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How India's Silicon Valley Became Its Suicide Capital

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The High Tech Mirage (2014): Once nicknamed India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore is becoming better known as the suicide capital. Intolerance towards failure and ambition to increase their financial status is proving deadly for the city's youth. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures For similar stories, see: The Indian Banker Taking a Grass Roots Approach to Reforming the System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Anj40tIggQ India's Criminal Child Mines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75Zl2aLU4BQ How India's female untouchables are fighting back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPHHcJHqXOc The centre of engineering, aeronautics, biotechnology: Bangalore holds the key to India's future. "I'm free to live my life, make my own choices. It's an amazing feeling to be independent," says Nilut, a 20-year-old call centre employee. She works 12-hour nights shifts and earns $260 a month. But overwork, stress, separation from family and a culture of intolerance to stress and failure have increased Bangalore's suicide rates by 40% in the last decade. "As soon as your firm needs you, you have to be there and work, be it day or night", confesses one IT professional suffering from depression. Providing cheap labour and building itself on the needs of bigger international economies, Bangalore is now paying the highest price. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JourneymanVOD https://twitter.com/JourneymanNews Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/journeymanpictures For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/film/5992/the-high-tech-mirage Wild Angle Productions – Ref. 5992 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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Text Comments (1041)
live better (2 days ago)
It's so dirty there, the whole country is like a trash yard and the food is like shit.
dewa khmer (18 days ago)
Soon Prostitution 4.0 cumming in your face
Stewart Lawson (1 month ago)
This is a terrible state of affairs, the youth are becoming like the USA and locked into a faux slave labour force while the elders are dumped in a home for their commitment to educating the children. The wealthy International Organisations and some uber-wealthy Indians have tapped into a moral loophole of pride and wealth which benefits no one, especially the country as a whole. America is the same and people need to wake up as to which small powerful, criminal group is committing this "usury" crime. Well said Iron Maiden kid, engineering and science, save the planet dude, please.
max max (1 month ago)
All they do is call people here in the US and frustrate the fuck out of us...with their shitty fake US accent
starquant (2 months ago)
Indians can't mimic the Aussie accent, so they don't even try. Crikey !. If it's a call from India, hang up cause it's a scam !.
Biswajit Saha (2 months ago)
The Biggest Assholes of India...the IT employees....
Bel Khan (2 months ago)
The husband and wife @15:00 are very decent with heads in the right place, hope they succeed
Reposado (2 months ago)
India 'Silicon Valley' (answering call) should guide people where to poop instead~ And please those retarded musician~ RETARDED COUNTRY!
Maaruks (3 months ago)
Trump will nuke them all
Andrez Hernandez (3 months ago)
Bitch this is the real silicone valley saying fuck um, and we call it the bay bruh
Mark Nalt (3 months ago)
Pretty badass band in the beginning damn.
Archie Aligsao (3 months ago)
What a weird calendar at 1:43
Ray2Jerry (3 months ago)
I've seen what these phone scammers have done to innocent old ladies and the vulnerable. No sympathy, sorry... I can see how being a merciless uncaring thief can weigh on your mind...
3506Dodge (3 months ago)
the men wear western clothes but the women wear traditional clothes.
3506Dodge (3 months ago)
I don't want my "data" going to India.
3506Dodge (3 months ago)
"Jaime in Miami" so we should trust people who practice lying?
Unoko412 (3 months ago)
to make sales? you mean you make scams
Mom's Basement (3 months ago)
In every Indian video I've ever seen, the honking of cars is fucking maddening. Shoot me now.
Ryan Pearsall (4 months ago)
Relationships don't tend to work out for me either, I'm single and happy for now also.... If you start to get burnt out.. Would love to take you out..
Russ G (4 months ago)
These are the people who interrupt you multiple times a day, with everything from credit card scams to offers of cut-rate Viagra tablets. Fuck 'em!
Clarence Maggazz (4 months ago)
She is earning less but the money is enough for her to be independent. Classic. She won't have to marry now to a guy that she may not be loving. Love it
Chen Ning (4 months ago)
230$, it is even below the least level of payment for person in our city (shenzhen)
The PilotMaster (4 months ago)
7:50 almost everyone in that room is fat. god bless merica
Kenneth Carpenter II (4 months ago)
Bahaha indian rock band? Horrible
patricia lloyd (4 months ago)
Crap music
Eric Mrombo (4 months ago)
The world is at the brink of destruction... All these merchants and capitalism.. Will crash... This is biblical prophecy... Love not the world nor the things in it...
aliyander rajurs (4 months ago)
Everyone wants to become mutimillonaire overnite and this leads to depression and other effects and to suicide..Very sad
SUGAR DOLLAR DADDY (4 months ago)
I just hoped , they will stop callin me for fake job while i am sleeping in the morning
XtremeBudgetMusician (4 months ago)
Your problem is Indian scammers. People look at you guys like Nigerian emails
Cosmonauteable (4 months ago)
Atal (4 months ago)
America and ISIS killed one billion people so far
Unbeastable (4 months ago)
Why are Indians so dirty? Look at their house, dirty walls, stinking dirty kitchen.
Robert ORourke (4 months ago)
Jasper Paolo (4 months ago)
This is not progress!
Sulfen (4 months ago)
Indians are really smart and very hard working but I have ran into some issues when working with them. The company that hired me for a project several years ago paired me up with a couple Indian programmers. They finished projects quickly and often they worked fine but when issues came up it was difficult to fix because their code is disorganized and often they steal code from other projects so often they don't always know how everything in their code works. Also, they often didn't admit any fault when they made mistakes. I made a shit ton of mistakes but I always let people know so that they could help me fix my mistakes but often they stayed quiet and worked alone making a 1 week project take 1 month. They're definitely doing better though! So I hope that they keep improving.
Observer (4 months ago)
I was hoping to watch some serious documentary about india's tech industry, instead I was presented a feminism video with excessive amount of unnecessary feminism garbage. Thumbed down.
please whats the band and song name?
Slartibartfast (4 months ago)
I work as a software developer in Cambridge UK and my opinion is that India would be better developing its software industry rather than serving as an outsourcing country. There are plenty of bright capable software engineers in India and they can do much better than outsourcing, which on the whole they do fairly poorly because the truth is - you can't really outsource IT especially not software engineering, it just doesn't really work very well due to a lack of domain knowledge.
MA AS (4 months ago)
22:22 oh yeh that indian babe is getting some dick lol
paul pinnock (4 months ago)
Excuse me but I failed to see the freedom maybe I just need glasses you have now entered the realm of wage slavery get a salary but still a Slave but now the company don't have to look after your well-being you're given a little pitons the try and survive off of and tried emulate Western culture and lifestyle I'm from Jamaica to same thing there they can brainwash women that they are now free
Truthfears Guilty (4 months ago)
The Silicon Chip is the KILLER. The Silicon Chip, is making the world travel at the speed of light and with that, those participating in it, also have to travel at that speed and we all know that in this journey, the end is closer that it should be.
Jeed92 (4 months ago)
Its not sad to see 110 people killthemselfs. Its sad to see the indian spirit dieing there. Even after being raped by the psychopaths of england India was one of the very few countries who managed to secure their way of life and knowledge about the human system. But all the people who leave their villages because they believe the lie of a better life in a city, suffer and make all the sacrefices of the past generations worthless. The "global" world is ruining India. A culture that was safe from invasions for 9.000 years and did very fine is now totally exposed to the psychopaths who build this world economy. I hope that the Queen of England with her indian jewlery is happy now. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how the people of India now run after the idiots of the west who bring nothing but destruction and suck out the life of millions of people. Except for some exterior comfort the west has brought india nothing but harm and destruction. And then some stupid as bread westeners talk bad about india, like a shithole without understanding why it became such a mess. Its because of their ancestors and they enjoy the benefits of the raping and plundering that has happened in India. Fucking disgusting people who think they are superior because they had bigger weapons 100 years ago and still they dont leave India alone. No they rather travel to india and are offended if they pay 10 cents more for some stuff sold on the street and make a blog about how india is full of liars and thugs. Sometimes in my weak moments i just want to fistfight this people until 1 of us is dead. But then I realize how much % of the west suffers mental illness and I see that karma is real. So I dont have to get my hands dirty on this scum that keeps walking on the heads of others.
Pipe Tunes (4 months ago)
All cities in India are suicide worthy
Douglas of Avalon (4 months ago)
I LOVE India and the people that make up this beautiful part of the world. I want to go back very much to Chennai where Dr. Vijay Bose and the Apollo Hospital network helped me and actually saved my life by performing a BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing). This ended the 8 years of suffering I had endured from a mountain biking accident that turned in to a severe case of osteoarthritis and heavy duty non-stop sciatic pain that affected my sleep and daily life. I was ready to commit suicide because NO DOCTORS in the U.S. were able to help me. All they would tell me is that I have to wait until I was around 60 years old and THEN they can perform a THR (Total Hip Replacement).. I was in my late 30's and early 40's during that time...the peak of my career and I was dying slowly from chronic hip pain. This gave me a second chance at life and turned everything around to provide me a reason to live again! Now I need my other hip fixed but I do not have the resources as yet to travel to Chennai. Dr. Bose is still there but now has his own clinic. I am working on finding those resources now....and I KNOW that I will once again come to this magnificent land with the kindest people on this plane of existence. I LOVE INDIA AND THE PEOPLE OF INDIA! xoxoxox ~ Douglas of Avalon <3
Meyriana King (4 months ago)
Part of the globalization strategy. Point is globalization is about enriching the elites using the rests of population as their tools, cheap wages or automation (robots).
Chad Dixon (4 months ago)
Lieing about your name. Giving an American name with that accent is why you get shutdown and told to go fuck yourself. Telemarketing should be illegal. Everyone hates it. You idiots need to find a real job.
Sophie Louis (4 months ago)
Get the Nasdaq Pay 2 Play Security Fraud/Homicide Crimes,Commited By ISIS Fugitives Catherine Middleton & Her Husband Body Double Prince Williams,Lara Yuneska,Miri Regev,Lisa Page aka(Jusmine Phanthouvong),Rod Rossenstein,Bruno Bonnet.
Etyere Petyere (4 months ago)
Hellhole India .
Discharge Summary (4 months ago)
Uncletaco supreme (4 months ago)
That song aint bad.
Troy Kilmister (4 months ago)
Yes. Smart move work for American Banksters so I can be free. Great plan.....
Fit For Life 101 (4 months ago)
To sum up: Used, used and then discarded....
YodaVon .VaderWalker (4 months ago)
The shit mankind does for money when once we were Gods. Very sad to watch
_ L (4 months ago)
Good report, often our incentive structures outline for too few metrics, these are then optimised for as recognized by Goodhart's Law https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodhart's_law
groovy grover (4 months ago)
Indians getting treated like shit.No one talks like that on a conference call here in the US...Engineers my ass...Second class citizens in your own country
Kevin 080592 (4 months ago)
Lol! filipino here.. I can relate..working in a call center industry is very very stressful indeed with all the changing hours and the demands of mentally challenge superiors lol!..but to combat it, I turn to travel or exploring new places.. my place in manila now has alot of asian restaurants and leisure parks to explore that is why I guess that despite the stress of the everyday world, philippines has a low suicide rate, because we now have so many beautiful things to turn to when times get rough
terminal2004 (4 months ago)
20:04 Isn't she more Chinese than Indian?
E 10 (4 months ago)
I see a lot of hungry people..
mastertechken mike (4 months ago)
i cant stand the bad accent indians have i hang up EVERYTIME I HEAR IT!
who8myfish (4 months ago)
Indian culture encourages a work ethic that isn't healthy in the tech world. I've been a software developer for almost 10 years now and Indain software developers almost all have the same quantity over quality approach. This makes your boss happy but introduces technical debt quickly. Over time this technical debt starts to slow down progress and create lots of very frustrating busy work which ends up creating stress and burnout. Software development isn't physically taxing but it's mentally exhausting and can even effect your personality and ability to have healty human relationships. You become hyperlogical and obsessed with the infinte list of tasks that are not complete. TL;DR They work too many hours and are rushed constantly. They need to reduce the work week to 35-45 hours and prioritize quality over quantity.
yes (4 months ago)
Do milk baby sho vagine and do blue job
Everything Unique (4 months ago)
im angry there is not more positve and free around the world. most of the world looks awful and dumpy, working day to day to just be so un happy with what you did during that pathetic life. why not just learn to live off the land with others or just your self and maybe more will follow but who cares. you should worry about yourself get out and find some peace for your self before its to late
Everything Unique (4 months ago)
make positive music, its proven that sad music has more effect when someone is listening to it sad, will be even more sadder, so why make the sad fucking music
Vincent Tan (4 months ago)
Actually India has enough brain power. I think Indians need to start to treat Indians better, like how China is currently paying very competitive salary in the IT industry.
Raymond (4 months ago)
ahh..... indian english, the only type of english that still needs english translations in videos. haha
S Z (4 months ago)
Stop calling me you fcking Indian telemarketers !!!!!!! With terrible accents .
Jack is not in the box (4 months ago)
She's only 20??? Damn, smoking ages you fast.
david yen (4 months ago)
Hey Bollywood accepts it so USA plows ahead!🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼🇺🇸🇹🇼
Jenny Thalia (4 months ago)
That is the place where all authorized microsoft techincians and the IRS are!!
jay adams (4 months ago)
Why did´nt Europe let these hardworking and kind people into their countries instead of a bunch of inbred muslims?
Centi Zen (4 months ago)
Tasteful use of Iron Maiden as background music? Prop's to whoever slipped that in around the 6:00 minute mark.
KELLI2L2 (4 months ago)
Greedy corporations have caused this new century of human slavery... 👎
BL1400 (4 months ago)
Oh, stop americanizing your name and accent. We all know who we're speaking to
Kashmir (3 months ago)
They have to, since there are alot of racist fuckwhits which won't speak to those foreign people if they find out..
Russ G (4 months ago)
"This is Peggy...."
Jorge Manso (4 months ago)
There is PERFECTION before existence...We come from a heaven like place.... Why to impose IMPERFECTION then? why to impose this hellish type of place...There is no God here! Learn about antinatalism...the road to PERFECTION... the road to GOD... Pass the message on as I do... Learn the facts, watch the playlist... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqUiOCOSXcg&t=0s&list=PLEY-6zOqLhRH71MWn_Q9pQjEExznjsHMK&index=2
Poker Channel (4 months ago)
The purpose of moving forward is to continue moving forward, even if there is no answer to what the purpose of it all is. Still more, we keep moving forward and forward. Where are we going? No one even slows down to ask. And forward and forward we go. WE call this progress. The whole stated purpose of progress is to keep on making more progress. And so away we go. NO time to waste on asking silly questions
Poker Channel (4 months ago)
no way  Hi: what is your exit plan? is it quick and painless? thx.
Poker Channel (4 months ago)
no way  from the 2008 lows, we have gained 300 % in the stock market. Just think about that. does it look to you that we have made 300% in production? All of this market is propped up by the national debt and the way that everyone is encouraged to spend spend spend with cheap loans. All of this is borrowed wealth that is part of the national debt. Just pull up a national debt clock leaderboard and you will see that your statement is 100% correct. All the money gets borrowed and then lent out again as credit and as fractional reserve lending. [Fractional reserve lending is where the bank only has to keep 10 cents (10% of any real dollar). So, let's say you have 1 REAL dollar. You put in the bank. The bank lends out 90cents. That second person deposits 90 cents and then 81 is lent out. So, even if there were $1 real, it gets multiplied very quickly.] The whole system is going to crash. Hey: no way . . . you seem to understand this. So, what is your exit plan? thx.
Poker Channel (4 months ago)
@noway  I have been aware of this. My kids literally have no future. Within this life time, it is all ending. I work in many incarceration facilities (jail, prison, and state mental hospital). When the credit collapse comes (ie when credit freezes and all the fake wealth of the USA comes to a crashing halt), there will be no food at the supermarket, no water out of your faucet, and no gas at the gas station. The workers at the jails will walk off. The prisoners will break out and it will be very ugly. I think for that reason, one must be prepared to end oneself before the thugs robs you, rapes you, etc.
no way (4 months ago)
We are all marching to the suicide of the whole global civilization and most people don't even know that. There is no future for us. Either climate change will kill us or the next financial market collapse or world war 3. Maybe all of these will happen at once.
San Daz (4 months ago)
They need more bobs and vegana
Arch Dev (4 months ago)
fidel catsro (4 months ago)
Worst enemy in any modern society: Insulin, Estrogen and Cortisol...
Ant Nam (4 months ago)
So those French fucks who are heavily unionised in their own country goes to a 3rd world country and make their staff available for 24hrs? Bastards! that would be illegal in France but they push this madness on the locals. People should lear, work and move on, don't die for these fucks. They will replace you if you have issue or drop dead in a minute, it's an assembly line for them and they have endless line of people waiting to join the assembly line every year. Your life is valuable, don't waste it for these bastards.
Zeus Almighty (4 months ago)
when i make a call or get a call and they sound indian, i instantly lose trust for that company. I distrust indians greatly.
Steven Erickson (4 months ago)
All international or multinational corporations are evil AF.
CUBAvtv 82 (4 months ago)
Slavery ..Jews making a killing...
Filipp Musatov (4 months ago)
tyler durden (4 months ago)
Lol.. I'm a little late😑
Sisist (4 months ago)
oh dear
zaimah Begum-Diamond (4 months ago)
Depression and stress is indeed very taboo still.
Kamaruzaman B T (4 months ago)
3rd world become dumping ground...new way to opiumnise d indian well mannered ppl...but...they'll learn fast...once they understood...bye bye...
MrAac2020 (4 months ago)
With such a HIGH POPULATION PROBLEM like in India it would be advisable not to have but only (1) child. Those with little to nothing shouldn't be having any.
Sam Lockhart (4 months ago)
Um...last time I checked, the moral of the story "The Tortoise and the Hare" wasn't "it's better to be fast and reliable." I'm pretty sure it's "slow and steady."
CUBAvtv 82 (5 months ago)
Fucking stupid bitch...she thinks she is white ...
CUBAvtv 82 (5 months ago)
These people are trying so hard to be westerners is ridiculous....
jay dubbs (4 months ago)
Exactly! Nigerians too
Moskovskaya Narodnaya (5 months ago)
I'm (shia muslim) from Russia, and I want to know what Indian people think about people from Russia. Good or bad? Because I want to travel to India and just party and go to nightclubs. Far away from home I can do whatever I want :)
MrInsideafro (5 months ago)
Black smelly disgusting the undesirable eww
ShazamMafia (5 months ago)
Is the capital of online scamming also ;)
Jon (5 months ago)
19:40 There is an Asian here lol
Jon (5 months ago)
Saying they are productive and do good jobs is not always true, for the money, which is not a lot, maybe, but in fact not really.
Malcolm L (5 months ago)
Here is a good idea for India birth control and cut your population by at.least 60 to 70 %
Abeo Nimrod (5 months ago)
' did you guys build bathrooms and toilets in your houses and work areas yet 60% of India don't even have toilets in their house or a bathroom they go outside so nasty
anand panjwani (5 months ago)
What a shame to pay very low wages. JAI hind.
Gickel Arasu (5 months ago)
Bangalore was a such a beautiful city now too many North Indian have come and made the city worst !!!!

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