... U n many gals inspired me to vlog about makeup and beauty.. Check out my new video on 4 ways to apply nude lipsticks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V00gqVBjDQs
Rocking Roop (8 months ago)
U look like a vamp lol
abhishek gupta (8 months ago)
you look alike mahamanga in. jodha akbar seriol in zee tv
Andu N (8 months ago)
hey guys! please take a look at my blog and leave a comment! https://limitlessbeautyrantsbyandira.blogspot.com/2018/05/everyday-or-nude-lipsticks-for.html
Andu N (8 months ago)
hey guys! please take a look at my blog and leave a comment! https://limitlessbeautyrantsbyandira.blogspot.com/2018/05/everyday-or-nude-lipsticks-for.html
Arathy S.J (8 months ago)
Hello can you please mention which shade you used of Chambor lipstick?
Benasir Rafi (8 months ago)
You are so pretty
Sayantani Purakayastha (8 months ago)
Can u do a video on mablline nude lipstick which suits on brown girl
Vandana Bhatt (8 months ago)
Ap priyanka chopra se jyada best h
Shilpa P (8 months ago)
You are beautiful and I like your voice very much :)
Honey (9 months ago)
What is nude lip stick
anjali interesting (9 months ago)
Whoz this devil 🤭
Merakilious (9 months ago)
She looks so much like Priyanka Chopra
vanita jindal (9 months ago)
Very useful video thanks
Sapna (9 months ago)
i just cant compliment you enough - im sooo in love with this look! u look sooo stunninnng and gorgeous and just beautiful! absolutelyy love it!
Diana Mellado (9 months ago)
Tons of helpful information. Thank you!
Shweta Molasi (9 months ago)
M already using naughty nude from nykaa n datz one of ma favourite shade.....👄
P L Pereira (9 months ago)
All are nice but too much information in one video. 🤔I can't remember the first shade of lipstick you starting showing. 💖😀
Irene Lopez (9 months ago)
Good Selection...thanks girl!!
Laveena Gupta (9 months ago)
U weren't looking like priyanka to me until I read comments.😂
Anita Gade (10 months ago)
loveeeeee this video!!! there's never swatches on women of brown skin - this is soooo helpful!!!
COOLGAMER Z (10 months ago)
Hey jovita u r toooo good I like u very much.....
rekha pydala (10 months ago)
man you look fabulous. I don't have anything to do with makeup but the way you are talking from your heart and have nothing from your ego .I love your energy and keep up darling
Preeti Saini (10 months ago)
U looks like Priyanka Chopra.. very much
Natasha Mk (10 months ago)
Your voice 😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌
Sandhya Barot (10 months ago)
Wow nice and you really look like Priyanka chopra and thank u for sharing
Lakshmi S (10 months ago)
Hiii Jovi pls help me Dr I want a lipstick that suits my skin color is honey tan and I want a mauve coloured lipstick plssd help me and that is available in India
Priyanka Apte (11 months ago)
You look like priyanka chopra.. particularly ur lips..
Keiri Doll (11 months ago)
I’m black but I have Asian in me so I get told often that I look Indian when my hair is straightened. So I came here to see what lipstick would suit my skin tone as I have a sandy brown skin complexion.
Sabhya Prabhakaran (11 months ago)
Jovita this is my favourite snap chat filter..😍..loads of love for uploading this vedio...😘😘
Utkarsha Kadam (11 months ago)
Are these Vegetarian also?
Ayesha Hussain (10 months ago)
Utkarsha Kadam TBS and most of SuGAR is. Some of the Balm and Colorpop are too.
Elizabeth francis Francis (11 months ago)
What do you think of maybelline matte lipstick touch of spice sand nude naunce for tan skin with your skin shade
Book Butterfly (10 months ago)
febi elizabeth For me, Touch of Spice is a my lips but better colour. I wear CoverFx in N60. Hope that helps!
Anum Haider (11 months ago)
Trendsetter by Huda Beauty 10/10
roja royal (11 months ago)
Hiiii ..u looked more like Priya nka chopra..lots of fun watching u r video s
Shalini Shrivastava (11 months ago)
You look like Nandita Das.. 😊
Larissa Gouvea (11 months ago)
I'm Brazilian and did a video reacting to Indian songs come check it out on my channel
Rupan Zalla (11 months ago)
u r another priyanka chopra
Shruti Shrivas (11 months ago)
Priyanka Chopra ❤❤❤
Anushree 9 (11 months ago)
Your talking style and almost you looks like priyanka chopra
shreya jha (11 months ago)
Wowww... Nice video n yes u r really beautiful:)
Muskan Mehta (11 months ago)
Pls make a video of best Mac nudes
Sindhu M (1 year ago)
U look like priyanka Chopra .Just remove nose pin n try makeup like her
Pristy Bhuguna (1 year ago)
Wow that was a lot of swatches, thanks for the effort!!! I really agree with you with the balm liquid lipstick it wears off from the centre of the lips which is very annoying...still love the shade Charming from the balm cosmetics...I wonder why none of the beauty gurus never mention Lord and Berry´s Timeless kissproof liquid lipstick, its such an amazing formula it stays put the whole day and wears off evenly...My favourite shade is Blossom and Iconic may be you should try it...Thanks for the video lotss of love from Germany :) !!!
Pradnya Gaikwad (1 year ago)
try to show some indian brand
Ayesha Hussain (10 months ago)
Pradnya Gaikwad sugar and colorbar are Indian
Hi friends your video is very good.i will obviously use this. plz do check VLCC henna review https://youtu.be/pLH6Un0WpW0

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