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✅BEST NUDE Lipsticks For Tan Indian Skintone W/ Lip Swatches | UNDER ₹500 & AFFORDABLE

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BROWN GIRL FRIENDLY NUDE LIPSTICK SHADES that look good on tan, brown, olive, dark, medium, indian skintone. This also works on WOC, women of colour and girls with light fair skin tones! All the nude lipsticks are something I own and have personally used. Mentioned ones are drugstore lipsticks, high-end lipsticks, Indian lipsticks available in India, and lipsticks available easily. BEST NUDE Lipsticks For Tan Indian Skintone : 1.AVON TRUE COLOR BEAUTY LIP STYLO(CAPPUCCINO) : https://www.amazon.in/Avon-Color-Beauty-Stylo-Cappuccino/dp/B079Z8QLLF 2. NYKAA PAINTSTIX 01 NUDE SPICE: https://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-paintstix-collection.html?skuId=114010 3. NYKAA SO MATTE CARAMEL MOCHA 21M: https://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-so-matte-lipstick-collection.html?skuId=112347 4. MEILIN 815 BISTRE: https://www.flipkart.com/meilin-non-transfer-lipstick/p/itmf42ggrzetg5vb 5. MISS CLAIRE SMLC 17 (Not Available as of now, try Nykaa Cool girl nude as its dupe)) 6. MAYBELLINE NUTTY COOKIE: LIKE this video if you enjoyed it and https://www.flipkart.com/maybelline-color-show-lipstick-nutty-cookie-310/p/itmefe3qj6th2wmy Comment below to let me know what you think of such videos. I love reading your comments. SHARE it if you like my efforts :) and SUBSCRIBE for more, I upload a NEW video every MONDAY & FRIDAY MYSHOP: instagram.com/thatquirkybox ABOUT ME: Hi Everyone! I'm Aditi Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger at : www.thatquirkymiss.com Follow me on my social media : Facebook : THATQUIRKYMISS https://www.facebook.com/thatquirkymiss Instagram : @thatquirkymiss https://instagram.com/thatquirkymiss Twitter : https://twitter.com/ThatQuirkyMiss Roposo : thatquirkymiss Snapchat : @aditiangel Email : [email protected] Equipment used : Canon 700D Editing software : adobe premiere pro cs6 I hope you got all the information you needed :) Do SUBSCRIBE to my channel to be my quirky queen! The queen who supports me the most gets a gift from my side every month! VISIT MY SHOP ON INSTAGRAM: @thatquirkybox I'll see you in my next video, Bye! LOVE, THATQUIRKYMISS
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Text Comments (122)
Ruby Das (11 months ago)
Hey Aditi! I got that meilin Bistre one yesterday.. the shade is really amazing! It suits me perfectly! I didn't have anything of that orangy brick shade but now I have one and all credit goes to youuuu!😍😍😘😘😘
vaidehi harnoor (2 months ago)
The link provided does not work for me.. please let me know how did you purchase.
Shaikh Darakhshan (2 months ago)
Plzz tell me from where u buy that meilin lipstick i m in love wid that i also wanna to buy plzzz tell mee🙏🙏
Legal knowlege by Yasna (2 months ago)
I am obsessed with you aajkal. Love your voice and your personality. You are so beautiful! Love your channel! 🤗🤗
rachana Sawant (3 months ago)
Every shade looks beautiful on you!!😍❤️
Sabra Khatoon (6 months ago)
Ahhhh finally got the kinda vedio which i was searching for... Thanks Di😘😘❤❤
uma kumar (6 months ago)
Pls do videos with good lighting
That Quirky Miss (6 months ago)
This is an old video, i improved the lighting in new ones
Thank you for sajas this nude lipsticks
Israt Islam (7 months ago)
Here your lookes unique and lipstick was classy..so yeah lipstick is main point for lip..you got lipstick and quality is super..
Moumita Mitra (7 months ago)
nice video dear... but please improve your lighting set up... put a light from the front & not from the back... back light creating a shadow on your face... that's why colours are not totally clear...
shaily J (8 months ago)
Did I tell u dt u wr luking quite pretty aditi n ur choice of clrs is also commendable 😍.... Kp it up
shaily J (8 months ago)
All shades r 😍.... N swatches thora sa jada tym ke liye dikhayen ☺️ & zra sa bs zra sa dheere bolen to mashallah nihayat hi umda bn pdega video (aisa LG ra tha ki aap late ho re hn kahin Jane ke liye) 😂
GO FUNNY (8 months ago)
M unable to find meilin and miss Claire shades... From where I could get it?
That Quirky Miss (8 months ago)
Link in description
Niraj Swali (9 months ago)
Please dark complexion k liye aur v lipstick recommend kro.. Plz
Pooja Agrawal. (9 months ago)
all the light focus is on the wrong side plz do some adjustments before making it video
ZEBRA 6 (10 months ago)
All the shades looks similar on your lips maybe the lighting is not doing justice...next time please try to do the swatches in natural day light...thanxx😊😗
That Quirky Miss (10 months ago)
I have improved the lighting so newer videos will be better from now😘😘😘😘
fan off akshay kumar akki (10 months ago)
mam jo apne lipstic nhi use krni fekni hai voh hum gribo ko deo😔
Riya (10 months ago)
Nykaa selling fake lipsticks
Shilpa Adak (10 months ago)
I'm a medium skin tone... After watching this video I bought "MEILIN Bistre-815"... It looks so pale on me.. ☹️ I'm so disappointed... Waste of money.. And it is not so pigmented...
Madiha Fatema (11 months ago)
I love meher from mac 😉❤❤
Pahulpreet kaur (11 months ago)
Please show us your top 20 favorite lipsticks of all shades 😊😊😁😁 and ya one more thing pls put a Swatch of lipsticks in proper lighting because in this video lighting was a bit off we couldn't see the actual colour
Gayathri jaganadham (11 months ago)
Very Good job Dear Keep doing
Priya Kapoor (11 months ago)
Your makeup is popping here. 😍
That Quirky Miss (11 months ago)
Yay thankyouu ♡
i am indian (11 months ago)
U seem to be medium neutral.. not tan
That Quirky Miss (11 months ago)
Thats what I've said in the video :)
Fizza Rizvi (11 months ago)
Ayeeeeeeeee ❤
srishti singh (11 months ago)
Please do sarojini Vs janpath haul in terms of quality, trends and prices
Maria Irene Gomes (11 months ago)
kitna bolti ho...baapre
That Quirky Miss (11 months ago)
Hahaha sorry😂
Amardeep Ahuja (11 months ago)
Thx for sharing
Amardeep Ahuja (11 months ago)
Purple.com ka shopping hawl banaiye
Amardeep Ahuja (11 months ago)
Nice video dear
Mahek Bansal (11 months ago)
I even love Lakme lip and cheek mousse in coffee lite which is a brown kind of Nude and maybelline lip gradation in mauve 1 is pink kind of Nude. Both are super gorgeous and my holy grail products
Shally Kaushik (11 months ago)
Lakme 9 to 5 lip n cheeck moose is awesome as well
Himani Arora (11 months ago)
Amazing😍😍 i purchase caramel mochaa 6 to 7 months before when i see on ur lips it is amazing shade 💕💕 loved it nd do these kind of videos very helpful👍🏻
Raj Kummari Yadav (11 months ago)
Hi aditi thank you so much for sharing this video with us my Instagram ID Raji_khosa
Sunny And Twinkle (11 months ago)
Nykaa caramel mocha is my all time fave ❤️❤️
Samarpita Saha (24 days ago)
Is it totally matte????
Antara Chakravorty (11 months ago)
Your makeup looks great in this one!!!😍
priyanka singh (11 months ago)
This video clearly shows how much you research to provide the best and authentic information your dedication and hard work is commendable. love xoxo
preksha bhardwaj (11 months ago)
Nykaa so matte range is really nice. Currently i am using lakme 9 to 5 lip and cheek matte mousse lipstick in the shade blush velvet which is a very nice nude shade for medium skintone people.
Ishita Dam (11 months ago)
Nice colors.. But you know sweets I am a dark skinned woman and I have found that brown color nudes doesn't suit me, may be a pinkish nude or a peachy nude or maybe something else will suit me, but I don't know, thus I am kinda afraid to buy a nude lip color, but on the other hand want to wear one :/
glinting panda (2 months ago)
Maybelline lip gradation in colour mauve 💜
atifa ameen (11 months ago)
It is serious we all love nude shades😍😍just wanted to know how long does both the nykaa nude lipstick stay on?
preet kaur sethi (11 months ago)
Farhin Mumtaj (11 months ago)
Very nice lipsticks.....
Ayushi Jha (11 months ago)
Perfect video for choosing nude lipstick.. 😍😍
namrata shaw (11 months ago)
Which blush too ?
namrata shaw (11 months ago)
Your makeup is awesome... Which eye shadow ?
Ayesha Fur (11 months ago)
ghanshyam ahuja (11 months ago)
haircut is awesome kounsa hai
Miranda Sangma (11 months ago)
which shade did you wear on YTFF creator camp?
isha (11 months ago)
really helpful!
Priyanka Bora (11 months ago)
good one all colours are useable or the good thing is I can use these all shaded😜😜😜
Ankita Sarkar (11 months ago)
Please share pink and red lipstick lipstick video.. U look so pretty in nude colours lipsick
Harshita Duggal (11 months ago)
You look such a marshmallow in this video 😍😍😘
style with bulbul (11 months ago)
can you tell me about best long lasting lipstick...
Yashi Aggarwal (11 months ago)
Wow these options are really amazing🙈❤️
shreya shrivastava (11 months ago)
much needed video 😉
monika mudila (11 months ago)
Thanxxxx❤️ Gonna try miss Clair one soon 💄
Thoshima (11 months ago)
My favourite nude (matte) is Lakme 9 to 5 lip and cheek matte mousse in Coffee Lite!🔥💯 I'm bit on the golden dusky side and suits me perfectly even though it's cool toned! BTW your makeup look amazeballs❤️💯
RIYYA M (11 months ago)
Please do a AJIO haul. They've discount going on too. Even I would like to see koovs haul.
khyati singh (11 months ago)
Can you please make a video on affordable n good eyeshadow palettes
khyati singh (11 months ago)
This time I found ua video a ll different...n it was pretty good
Diksha Seth (11 months ago)
Loved the way you explained each and everything including our undertones. Well researched video. U are awesome 😘😘
Jyoti Batra (11 months ago)
Hi .. ur skintone is almost same as me so could u please make a video for foundation cause I find it difficult to find a shade for my face ... Please make a video of foundation which shade u use
Jyoti Batra (11 months ago)
N yeah this video is also awesome n I will definitely try all these shades of lipsticks
Tasnim Laskar (11 months ago)
all the shades are very nice👌👌n every shade suits u very well😍n I loved the meilin one👍😄
Richa Harpalani (11 months ago)
The video was great but please invest in lighting your face tends to look too dark!!
priyanka rawat (11 months ago)
Today u r looking tooo beautiful ☺️☺️can i ask u a question 😅what is ur age 😅😅
Samrridhi Kumar (11 months ago)
Nutty cookie and Bistre look very promising, please do the same for red and burgundy lipsticks!!!!
Anchal RAI (11 months ago)
Hey let me know video regarding fair complexion makeup and detailed product.
Anjali Srivastava (11 months ago)
Loved how you cater to the requirement of every Indian skin tone while making this video 😘
Anwesha Pani (11 months ago)
How do you always manage to read my mind??? I went shopping yesterday and I couldn't find ANY nude colour that matched my skintone... You made it so easy for me now!! Thank youuuu!!!!
Monalisa Francis (11 months ago)
Thank u so much for the video 😍😍
Ankita Saha (11 months ago)
Hey how to differentiate between yellow and pink undertones
Ankita Saha (11 months ago)
That Quirky Miss okk thank you so much beautiful
That Quirky Miss (11 months ago)
Look at the nerves in your wrist. If they seem green you're yellow/warm tone. If they're more blue then you're pink/cool toned. If its difficult to make out any colour then you're neutral
Deepika Dua (11 months ago)
Farewell lookbook bh krte na di😥😥😥
Ritika Arora (11 months ago)
Thanks for this video..I was looking for nudes only and now i have amazing options..thanks to you and your hard work🙈💟
Anjali Chauhan (11 months ago)
Though i'm not a lipstick person😀 still loved your video also you look amazing in this video😍😍
Munni Yadav (11 months ago)
bhut dino se iss video ka wait krrhi thi 😍😍😍 please red lipstick pr v video bnaye lots of love💜💜
chitranshi kulshreshtha (11 months ago)
Omg...... U r looking bomb aditi 😘😘👌👌👌👌 n the lipshades are also nice👌
Simpi Datta (11 months ago)
Beautiful shades
Tamanna Khurana (11 months ago)
Amazngggg mam..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Lata Lalwani (11 months ago)
"You Don't Know You're Beautiful Just The Way You Are" 💙💙 I Love You So So Much 😚😚😚 Would Love To Meet You Whenever I Visit Delhi. 😚😚💙💙
MobileNews 24 (11 months ago)
Ms Meehnia (11 months ago)
The shades are really pretty.. it is a bit tricky to search the perfect one for you.. I too have a nude lippie that I don’t wear because it washes me out but as you said il try it with something darker so that it suits me 😬😬
kiran deep (11 months ago)
Hi aditi ... i was looking for nude lipstick then i watched ishaan bday vlogs where u tolded abt meilin 815 lipstick .. from that day i bought it and using it .. i love all shades of meilin lipstick but in nude section m mad about 815 shade .. it helps in ombre effects also .. I got it for rs.230 from tilak nagar market n earlier it was for 180rs .. thankuuu for such recommendation .. love u loadssssss 😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😘
Anchal Gupta (11 months ago)
This was much needed video thnk uh....miss quirky!!!❤❤❤n my fav r meilin bistre n miss Claire😍😍😍 loved d video
Vanshika Mishra (11 months ago)
Someone looked pretty today😍
Nikita Raj (11 months ago)
Video was amazing 😍😍 And you look really pretty.
Ayesha khan (11 months ago)
Much needed video tysm❤️❤️❤️
Ruby Das (11 months ago)
you look so pretty!! I liked all the shades on you!! shades from miss claire and meilin that you have showed are my favourites!! I am definitely going to purchase them! now I want this same video on reds, pinks, oranges..
Purva Arora (11 months ago)
It was a very helpful video.. I can't wear nudes on a regular basis bcz i have a little dark lips.. but i will try these nudes.. thankyou 💖 Ps- your makeup and top are on point 💯🙈
Ankita Sharma (11 months ago)
You are so cute :* Babe good work❤
saee sathe (11 months ago)
You look beautiful 😍❤
Namrata Poddar (11 months ago)
Maybelline 311 Choco latte is also an mlbb shade for pinkish fair skin tone people like me!! It's affordable and amazing!! Do try!!
saee sathe (11 months ago)
You look beautiful 😍❤
Durva Deshmukh (11 months ago)
loved the shade caramel mocha
Somi Singh (11 months ago)
Your makeup is looking so flawless 😍
niranjan Kumar (11 months ago)
I loved this video yahi chaiye tha
Mary M Vincent (11 months ago)
Loved the video😍😍😍😍 i loved nykaa n miss claire..want to try dt miss claire wala..such a detailed well researched video💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍 ur hardwork is just amazing💖💖💖💖thankyou so much for all your efforts Adi😘😘😘😘you are a sweetheart..please do a similar video on pink shades too for summer😍😍😍😍
Bhoomika Khanna (11 months ago)
Thank youuuuu so much for this video😊💖💖💖💖 Its affordable and perfect for college as well😘😘
Monika Patundia (11 months ago)
Video is nice as usual💓💓and I have the same avon cappuccino lipstick and I like it💓
costa rica (11 months ago)
Thanks for this video...it is actually very difficult for me to find a nude lipsticks...❤
veena vani pedduri (11 months ago)
Yaay loved the video lots of love from Hyderabad ♥
Ankita Basu (11 months ago)
Thanks for this video di...n u look simply stunning...😍❤
Muskan Tanwar (11 months ago)
Fourth🙌 was waiting for your video ❤

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