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Avicii Mashup - Teenage Crime vs Little Talks

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Avicii Mashup - Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode) vs Of Monsters & Men - Little Talks (Acappella) From the AIDS-awareness show of Stereosonic Festival 2012 Melbourne Australia. RED, by Tiesto. Everyone should donate to this amazing cause..
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Marcela Seidlová (22 days ago)
Palacefield (2 months ago)
this mashup sounds like the avicii's signature style which is the mixture of Electronic and Country
Bulmachick05 (5 months ago)
I somehow keep coming back here in hopes that one day there will be an update video from him and at the end this masterpiece would be playing...no matter the days, the pain still hurts...miss you Tim. Keep the party going bud.
Jonathan Nai (7 months ago)
Hey Tim, I miss you.
lanam73 Vlogs (7 months ago)
this da best ever we love you avicii
Frederik Ben (3 years ago)
Fucking amazing
Małgorzata G (4 years ago)
I wish it could be longeeeer cuz it's so good mashup !
John Bäck (5 years ago)
OMG Avicii and Of Monsters And Men, AWESOME! :D
Younes Goual (5 years ago)
Low Hertz (5 years ago)
/watch?v=XI5XPCtlm54 Stereosonic Melbourne!!
Low Hertz (5 years ago)
Awesomeee Love Avicii!!!!!!!<333
fresh Cortes (5 years ago)
TheRealTeleostorc (5 years ago)
So was I, After breaking some guys nose at the front of the stage.
Brayan Canales Saenz (5 years ago)
Tyron Hapi (5 years ago)
dude it's recorded from stereosonic live
puspa gurung (6 years ago)
where is the full version?
Emilio Castillo Zapata (1 month ago)
+Iva N jajajajaja
Iva N (7 months ago)
Soo fast answer
D J (7 months ago)
here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvIHagDOI7s
f8102 (6 years ago)
longer!!!!! plz!!!
Alex Rivers (6 years ago)
was at this live VERY GOOOD

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