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2nd BASE - Sex Vice - Soiled Britches

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In the second episode of Sex Vice, host Alara Ceri gives advice to men on how to handle second base. The most important thing to remember about second base is that girls are really insecure with their boobs so you always have to make sure you're having fun with them. Another way to help this insecurity is for the guy to take off his shirt too. Subscribe NOW: http://full.sc/QQSHFO Alara Ceri's Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlaraCeri Soiled Britches Twitter: http://bit.ly/13CxUOQ Soiled Britches Facebook: http://on.fb.me/VvQlkB Soiled Britches Google +: http://bit.ly/15tS8bP About Solied Britches: Soiled Britches is a new comedy channel on YouTube developed by New Nation Networks. On this channel you will find everything from satanic puppies and zombies, to parodies of your favorite celebrities, and even an educational experience from a Miss Teen contestant. About New Nations: We're tired of "entertainment" that ignores us, that talks down to us, that panders us, that trivializes us. We're White, Black, Asian, Latin, and some other categories besides those...and sometimes we're a mix of all the above. We're male, we're female, we're straight, we're gay. We are comfortable in our own skin.
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Text Comments (54)
Murtaza Nanabhai (2 years ago)
Massage girll!! wadup cutie
Neil Phuria (2 years ago)
Аll hooоt girls are hereeee => https://twitter.com/d8bd20227ea01c02a/status/801992405775826944 2nd BAAAASEE Seeeex Vice Soiled Britches
Hiphop101ize (3 years ago)
"you look like a confused gorilla when you're having fun" lol
Matthew Belamont (4 years ago)
Overwatch Media News (4 years ago)
Interesting no wonder why girls were always impressed I could un snap a bra in half a second with one hand!! no bullshit ill upload a video of me doing it on myself ( . )Y( . )
Zachary Gibbs (4 years ago)
This is so informative, this entire series. I wish there was no game, a world where everyone knew who was into them and rejections didn't end friendships. Being a guy who's never been in a relationship at 16 years of age, I think I may be able to get one just because of how much this series has cleared up for me. Some of this stuff is too advanced but I digress. I've tried to find any helpful advice for starting a relationship but haven't found any. At least this is close. It's especially a battle for me, a nerd (but a proud one) who has mild autism and little to no girl skills. I wish more women would come out like this and help us (especially since we have to start relationships in the first place). I always knew I'd get married later in life, but never any relationships prior to 22-23, but I have at least more confidence because of her.
U P (4 years ago)
i thought second base was anal?^^
Yo-sef Akim Bey™ (4 years ago)
Funny shit
Tre McGuire (4 years ago)
is it odd that I've never had a problem getting my girlfriends bra off? o.o
Luis Almeida (5 years ago)
Im jabba! :(
R.N. Gamrr (5 years ago)
so should I go before or after (with the whole shirt thang)
thehappycactus (5 years ago)
Why am I watching this? Lol
Lone Avohkii (5 years ago)
I might be beyond screwing that up already, I guess there isn't a way to repair that
credit2team (5 years ago)
Also guys: don't worry too much if you can't get the bra unhooked the first try. Some bras are super easy to unhook (even with one hand) and others are like fort knox. 
JackGamer193 (5 years ago)
Warm water (preferably in a bath/shower), shaving cream and go with the direction of growth, never against, unless you want to be in pain...
Yorick Groenerd (5 years ago)
u trim them with a electronic shaver without the cap so youll shave them so short they will be non existent noooob!
Erick Acosta (5 years ago)
The twins? from which video?
ayeeyoalex (5 years ago)
Thehodgetwins sent me!
LJW 7621 (5 years ago)
Waiting for 3rd base video
Dexter Wagner (5 years ago)
I wanna fuck her....
UKBeastsify (5 years ago)
She's not technically hot... But she has so much sex appeal, that's why I love her and would go to 2nd base correctly.
p0rk019 (5 years ago)
Very helpful and entertaining!Waiting for the 3rd base video
Guili Eduviges (5 years ago)
Caliber Ghoul (5 years ago)
Just sex vice everything else is shit.
Maniac742 (5 years ago)
I'd be totally excited to take off my shirt if I didn't have these thick ass tan lines. I look like I grafted some black dude's arms onto my skinny white torso. I can't help that skin tone changes so much in the sunlight. I can't just walk around shirtless everywhere, even though I'm a guy. But I'll try not to let my insecurities get in the way of soothing hers.
GatrTube (5 years ago)
0:51 "And make sure you're having fun-because why wouldn't you?" ahahahahahahxDxD
Qtipz123 (5 years ago)
so not hot. . . I think its the eyebrows -.-
nishant mathur (5 years ago)
regular uploads please!
Deus Ex Machina (5 years ago)
Forgive me if I sound naive, but what the hell are the bases?
Rich Rvolution (5 years ago)
she's so hot :3
GLJohn Stewart (5 years ago)
It should be done slow and with alot of kisses on not just the mouth but on the body too.
Nnoitra Jiruga (5 years ago)
I dont got time to be messin around fuck the teasin and stick that bitch in, fuck!
Nerobyrne (5 years ago)
Pull very hard on your dick and shave AGAINST the grain! be careful not to hit any folds of skin, you want to keep those. But, you will bleed some. It´s okay though, just don´t shave right before sex, unless you know she´s into that ;)
Tom Moran (5 years ago)
why do people watch this shit? its fine if your 16 but any grown man watching this has to start asking themselves some deep and important questions
I am not gonna take off my shirt u take off urs
SteelShield21 (5 years ago)
Damn. Alara can we have sex? ;)
Lucifer (5 years ago)
Take off your shirt, got it ;)
Gustavo Caucayo (5 years ago)
we need more of this from this channel though!! Xb
Tapi Mabugu (5 years ago)
The shirt bit is very true lol
Dilyan Nikolov (5 years ago)
You want a job(open a braw),but the manager(girl) says you need experience(sex) to get experience(sex).Fuck you and your retarded,archaic hooks.
underscoreduck (5 years ago)
the only reason im subbed to this channel
Tom Holmes (5 years ago)
You do realize what 2nd base is right..... It has nothing to do with tits LMAO
Tony Stark (5 years ago)
Tired of this unsub
Jroq22 (5 years ago)
Upload Sex Vice videos more often. The others suck.
Mickey Done (5 years ago)
I died laughing when I saw this.
Sam Flores (5 years ago)
Is this girl a pornstar? I swear I've seen her
Gus Andre (5 years ago)
1:03 This explains quite a lot
AJROCKZ123 (5 years ago)
I need a tutorial on how to shave my pubic hair above my balls.
Ron Excalibure (5 years ago)
Forget 2nd & 3rd-base! Take her to a hotel, and go for the home-run! [grin]
Ghost (5 years ago)
Something tells me you dont get any as often as most people like to think?
Futurexp1 (5 years ago)
why are u so damn hot WTF. need nerf NOW!!! :D
rickyrms21 (5 years ago)
Finally a video worth watching
BamBamKiwi (5 years ago)
porno now
ASAP ANT (5 years ago)

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