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Top 20 Long Haired Male Anime Characters

566 ratings | 28454 views
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Text Comments (119)
Captain Stabbin (1 day ago)
Fr no anime character has longer hair than gon when he fights neferpetou
Nina Sunshine (2 days ago)
Where is Carla Tsukinami ????
•THE SECRET WOLF• (3 days ago)
Where’s Keika on Spiritpact..?
Mini Gamer Extra (3 days ago)
How the hell is gon not in this
Savannah Gray (4 days ago)
What about hakkenden
Fast Bloom (15 days ago)
Well asahi azumanes hair obviously doesnt count as long then, cause he'd be #1 🤔
Madara Uchiha (24 days ago)
Where's me? Hashirama? Itachi? Deidara? Sesshomaru? Amakusa Shirou w/ long hair (Fate/Apocrypha)? Astolfo? (no wait)
Zartei Tlau (1 month ago)
nagisa shiota?
Zebra얼룩말 (1 month ago)
evelyn hallaren (2 months ago)
Yuss kuroh! I love him😄😄😄
ᎷᎾᎾN ᎪKᏆᎡᎪ (2 months ago)
Where's Yuma from Diabolik Lovers??
MaeMae 576 (2 months ago)
guys its a voting thingy so dont complain
MaeMae 576 (2 months ago)
guys its a voting thingy so dont complain
Rebeka Blackwood (3 months ago)
Where's Madara Uchiha
cath reyes (3 months ago)
Chewing Chu (3 months ago)
UhMM zEEn >:o
Doge the loaf ! (4 months ago)
Is just me or do a lot of these anime boys look cute
Natie Ander (5 months ago)
Best video ever, gotta love the long haired fellas
Colleen Glynn (5 months ago)
wheres Sinbad 0.0
박시아 (5 months ago)
YOUR T R A S H (6 months ago)
*top 20 black hair anime characters?* *Where's acnologia from fairytale or freed like TF*
Zeref Y (7 months ago)
Itachi!!? Sasuke!!? Deidara!!??
-1lollypop1 - (7 months ago)
We’re Grell and undertaker 😍
KUHNyou not (8 months ago)
No Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura ㅠㅠ
Broly super Saiyan 3!!!
xiu (8 months ago)
Iason Mink😏
Ferdinando Cavallone (8 months ago)
Itachi uchiha???
Where's Hideri from Blend S and France from Hetalia?
DemJibooty (9 months ago)
Ohhhh yes katsura I mean zura Fun factor Katsura means wig.......
Aspen Hates Yoυ (9 months ago)
This list is copied off someone look at MyAnimeSamurai
Yoonie Min (10 months ago)
Yay Kenshin is there ❤️
Reemo chan (10 months ago)
Where is Itatchi?!....I love zura😍
Xenon S (11 months ago)
U Forget urushihara hanzo from hataraku maou sama
Nebe Garces (11 months ago)
Where is seshomaru from inuyasha?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Rachel F (11 months ago)
Yailyn Cortez (11 months ago)
kieu an hoang (1 year ago)
No,I still like Kotarou Katsura the most!Because I always love Gintama and Katsura is my favorite male chacracter in anime.My top 3:1.Kotarou Katsura(Gintama). 2.Inuyasha(Inuyasha). 3.Toshizo Hijikata(Hakuouki). Or maybe just because everyone don't like him-_-,but I still like him!
AnimeWolf (1 year ago)
Yay! Edward is on the list! But he should've been higher. Just my opinion.😀
Nazhona Jewelryman (1 year ago)
they where okay
Ranstone (1 year ago)
I'm researching weeaboos for a project... Having never watched anime, this list shocked me... I look just like these guys... [email protected]#* IT!!! I'M A FRICKIN ANIME CHARACTER! * Cuts off long hair down to a military crew cut * (I was #6... :'( I'm crying inside...)
Ctc Tv (1 year ago)
Forgot about Future trunks
superwoman1984 (1 year ago)
This list needs to be LONGER! Decent list though--my vote is always for Ren ;)!
Lady Catty (1 year ago)
my fav Yuu Kanda!
Otaku Chan (1 year ago)
Grell and Undertaker ,both deserve #1 😂😂😂
Jinguji Ren (1 year ago)
And souza
Jinguji Ren (1 year ago)
And I ask, What about Tomoe
Shiroshika (1 year ago)
Where's Iason Mink? ♡_♡
Katsuki Bakugou (1 year ago)
Grell, undertaker no?
Caro Flores (1 year ago)
And Jae-Ha, Zeno and Kija from Akatsuki No Yona? They are missing
white wolf astria (1 year ago)
Kokkuri, Kirito, Neji ,Kanda , Inuyasha 😍 where is Tomoe?
donath. (1 year ago)
where is miyamura izumi?
ʚ XoXoXiuMimi ɞ (1 year ago)
what about Tomoe (with long hair) ??? D:
drvk Singh (3 days ago)
thank you
SOlO NightcoreZ (4 days ago)
dedi kurniadi (1 month ago)
look at video no 20 get 101 vote .so he got under that
v min (3 months ago)
Yessss Im waiting for tomoe in the list
Nochu Papi (1 year ago)
Tomoe with long hair tho. Arrgghhh 😍😍
Yumi Sabaku (1 year ago)
asome job I really liked it
tofu roid (1 year ago)
carmen pruna lópez (1 year ago)
I love you Edward Elric 😍
justine !!!! (1 year ago)
yes my favourite character Neji hyuga😍😍😍😍😍
Angela Garcia (1 year ago)
ARMY_AGHASE (1 year ago)
alexander richards (1 year ago)
grell, undertaker,nezumi and viktor and so many more
Anna Vucskics (1 year ago)
Sesshomaru sama?! Where is he?!
Nochu Papi (1 year ago)
Smiley és a Glee "Sesshomaru - sama, doko ni iru?"
Mila Mila (1 year ago)
D (Vampire Hunter D)? Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)?
Berlyn Alestair (1 year ago)
Where Is Sesshomaru!?!?!
Nochu Papi (1 year ago)
IKR! He's my favourite anime character ever! My crush since I was 9 and now i'm already 22. 😂 . Everything about him is just beyond perfection 😍😍😍
AaliyahVereen234 (1 year ago)
Freed from Fairy Tail
Story Keeper (1 year ago)
What about all the male characters from Saiunkoto! They pretty much all had long hair and water clothing similar to Kotarou Katsura...without the umbrella...
Akari Senpai (1 year ago)
Where's Tomoe and That green haired dude from amnesia?
XxHappy 1279xX (1 year ago)
Noooo where's Sinbad he's awesome
NuraNura Pop (1 year ago)
Kurooooooohhhh but no dei-senpai? Why, why no dei-senpai?
Monica Alvarado (1 year ago)
monika alvarado long hair males cool
Mako Mako (1 year ago)
Where's Sonikku ? :D
Sara minella (1 year ago)
Judyta Grześków (1 year ago)
Neji is the bet :)
justine !!!! (1 year ago)
I love Neji
Justarandomperson (1 year ago)
Yatogami Kuroh <3 <3
Justarandomperson (1 year ago)
Ukyou from Amnesia and Jack Vessalius from Pandora Hearts. Those were probably the most beautiful long haired anime guys I see in anime/manga XD
Lone WOLF (1 year ago)
u've got some bad taste towards anime. u need the serious manly anime of all time. 1: jubei kabegami 2: sephiroth 3: alucard 4: ken master 5: kenshiro 6: akuma 7: cloud 8: gohan-roshi's suit 9: goku-ss 3 10: andy/terry bogard 11: rei 12: Colin Mccleod
DemJibooty (9 months ago)
Lone WOLF the flip you there’s a reason why my Katsura is in the list
Sienna Brodie-Gold (1 year ago)
where is itachi!
drvk Singh (3 days ago)
Sienna Brodie-Gold thank you !!
where is koujaku from dramatical murder
Berlyn Alestair (1 year ago)
OhMYGOD that was literally the best thing I've seen all day XD
welcome to the yaoi comment club
Berlyn Alestair (1 year ago)
XD thank god im not the only person thinking of yaoi XD XD i was thinking of Souichi from Koisuru Boukun
Victoria Leyva (1 year ago)
Rachel Roth (1 year ago)
hey kurama!!!!cool...😃
ferid bathory (2 years ago)
where's ferid bathory
kris fortuna (2 years ago)
what about Viktor of Yuri on ice?
•·Your Hope·• (3 months ago)
Mabel Zapata-Jaquez (1 year ago)
It came out before YOI
he cut his hair. i think this is considering boys who didn't cut their hair. but we all know hes still a great peoson.
Jupiterお茶 (2 years ago)
Wheres Ryuunosuke!!!
Imge (2 years ago)
Omgg not Neji. It's Itachi man :/
Salty Springs (2 years ago)
Madara Uchiha (24 days ago)
+in-so-mania His hair reaches his waist, dude.
in-so-mania (2 months ago)
+Imge itachis hair isnt long enough
Shivangi Chatterjee (1 year ago)
What about hashirama
Berlyn Alestair (1 year ago)
MikanxNatsumeLove (1 year ago)
Angry Avenger (2 years ago)
Kamui should also be there.
Grindelwald (2 years ago)
where are grell sutcliff and undertaker??😠😠
Vixen Haru (5 months ago)
I was wondering the same thing
Misamee (1 year ago)
Undertaker for sure should've taken one of the top three if not even place 0.
Berlyn Alestair (1 year ago)
Madi Luv (2 years ago)
Grell is a Tran-sexual female... He is a she... But you are right... Where is Undertaker!!!
Ykhraam (2 years ago)
wait murasakibara counts as "long" hair? XD
TheOneOfSeven (2 years ago)
Of course it counts as long hair xD His hair is almost long as Ren's from UtaPri :3

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