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Top 10 BEST Countries to Meet Beautiful Women

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The BEST Countries to meet beautiful women! ► Free Conversation Cheat Sheet: https://attractioninsights.com/conversation-cheat-sheet/yt/ma/top-10-countries ►►►Want us to personally take you out and show you how to meet women? Learn more here: https://attractioninsights.com/training International Dating Coach Matt Artisan tells us his top 10 countries to meet beautiful women! Matt travels all over the world teaching guys the art of attraction. He's been to over 40 countries in the past 7 years! So you can bet that he's met different kinds of women all over the globe! Matt explains how different women can be in other places around the world. He'll show you his favorite places to be, where to meet the hottest women, and how to approach them! He also tells us what to expect when you're meeting women. He demonstrates all the do's and don'ts when it comes to approaching them when in their country. Matt shows: ► His top 10 countries to meet beautiful women! ► The DO's and DONT's when it comes to approaching women in their home countries. ► Must know differences and customs in culture and tradition when visiting these countries and meeting women. ► The Best way to approach women when traveling in their country! Join a boot camp or have us train you! Get a free consultation now: https://attractioninsights.com/training #TheAttractiveMan #DatingAdvice #Top10 Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted "World's Best New Dating Coach". Over the past 7 years, he's coached men in over 40 countries, including U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, and many more... He's the creator of Turn Her On Through Text, the C.Q.C. Day Game Method, and the 2-Minute Chase Me Method. ⇨ Follow Matt on Social Media ⇦ www.Instagram.com/mattartisan www.FaceBook.com/matt.ardisson.page/ SnapChat: mattardisson The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world. ################################################################################################### MORE FROM THE ATTRACTIVE MAN Subscribe to The Attractive Man YouTube channel here: ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theattractiveman1 PLAYLISTS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR DATING LIFE: How To Talk To Girls ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxWdbKfbjojUujXJBEe5ghH Mindset and Inner Game ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwwJPmg5yUKmAf7-hlklj9IH Infield Approaches ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxy9S_wdH6lkKG4JdtnrlwK How To Be Charismatic ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyqQsjWYl6Lq1CvAmjoXHOL Advanced Dating Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyu9AuzX1fGZRjFppTCqC43 Advanced Demonstrations ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyrwmn5UsZSYehnMHHP_Nmo Texting & Phone Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyVK7GFWXJvtSKOnBYXSFgl ################################################################################################### Visit our website at http://theattractiveman.com/ Want more dates? Check out the boot camp schedule here: ► http://daygametraining.com/ Want 1-on-1 private coaching? Then click here: ► http://1on1datingcoach.comom/lp/seduce-her-in-seconds/
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Text Comments (7029)
hahaha no (43 minutes ago)
first off, why the hell is russia in number 7? the ukrainian and russian women are almost literally the same just that the russian women are a bit hotter
PhilVce (3 hours ago)
Don jon haha
Anil Sebastian (6 hours ago)
You freaky sneaky dont know much
Reyhan Köse (13 hours ago)
Go to Turkey please!!!
kuku sh (13 hours ago)
Philippine girls are pretty?? 😛😛😛
kuku sh (13 hours ago)
Russia , Colombia ...
Now I can easily choose a place to get laid.
Cathy Namboozo (18 hours ago)
Somali or Canada 🇨🇦
Qalanjo Osman (22 hours ago)
If you do all that sex your positive in H.I.V
The Attractive Man (22 hours ago)
Not if you practice SAFE sex, man.
Karen Vidal (23 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure you've just met the gold diggers, hookers and VISA-grabbers in the Philippines. The majority of Filipinas are very educated and have self-respect. :/
Lucinda Garichi (1 day ago)
Well thank f*^^ you said 'your top ten' because I was going to wonder on whose standards!!!! Please travel more you ain't seen nothing yet ..I mean no African, Arabic ,Indian women 🙄🙄
Bryon Watkins (1 day ago)
Riding the bus for six, yes, six years, and catching a pretty Italian/Irish lady making $500,000 a year compared to my $40,000, there is nothing wrong with my confidence. My father pounded in my head that when broke, carry yourself as though you have $1,000,000. At 47, I’m fucking a hit 25 year old, and a pretty 29 year old. After being in the Navy, if I get married again, she’ll be Australian, Asian, Canadian, or South American. I’m the type that in a club, a group of pretty women together, I’m approaching. It’s a challenge to me, and it’s exciting. I’ve been with three that were jealous. Two of the three were both. I fucking hate that!!!!
J V (1 day ago)
Barbie Tuzon (1 day ago)
Your opinion is pretty trash right there about Filipina girls. And wtf do you expect? The girl you dated is not a psycho. Filipina girls don't take love as a joke, they take it seriously not like you who just wanna have fun. You won't understand because you're not from the Philippines so if you don't know much things about Filipinas you don't have to give opinions.
SALTATY (1 day ago)
peace.love.hope (1 day ago)
In most of these countries women are only trying to find a man who improves their standard of living. That's how they got raised. They won't date you for the person you are and they'll only marry you because of your money and to support their families. That's also why they are investing so much in their looks - it greatly improves the chance to find a more wealthy man. I'm not judging these women or the men who marry them, but you should have realistic expectations when you're trying to find a woman in one of these countries. The chance to find true love and a partner who truly cares for you is very low. You can be happy if you find a woman who is really thankful that you're providing for her and therefore tries to satisfy you too. You're not getting love or a real relationship (that's something you can't buy), you're making a trade, so make sure you make a good marriage contract.
Helen Grace Sublino (1 day ago)
Be careful ladies this guy is a top rated player in the world! You even stereotype filipina and flaunt your experience here in youtube takenote your not even cute and you look so creepy disgusting!
Yankee Gohome (2 days ago)
What a loser you have to be to travel around the world looking for women. You're probably never gonna get married lol.
NomadX7 (2 days ago)
Wow...Milky Cunanan giving advice. Wtf! Seems he just need some old bells in his arse! What a parrot! Philippines! Wow what a suprise! Call it what it is...a gay route around the world. Go figure. Have fun mate.
Eli Crisostomo (2 days ago)
I think your definition of beauty is sex wtf?
Eli Crisostomo (2 days ago)
So only pokpok approach yo😂
Eli Crisostomo (2 days ago)
Its time for you to check if you have HIV🤔
Sam (2 days ago)
You are not masculine yet trying to act alpha? There is no way you are straight, I don’t see how you could pull any woman
sief Qasrawi (2 days ago)
This is disgusting, they are turning the women of the world into brothel workers for Rich men. And the impressive part is they made them believe this is freedom. Ugh Islam solves all our actual problems instead of this near sighted reactionary way the elite have made us to think. I’m so tired and it’s exhausting and sad. Where are the women that are actually intelligent not superficially intelligent just cuz they went to college. Fuck this is so hard and all this beauty going to waste. Before any dumb ass saying “you just hate your life” I say no shit! Why wouldn’t I??? The only women left now days are absolute garbage, gold digggers, sluts, arrogantly ignorant, culture less and with no manner. I’m sure there are exceptions but they are so hard to find and so rare. But even then they sometimes get with retard guys that fool their genuine souls. So even when good women exist, they are ruined by piece of shit lying men which are just as prevalent as shit women. Fml this shit sucks.
celia daghdache (2 days ago)
Always same countries...
Anika Tok (2 days ago)
wake up ladies from Philippines, he is disrespecting Filipinas after he enjoyed. we can't blame him coz it is obviously the reality!
امین شازده (2 days ago)
Have u ever seen iranian girls??absoulutely not because there isnt in ur list!!
sief Qasrawi (2 days ago)
You are so fucking dumb. Read my above comment. Why the fuck would you want women from your country be on a shit bag’s list????? God how did women become so retarded and brainwashed?!?!?!?
Eren Jaeger (2 days ago)
Have you ever been to Afghanistan?
Sainath Dhonadula (2 days ago)
11 india
Tigist Woyesa (2 days ago)
what is zis?this guy has some kinda of problem and who will marry this wasted guy?
How couldn’t u put Sweden in the first place?
hahaha no (42 minutes ago)
because swedish women aren't actually hot
Ichthyosaur (2 days ago)
I'm from Serbia
mariya Teresa (3 days ago)
Where is india 🇮🇳 ?😂6 miss world from there!
My Boyfriend (1 day ago)
+me me again Lol Not all Indian Girls r ugly, some r extremely beautiful with curvy booty & perfect face
Notti Ashi (1 day ago)
+me me againOops..yes its true,forgot to mention that i`ve seen some indians raping your mom and i must say she was kinda white but inside she is black n dirty :x
me me again (1 day ago)
women from india are ugly... smell of onion and garlic... thats why indian men love raping foreign white women.. you know its true!
Alfaz I (1 day ago)
Y not should be next video
Anil Bhadke (3 days ago)
Where is African countries u not mention single country on list where most of the beautiful woman live their
Khalil Roberts (10 hours ago)
me me again yess they are you fucking nut case
me me again (1 day ago)
african women are not beautiful...
Matti Virta (3 days ago)
brasil and all latin womans have young wery beauty but old have wery horribl ugly.japanese girl same young wery beauty but old wery fat and lot alltime complicaton shi mind have horriple. not good.sweden lot have ugly and too lot feminist. need men do all and woman not do anuything.Russia my many friend marry.russian woman have first wery gindly and sexy, but olden ugly and horrible and many wait 5-7 year all have good condition and then scam, thief all you money,house,car and all and go to anywere. russian woman can wait longtime and then have possiple thief all. and not have beauty.russian woman love only "gentelemen"mean who have lot money no looking how ugly you have, only money and how stupid you have. Normal mexican have young beauty,old super ugly,think only money not love,wery horrible mind,guikly and jalous. wery proplematic. my all filippines woman has only think money money money and newermind what men do to me i need only money, all what i know many hundre friend filippines has most shit lier and big scam. beauty but mind have think only money and how lie more. normal family girls and office girls all.moldova,russian,sebia,all east europe country have same lot, beauty youngg but super ugly old and thief and lie lot alltime looking only how thief men all money and go to home. many hundre friend has be thats. i live near east europe countries. i has looking 25 -27 country my life, live longtime many and i know good, no newer east europe country russian etc, no newer. but asian you can found good wife if want normal girl,NOT newer bar girl. philppines not newer take wife. korea,cina,japan, good but some terrible problem too feminist not real woman want be.not good wife.but go to vietnam,cambodia,thailand,mayanmar,etc you can meet good wife today.
Lianne Sangco (3 days ago)
disrespectful😬😬😬 buy youre manner
Lhaki Karma (3 days ago)
Seriously!! beautiful women exists everywhere man and why do you only talk about taking women to bed and sex only! Seriously im getting a creepy feeling about you.
lott nio (3 days ago)
No America and Russia only #7? In Russia, the best prostitutes are Russian. In America, the best prostitutes are Russian. America just like Russia. Number #1.
William Hutcheson (3 days ago)
Sorry Matt but you will never get anywhere with these women because attractive women don't want anything to do with so so men like you.
Sneha Biswas (3 days ago)
Why not visit india
Дејан 45 (3 days ago)
Gtfo of Serbia american Trash..
Obataladance (3 days ago)
This person looks like a woman
Bring The Spirits (3 days ago)
Hahaha "puk puk" "POK POK KA BA AUBREY?"
Bl ue (3 days ago)
so you mean every Filipino women are pokpok? dude thats very disrespectful .. i find you creepy too
Bl ue (3 days ago)
+TheBlueskyson he just mention "PUK PUK"
TheBlueskyson (3 days ago)
He didn't say that.
Quin SAB (4 days ago)
*"'Raise Your Flag,' because I stand here not as one, but as 104 million FIlipinos!" -Catriona Gray* What you said to my country is not pleasant to our ears, not that you care if its pleasant to our ears or not, I just wanna voice out. We are fun to be with when we are "close" on someone, don't be too assuming that because you are a foreigner then we gave in. And it doesn't mean that if they smile and check you out, it means something, it is simply a sign of welcome and for some, they dream of having a foreigner in their side, respectfully. Prostituting here in Philippines is illegal, why? is prostituting in your country legal? if the answer is no, then surely, you can call a police if you know someone prostituting it doesn't need a what you called "education" frankly, you just simply used your "knowledge" about it... if you have it, if you don't have the knowledge, surely you know what it is called for a person without knowledge?. Less focused in careers? nope, we are focused we are just not that showy and hey! that's why Filipino's are unique, we don't let seriousness get into our fun. Filipinas? Beautiful SIMPLE Creatures with a ♥. Our definition of "beauty" is too far from yours. If a girl is beautiful ? then let it be , she is beautiful no matter how it scores from 0 to 100. Next time, be careful on what you're saying to our country, We have the warrior in our soul. Edited: I just corrected the typographical errors, in case this man on the screen can't understand my simple mistakes
jonathan andrew (4 days ago)
i have been to america and i have seen many beautiful women
Matti Virta (3 days ago)
american like normal wery ugly ewoman ,i think you not has ewer seen any real beautyfull woman. only big breast,big bottom doll were not have braind. if speak america. i has live there and i know,idiot and feminist all.
unknown territory (4 days ago)
You look like your confused on whether you wanna be gay or rugged.
Adrijana Panic (4 days ago)
Serbia is the bestttt
Luis Chavez (4 days ago)
venue/boot camps? pua right? good advice and good video
Chet Baker (4 days ago)
Most idiotic video on Youtube!
Madara uchiha (4 days ago)
So does this mean this guy is a whore?
Remy Andres (4 days ago)
Come on man! Are u crazy?! Im hispanic, but Mexicans better than Russians? Pff
Matti Virta (2 days ago)
+Remy Andres yes i know. but if talk beauty woman no can talk swedn or european,or east europewoman newer. or hispanic or mexican monkeys.
Remy Andres (2 days ago)
Matti Virta We are talking about beautiful women, not Good Wifes or Good feelings. XD
Matti Virta (3 days ago)
have true. russiaqn have worst woman all cwold then philippines and all east europe and east countrys have big shit only. think moneu and lie lot.not newer good wife.
alex vasquez (4 days ago)
Hypergamy is a natural female instinct. But it must be checked by law, religion and cultural influences to prevent women from destroying themselves, men, children and the fabric of society. Just like natural male instincts (such as violence), must be checked in order to maintain civility. Let's take the example of Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous and desirable actresses of the last generation: 1996 - 1999: She married Johnny Lee Miller, a British character actor. Then she monkey-branched to... 2000 - 2003: Billy Bob Thornton, a more famous American character actor, but not a leading man. Then she monkey-branched to... 2003 - 2004: Collin Farrell, an Irish leading man at the pinnacle of his career. Then she monkey-branched to... 2004 - 2012: Brad Pitt, probably the most famous leading actor of his generation. Then she monkey-branched to... 2012 - Present: Nobody. She is too old. Her looks are fading. She has hit the wall. Now she is a single, bitter old woman, dragging around a half dozen children and the only thing she has to comfort herself with is the money she stole from all of her ex-husbands.Just dont get Married Go MGTOW.
Jess Connelly (4 days ago)
Love the school girl outfits
lora cabanilla (4 days ago)
You never knew all women in the Philippines are all literate, education here is very important, traditional and culture of the PHILIPPINES is still existing.. Women is respectful here, pokpok you called is case to case bases of their being unemployed.. Some women goes for prostitution because they think this is the only way to earn money but this is not want they want, in order them to survive in life they doing it even if against to their will.
Fun Time (4 days ago)
Search for Lebanese women
Davide Deblasio (5 days ago)
you got to be ( KOOl, in shape like a sports dude, no drugs, have some style,speak some lanaguares, etc, ( then you do well, if not its pretty boring for all,,, ( but the LIST is about right,,,,,, i agree ,,oveall,, for white boys, like us
Stephen Moses Serrano (5 days ago)
I don't like how you described Filipinas. You could've done it in a more formal and respectful way. Now the world would think that every Filipina is like what you have mentioned in the video. Shame on you, you are the real "pok-pok"! Don't ever try to set your foot in our country! You are never welcome here anymore 😠! p.s. There are more educated Filipinas here than you, you just met and described those you are seeking here! SHAME AGAIN!
Miss Eve (23 hours ago)
Basi lang yan sa experience nya kasi yung na meet nya e puro nga naman pok-pok sa Angeles city, wala o hindi pa nya naranasan magka date ng normal na pinay kaya wala syang alam pero ayos na rin kasi nasali ang bansa natin sa pinakamagandang babae.
milos medic (3 days ago)
Stephen Moses Serrano true,the guy is full of shit
Stefania Calangiu (5 days ago)
Romania have the most beautiful women’s in the Europe. ❤️
Belle DeLos Santos (5 days ago)
💖🇵🇭MOST of FILIPINA are NOT liberated,they value VIRGINITY they don't go around talking and flirting with Guys..they focus on their studies and Families...So I think U meet PokPok in the Philippines.
DATGUY¿ (4 days ago)
+Luis Chavez Since there is a "Everyone is different". You can bang few to many women in many countries. I met Filipina who is okay to one night stand, one who is very suspicious of me for talking to her, one who is friendly, one who is focusing on her work and disinterested to talk to a stranger like me, etc.
Luis Chavez (4 days ago)
bullshit, i went to manila and banged 8 girls in 13 days, 4 in the ass, no lies here. no money involved except motel, im bald and so so looking so bullshit.
King Xerxes (5 days ago)
Every country has beautiful women. But my favourite are Greek. How come USA is not listed, I seen tons of American supermodels who could easily fit in this list. Ukraine is a bit overrated, they always give it 1st place.
anna kosma (5 days ago)
You forgot Greece, pal 😛 Anyway, all women are beautiful, why make a list?!
Anil Bhadke (3 days ago)
No not all
New Erä (5 days ago)
Got Eritrea bro meet beautiful ladies.
Aldo Bare (5 days ago)
Albania, Greece. Italy
hristo. 29 (5 days ago)
So if u are not white u are not in this list ? U fucking bozzo
K R (5 days ago)
Not one mention of an African country. Kill the list ASAP!
Khalil Roberts (10 hours ago)
K R he’s talking about his experiences he hasn’t been to Africa yet it’s not that big of a deal
Marco Fontana (5 days ago)
Put your energy in creating wealth not chasing pussy.
Dyzel Beats (5 days ago)
No women of color. No cool points from me 👎👎👎
Fruit cake (5 days ago)
want some hot topics? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecC0bKWZZhTIMDiGDEbj6w/videos%EF%BB%BF
Deepak Ray (6 days ago)
India should hv been in d list
Deepak Ray (1 day ago)
I dont think only facial beauty proves to b actual beauty.. Bcoz with beautiful face u also need to b beautifully dressed, beautifully cultured, beautifully talented.. So on. With regards to these.. No women from other countries is as beautiful as an Indian women.
blade 04 (6 days ago)
I am happy to be Ukrainian! Our major export is women. Our country is the best to live in.
ThäSwissKunt (6 days ago)
My opinion about girl in south east asia: ive been there for over 10 months and i can tell u the best country for hookups or relationship is Thailand bc: -it has a strong middle class and less poverty unlike PH or others. so its less likely to run into gold diggers while dating. -its common for Thais to date foreigners and they're parents friends will usually not be negativ about it -their culture and religion is about let everybody do what they want dont worry -theres sooo many gays and ladyboys so more girls for u -theres many girls who actually prefer to date foreigners to their own people
ale abraham (6 days ago)
You totally missed Bulgaria
lololol lol (6 days ago)
are you serious with having a threesome date in the philippines?? :D
7:47 everyday in Russia :B
Virus The Gamer (6 days ago)
🇹🇷 😏 ..
Castiel Null (6 days ago)
Brazilian gals will just kiss you ?! Why am I buying a ticket to Brazil ? What's going on? XD
Clara Bonon (5 days ago)
No....... We won't, carnival is already gone this year
Jodha singh Nagra (6 days ago)
This guy is gay...
another day (6 days ago)
He's talking about homosexual in he's ass😂
Kelfala kello Kamara (6 days ago)
What about Australian woman's?. i love Australian woman's so much
Kelfala kello Kamara (6 days ago)
can't you answer my question
Samurai Blue (6 days ago)
Chinese women have the lowest quality overall; consequently, nobody mentions them in the comments here. Brilliant!
FABIANA ALVES (6 days ago)
That’s bullshit, make up parties in Carnaval?? Those girls do not represent all the girls in Brazil.
Jerome Florista (6 days ago)
im inviting all the guys here to visit here in the Philippines where you can lick and fuck all our women here... here's some tip: Just prepare some real small amount of money to buy some drinks and make her a little bit drunk... i guarantee you, you will experience some real fuck
George Raptis (6 days ago)
Tsibukaki, nice Japanese woman.
John Lingel (6 days ago)
Too many gold digging countries on this list. No thanks! I prefer places like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and countries where women have their own money. Japan = too weird and they seem to have alternative motives. Brazil = too many gold diggers. Sweeden = a bit cunty Russia = Gold digging hot spot and a bit cold at times. Mexico = Might have potential, a bit poor but also some pretty good women. Serbia = Hot as shit but watch your wallet. Philippines = Not that hot and they want your money. Friendly though I guess. Moldova = IDK have not been there. Columbia = A+ for gold digging whores. Ukraine = Hot but same as russia they always want you for money or passport. Italy = the best place for meeting women. Hot as shit, they can feed themselves and the food is ridiculous.
The woman your seeing are hookers an all the country's your saying are all lies class is very low Your wrong guy big time I've fucked over 1500 woman an run a dominatrix an fetish sessions business Wake up guy
Alexis Langga (7 days ago)
Bad reviews for Philippine not good review
Matti Virta (3 days ago)
not newer. only long weekend funny have good but no more ,no newr
Cherish (7 days ago)
A type of a guy like you is the one I should avoid. Filipinas get too attached yes but we often choose the wrong guy because most of the foreigners coming into our country loves to make out. Taste the girls here. Date the girls here just to have fun. This is actually not a good thing y'know? If a Filipina likes you Yes they will do something to get closer to you. But the only funny thing here according on this video is that you came here just for fun or for social experiments. If you cleared things out I swear, this Filipina you had dated with won't talk to you anymore. Anyways, this is just my shared thoughts and facts as a Filipina. Next time if you only want fun then go get a type of a girl that will get along with you.
White Lion (7 days ago)
There would be a higher percentage of hot sexy women if they would have a healthy diet. Processed salty and sugary foods and fatty unnatural foods have transformed human bodies to blobs
mistadj (7 days ago)
Ok...Have to stop at the beginning because im in Japan....What i can tell you from living here and not traveling here is that women are submissive ...yes...IN THE BEGINNING....But they change after marriage and for sure after a baby. Most Americans I know married to Japanese women are unhappy...even the Japanese men i know are unhappy. I have dated a few and i can tell you they are stuck in their ways....like, its their way or no way....and dont say anything negative about Japan...That will set off a fire storm..even talking about driving issues (parking, tolls, etc). There is a lot more to it than...men are afraid to talk to them...thats like believing a woman who cant keep a man and blaming it on the man but not looking at whats wrong with her
Anas Khalil (7 days ago)
You have too much make up nigga
Sujit Gawand (7 days ago)
elNikobonito (7 days ago)
Bro I'm going to Japan. I've been learning Japanese. I need to go and bang
glenncitron (7 days ago)
:D overgroomed monkeyish queer... "the attractive man" ... my gf can't stop laughing !
X X (4 days ago)
Exactly... I bet this guy hasn't got laid in any of his travels.
Clara Bonon (5 days ago)
'' oh yeah Brazil is all about carnival, beaches and wILd ParTyES '' As a Brazilian girl I can say that we don't have carnival everyday, it's a once a year party and not all parties in carnaval are so kissie. ALSO we're not raised to be girly and care about looks, some like to do that of course, but not all, most of us don't really care. Actually, most of us care about careers, ambitions, that kind of thing. In our country, physical contact is mostly between friends and family, yes we hug a lot, yes we touch a lot, but not in a sexual way.... So.... I think your perving on a thing that has no sexual meaning. Also, the cheek kiss thing is even less sexual. ALSO were not histericly emotional, we are just... People.... We don't keep quiet, and if that's CRAZY EMOTION I think you have a problem. And.... I can confirm, if a guy (especially a stranger) in a date or even in carnival start to get really touchy, I'll grab my stuff and leave, as would anyone. Man.... This whole video made me so unconfortable, you should travel the world looking for meeting new cultures, and not getting laid. Also, you're calling the Philippine girl a psycho, but, like.... You're the guy who traveled the world looking for fuckable woman...(not saying what she did what's right, btw)
mike hunt (8 days ago)
so many butthurt sjw's in this comment section trying to discredit this man because god forbid someone actually cracks the code and has good moves when it comes to meeting women.
Lekso Lee (8 days ago)
It all depends on what u expect from a girl and your personal taste. For some people its Scandinavia, for others its Eastern Europe, Russia, for some its Latin America, for others its Japan, Korea, Philippines. But for the majority its their own country, cause its proven - people are most attracted to what they tend to see every day around them.
Slash steven (8 days ago)
I'd love to go to Brazil
Brad Restivo (8 days ago)
jennifer kobylinski (8 days ago)
Heck yes UKRAINE!

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