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Should I go to 1st. 2nd, 3rd Base w/ my Girlfriend/Boyfriend ???

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Although most Christians know that sex before marriage is against God many are unsure about foreplay. In this video TVC Brother Mario answers the question. Please share this video! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!! Are you a Christian who Still Struggles with Sexual Sin? (Sex B4 Marriage) WATCH THIS !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cklqgBYgPIE Brother Eric The Joyful Christian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmDMaqNxNsw His Fitness Instagram - https://instagram.com/ebbandflowfitness Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ebanville2?fref=ts Brother Andre (A-Entertainment) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3nB_6gJCNkrFwXqck6YliA/videos Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DreLoc?fref=ts Brother Alex Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alex.goyette?fref=ts Brother Patrick Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/patrick.legault3?fref=ts
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Yes it’s dangerous.
Dan (1 year ago)
1st base: kissing. Are you telling us to only kiss after marriage or did you think 1st base was something else?
SpiffyRetro (1 year ago)
lol this video got me rolling 1 2nd and 3rd base are fine sex isn't a "sin" nature. just like masturbating it is a natural part of growing up. also just because the bible says no sex doesn't mean "God" said it don't forget a man wrote that book. sex isn't a SIN shure having unprotected sex to young is "bad". also what this guy saying if your having temptations to dump your partner is so terrible.
Filipe Mateus (2 years ago)
But wait, the sex and oral and hands on private places i understand But french kissing? nah man no way u can have a relatioship without real kissing thats non sense theres nothing in the bible about kissing
Filipe Mateus (2 years ago)
its just unfortunate that it doesnt tells us how is it a bad thing. When i have to explain it to someone Who asks "why" i can only say "cuz God says no" and that never works lol
Faith Kerns (2 years ago)
I play with snakes. I don't get bit lol.
Gerald brown (2 years ago)
I'm addicted and 14 pray 4 me
Mike Justice (2 years ago)
Go all the way fuck marriage
GhostLegend4578 (2 years ago)
is it bad to kiss my girlfriend?
Andrew Harrison (2 years ago)
I am a designer and I've noticed something odd: This channel, the Vigilant Christian & The Black Rabbit are often doing the same things in essence- being lame infront of the world at large... so lame it's capable of starting stereotypes. So lame... due to the terminology, and just how incredibly religious it is... it seems to be DESIGNED to be lame. I am convinced you're supported to create stereotype and breed shallow people. You take things that ACTUALLY HAVE VALUE IN ESSENCE to some people and make it sound so lame we wouldn't want to listen to you even if we did care about it in essence. Yes, sex before marriage is not a good idea, but dang... you make it sound sooooo lame. It's like you went to the School of Lame - and that school now pays you to research how to be lame and spread lame and advertise that anyone else that speaks even slightly like you is lame. Through what you are doing, people who don't care about God or see him for who He is, will use such examples to convince others that anyone who knows God is pretty lame. You're just groups that are good at putting up walls between God and men. So yeah, well designed to create a stereotype and mislead people, but not good enough to get past a designer. There's much more to it. You are speaking about something that is holy... and the fact is there is a story behind it. Explain it - from A to Z, reference it, or don't at all - especially if you're around to mislead others anyway! You know you are ranting, rambling... so... stop. Just asking for some depth of understanding!!! A profound question to you - the admin of this group - Is this just how people in certain church institutions go on(a spirit of religion); is it just a front to something else or actually sincerity? If it's the third... I would like engage in a discussion with you here to test that...
Filipe Mateus (2 years ago)
idk what u goin on about. mario has helped me coming back to God after years of absence. I was full of questions left unaswered and turning to drugs and alcohol and pornography on a daily basis. Now im clean and Marios videos guided me thru this change. so i have no idea whats the problem with ppl they seem to see bad intentions everywhere except in the ppl who actually have bad intentions lol. I will pray to God you get your answers as well. God bless you
Alexander Coelho (2 years ago)
1st is just kissing though
Pebbles Ferguson (2 years ago)
I love the message that you're sharing in this video! I think the most important aspect of sexual purity in a relationship is both parties having a strong relationship with Christ. Relying on willpower and self restraint alone is not what Christianity is about. If we are not getting intimately involved in prayer and reading of divinely inspired material EVERY SINGLE DAY, we are going to fail! It's about allowing God to change our characters so that our old habits and our old desires no longer have the same power over us! I'm 23 and will be a 3 year old Christian in August. Unfortunately it's taken me until this past year to realize this rather blatantly obvious fact. Christ IS number one. I made the same mistakes you spoke of while dating. Foolishly assuming that being alone together later into the evening was an acceptable idea... because we were both 'Christians'.... The shame from that experience became a way for the enemy to bring back all of the shame from my previous life of sin, and bring me to a place of darkness again. So much so that I considered renouncing my faith and abandoning my relationship with God for good. Praise God he wasn't done with me and is still working to shape me into the child he always intended. I think that the moment we make things about anything other than Jesus, we open ourselves up to sin, sexual or otherwise. It's all about Jesus! Always and forever. :) Thanks for your messages. Keep lifting up His name, brother! I will keep this ministry in my prayers. God bless! <3
RedPandaGaming (2 years ago)
god this guy is retarded how many people have sex before married no one really cares and how do you know what verse it was like what?!?!!!? I am Christian and I don't really care
Daniel Hurtado (2 years ago)
Good stuff here !
Brighten Tompkins (2 years ago)
Haha, I just imagine this guy leading her upstairs to his bedroom! https://youtu.be/Vr9eu6RtLJM?t=346
Stuart Sonheim (2 years ago)
is 1st base a first kiss?
Momo Lee (2 years ago)
+Brighten Quintin What you are doing is telling people to gratify the flesh and their own selfish desires. If you are a believer may you be convicted in Jesus name.
Momo Lee (2 years ago)
+Brighten Quintin Do you realize what you just said on a God seeking video? Take that "you don't need to follow the Bible" stuff elsewhere. These people are seeking Christ, God the MOST reliable spirit in the universe. Don't you dare sway them away because of your own ignorance in the Lord.
Brighten Tompkins (2 years ago)
+Stuart Sonheim Found out this is actually more official. 1st base: French kissing 2nd base: Above the waist 3rd base: Below the waist Personally, (for me) religious or not, I don't think you need God or Jesus to keep from getting to any of them. It's something that you in yourself should do, God isn't as reliable as your own soul or person. The reason you wouldn't want to have sex is so you can know the other person as a person. Love can be blinding and sexual activity might influence you to ignore certain things she does or says that bother you. She could insult your looks, something about your voice, or do something you can't stand, or have a difference of opinion you ignore. It's not that sex ruins a relationship it's that you've just bonded yourself to someone you don't know. TL;DR: Sex is a psychological bond, it will make your love seem perfect. And about marriage. The bible says not to have sex until married. But. As I was saying, the real reason should be so that you are happy with your partner, not to follow the bible. Think of your personal benefit and then seek the bible, if you wish. No need to limit yourself. TL;DR: Rules aren't the happiness of life.
Stuart Sonheim (2 years ago)
Oh +Brighten Quintin​
Brighten Tompkins (2 years ago)
+Stuart Sonheim 1st base is holding hands.
forge worldgaming (2 years ago)
great now he is ruining fucking foreveryone and having sex before marriage isn't bad and fuck god if god wanted us to be pure why did he make the forbidden fruit and OK you fucked a girl we get it but now you're shaming and fucking you're self by making this video
Momo Lee (2 years ago)
All I'm going to say is God made the fruit to see if man would willingly obey him or disobey him. The rest you can figure out yourself.
Kelly Martins (2 years ago)
I really like Your video's! (eventhough I'm a woman) it helps me alot! Thank You. I pray that God keeps on Using You in Jesus Name amen.
Dorian Logan (3 years ago)
hi mario. i just want you to know that i met this girl who has given me the attention that i never get from women , she is very flirty but at the same time likes me , she isnt my gf, but i want her to be and want to lead her to christ first, only thing is that 3 weeks ago when we met up we started kissing, and thats as far as i feel i can go, but is that appropriate? also while textin she mentions she wishes i was with her while she is in bed, im a virgin and i know no girl no matter how pretty she is will make me sleep with her b4 marriage but i want to kno if she's interested in me even now that i revealed to her about my faith. met her on Tinder
Renaldo (3 years ago)
I like your response it was both personal and biblical. I am glad I stumbled across this channel. it's helpful
MegaFORTUNE8 (3 years ago)
Love you guys. Subscribed.
Freshy C 1996 (3 years ago)
thats exactly what i did bro :)
Kira rodriguez (3 years ago)
Lolzzzz yassss hahah amen I am 20 ! I have never ever been in a relationship, it was basically because i knew that my generation was very Hyper Sexualize and i did not wanna be apart of That. NEVERRRR HAVE I ever slipped up and just decide okay yeah lets go. I was scared of relationships and i was scared to be a part of that sickness. So i said no to really everr dating . And Now I will have to wait for maturity in a Godly Bro ^^ hahaaa isnt that awesome .
cory adams (3 years ago)
This channel is such a blessing, please keep it up. You have helped me in the areas im struggling with and others. God bless you guys.
Taylor Black (3 years ago)
The Dark Flintstone (3 years ago)
5:30 Hm....but what if I only have a one room apartment with my altar in that one room - what the fuck is she supposed to do? Stay in the Kitchen? You see what happens when you make utterly retarded statements that aren't thought through well enough?
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
Some people are so hostile...it's really weird. I said it's rude, not dumb. Read before you react.  
The Dark Flintstone (3 years ago)
+Angela Pileggi Really? Fucking really? Is 'people who swear are dumb!' the best fucking response you could muster? And as to your common sense argument, common sense has no place in the realms of religion.
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
+AjPuj F-bombing and being rude in general isn't a good way to give your statement any weight, common respect is not all that challenging. I think common sense should cover most scenarios he didn't cover in the video. Don't do things that lead to temptation if you're trying to avoid giving into temptation. It's simple. If the only place to hangout is on a bed, don't go under the covers, don't makeout like crazy, don't get naked...common sense, lol.
u142 (3 years ago)
Are sexually fetishistic acts acceptable between the husband and wife of a Christian marriage? Would you be willing to create a video on this issue?
Momo Lee (2 years ago)
God wants us to enjoy each other (married couples) in every way they desire as long as both are willing and it's not causing pain.
J Loreal (3 years ago)
Questionable Notions (3 years ago)
Can you please do a video on female roles in society according to the bible?! Thanks Mario!
Questionable Notions (3 years ago)
I really do like your intent but I do not understand how you constantly objectify women as property of men and highlight inexplicably offensive gender roles. If I am getting the wrong message, can you please reply? I enjoy watching your channels but this constant constant viewpoint upon women is hindering me from fully acknowledging your message. Thanks!
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
1 Cor 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. 1 Cor 7:7 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: IT IS GOOD FOR A MAN NOT TO TOUCH(SEXUALLY) A WOMAN. With so much temptation and lustful eyes and hearts in this world there shouldn't be ANY "Christian Dating" PERIOD. But if you're already stuck with the man or woman you love I suggest DO NOT be alone together or you will sin sexually against the LORD. I don't care if you've been Christians for years you will sin and hurt the Father! Eight years ago, been there and done that and got a GREAT spanking from the Father for being in "lustful relationship". I was deceived by a woman thinking she was "Christian" but it turns out she wasn't. KILL THE OLD MAN and say 'No' to it ten thousand times a day if you have to and keep it crucified(Gal 2:20) Be very careful and keep far away from him or her and do Kingdom Work instead.
MyArtJourney (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video, I don't have a boyfriend but I was always worried about the limitations to set on a relationship. Now I know that getting to close in a relationship can lead to other things and once I do get in one, there will be a limit on how we spend time together
MyArtJourney (3 years ago)
Lol and proud of it :3
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+that one chick You must be a beautiful godly woman!
Daniel Garcia (3 years ago)
I need help i can't help but I be watching a girl behind sometime i don't want too but most of the time it just happen even when I'm seeing my Facebook i want god in my life i be reading the bible now I got years with not having sex god took away porn of my life and cigarette and weed thank you jesus christ yashua for that i want to be save and i want to marry a woman that love god more then me what I need to do my brother help me out i don't want to be a adulterous thanks and god bless
Gina A. (3 years ago)
I think it is very important to make sure we are also taking the necessary precautions to flee the appearance of evil. We shouldn't be alone at all in a private setting where no one is around. It can easily cause us to put ourselves to stumble as you mentioned your own examples. We should also have people in The Lord brothers and sisters who can hold us accountable if we're out too late or talking too late etc. small steps like that seem so necessary that we may not fall into temptation.
Viktor Reign (3 years ago)
Amen Brother, I love your vids, I've been a subscriber for a while now, so I encourage you to keep doing the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12). My testimony is this, at a very young age maybe 11 or 12, I was systematically, & purposely trained to deceive, manipulate, & ultimately seduce women all out of sexual pleasure. By the grace of Abba Father I forgive those men who trained me for such a thing. I've struggled with viewing porn & masturbation which makes it a tad bit difficult to maintain a healthy God centered relationship. I've done some shameful things all in the name of lust, but praise be to Elohim who breaks the chain of bondages & strongholds in our life (2 Cor. 5:18-19). I know for a fact that sexual sins defile the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16-17). And that there is a poison that accommodates pre-marital sex (don't believe me look at the relationships lost where sex was involved). When we accept Jesus as Sovereign over our lives we become a peculiar people (Deut. 14:2) a people who are separate from the world just as He (John 8:23). I've been in a relationship since November & once again I repeat because of the grace of Abba Father me & my girlfriend have not had pre-martial sex nor have we even attempted, and it feels so good following in the pursuit of True Love (Jesus) and living our lives according to Elohim's Biblical Perspective because regardless of what we think we know, FATHER KNOWS BEST. I love U Bro & admire your faithfulness & obedience to our Father which art in heaven (Matt.6:9).
Spicy Fries (3 years ago)
This channel just brings hope for this society we live in now!!! Thank you guys God bless!
Bryan TAV (3 years ago)
Why does this video end at 9:11 you are evil Lol
B1ackf0x (3 years ago)
im 31 been single for about 8 years and thank god im still a virgin getting that urge to find that someone and marry to share it with :)
Mattpg (3 years ago)
My pastor gave an analogy our value as peaple in relation to sex is like plates. The world like us to think that sex is like paper plates to be used and throw away. In God's plan for sex is like fine China with Gold and Silver only to be brought out for the right high occasion in marriage as to communicate our high value. So that make us like royalty. It allows the man to be Elavated with honor because he has made and given the woman value. Sex has a Holy place in the Scriptures. Because what douse sex lead to new life. Satan would wont you to have sex out side of that Holy covenant, but in the Holy covenant he will try his dammist to try for not to.
Mattpg (3 years ago)
May God's light shine upon you
Sandy Dirienzi (3 years ago)
Thank you Mario! It's a blessing to have these videos up to help people wake up.
Zenryu7 (3 years ago)
Shows how much I know. I thought 1st base was kissing, sounds like a bit more.
2012spacetraveler (3 years ago)
Paul Washer does an excellent sermon on christian dating, he has it on youtube, there is a shorten version you can watch or the 3 part version.  https://youtu.be/AP6cc2aBecE
DrMD (3 years ago)
Yeah, if i can, first, find a girl to be with that'll be great. (and no I will not use christianmingle.com)
Imperatoris (3 years ago)
Dat is amazing God doesn't let me have a phone to make my walk with easier?? Bro just to be clear about this I'm not being sarcastic ok bro? Plus God Bless bro.
Juan Bonilla (3 years ago)
Amen! Be holy
trophywolfe (3 years ago)
if i fallow this its nearly guarenteed that i would never find a women that is godly because my generation is turning out to be one of the worst generations morally. im 15 btw
Stefany 777 (3 years ago)
Awesome explanation! I'm from South America and it is a custom to give a kiss (on the cheek) when we greet someone. Now, for me personally... I find nothing wrong with holding hands, giving a peck on the lips, and a short hug to your bf/gf. I also agree with Mario in what he pointed out. Getting touchy touchy, having long kisses, and being alone in a private place (like a bedroom) is not a good idea, as you leave a crack open for the enemy to come in. We have to be aware that every sin starts in the mind first and that even entertaining a lustful thought is sinning. God bless!
Michael Saeed (3 years ago)
God bless you Mario and your ministry. I have been wondering about this for a very long time. thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work. I was wondering if the Godly Bros have an email where we could send our questions to and have you guys give your wisdom with video responses? God Bless and love Michael from Denmark.
ThePaul9559 (3 years ago)
Hey Godly Bros, Praise The Lord! Could you all make a video about praying for our future Angel wifeys?:) It would be great if you made a video pertaning to this as I am praying real hard to the Lord to reveal the Angel wifey he has for me as I am trying to avoid negative syndrome.
ThePaul9559 (3 years ago)
Also,a vid about what is acceptable on the marriage bed with my Angel wifey if possible:)
Danielle Jones (3 years ago)
So do you recommend any good ministrys for woman out there Mario?
Isiah (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for uploading this video brothers.This is something I've been contemplating and confused about for a while.I have to admit,adjusting to the changes required for my relationship to be a clean and holy one will be difficult.However I will do so in the name of God and look forward to his guidance through this.I thank you again. God Bless (:
Borislav (3 years ago)
I am an Orthodox Christian. I'm attracted to a girl that comes from a Catholic country. I'm pretty sure she is an atheist though... For some reason she is the only person I've been really attracted to for 3 years now. I haven't even met her yet. I think I'm going to try something soon. I need advice.
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
+Boris I have fallen for a HANDFUL of non-Christians...it's brought me nothing but pain. I'm currently in a almost but not official relationship with a guy who is starting to believe in scripture, and I am being extremely careful. Some advice I can give that worked for me...is pray that God give you the right heart for this person, and that you only have interest in her as a friend if that is what God's will is. I have found it is extremely important to pray against OUR own desires, and pray that God align our will with His. Our desires are often very harmful to us, we are to guard our hearts. All that being said, think about what matters most to you...if God is the center of your life, and you are putting Him first, if the person is an atheist, you are basically denying yourself of having spiritual intimacy because they have a opposite world view. Everything most dear to you, they won't be able to relate to. If you're doing life with someone, how is that a way to do life with them if you can't share your love for Christ? God also helps keep both people in a relationship focused on His standards, which helps eliminate idolizing a significant other, and loving each other in a more unconditional way. I would pray before every interaction with this woman, maybe you are meant to plant a seed where she may eventually come to Christ...but if you can take my advice, do not get romantically involved. If she's an atheist, you will never connect on the subjects that matter most unless she becomes a Christian. If you don't make contact with her, pray for her. We really need to be praying for the atheists we come across, that God place upon them a thirst to know Him. Also sometimes people who claim to be "raised" Christian or Catholic, are not true Christians but just call themselves that because they were loosely raised that way. I hope this could help, good luck, and God bless :)...always remember Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart." ...always put God first, He'll guide you to who you need to be with when it's meant to be, but we need to be willing to flee from temptations sometimes. The best bet is to probably just pray for her and not get too involved....but if you still feel compelled, pray that God lift the desire from your heart if it's not meant to be.
kek stone (3 years ago)
the ice and snow (3 years ago)
Mario, what if you are already in relationship for let say 5 years and have sex on regular basis? What then? Should you stop having sex and just get married? I`m lost here.
Soldiers Of Faith (3 years ago)
+Dziki Reks YES!
the ice and snow (3 years ago)
I see. But untill we will get married we shoud stop having sex?
Soldiers Of Faith (3 years ago)
+Dziki Reks YES! Marry her like yesterday bro!
J.D Harris (3 years ago)
Amen :)
No Religion Unity (3 years ago)
Better yet this is the amazing most anointed woman I've ever met send the girls to her she's amazing teaching abilities in Christ. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ajoZHAuP7vM
No Religion Unity (3 years ago)
Please direct the girls to me thank you guys God bless you. GOD gifted me to teach and counsel!!! Praise HIM!
David Samuels (3 years ago)
Great video, Praise the name of thy Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST our God Forever
nik nuge (3 years ago)
This came at such an awesome time for me! (Thank you Jesus!) I've been single/celibate for almost 3 years years now and I'm entertaining the idea of a relationship, but I was trying to figure out where to draw the intimacy line. I knew that I definitely did not want to have sex, but I was troubled with how far I could take it. I feel very relieved after watching this video. :) Praise be to Jesus and thank you Mario! 
TwinMama (3 years ago)
direct your lady listeners to proverbs 31 ministries and women Living Well.
Emmanuel Hernandez (3 years ago)
Thanks Mario! My GF and I watched the video. We are going to change our ways for our Savior. May God continue to use you brother! Much Love bro!
Morris Guyadeen (2 years ago)
+The Godly Bros Hey TVC, I have to ask, is there some way that I can contact you personally ? I have some personal questions .
Soldiers Of Faith (3 years ago)
+Manny Dizzle Praise God bro! That is great!
Jeri Carswell (3 years ago)
ok this isnt about the video but must share CHUCK MISSLER is now a false teacher involved with KIM CLEMENT the false prophet, google chuck missler calvary chapel and the phoenix group, just had to share Mario many follow him and he is now endorses the new international version bible so twisted...Love you Brother, prayers sent your way I know satan is attacking you big time...
Justin Macchiaverna (3 years ago)
I'm struggling a lot about being single and I try to be such a good guy but yet cannot land a girlfriend. What am I doing wrong?
TheAngieIshmael (2 years ago)
+Flibberbiscuits! ##@@#!!! Sounds like you've never heard The Vigilant Christian talk about this very thing on YT
Galo Arizaga (3 years ago)
mabye gods telling u to wait focus on ur relationship with god than once ur in balance with that try again its like trying to juggle a ball if u add more than u can juggle all will fall
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+Justin Macchiaverna Nothing is wrong is just the LORD wants to use your spiritual gifts to do His will in your life. The LORD will bring her to you when you're ready!
TheAngieIshmael (3 years ago)
+Tommy Zuranski praise the Lord!
Mr. Lonely (3 years ago)
Just put your faith in God thaglt he will provide for you. Simple.
Triigger20 (3 years ago)
I've grown up in an environment where sex means everything, you are an outcast if you didn't had sex on a young age... in that time i didn't knew Jesus so i had no boundaries, but the worst part is that you almost can't live without sexual thoughts anymore, i may be singe and i haven't had sex in a long time but i still struggle allot with porn etc. I hope in time i can control myself with the help of Jesus but i hope he isn't disappointed/mad 
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+Triigger20 Satan so clever he uses the most innocent looking characters in Disney movies to tempt men sexually.
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+Paxton Swaney Its a sexual sin "outside the body" don't let Satan fool you.
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+Triigger20 Same here brother! Brother you need an "accountability partner" of course a brother in Christ, that's grounded and rooted in the things of God from your church that you known for years. Also, you both need to pray and ask the brother to change the password from your browser(Yahoo, Google) to block even a hint a sexual content or close to it.. My suggestion is that you fast from the internet and get into the Word of God. Wash away all that filth from your brains with His Word(Psalm 119:9-11;Romans 12:1-2) If you need help just let us know brother you're not alone in that struggle we're in all this together and with the LORD by our side we will CONQUER IT! Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through him that loved us.
Triigger20 (3 years ago)
+GlorytoChrist Yeah i know for sure that 90% of sexual immorality is caused by sexual programming from Disney and sexual content on the television, you cant open your eyes for 5 sec without being bombarded with sexual ads and call-girl programs. At least in the Netherlands its really bad  
Triigger20 (3 years ago)
+RadovanIIII I'm glad to hear that you bested this problem, i hope to soon follow your footsteps
Cari Harris (3 years ago)
Wow +Mario Brisson what a great video!!! I shared it with my 16 year old daughter!!! Thanks for putting this out there!!!!
Caitlin Hunsuck (2 years ago)
Nope, shouldn't have done that, this is a guy speaking, shoulda found a female talking about this...
HeyShaded (3 years ago)
I understand, but It seems like if i just propose with barley even kissing her, it'll be odd, because marriage, at least to what i have seen, is a very big step, and with barley kissing, its like im marrying too soon. As if i dont even know her. Of course, a relationship is more than just kissing and sex. But how will i be able to go years and years without intimate contact? Im not really sure how to say this, im just kind of speaking my mind xD
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
I feel blessed I could help in some way, and I also needed to be reminded of these things too ^_^! Take care and God bless, nice talking with you sister! 
HeyShaded (3 years ago)
+Angela Pileggi Thank you so much! I really understand more and i agree that for a lasting relationship you should share the same faith, Honestly thank you so so so much this really helped :) God bless.
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
Sure! I'm not some perfect wise woman but I'll try to give the best sound advice I know based on my understanding of scripture and personal experience :)....okay..so... I think what you are struggling with (and most of us including myself struggle with)...is priority issues in our walk with Christ. We should NOT CARE what society thinks by trying to please God. being a Christian is about walking in TRUTH, and truth and what's right is not always comfortable. Jesus did NOT say "thou shalt have COMFORT and acceptance 24/7" haha! It's part of a Christian's life to be scoffed at or persecuted at times, but nothing negative we encounter can hold a candle to the massive amount of blessing and hope there is. Society is warped and often backwards, in complete opposition to God...and people are sinful, and many are downright wicked. We should not be ashamed of living Godly lives, and we are to be conforming our lives to Christ, not society. God created all these people and yourself, HIS opinion, and thoughts about your character matter so much more! Don't listen to the brainwashing of the whole 40 year old virgin crap. There is nothing to be prideful about regarding sex outside of marriage, that's just hollywood BS and people making excuses to have no self control. Also, it's so important...it's best not to get romantically involved with someone who doesn't care about God. If you want to draw closer to God in your life, how can you be close to both God and a boyfriend, if your boyfriend has no interest in God? I have been hurt a few times by non Christian guys, either by being rejected by them, or me rejecting them because I just couldn't connect with someone on a deep enough level who doesn't share my faith. Currently I'm still tied up in a long distance relationship (now I think the distance is a blessing to keep me from rushing in!)...with a guy who is just now starting to see truth in scripture, but it STILL may not workout with this guy if he doesn't fully accept Christ, because as I grow as a Christian I find I REALLY need that connection with someone. Why would I want to stay with someone I can't share my favorite topic with? Being a new Christian God may not be your most fun topic to chat about yet (maybe He is?)...but as your relationship grows, you will come to love Him very deeply, and not be attracted to people who just don't care about Him, or respecting Him. I chat about a TON of different topics, but I need the option to chat about God with my guy and have him be on the same page, and not scoffing or getting bored. I cannot stress enough that you avoid getting romantically involved with non Christian guys...it's so much pain, and it can really lead you away from God and discourage your faith....not only that... But beliefs connect to so many other aspects of a person's character. For example, I have a Christian friend who married an atheist. Last I spoke with her, the marriage was really struggling...he was not good with finances (spending their money, not saving anything), and was showing lots of signs of not being a real man, or being caring, and being very selfish....he'd spend their money and play videogames. When someone doesn't have God's standards in their lives, their standards often become self serving, and love can be very conditional. A different non-Godly world view can affect EVERY aspect of a person's character. It's not always extremely bad, and we should totally be friends and reach out to people with different beliefs than us...BUT, for romance? The bible says we need to guard our hearts, as the heart is the wellspring of life. I learned this the hard way, many people have. Aim for someone who can encourage your faith, and answers to God, not himself :). All this being said? A good Christian guy is not going to try to get you to do sexual things with him while dating...and if you guys did get carried away you can both put on the brakes because you BOTH respect God...and then neither of you are offended, because it's about GOD and not your emotions and frustrating urges, lol. I hope that helped! Been up all night so I'm pretty tired, hopefully I articulated that clearly. I don't mind talking more if you think I can help. God bless, and have faith...it gets more clear as you study more scripture, and definitely pray!! Ask God these questions too, no prayer is too small or too big, and pray for His wisdom and discernment  :). 
HeyShaded (3 years ago)
+Angela Pileggi Wow, thank you so much for this huge comment! :) I agree with alot of this and it is very relatable to me.  The only couple problems i have is that honestly most of the people in this world are going to try to sexually approach you once you have been in a relationship for a while, and im not sure how i could deal with that. Also i feel that my friends might think less of me if i become older and older without loosing my virginity. I agree with what you say but there are many social problems that may occur with this, that's what i worry about.  Also many people seem as they probably wont stay with you if you dont have sex with them, and i imagine that the other person will feel it is too early to get married if you haven't had that yet. Anyways if you do have any answers or thoughts about this i'd love a reply. I am still a growing Christian and i'd love to learn more.
Angela Pileggi (3 years ago)
+HeyShaded I have gone too far in some ways myself with guys over the years (things I feel are too far anyways)...I have only been with a few guys (felt love for each one of them, I won't kiss anyone I don't love), and I'm still a virgin. This has been an extremely tricky subject for me, and something I need to pray about more...but I think it depends on each person's convictions. If you feel tempted, turn the other way, as the bible says. Based on my own current understanding of scripture, sexual immorality is intercourse outside of marriage, gay sex, etc....but also includes anything you feel uncertain or ashamed of. If you feel on the fence about kissing, don't kiss! If you feel on the fence about heavy petting, don't so so! For me crossing the line is intercourse (I won't go there, and I have had very good self control not to cross that line, there have been a few instances where I could have)...but the reality is it IS playing with fire to do anything that stirs those feelings. Mario is absolutely right. I admire that Mario is being that strict with himself, he doesn't want to take anymore chances since he's crossed lines. Personally with my own convictions, I don't view kissing, cuddling, or hand holding as crossing lines even though they can stir those feelings, but we need to make sure we are also not tempting the one we love, and respect each other's line in the sand. Maybe I can put on the breaks, but it might be extremely frustrating for whoever I'm with, and I'm not being a very Godly person if I'm filling up the man I love with a ton of lust. But once married?...game on, lol. I get the argument a lot from secular friends of mine "How do you know you're compatible if you don't have sex?! What if you get married and they are awful at it?!"...first off, since I have not had sex I can only say so much...but since I have kissed more than one guy in my 32 years of life, some are better kissers than others. You can tell a LOT just by a kiss, just by a hug, just by personality, and just by body language. And once married I'd like to think "practice makes perfect" :P. It's a weak argument to claim you need to "try before you buy", and very shallow. Plus I believe God blesses those who hold out with healthy marriages, and if there is sexual awkwardness in a marriage, I believe God can fix it. the bottom line is what do you hold most high in your life? fleeting pleasures? or God? Respecting God is more important than momentary pleasures..and it's not like God is against sex..He created it, there's just a time and a place, and in actuality it's for our own good. Look at how many broken homes there are due to sex outside of marriage, and people worshipping pleasure and not their Creator. Also, when a boyfriend broke up with me years ago, it hurt all the deeper to be dumped after having been intimate in ANY way with him...I am so thankful I didn't have sex with him! In marriage there's a physical, emotional, and of course a spiritual safety net for both the man and woman.
Jessica Ren (3 years ago)
Great video :)
Pietje (3 years ago)
I really dont know where to find a real God loving women, im waiting/looking for so long..... :''(
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+Cee Jay Its Satan's playground keep far away that website last time I was on there a woman saying she was Christian and went to church blah blah BLAH. It turns out she was planted there by Satan!
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+WW2 Military Collector At the church you go to but take heed Satan has planted his beautiful looking TARES as well.
Sorat (3 years ago)
+WW2 Military Collector Man dont worry. Had the same problem. I even lost faith that I will find one. So I turned my whole life to God. He fixed so much things that were wrong with me and that I didnt even notice. I still prayed that He would help me find that one diamond in the rough. He did. And now, when I look back, I am happy that I didnt find a real woman than because I would have probably lost her. God first made me into a man and only than He gave me a real woman. Dont worry. Just trust in God and everything will turn out well.
Pietje (3 years ago)
Thx guys :) And i pray for you all
Cee Jay (3 years ago)
of course i will bro we all need to look out for each other  
susan nelsen (3 years ago)
Is handholding and kissing excepeble?
Watcher on the Wall (2 years ago)
Mario only cares about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and has very limited spiritual knowledge.
David Bermudez (3 years ago)
+The Godly Bros It also depends on spiritual maturity!
Christian Graulau (3 years ago)
If it gets sexual then no
kara__kats (3 years ago)
"Heavy petting"?

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