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Asian Hair Tutorial - Anime Style Complete Tutorial!

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Hey guys this is my old asian hair video some of you might remember :P Hope this video still helps Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=640015404 ^^ Feel free to add me and ask questions I'll be more likely to be able to reply here =) Songs are: Break Down - Girugamesh Bad Girl - B2ST/ BEAST Kiss me through the phone - Jeff I do not own any of the songs listed above.
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Text Comments (318)
ImFah Gaming (12 days ago)
Unlimited girls eill follow you :)
Hamid Kamara Deen (22 days ago)
Dam it
Sirkevo 13 (22 days ago)
lol 4 years later here we are
Yolo 4Evah (23 days ago)
Sasuke kun?
Damn this is so old
Quentin Biggers (1 month ago)
Mark Zuckerberg (1 month ago)
*watches naruto once* Me:
Dominique Palagtiw (2 months ago)
what if your hair is not perfect?its like soft a bit.how can i fix it?
Arima Haise (3 months ago)
Your hair....just fine....but your face ruined everything
B - Blox (3 months ago)
I'm a girl but I have short hair so this works for me 😂😂
GaMeR LoL (3 months ago)
Is that L hair style
اليخاندرو (3 months ago)
Can I Do it Without an asian Hair?
ZAMBoi (3 months ago)
I am Asian but I don't have long hair LOL
Black Førest (3 months ago)
1:32 dirty finger
【孫悟空】Kid Goku (2 months ago)
Stfu, we Asians Don't Give 2 Fucks
Rukyuuii (3 months ago)
yash Gupta (4 months ago)
Bro u r looking awesome
SCARLETT KINGS (4 months ago)
You look really cool man
Shadow The Hedgehog (4 months ago)
next level sonic fan
Hugh Jacketman (5 months ago)
Why am i watching this? It's freaking 2018 ‹•.•›
Jaylah Drew (5 months ago)
He reminds me of the guy from final fantasy.
Akemi Ninja (5 months ago)
Im black and Chinese. Would it it work even tho I'm black and Chinese?
Mystery Mask (6 months ago)
Do you mean anime hair
Psiphon Pro (6 months ago)
only one video on this channel?
Chase Her (6 months ago)
You had anime hair the whole time
Im Drunk (7 months ago)
You looks like that guy from final fantasy
JonelKingas (8 months ago)
just do that and all anime loving girls come to you if i would be girl i would hit on you btw im not gay...
april cusack (8 months ago)
Cute as and pretty informative A+
melody & harmony (9 months ago)
You look like Sato Ryuji
Leo Lu (9 months ago)
What products do you use to wash your hair? Shampoo? Conditioner? Or just plain water?
Proxytale 101 (10 months ago)
I just noticed.... we could be the edgiest Race
Moon Man (11 months ago)
Mom get the hair dye
Ankur Satyarthi (11 months ago)
Nice effort bro i really appreciate it Konnichiva
Memesters Memes (11 months ago)
I'm asian, I already have anime hair. My hair looks like kid sasuke.
Saafwan Bin Masood (1 year ago)
shit i don't have long hair like that but i am asian
Joe Almaraz (1 year ago)
So, question. I am hispanic and my hair is always straight and outward. I just want to be sure what tho of haircut to get or what trim etc to tell So I can shape it to this style and keep it. The one in my photo shows my hair with ALOT of heavy gel... and damp. So, it's not really all this wire like. I just put way to much gel and now I know I need a straighter etc, moose. But since I have the straight thick hair I want to get it tried right. Much is appreciated! And awesome video. I lack that skill set!
NeoCortex 89 (7 months ago)
Joe Almaraz I'm Hispanic to and I have curly hair😕😕
Jeikdoe [GD] (1 year ago)
2009 YouTube be like
KPopTube (1 year ago)
Omg so sexy boy😍😍 P.S (i’m girl) Idk what i’m doing here:/
Yalonda24 (1 year ago)
Dude, its been like 7 years. We need an update on how you do your hair. lol. Just messing. I was just going through my discussion board lol and I was going back through reading comments I had with people and remember talking with you and saw our convo. Just wanted to say hello!
Yalonda24 (1 year ago)
So? Who cares?
VW Gamer (1 year ago)
Lol I'm trying to grow my hair that long because my hair can do that
Dino_Group _V2.0 (1 year ago)
What do you use for the hair product?
derek wirth jr (1 year ago)
I always go to salons and try to get this haircut and the always get the side burns wrong. And they cut the bangs too short. My picture is what I look like after a trip to the salon when I asked for what he has. I tell them every way I can with pictures and they always mess it up. Advice?
The Jurassic ninja (11 months ago)
My advice learn how to cut it the way you want it on your own it will be cheaper and you can have it the way you want it.
Raindrops R (1 year ago)
I cut my hair myself because I and only I really know what I want for my hair, absolutly no salons could get me what I wanted because these types of haircut are not commun.
hunter cherry (1 year ago)
derek wirth jr try going to a new place or a younger person might sound funny but gays actually cut the best hair, or when you get it cut tell them where to stop like say don't cut it past this point that's what I do sorry if this doesn't help.
Glo Bro (1 year ago)
weeaboos in the comment section
Fucyeahitsm E (6 days ago)
Yolo 4Evah then die
Yolo 4Evah (23 days ago)
... umm im a weeaboo
Paige Romanova (11 months ago)
Ale Dale what do you expect this is an anime hairstyle tutorial -_-
Demon Life (1 year ago)
Excuse me guys Random girl passing by
[Ocer//OcR] (1 month ago)
Bryan 745 (2 months ago)
Stupid twitch thot
Taro (4 months ago)
Watchtictoc •• a THOT
iiPolaris (7 months ago)
Kate Riley (8 months ago)
begone thot
SuperHervMeme XD (1 year ago)
good from his front but , bad from his back (not bad , but weird)
Shadow X (1 year ago)
I subscribed just because of this video lol
Julius Domingo (1 year ago)
Sunny-D Curles (1 year ago)
You look like L from Death Note!
Enigma (10 months ago)
I ain't albino, but I unfortunately look like Near without even fucking doing my hair, it's as long and curly as Near's hair is... So I ain't a weeaboo.
Ashie Rawr (1 year ago)
bro this was amazing!!!!!!!
TMG DankLeo (1 year ago)
I don't have long hair
Stathis Tzavaras (8 months ago)
If you don't have long gair just w8 2 months and it will be long
FIRST ITZ ANDREW then why r u watching dis
Gangsta Nigga (1 year ago)
I'mAnAlpaca ._. (1 year ago)
can i do this without asian hair?
mdma is safe (2 months ago)
no it would be completely impossible to even try. god doesn't allow it
killer meme star (8 months ago)
Just grow your hair but ceep it fine then do what you want
Monkey PlayGames (11 months ago)
Vilax Lexster I am asian but I have curly hair why.
Omega Lobo (1 year ago)
Well yes you can, but it wouldn't come out as good because Asians have a certain kind of hair that doesn't grow down instead it grows out Caucasians have hair that generally grows curly. Then there is African decent hair which also grows curly but usually is very short (those are the three types of hair btw)
got bored (1 year ago)
no fair, you have anime hair to start with :(
Kwadens (2 years ago)
Hey dude why don't you make more videos? Judging by your first video it seems like you could make a lot of good videos
FB I (3 months ago)
Kwadens this was 9 years ago
Yu Yan (2 years ago)
I wonder if your hair is still like that xD
Yu Yan (2 years ago)
+House of Ho Awesome, do what you love, man 👍
House of Ho (2 years ago)
+Floyd Kimpo haha it is completely different now, I'm thinking of bringing out a hair tutorial as to how it is now =)
Death6888 (2 years ago)
who's hairstyle is that anyway?
Jesse Dale (7 months ago)
Death6888 It's L.
Death6888 (2 years ago)
That's bad I can't, you see my parents treat my like a diamond or gold they don't want my hair to be cut IsMyName (2 years ago)
Just make yiur hair longer
Neil Patrick Olaires (2 years ago)
Trackender i want my hair syle to be like that
Death6888 (2 years ago)
yup totally thanks
Senelion (3 years ago)
you already have asian anime hair lol
SKATERSETH 1 (8 months ago)
Senelion step one be Asian
Brunix001 (3 years ago)
song name?
VC Guerrilla (11 months ago)
Waifles (3 years ago)
+prince jellyfish yep, he did
Waifles (3 years ago)
+prince jellyfish yep, he did
did u just...
Brunix001 (3 years ago)
+001Brunix fuck you
narongpol yeh (3 years ago)
🎋Haha you're very good at this!🌸
abduallah ibn mousa (3 years ago)
this writing was annoying me alltime
Zoom Zoom (3 years ago)
Finally a video of how to style asian hair that is kinda mid length and does not involve a hair straightener. May I ask whether you have the typical asian straight coarse thick hair or are you mixed race and have another hair type that makes styling easier.
Yato111000 (3 years ago)
三島榎本 (3 years ago)
Girugamesh xd..
Nakashima Tadayoshi (3 years ago)
why cant open that facebook link?
BerryMilSim AirSoft (3 years ago)
Just like my hair cut but mines red........... @[email protected]
... (4 years ago)
Practice on my brother!? I would never... (ゝ。∂)
educadorist (4 years ago)
Kirk Kimberly (4 years ago)
How long is his hair exactly?
Perverted_Hero (4 years ago)
You should cosplay Gary from pokemon :0 nyce hair
Brendan Canada (4 years ago)
Thank you
MonstahOW (4 years ago)
Not bad :)
Cindy S (4 years ago)
Is it nessesary to wet your hair or dampen it? I don't have a blowdryer that's why..
TheLordReiko (4 years ago)
Thank u Awesome tutorial !
The Blind Ward (4 years ago)
Lol same trick but my hair style is different. U better than me at it
Kimmaly Ham (4 years ago)
Looks great
kd k (4 years ago)
The wax is to style, what's the hairspray for? To hold it?
Jonas (4 years ago)
U remind me of ban
George Li (4 years ago)
5:13 Dat face
William Lay (4 years ago)
Woah he's KAWAII (O/////O)
spazz (4 years ago)
He looks like sasuke lawl
Ban (1 year ago)
Louverbot xD yes
Low Society (4 years ago)
at 1:32 he gave me a middle finger D: good video though! This kind of hairstyle works for me.
Magic Dust (5 years ago)
you have an amazing hair <3 so straight naturally
fakher ghanmi (5 years ago)
im sorry but could you give some example of hair products cause this stuff is new for me so plzz take it easy on me =D
Sara Hasham (5 years ago)
cool cool
Jonas Van Dael (5 years ago)
Lol my heart melted when they started playing beast <3
YellowThunderFiM (5 years ago)
Do you think this hairstyle would suit a person with my type of face? (Check Avatar)
Micky Calm (5 years ago)
Круто :)
Ryota Saotome (5 years ago)
maybe i try it soon
sk8er4lifeization (5 years ago)
whats the name of the second song?
Smexi Sketchling (5 years ago)
wow best tutorial :) beautiful hair with a beautiful face :)
CeribralcortexTV (5 years ago)
Thats fresh
KiagO kinG (5 years ago)
Awesome hair dude!
Victor Cruz (5 years ago)
Hey bro. I just wanted to thank you for posting this video I based you and your hair style for a character I made for a project maybe like 4 years ago when you first posted the vid before it got taken down lols. I was looking for new hairstyles for a new project I'm working on and I can into your old vid. Thanks again
Kimmy Cheung (5 years ago)
You are such a WEEABOO!!! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
DorkieAsianTv (5 years ago)
It kinda hurt my hair at the first
I knew that the first song was Girugamesh! xD
Itachi Uchiha (6 years ago)
oh my god your hair look so cool in the end ^^ greetings from germany :D
Icy Lemon56 (6 years ago)
leopard c this guy here is better than darkfire
khairul337 (6 years ago)
window7000 (6 years ago)
the song at 1:00 sounds like it came from Bleach
Corenna Artley (6 years ago)
lol its nice to have dreads but i wish ma hair was like urs
Marie Larsson (6 years ago)
Love the music and yeea you are cute n_n

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