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How to create a Cartoon effect in Photoshop CC - Photoshop cartoon effect tutorial

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cartoon effect photoshop. How to create a Cartoon effect in Photoshop CC cartoon effect photoshop cartoon effect without the pen tool This is a simple Photoshop cartoon effect tutorial. In this video, I will show you how to create a Cartoon Effect In Photoshop. This is a simple Photoshop cartoon effect tutorial. Subscribe: https://rebrand.ly/PSamateur Image: https://rebrand.ly/cartooneffect How to fix the Oil Paint Filter: https://youtu.be/kKXOcEpRkyc Photoshop Books: •http://amzn.to/2kI1NfH Subscribe! • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXC... • https://twitter.com/psamateur • https://www.facebook.com/photoshopama... • https://www.instagram.com/photoshopam... Visit my website: • Photoshop Tutorials: http://photoshopamateur.com #photoshopamateur #photoshopcartoon #photoshop cartoon
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Photoshop Amateur (1 year ago)
I hope you found this video helpful. Please subscribe for weekly Photoshop Tutorial videos https://goo.gl/CGfBCu
Supr3meOPS (11 days ago)
I am so mad that I didn't find this video when I first started. :(
Best Experiments (2 months ago)
Photoshop Amateur (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Photoshop Amateur (6 months ago)
What version of Photoshop are you using?
Photoshop Amateur very helpful niiicceeee
Omar Gomez (6 hours ago)
Quick and simple. Great tutorial
Tim Jones (3 days ago)
Can i do this with my Lightroom llc Photoshop????
Rob Lehnert (3 days ago)
Thanks so much - perfect for a cartoon effect. This is a terrific video - easy to understand and easy to follow.
MadlyXxCBxX Eversole (4 days ago)
Does this work with photoshop cs6?
Nilaja States (7 days ago)
sydney LeBourveau (8 days ago)
Does this only work with white backgrounds?
Photoshop Amateur (8 days ago)
No, the background does not only have to be white.
royandescartes (9 days ago)
bad boy - i subscribed! also been using photoshop for10 years now
Musa Sibanyoni (10 days ago)
I've been using Photoshop for 6 months
thank you!!
Ayo Kob (16 days ago)
It’s short and Straight to the point! I love it!
daniel ayodele (18 days ago)
1 sub for you man
Joel Fafa (18 days ago)
Great tutorial Man, Bravo!!!
MohameDSAreA (19 days ago)
for 1 day
Razia Shah (20 days ago)
Which photoshop I want to buy . Iam in a sublimation, vinyl t shirt business . Plz send me the link it would be big help
Omar Doumbouya (20 days ago)
I have been using it for 2 years
Kevin Winslet (20 days ago)
Hi, Your tutorial is great and you are easy to follow however I end up with a totally different result. It all goes wrong at oil painting effect. I noticed my defaults were not the same as yours so i copied your exactly. Still not the same I wish I could attach it I an using 2019 edition but everything is as you say in your video How can I get up getting over this issue Thanks
Fahd Danazimi (21 days ago)
nice video
Uzi Gwapp (27 days ago)
I don't have Oil Painting, I'm on CS6
MAK Team TR (27 days ago)
Thats GOOD
_ZGAMER (27 days ago)
like 1 year and a half
Rahil NA (27 days ago)
I'm a bigenner ..its really helpful and easy and i did it ...thank u ✌
Adore DaCharm (1 month ago)
I need a pic like this for my daughter logo how much for you to do
Photoshop Amateur (30 days ago)
Currently this is not a service that I offer, however contact via the Photoshop Amateur Facebook page and I will see what I can do. https://www.facebook.com/PhotoshopAmatuer/
David Fenton (1 month ago)
It worked first time without issue. Excellent little tutorial, very clear and well explained. Definitely going to sign up to see your other stuff :-)
Photoshop Amateur (1 month ago)
Thank you for the feedback.
Jed Chizner (1 month ago)
My end products keep having a ton of black spots. I dont know what im doing wrong
Photoshop Amateur (1 month ago)
Could you email me the image you a using and I could take a look.
Edward Garnett (1 month ago)
mine crashed
Photoshop Amateur (1 month ago)
What crashed?
KING M TAYLOR (1 month ago)
which version of cc was this
Photoshop Amateur (1 month ago)
The Photoshop version is CC 2017.
JackSpeed (1 month ago)
ive been using photoshop for about a year and a half now. i use it to make decent thumbnails
Mark Davis (1 month ago)
Very nice tutorial and quick method. Thanks! As others have noted, you have to switch to 8 bit mode.
ASMR Angel (1 month ago)
Wow this is amazing!!
Savy Him (1 month ago)
this is amazing work! Too bad I don't have "oil paint" in my version of photoshop :(
Photoshop Amateur (1 month ago)
Someone left a comment and said they tried it but skipped the oil painter steps and they liked the outcome. I have not tried it without that step, but you can give it a try and see how it comes out.
Crazy Crab (1 month ago)
After more than 10 years on youtube, I have finally found the first tutorial that actually gets to the point and doesn't ramble on about the irrelevant.
eon001 (1 month ago)
Ikr. Some of these 20+ minute videos want to give you there life story for some reason.
Jansiel Polanco (2 months ago)
Thank you for this! :) You saved me a lot of drawing time :)
Elizabeth Mentoor (2 months ago)
Great video, can this be done in CS4?
Leonard Hicks (2 months ago)
Man thank you for actually saying/giving step by step process....i needed this
Doncafu Graphics (2 months ago)
Bo Molander (2 months ago)
I have work whit photoshop many years.
Trongear (2 months ago)
It's a nice toturial, the problem is that it only works for 8 bit images. It's a shame that the photoshop don't allow this for 16 bit or 32 bit images yet. I really don't understand why most tutorials forget to mention the fact it only works if you change your image in mode to 8 bit instead of 16 or 32 bit ;)
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.
Royanna Williams (2 months ago)
I've been using PS for about 2 months
Matthew D'Oliveira (2 months ago)
Extremely helpful and informative vid...can you do a vid now on how to save a video in mp4 format, or how to change a video from photoshop format to mp4 format after editing it with photoshop
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
I have a video in the works unfortunately I would not be able to complete it, until after the holiday.
hanoona (2 months ago)
Very helpful ,thank you so much
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
I have happy that the video helped. Thank you for the feedback.
Best Experiments (2 months ago)
Moshinghook (2 months ago)
Today is my first day on photoshop
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
If you have not done so already check out the following channel. Unmesh has some really good in-depth tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrvLMUITAImCHMOhX88PYQ If you prefer a more traditional learning style a good book is the Adobe Photoshop CC classroom in a book series, you can find it on Amazon, or you can check your local library. I hope this helps.
Moshinghook (2 months ago)
+Photoshop Amateur I will! Thank you for the video! do you have any other recommendations?
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Nice, keep at it.
IMSOUK (2 months ago)
Great Video! Had to go back and make a few changes because the black and white section was too harsh but .... its all good! #Thanks
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on the video. I am working on and updated video that will address the issue noted in you comment. Once again thank you for the feedback.
mehdi boulesnen (2 months ago)
1 day
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Cool keep at it.
William DeBolt (2 months ago)
say bacon in ur next video plz
William DeBolt (2 months ago)
William DeBolt (2 months ago)
holy dhit that long ;9
V. Z. (2 months ago)
Ps CS6: Filter > Oil Paint
V. Z. (2 months ago)
Yes, I am one of them. I am a computer scientist, in programming. I've been turning my spare time and interests in Ps, Ae, Premiere Pro, and even Blender. I can't justify a reason to make a monthly subscription to a software package if I'm not in the field of Art and Design. I bought CS6 and it's mine forever, until the monopolies and oligarchies make all my hardware obsolete. One day Microsoft will warn me that my computer will not update and it will stop working...
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Are people still using CS6? I know some people are I was just playing. 😂
Nikita Mossi (2 months ago)
about 2 years +subbed btw
Marcus Pereira (2 months ago)
WOW... Very nice
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
One of my students have the same name.
Lengo67 (2 months ago)
Not quite right. These settings work for THIS image, but not others. You might want a finer edge depending n the image's size or it's resolution (this image is 300 dpi). You might want a different squiggle from the Oil Paint filter and this is set in stone by the Oil Paint filter. It would be better to paint in those lines. The best you can do when doing it this way, is look at the tiny preview window (which is far too small) to get the number of lines you want and their tapers. What's shown here is far too mechanical and it's not art. Art is created by the user, not algorythms. However, this shows how you can get there, but YOU have to decide what the posterization is and how the squiggles are shaped. I think that a lot of the time, the user will not be able to get what he wants unless he draws in those squiggles, and also adjusts the width of the outlines to suit the photo. Nevertheless, this shows you how to get there, but I think it best that the artist takes more control. Also, this tube is old. There's a new feature built into Filter Gallery... Artistic/Colored Pencil. There's an option called Cut Out. You can turn this on along with Colored Pencil or just use Colored Pencil or just Cut Out separately. Play with these seperately or together. See what happens. Lastly, you can color the outlines by using a clipping mask. Fill that clipped mask with any color and your black lines will change to the color chosen. You can even paint on this clipping layer with various colors so that the line is red in places, green other, or any combination you want that line to be, where you want it that particular color. At least, this tube is a start and it's a good one. But remember this: Artists make art, not software algorythms. YOU have to make the art. Software has no eye for art. It's only a tool to get to art. This video introduces you to making dark lines and a false oil paint effect (that you should take control over so that it is created correctly for the subject you're working with). One last thing: I don't want to drastically change a decently looking model, male or female, but you can pull that model out easily by chosing the bottom layer, then choose 'select subject', then copy that selection and paste it onto an empty layer that is on top of the rest. The result is fine model on an artistic background. That's art. The background is far less important so it doesn't have to be perfect, but even a little treatment with the oil paint and outline filters can make your subject really stand out. This tube is a good starting point for all of this, but don't rely on the numbers used here. The tube shows you how, but you should focus on what your eyes tell you, not what the numbers are here. The tube is very helpful at getting you started!
Helena Honey (2 months ago)
+Paul Meachen I agree with you, Lengo67 has given his opinion, and i wish he could design it also to show us on his page or something, no offence.
Paul Meachen (2 months ago)
Art is what the artist wants it to be - NOT what you define it as being.
Yum Yum (2 months ago)
ur a bully
BGMJ (2 months ago)
make a video about it
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Thank you much for the detailed feedback.
Sepanta Payghamy (2 months ago)
3 months
Audrius Biskis (2 months ago)
Nisane Xelilova (2 months ago)
thats amazing thank you very much
David O'Dell (2 months ago)
This is a great tutorial, and the effect looks good. But when I use the poster edges it puts small black strokes all over the face and arms. The threshold command worked well in your example. But even with different values I couldn't get it to look like mostly outlines as your example. But it's still a great effect so thanks for the tutorial !
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Could send me the image you are working with to the below email address. I would like to see why that is happening [email protected]
K. Frierson (2 months ago)
What app are you using?
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
The application used to create this effect is Photoshop.
I use to do this 11 years ago now I’m going to get back into it
Photoshop Amateur I don’t know tbh I’m going to get back into this now I still have some of the work I use to do I use to do it for others too graphic designs ect
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Nice, why did you stop?
JIVE DANCE CREW GH (2 months ago)
4 month now
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Nice , keep at it.
Adam2342343 (2 months ago)
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
Shelon (3 months ago)
AMAZING. Perfect tutorial. Mine came out JUST LIKE yours. Took less than 5 minutes. Thank you!
Photoshop Amateur (2 months ago)
I have happy it turned out well. Thank you very much for the feedback.
cavarod (3 months ago)
Such a great video. Thank you!
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback.
Anne F (3 months ago)
You are an amazing teacher!
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for the feedback.
Louise Andrei Bulosan (3 months ago)
I don't have oil painting in stylize
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
What version of Photoshop are you using?
Jane Braynen (3 months ago)
thank you soooo much. Ive been using Photoshop for 10 years
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
You are very welcome. Ten years, nice.
Sphelele Mndaweni (3 months ago)
This is better than all the hard videos. Number1
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback.
Jus Josef (3 months ago)
Thank you! One of the easiest to follow 🙏🏽
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
You are welcome. Thank you very much for the feedback.
jacob segal (3 months ago)
Although I know Photoshop you helped me a lot Thanks
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
You are very welcome, thank you very much for the feedback.
Wise Men Productions (3 months ago)
i didnt use the exact settings however thank you for pointing me in the right direction. i never used these settings before. been using PS CS6 for about 2 years.
Jacko P (3 months ago)
Excellent Thanks
You are the best my friend! A fantastic teacher!
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you very for the feedback.
payday renegade (3 months ago)
thank you!! you are an excellent teacher!
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for the feedback.
MR DELORIAN (3 months ago)
Very good video. Thank you for making it. The only thing i have to say is, on the step where you have to change blending, i would suggest Darken Color. That's what worked with me. I would suggest trying both.
Photoshop Amateur (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for the feedback.
Mixed YT (3 months ago)
Sick man. So we don't even have to redraw the face in Illustrator!
WeidPlayGames (3 months ago)
thanks for help very helpfull
Vladislav (3 months ago)
Thank you sir !
Moco gamerz (3 months ago)
good job bro love ya
Anthony Michael (3 months ago)
Like four years I've been using Photoshop.
Zacky (3 months ago)
I've been using it for a little less than a month oh and I can't use the filter gallery
neuQ- (4 months ago)
6 months
Oluchi Olivia (4 months ago)
thanks <3
Laura Bon (4 months ago)
Very good and clear teaching method 👍
Mahn'i tmac (4 months ago)
Excellent video. Very...very ...helpful. I wish this were also done in Illustrator. Do you know of any good vids on cartoonizing a pic in Illustrator? Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial!
Rap Killer (4 months ago)
1 year
Enrique S. (4 months ago)
Where is the video to fix the image?
Enrique S. (4 months ago)
I was referring to the video that you said you had in the description. During the current video you said that if it wasn't working, there will be a video in the description below and i don't see it. But I have seen other of your videos and I like them.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
What video are you referring to?
King Drippy (4 months ago)
Thank you sooo much
CRAIG MICHELI (4 months ago)
Exactly what I was looking for, sir, that was at a very good tutorial, set at a good pace to follow and you gave clear instructions along the way. I really appreciate how you have created a quick, simple and easy to follow tutorial that I will actually be able to understand and use in the futurel. Thank you.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words and I am happy the video helped.
The Immortal Gamer (4 months ago)
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
LOL yes, I am.
UNIQUE1982 (4 months ago)
Great video, thank you.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
The links have been updated. The updated links are in the description of the video.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
You are welcome.
Peter Sikwibele (4 months ago)
wow, this is so great man. Well explained.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Thank you.
Drbigt let's plays (4 months ago)
It made the model have wrinkles that she didn't in the original though, drastically lowering her visual appeal. To get rid of the "wrinkles" you could make a new alpha channel with the highest contrast, then using dodge tool to remove the unwanted lines. Then ctrl click on the channel to make it active and make it into a layer mask.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
I assume when you say model you are using the same image I used in the tutorial. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the PSD file?
Lil BUcKeT (4 months ago)
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Nice keep at it.
AmEccentric (4 months ago)
that accent from the caribbean
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Yes, it is. Trinidad to be specific.
Yannic Klundert (4 months ago)
2 years
ctc cooper (4 months ago)
THANK YOU! I'll give this a try!
Wendy Reid (4 months ago)
not helpful... at all
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. What do you think could have made the video better?
Paul Telesco (4 months ago)
I've been using Photoshop since the 3rd release and this is a simple and effect tutorial! Oustanding!!
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
WOW, that is a long time. Thank you for the feedback on the tutorial.
Mark Mullen (4 months ago)
I love your accent mate.
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Thank you
JAY BEATZ (4 months ago)
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)
Thank you.
JAH BRO justice (4 months ago)
2 years
Marlene Lunden (4 months ago)
Learned it all from YouTube i guess. Its amazing
Photoshop Amateur (4 months ago)

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