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School Naked Nightmare

51 ratings | 48376 views
A young man is assaulted by a gang of bullies in the middle of school and is robbed of his trousers and tighty-whities. The assembled students then laugh mercilessly at him.
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Text Comments (8)
The Polish Huntsman (9 months ago)
wouldnt a realistic reaction for being nude at school be either "Ewww...Get away, creep." or *winks* "Nice ;)"
Kingdrago101 (5 months ago)
The Polish Huntsman no and yes
Samiya al-Salami (1 year ago)
what film is this
Bad Andy (3 months ago)
Its called "most embarrassing ways to die."
LuisFrom Philippines (2 years ago)
Let the dislikes rise
Joaquin Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Newtishg LMAOO
Termonator fg (8 months ago)
Newtishg (1 year ago)
Little boy, what are you doing watching videos on this side of YouTube? Shame on you.

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