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LeBron catches his own jump ball 2015 NBA finals!

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LeBron catches his own jump ball in the 2015 NBA finals! Watch Draymond Green get just as high as LeBron!
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Banal na Demonyo (7 months ago)
Green is dirty he need to take a bath and lolo his buto
TheAbominableLebron (10 months ago)
lebron loser come on
TheAbominableLebron (10 months ago)
bhauahau ahauahua ahauha ahauahs such a loser hahahaha beat video ever . subscribed
Manny Uribe (1 year ago)
i wonder why lebron gets called a baby for not getting calls. one reason for it he doesnt get calls when hes fouled. first of if the refs should have called nothing if anything green blocked him, and lebron would have regained it(play on) no one knows what would have happened. Second lebron was held down in blatant sight on the jump ball. i really wish they went to the replay on that one there but history is history now lol
TJ Scott (1 year ago)
All of the refs are assholes and I hope one crazy fan of a team just loses their shit and shoots them as they walk out of the arena.
Bobby D (1 year ago)
He doesn't always get the foul calls but he does get some weak calls in his favour too! That game, yeah the Cavs had a little help. I more focus on LBJ's extra half a step that seems to never get called. But in fairness he's not the only one who does it, but he always gets away with it.
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
The people that are saying that James should of get the foul are bandwagons so just stop because he didn't push the other player ok
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
The refs suck because the other player had his hand on James jersey
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
KJRawX no he should of not
KJRawX (1 year ago)
LeBron should have been called for a foul for jumping into Draymond on the jump. So yes it was a foul, on LeBron, and yes the refs do suck!
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
That was a foul
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
KJRawX no when Draymond Green jumped had graped James that should of been called but no
KJRawX (1 year ago)
When LeBron jumped into Draymond it was definitely a foul that was not called. So your right!
tcmzueck (1 year ago)
Just saying, Rule 7 Section 3 Article 7 letter 'd' states "neither jumper shall catch the ball before the jump ball ends", and it clearly hadn't ended because per Article 8 the ball must contact "one of the eight nonjumpers, an official, the floor, a basket or a backboard." So I don't understand Van Gundy here, I think the officials called it correctly. Golden State ball. The only question is, where? Baseline? Or sideline. If sideline, which sideline?
Manny Manolios (10 months ago)
What if it hits a coach that’s on the court
augustus eller (3 years ago)
green is dirty period
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
augustus eller yes he is same like Curry two
mikek128 (3 years ago)
Leading up to the jump ball it was a foul when Draymond green grabbed Lebron on the jump ball it was a foul but ultimately the only call was in Draymonds cheating favor
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
mikek128 thank you for saying that
An Trinh (3 years ago)
Lmao at some Warrior fans in the stands calling travel when Lebron caught his own jump ball.
WANG XAVIER (3 years ago)
Green pressed Lebron's back when jump ball,what a dirty player.
Jose Martinez (11 months ago)
Wally Javier lol bet you the same person who says LeBron flopped
Henry Baroli (1 year ago)
WANG XAVIER yes he did
+queen.maiaa Lol

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