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[News] 120729 miss A Suzy - 티엔(TN) Fansign @ Gangnam "Boons" Cosmetic Shop

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Cr: TVDaily (분스 강남점에서 '수지 팬사인회)
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Text Comments (13)
CHECHE ESURENA (5 years ago)
Nick A (6 years ago)
1:20 Suzy with patch on her elbow like a boss, signing while interacting with fans hahaha
reigneyday (6 years ago)
I love how she keeps talking to her fans ^^,
kimdeyyaa (6 years ago)
what a warm smile of Suzy that always makes me want to smiling too :) I love her long hair here's.. she's so pretty, and I think she's more beautiful when she just have minimalize make up like this, especially her eyes.. so charming
blueblossom2223 (6 years ago)
suzy !
1np (6 years ago)
726jigglypuff (6 years ago)
lalala TN TN! hehe.. I still remember Suzy's cute jingle for the homepage of TN. So cute! haha! The fan gave her a hairband at 0.40. Jang Ma Ri style! I really like Suzy's attitude of looking you right in the eye. Even at the airport when she is unable to sign your autograph she would look directly at you & apologise instead of avoiding you. This girl.. <333 and she takes so long to sign one autograph because she actually writes out a thoughtful message for the fan instead of just signing. :)
ThePrettypink1992 (6 years ago)
i wonder why she keeps on wearing that bandage thats on her elbow. she also had it on a couple of episodes of BIG. suzy, please don't get hurt
reigneyday (6 years ago)
I like her fashion sense...
reigneyday (6 years ago)
The music suits her... So cute... ♥
forsuzyonly (6 years ago)
i was amazed by the fans who kept standing with an eye-to-eye talk with Suzy!! aghhhh..SOOOOOO ENVY!!!!! SUZY-shiii!!!please come to Philippines <3
forsuzyonly (6 years ago)
i also might faint if I was there.. omo..they are soooo lucky!
suzy miss a (6 years ago)
She will really look you in the eye....If I ever met her...I might faint..she's so pretty!!!

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