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Top 15 Hotties {Guys with Long Hair}

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This is just my choice. Hope you like it !!! I made also another one because I couldn't choose. Song: Brand new Breeze 15. Kiba (Wolf's Rain) 14. Ayame (Fruit Basket) 13. Rei (Saint Beast) 12. Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) 11. Ren (Karin) 10. Takuto Iwai (Gakuen Heaven) 9. Hagi (Blood +) 8.Hyuga ( Neo Angelique Abyss) 7. Yunoki Azuma ( La Corda d'oro) 6. Viscount Druitt (Kuroshitsuji) 5. Soubi (Loveless) 4. Haruken Oak (07-Ghost) 3. Vincent Nightray (Pandora Hearts) 2. Kelpie (Hakushaku To Yousei) 1. Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight) see also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xi-uV7dKcU
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Text Comments (297)
Anime Central (10 months ago)
Freed, undertaker, Grell, no?
PainInside MyHead (1 year ago)
Tomoe? Kokkuri San?
fatima313 sh (1 year ago)
Is this la corda doro
Captain Jack-sama (2 years ago)
damn you! where is sesshomaru!!!!
koneko sama (4 years ago)
whats no.9
carmen stitt (4 years ago)
anime cute  guys overload alert
Lord Sesshomaru (4 years ago)
where sesshomaru he have also have a long hair
_lisa_waz_here_ (4 years ago)
Dat last pic dao lol Im done
lorenageil (5 years ago)
Waht is the title from anime guy 9,6,3 and 2
Maria Stay (5 years ago)
Who is the number 9 ?
Leaujenea Hastings (1 year ago)
Maria Stay he's from blood+ it's a good show
Maria Stay (5 years ago)
Who is the number 13 ?
Leaujenea Hastings (1 year ago)
Number nine is hagi
Leaujenea Hastings (1 year ago)
Maria Stay it's Hagi from blood+ he's so cute and so as soubi
where is kanda from d gray man...T_T
jeannitakagome (5 years ago)
where the hell is Itachi!
Eevee of the Sea (5 years ago)
I love this song!!
Sarah Faherty (5 years ago)
What about sesshomaru from inuyasha ???
angel pridefull (5 years ago)
yuri (demon king mode) from god save our king (kyo kara maoh).. sorry if wrong title
AmethystAngel730 (5 years ago)
Count Druitt but not sebastian...? T-T
Brittney Young (5 years ago)
can someone give me all the animes that these hot long hair hotties are from?!?!?
Noémi Mach (1 year ago)
Read the describe😄
TkimTk (5 years ago)
To be honest, I hate Kaname, and has a personality a bit ... Arrogant, I think the cutest Zero. But I think Vampire Knight would be nothing without that annoying Kuran al.
Sigal (5 years ago)
wheres kanda from d grey man?!!?!?!?
SpaceSquare7 (6 years ago)
Kelpie *-* I liked this video and the Top 15 hotties {short hair}! :3
Amu hinamori (6 years ago)
number 1 so true hes so hot
Red and Lee (6 years ago)
The song I believe is fron the anime La Corda Prima Passo
VraieEsprit (6 years ago)
It's Brand New Breeze by Kanon. The opening theme to Kiniro no Koruda (La Corda D'Oro) anime.
VraieEsprit (6 years ago)
Yunoki <3. I thought when I heard what song you did this too that he might appear on your list ;) Also agree with Hyuuga and Byakkun. Can't stand Kuran Kaname though...sorry about that ;) Had forgotten Ayame. O.O. How bad of me...
LamuPrincess (6 years ago)
Omg the song is amazing ,what the name of the song pls?
Carlos Melendez (6 years ago)
where is KIMBLEE
cassidy31060 (6 years ago)
What shows did you get these anime from
LegendColgo (6 years ago)
Rei is the best :P
uchihalover1000 (6 years ago)
oh god i melted when i saw kanames eyes ohhh god so hot
Shelbi Gagermeier (6 years ago)
whoa whoa whoa......thats it? what about Renji(bleach) and Dark Mousy(DN Angel)!!!!!
Chris Rose (6 years ago)
2:06 i see why you arn't allowed to look in a vamps eyes there beautful
just4kiix (6 years ago)
but he's banging his sister!!
KelseyRose (6 years ago)
Love it! All the guys I love!
KimQui (6 years ago)
I love the song that you chose for this song <3 Brand New Breeze :D
YugiTube (6 years ago)
@vampire66336633 Hes from Karin aka Chibi Vampire Suggest you watch or read it i love it personally ^^
Bluenime games (6 years ago)
what show is ren from
Hungry 24/7 (6 years ago)
I also agree with the comments. . .You really shouke put inuyasha and the others there :3
Hungry 24/7 (6 years ago)
*****!!i thoughtb that the picture from the video was sebastian in black butler!(complete dissapointment) >:T
KaeMin95 (6 years ago)
Sesshomaru, Ikuto, Lelouch, and Sebastian need to be in here. :)))))))))
TheDarkWolfKnight (6 years ago)
eh, most of them have shoulder-length hair people, not long
Ishani Gupta (6 years ago)
@GirlxFlower danx for agreegin ........;)
Wendy van Rijn (6 years ago)
@isha26jenni I AGREEEE. SESSHOUMARU . <3_<3
Lenassy (7 years ago)
Ale dodam od siebie iż większość panów tutaj nie ma dlugich włosów,bardziej bym to krótkimi nazwała :)
Lenassy (7 years ago)
Kocham w anime facetów z długimi włosami <3
Lilly (7 years ago)
Akatsuki Chika's father should be here (Akatsuki Yuuri)... '-' And Bekko-san X3 (Zombie-Loan) Hehe... :d
RachelKitten (7 years ago)
Team Hakuren!!!!!
jennifer garcia (7 years ago)
Sun Flower (7 years ago)
Fuu fuu fuu, finally some Haji appreciation. <3 Though I admit, I'd put him as number 1.
Ishani Gupta (7 years ago)
wat bout neji n sesshomaru n inuyasha
kelly foxhoven (7 years ago)
i love it kaname is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!
EdibleFireworkz (7 years ago)
Where is able nightroad(Trinty blood)?? He is so hawt!
SakuraGekido (7 years ago)
@Shadowleggy12 Yes!! Someonewith a brain!! I was thinking that he would be number 1!!
VICTORIA777NESS (7 years ago)
5. nerdy cuteness...
VICTORIA777NESS (7 years ago)
1 AND 2 hot
VICTORIA777NESS (7 years ago)
10. CUTE
VICTORIA777NESS (7 years ago)
15. HOT
Iz C (7 years ago)
@noori18 hahaa you can voice your opinion, but i just want to throw out that he's not her brother, but an ancient ancestor that was brought back to life by rido (evil uncle)
Tiffany Johnson (7 years ago)
kaname does not have long hair!
noor mf (7 years ago)
like all xcept kaname who wants 2 do his sister, INCEST!!! hes also never around for here even in the end and hes kinda gross, wen i see him i wanna throw up, plz dont get mad just want 2 voice my own opinion like the hot guys wiv short her video 2! :)
TheMulti1616 (7 years ago)
weres Kabuto?
Levicorpus22 (7 years ago)
@Kathmirlo y Gilbert Nightray!!!!!!!!!!!! el tanbien tiene el pelo largo!
Chloala (7 years ago)
wtf why was Byakuya at 12?!
Nhadhareh (7 years ago)
Kaname is so darn HOT!!! I love you Kaname!!! Kaname Kuran!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
KandyKane (7 years ago)
Nice list! I would have Kenshin, Renji, and Abel Nightroad in mine somewhere though :D
Story Lover (7 years ago)
@dakota8700 brand new breeze. it´s the opening from la corda dóro.
yoursims1 (7 years ago)
what the hell alucard this isnt good
harrypottermaniac08 (7 years ago)
Kanda from D. Gray Man should be on your list!
Lily Chan (7 years ago)
@Jesjasjos He's not hot!! I mean he looks dead xDDD Just joking,he's hot!!
coofwip (7 years ago)
Ren <3 Druit x3 SEBASTIANNN! <3
Sophie (7 years ago)
i totally agree wif tis!!
ItachiElric (7 years ago)
D= Dark Mousy didn't make it?! He's smexy in living form!
minim1ght (7 years ago)
Ok...where's Edward Elric?! D:
MidnightMoonWolves (7 years ago)
@PinkKittyHamster1 La Corda D'Oro ~Primo Passo~
Jsmoothy101 (7 years ago)
The Cynosure (7 years ago)
All I can say is ALEISTER. <3 I frickin' love him. I watch the Jack the Ripper arc in Kuroshitsuji all the time because he makes me giggle. <<<3
kpop! in your area (7 years ago)
Okay. I totally agree with your choices. Those guys are sexed. amazingly sexed. One problem though....um...WHERE THE HELL ARE INUYASHA, SESSHOMARU, and KOGA?! Oh. for those who are wondering: The song played is "Brand New Breeze" by Kanon. It's the opening for the anime "La Corda D'oro" Hope this helps :D
kpop! in your area (7 years ago)
@MultiQueenprincess The song is "Brand New Breeze" by Kanon, from the anime La Corda D'oro and I know! Kaname and Kelpie are sexed <3
jmc7788 (7 years ago)
冰紫凝 (7 years ago)
Viscount Druitt?How Come?
Tori (7 years ago)
Epic kaname is sooo hot
furz12 (7 years ago)
eugene de volcan!!!
Mitsuki Mochizuki (7 years ago)
Kaname and kelpie and soubi are my favorite
Apple Abston (7 years ago)
no neji, no sesshomaru, no kenshin, no yue, no inuyasha!!!!!!!! *tears* what has the world come to. lol
Neyaluvsanime (7 years ago)
gosh i had sumthing to say ... but then i forgot lol
MegaBobbi123 (7 years ago)
u love vampre knight dont u
jeannitakagome (7 years ago)
Um,where Itachi or neji and deidara?
Mico Chen (7 years ago)
wheres jack vesalius???
ninjaslayer51 (7 years ago)
where is takumi. he is so hot and he from nana. takumi should be in there
cinnamin (7 years ago)
where the fuck is my nagihiko?!?!?!?!?!
ninajainen (7 years ago)
Kaname <3 <3 <3
chemcynix (7 years ago)
I hate Kaname more than every single male character in anime ^_^ Yuuki is worse though. But anyway. ^_^ Although all the others are really hot
Kiryn Weddles (7 years ago)
Julia Pik (7 years ago)
numder 11:wich anime is this
Larisa Dinca (7 years ago)
For some reason I knew from the start Kaname was number one. Yey kaname. <3
GhostyGhoul (7 years ago)
OMG finnaly someone who understands KANAME FTW!!!
Julia Monsalve (7 years ago)
Where is Kanda ?!! ><
lucia kyriu (7 years ago)
L death note, ed full metal allchemist brotherhod, cross kainen vampire knight, tag foot 2 rue ,etc
iloveanime01xx (7 years ago)
kaname sama xD so amazin
Nina Karat (7 years ago)

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