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MissA suzy BTS for COSMOPOLITAN] 수지 Young Glamour Sep 2013

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Miss A Suzy proves again that she's a good model. After her Photoshoot with Kim Soo Hyun for 'Bean Pole', here comes the BTS for COSMOPOLITAN Sept. Issue. 'Cosmopolitan' has released a BTS video for Suzy's photoshoot. Suzy chose a black-and-red checkered one-piece as her favorite outfit of the shoot during the interview. Suzy also said that she had a lot of fun because she felt the photos were going to come out so well. In the magazine interview, Suzy revealed which role she would like to try next and shared, "I want to try a sharp and sexy, femme fatale role." On the topic of sexy charms, when asked when she feels the sexiest, she shyly confessed, "The moment right after I get out of the shower?" Well Suzy just deserves to be a model and cover because she's not just talented but she's naturally pretty as well :")
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anti BAESUZY (4 years ago)
Danica Mac (4 years ago)
Who You? Your Just Insecure Dude Tss Bitch .
Stephanie Shin (5 years ago)
Iu wore the same thing but suzy looks better in it!
lobsangkyipa (5 years ago)
Suzy the best
Fatema Ghasemi (5 years ago)
Suzy no.1 <33

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