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This Black Billionaire Has Some Advice For Young Black Men

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This black billionaire is creating opportunities for African American youth. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComplexHustle/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAWBDbI_scGDPB4kdz0e4Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/complexhustle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/complexhustle/ Complex Hustle is a lifestyle channel for creators, entrepreneurs and young professionals navigating the new economy. Delivering daily news, expert insight and original programming – we explore all things hustle – from the corner to the corner office. It’s a platform for the leaders and change-makers of today. We sit at the intersection of media, entertainment, technology and culture. Our content covers the many stages of entrepreneurship, empowering today’s do-it-yourself generation to design the careers they want. We equip our audience with the tools and tips to create content, develop products and build businesses in the modern world.
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Text Comments (838)
Minkah McKay (9 days ago)
Unfortunately he is working for white folks and don’t own the company he works for...He just an individual. Where is Schools set up, or black institutions set up where qualified black women and men are employed by his business? We know we can make it, where can I go and take advantage of the opportunity that he is providing??? So his concerns for “African Americans” are pretentious in nature.
Tristan Ward (7 days ago)
Minkah McKay get off your ass and find it yourself. Man is still a billionaire even if the non factual bs you spill out your mouth was true. Beside he’s looking for talent in stem, which requires person with a high IQ, which I doubt you have.
Haqim Al-Arabia (19 days ago)
He is a role model to young black men because Smith is proof "that if you is rich, you can gets some fine white pussy"
gold girl (27 days ago)
Ugly buckwench. He's gay too. Oprah is richer than him. BEDBUCK.
Gregory Bailey (1 month ago)
Just like Oprah.maybe only one or two black employees.
Gregory Bailey (1 month ago)
Stay away from white woman.and white neighborhood
Duke Temz (1 month ago)
More Black boys pursuing STEM careers
Ro Ro (2 months ago)
I need this commercial
keith wisdom (2 months ago)
be bless with good parents and good gene and follow their advice. hard to be successful when your parent and community are jacked up. only a relatively few make it from most typical broke black families. people complain about the youth without really looking at the cause which perhaps may be their grandparents.
Kitty Catt (2 months ago)
I’m a female rapper from Alaska Please check out my channel Thank you Peace & Love
Evuro inc. ECO-LEASH (3 months ago)
How many real startups has he funded?
e K (3 months ago)
Is this chick actually wearing a one-piece swimming suit and playing it like it's cool? Dang!
David Wilson (3 months ago)
Another fuck face video...don't hear a word from the black billionaire..
mike veethy (3 months ago)
This is so complexed
obastan (3 months ago)
He has passed Oprah up. She probably pissed
J J (3 months ago)
If Black men would stop aspiring to be the next, big rapper.....
He is richer and has more wealth than Oprah.
I love your mom 69 (4 months ago)
He’s richer than Oprah
david nichols (4 months ago)
The "billionaire's" advice? Hope you're the one out of a billion that gets let in, as a token member, to the white power-circle, 'cause otherwise, forget it!
Thomas Shields (4 months ago)
Research Byron Allen. Then go read the Professor Sandy Darity and Antonio Moore Report
6Lights Productions (5 months ago)
So what was the advice???
SynrG X (5 months ago)
Tru DeSoto (5 months ago)
*ADVICE TO BLACK MEN?* *He recently married a WHITE , 3rd rate Playboy skank who was half his age and THEIR BABY (cha-ching$$!) WAS AT THEIR WEDDING! She'll get half that billion, like the idiot who founded the 1st black billion dollar company - BEATRICE - gave to his Asian wife (who now says he abused her)!* ((( Or......She'll get $100 million and her own island- like Tiger Woods NANNIE wife. Black males always do the same, dumb, shit )))
drakechap (5 months ago)
Ok. What was the advice again? I missed it.
Bullet (5 months ago)
Guys this advice is right but not complete. You’ll never be able to reach status like he has in today’s economy, you’ll need innovation to create things and you’ll have to begin to learning about making smart investments with money RIGHT NOW. Edit: also I forgot to add you’ll never become rich working for someone else, and *if you do* become rich watch Chris Rock wealthy vs rich. It’s is stand up routine but the message is made very clear
Jude Remarais (5 months ago)
Passing Thru (5 months ago)
What about Byron Allen? American Black Billionaire as well.
KsoFlyineer (6 months ago)
What's the advice?
Jurnee Jones (6 months ago)
We need more black people like him that are willing to work hard and make something of themselves . Instead of not taking responsibility for ones own actions
JA J (7 months ago)
I hope he is married to a black woman because black wealth needs to stay within the black race. Don't just teach black men how to build wealth. Also each them to keep wealth within the black race. Black first.
shimmer burnett (2 months ago)
Bait comment
Sudan Nutella (5 months ago)
Incognito bullshit. You dumbass niggas love making the lamest excuses to justify your self-hate. Fuck out of here.
Incognito (5 months ago)
JA J if he married a black women he would either be in jail or killed. Quit telling successful black men to marry black women. Black women weren't checking for him in his younger days and you know it.
erzan (7 months ago)
E Jazzy (7 months ago)
We shall see the real fruit of his labor for his own ppl in time to come. In the meantime I’ll be educated by Dr. Anderson.
Ericka Williams (7 months ago)
ownership is vital and important. Higher income skills to get higher paying jobs and better connections. Oh its bad, 1 in 10 asians own a business, 1 in 34 whites, 1 in 54 hispanics and 1 in 108 BLACKS own a business. the key is people hire folks who look like them and that are referred to them.
Jerry Junior (7 months ago)
I’m always being told that becoming an engineer and starting my own business would lead me to becoming wealthy, definitely not sure if I’m truly up for all the work and effort it’ll take, but it’ll obviously be worth it.
fridaymanly (7 months ago)
It doesn't matter who he marries or how rich he is, We as African-Americans should look up to this man because he has become a very productive member in our community. His advice is simply that it is essential that we all should have an education to be successful in life which I totally concur with him.
Robert Thompson (8 months ago)
Wait a minute this video also in 2017 is saying Robert F. Smith is a tad richer than Oprah. I think people are reluctant to admit he's number 1 on the black billionaire list.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExQDt4S3o5U
jeff mcclure (8 months ago)
He made a lot of the right moves.
Jon Doe (8 months ago)
This is some kind of weed out them who don't like me video weed out them haters video because there isn't any advice
St Peter (9 months ago)
I am black and looking for 3 African american business partners willing to invest in farming and mining gold in Africa. No joke no bullshit. Please contact me on 00263772 472 746 Please also check out how the Chinese are coming to Africa and mininh and farming comercially and making millions of dollars thank you family.
Anastasia Beaverhausen (9 months ago)
This is the housenigger that married a white woman and not just any white woman but one of Hugh Heffners old pieces of pussy... So sad all that money yet he couldn't find an intelligent Black woman so he marries a whore. And once AGAIN, a Black male is leaving his money to whites and not Blacks. So pathetic
Anastasia Beaverhausen (7 months ago)
Incognito learn to read not once did I say he HAD to marry a Black woman.. We all know Black males love to play victim and twist shit LMFAO finish the conversation alone with your butthurt ass. You've commented 6 million times and I stopped reading a while back SMH
Jeffrey (7 months ago)
Incognito Any woman who cares about what another man does with his time and money is husbandless and looking for a handout. These chicks live for the struggle and take this black/white community thing too far.
Incognito (7 months ago)
Draykid exactly she has the audacity to disrespect and cuss out black men for marrying white women and when we explain how black women dont deserve it she cusses us out again? This is that narcissism im talking about. Im glad he married out. He might have been dead by now had he married a black women. What kind of backwards thinking does a black women like her posses to think the way she talks about black men that we would settle with black women? Thats why im encouraging more black men to date out
Jeffrey (7 months ago)
Anastasia Beaverhausen go get a sperm donor and be Ms independent. That's what you new age women doing nowadays.
Anastasia Beaverhausen (7 months ago)
Draykid I don't care enough about you to read the rest of your bullshit either. Go get shot
Moses Otunla (9 months ago)
max lewis (9 months ago)
Bob Johnson was the 1st black American Billionaire, before any of those two....back in the 90s
Daniel Leslie (9 months ago)
I will follow him
kobra (10 months ago)
his first advice: marry a non black woman and have non black baby so that in 30 years the black race will loose a billionaire.
Cedrick Clemons (11 months ago)
that's a lie whitesman money
Todd Toure (11 months ago)
Absolute High level Respect. I learn and grow from mentors like him.
AvantGardeMC (11 months ago)
I wouldn't take advice from someone who works alongside those whose industries perpetuate the circumstances that plague black youth. Thanks but no thanks.
Rxcks (1 year ago)
Got any advice for Young white kids like me? I need some advice cuz man needs to win
Timo's Archive Extra (6 months ago)
Rxcks lol date Asian girls I'm successful
King Melo (1 year ago)
One thing they leaving out is that he came from money....he grew up in wealthy black suburbs
Mr Couch (1 year ago)
I dont get it?! What was the advice?
KOG Acquisitions (1 year ago)
I talk about investing and business each day on my live private blog... sign up today! http://bit.ly/2kUKndy
Jay Class (1 year ago)
I went to this high school. This school has a lot of history
modo (1 year ago)
He's worth more than Oprah and is the richest black person in America.
Josh Jackson (1 year ago)
Asia baby
ZenBruh (1 year ago)
People want racial equality but choose to direct videos to their own race...
Only mostly Africans will find this helpful because they actually care about education whereas aftican-American kids won’t.
red blaze (1 year ago)
Robert Smith currently has a net worth of 3.3 billion, Oprah has 3.1... so no, he's not the 2nd richest black person, he's the 1st. Oprah is 2nd.
The Heart Breakers (2 months ago)
Or.... maybe we can try to be billionaires instead of arguing He started at a investment bank called Goldman Sachs Most investment banking executives make atleast 300k-500k and at the same time they are executives of other companies so they make several million a year before 40, with just an Masters in business Management degree. Then start their own investment companies... Start with an internship and eventually be the next guy on this list, thank you. P.S black is black everywhere You dont hear a german say that a Australian is a differnt race...thats why they usally win they work together...
Victoria Adeyemi (3 months ago)
Maybe you should have said the richest black person in the U.S. According to wikipedia he is the third richest black person which is impressive. There's no need for the animosity because I simply stated a fact. P.S the world doesn't revolve around America.
Victoria Adeyemi (3 months ago)
Brandon there are some forms of white supremacy in Nigeria. Dangote didn't steal his wealth but he certainly benefited from monopoly.
Victoria Adeyemi (3 months ago)
red blaze no I don't know what you mean. Or are Nigerians not considered black in the U.S?
Victoria Adeyemi (3 months ago)
Paul love did I lie?
askel douglas (1 year ago)
r smith sir would you invest in my health business [email protected] my name is askel douglas live in london.
Steel Peter (1 year ago)
I have the best advice for young black men. Learn Arabic and Yiddish
Hair R US (1 year ago)
The key is:  He doesn't think that he is oppressed. "You are what you think you are." I'm black.
J Dre (1 year ago)
What's the beat in the background ?
Jay D (1 year ago)
I doubt they'd listen. They'd rather be thugged out idiots with no real road map for their lives; getting multiple hood rats pregnant. You can even see many in the comments already talking like fools. The present day ratchet culture has destroyed the black community. Black women are even the ones making better progress in terms of getting an education and being serious with their future. The men only have one interest - getting their dick wet. And yes, I'm a black man myself.
Milt (1 year ago)
Jay D Black men in STEM overpopulate black women in STEM by 4%. Black women also have the highest enrollment in College yet only 14% of them contain Bachelors Degrees compared to 22% of White women. Black men 8% have Bachelors compared to 15% of white men, the gap is closer. Black women also are the poorest demographic, the few black women who obtain Bachelors Degrees usually obtain them in fields that are nowhere near prestigious (unless it's criminal justice) and will have them working for the, "White man" the rest of their life. I suggest you take a moment to analyze the facts and not get your source from being brainashed by the media and the bad g irls club, the truth of the reality is black men in College or with careers are doing a lot better than black women. I do agree that black men are brainwashed like yourself, some not all, but the fact that you and other black men in this video is constantly putting each other down instead of lifting each other up is why black men only few Black men in America Progress like Robert F Smith and Marquise Brownlee in these fields, you can't expectp people to respect you of other races when you don't even respect what resembles you in a mirror. Source: pewresearch, blackedemographics
Tyree Sherman (1 year ago)
Hi I like your videos any viewers need help https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5d073d2365
Awards Steaming (1 year ago)
The chick tho...
Omni Watts (1 year ago)
Michael Cobbs (1 year ago)
This is motivating.
TechSector 886 (1 year ago)
so this guy was part of the crash of the stock market and everyone is praising him.... he is PART, NOT ALL.... of the reason why so many people are broke "Goldman Sachs Finally Admits it Defrauded Investors During the Financial Crisis" its funny how we keep praising people like this........ alot of the advice in this video is common sense........
Enger Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Why did you say black? Is that necessary?
Ed Esteezy (1 year ago)
Where's the advice??
Ed Esteezy (1 year ago)
She wearing a bathing suit??
yepyepIlove (1 year ago)
I was ready to write some stuff down but then I realized that this (very fine woman) was going to do nothing but talk about his accomplishments yet the video never showed the man giving advice. This black lesbian wants to be rich too lol!
yepyepIlove (1 year ago)
Black Jew Nat T Is that all you can come up with? You can hate over there with your 5 baby mamas while you're broke. Meanwhile, I'm going to get rich over here with a fine ass woman. You can hate on us LGBT folk all you want bruh. We ain't going anywhere. Got just as much right to be here as you fornicators lol.
Farzaan Ali (1 year ago)
Wait is Complex funded by black people or something I dont get it, you say Black Billionaire so profoundly but when I dont see you saying White Billionaire in any other videos
BRANDON DAVIS (1 year ago)
Yay I want to be an electrical engineer.He is such a role model
P H (1 year ago)
if he helping black kids that's pretty great the fake Jews might fuck him and the ass
P H (1 year ago)
the Spanish chick going to tell black man of what a black billionaire said he defly might be guy the white Rothschild might know his gay ass
Welcome to the Now (1 year ago)
Wtf did i just watch? There was not an ounce of advice...just a quick bio of this mans accomplishments and achievements. Im proud of him, but where's the advice sus?
Jacy (1 year ago)
what's the name of that song playing in the background? I like this background music
Z Man (1 year ago)
Asia Salastino inspires me.
Richard Collins (1 year ago)
Malcolm Battle (1 year ago)
Anthony Hutchison (1 year ago)
Peter Thompson (1 year ago)
Zay Poccets (1 year ago)
Learn-ed? Lol
Donna Berroy (1 year ago)
probably not and I'll bet his wife is not black either
Donna Berroy (1 year ago)
is he single
The Blackest Truth (1 year ago)
To think, I anticipated this amazing Black billionaire to tell us HIMSELF what he has to say to young black men. Buuuut in typical media fashion, other ppl speak on our behalf and what we're doing. Congrats to the king, I hope to speak to him in person soon!
NERO NONAMES (17 days ago)
Your mentality is what keeps you down...you can't take advice from a non black human being because they might just be fucking you??? It's insane. I'll listen to anyone of any race if I'm interested in the topic at hand. Get off the plantation. You're free now.
Nyree Bowens (1 month ago)
+mikejohns777 I'm black and I wanna ask u do u agree that billionaire African Americans Don't need all that money and he would decrease the poverty rate by helping other blacks by giving 1million to 100million Blacks in the USA which would only take him to 900million then Giving 1million to 100million Jamaicans Which would take him down to 800million,Then giving 1million to 100million Hatians which would only take him down to 700million,Then Give 1million to 100million Africans,Then he Would only be at 600million Now! let's be honest he doesn't even need that much money if he really cared about the youth he would be doing that I bet that would instantly make a big change in the world but people are really selfish these days only caring for there self's.
Tru DeSoto (5 months ago)
The Blackest Truth - *ADVICE TO BLACK MEN? He married a WHITE , 3rd rate Playboy skank who was half his age and THERE BABY (cha-ching$$!) WAS AT THEIR WEDDING! (((She'll get $100 million and her own island- like Tiger Woods NANNIE wife. Black males always do the same, dumb, shit )))*
mikejohns777 (5 months ago)
These shit channels are spreading even more on youtube. Here is some good advice for black men to be successful: Take advice from people who don't care what color you are and are giving the same exact methods to be successful for ANYBODY. Of course, it must be nice to see an actual successful black person deliver the message because so many black folks have been tricked into thinking the deck is stacked against them. Well, in some ways it is.... by the "black community" and scumbag manipulating politicians and religious leaders with self-serving agendas. Politics is poison and will turn successful, good people into useless victims. Good luck in your efforts to achieve success in this life, The Blackest Truth.
trooperwon (1 year ago)
try to teach that to the n**gers in the hood and see what happens
MauriceDoes (1 year ago)
I watched an interview with this guy and he was inspiring all the way thru doe
qwanto (1 year ago)
And this is why I pursed entrepreneurship, two years in and couldn't be happier! Anyone interested in learning how to trade forex, message me !
Mr.2Live4Tv (1 year ago)
Breon Mitchell (1 year ago)
Rubor Gamer (1 year ago)
Go Token Go!
Subomi Odumosu (1 year ago)
Where's the advice tho :/ ? You just gave us a run down of HIS life and expect us to kiss his ass cus he's rich. what fucking advice did he give. Wasted my 102 seconds
KingDavid (1 year ago)
See, I'm all for going out for fighting for your rights, but all this Black Lives Matter has almost acted as a step backwards for a lot black people. It's just a way for us to go back to saying "I can't succeed because I'm black and the system is against me." Yes there is racism, and yes the 'system' is messed up, but come on, how long are we gonna sit back and be victims? And I'm black (Nigerian) so don't @ me.
Kermit TheFrog (1 year ago)
Aside from this video I never knew he existed. Got Billionaires flying under the radar but people in the spot light destroying the black community promoting drugs and killing and ho'n.
Elijah Aytch (1 year ago)
Show me a black billionaire and I'll show you someone who doesn't support his or her community. How how a black billionaire and our people still struggling? I ain't saying hand people money but use your resources to create jobs for black men and women instead of giving them advice.
wtfrusayin (6 months ago)
true, he needs to hire YOUNG HIGH IQ individuals who are studied in the tech and finance industry and we know most blacks are not intelligent thus only make up 0.01% of this industry, most blacks are uneducated and know nothing about inventing and innovating technology and finance, they only use technology to post pictures and video portraying their improved financial situation that came as a result of rapping about killing fellow black men or fidgeting a ball. I'M 18 AND I HAVE INTERNED IN A TECH STARTUP(SIZE = 150-200 EMPLOYEES) LAST YEAR, I WAS THE ONLY BLACK PERSON THERE.
Tristan Ward (7 months ago)
Elijah Aytch why hire based on color instead of merit? Also, you say hire more black people like yourself, but do you know anything about finance, investing millions, or computer science? News flash most blacks known about about rappers than finance. Most black people know nothing about those fields, as only a small percentage of them go to school for it. Hence, that is what he’s aiming for more African Americans to pursue more wanted fields.
Kevin Schoon (1 year ago)
It's always good to see other successful investors other than the usual Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, or Dave Ramseys of the world. Especially when they're your hue. Whoever subs to my channel I'll sub back. make sure you're  public so I can see.
Akhnaton (1 year ago)
Here we go. Complex with the fuckery
harlem jones (1 year ago)
He a uncle tom
Daniel Leslie (6 months ago)
Then I will be one too :)
Sean Lewis (10 months ago)
harlem jones Why?
jbaby007 (1 year ago)
He went to east high school! holy shit.

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