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Asian Guys with Long Hair are Magnificent

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Check out the really good looking Asian men with long hairs because guys from Asia can be extremely handsome with their hairstyle.
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Sophie Schicklin (7 days ago)
0:06 & 0:29 😍
Akiro Tenjou (9 days ago)
they look like lion
Nomo 4u (11 days ago)
I’m half Mexican/Korean I pull off medium to long hair pretty well lol.
Geneve Laurea (12 days ago)
ronki23 (13 days ago)
Long hair looks good on Asian men
Seph B. (3 months ago)
This looks so cool. I myself is starting to grow out my hair. It's been 2 and a half months now. 😊
Hjored (4 months ago)
omggggg i was watching then here is kim sung chan my boooyyyyy hahahahah
A (5 months ago)
Well they need a cute face first
littlemonkey246 (1 month ago)
+Dana's #1 Fan ACCURATE. I love long hair on guys. But if they aren't cute and well kept, they just look greasy and unfashionable. It really is a make or break situation. It's really hard to pull off for all men.
Dana's #1 Fan (1 month ago)
no that the long hair only looks good on them coz they have a cute face so in order to look good with long hair u need to have a pretty face first
aurelie sene (3 months ago)
You are telling me with a straight face that this guys ain't cute ??
Y y (5 months ago)
Your Moist Grandma (6 months ago)
More like EAST ASIAN.
Dustyassed Bitch (2 months ago)
South east Asian guys is hot.
Asian Gay Pride (6 months ago)
Most men in the video are mainly south East Asian to be specific
Heart of Chaos (9 months ago)
I'm not Asian but I'm letting my hair grow for over 2 years now, its not as long as I wanted because my sister chopped half of it mid growth so I'm still growing it out, i want reeaallyy long hair like Shiriu from Saint Seya, but my hair is light brow and is almost shoulder length. The guys in the video are fiiine btw.
CHEEP PRODUCTIONZ ! (4 months ago)
Beer Told lmao why did your sister do that?
Michael Ligad (10 months ago)
BOI 19 (1 year ago)
Im asian so im going for the long hair samurai look 😂

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