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Dating site scammers, Badoo beware theyre a LOT of them!

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most hot females on dating sites are not real, and what's worse, they are after your money, they lure you in by playing to your wants and desires, then ask for money for what ever reason. some examples are: Badoo www.badoo.com OkCupid www.okcupid.com OkCupid.. www.match.com/ Match.com DateHookup www.datehookup.com eHarmony | www.eharmony.com/ eHarmony POF.com www.pof.com/ PlentyofFish Chemistry.com.. BeautifulPeople.com: www.beautifulpeople.com/ BeautifulPeople.com
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Evelin Hasieber (1 month ago)
Badoo is cool.😎
Cri George (2 months ago)
nowadays they don't even put a story to their profiles, just wants a date , and asks credit to open up a conversation. fuck them.many times they don't even read the messages.
Tavo Tapia (2 months ago)
Nigerians used this word AM
Mervyn Bridge (2 months ago)
There's a dating site called silver singles once they get older your financial details that's it they keep taking and taking taking don't get involved
mike gunthner (3 months ago)
I noticed computer generated messages and picts
aws awsw (3 months ago)
Badoo is a scammer !
John Smith (4 months ago)
I had a scammer threaten to turn me in for "child porn" after pretending to be a minor and sending me unsolicited pics of an adult woman with no head shot. Tried to extort money ala money card from me in exchange for not calling the police. I called the police instead lol. The scammer even had the balls to call me pretending to be "the dad". I had fun with it at the end, calling them out on all their bs. They don't like that very much.
Wayne Faile (4 months ago)
So true what you said in the video. Thanks for sharing
Kathy Waters (5 months ago)
We are working to amend the 230 Communication Decency Act based on Identity Theft! Please check out our YouTube page and our fight!!
cutie 82 (7 months ago)
Im not hot but i do have a cute face :)
cutie 82 (7 months ago)
Fake badoo
Tina E. Hall (10 months ago)
This Video is Awesome, But www.allytate.club This site is best I think, you can TRY This site.
Rahul G (10 months ago)
Background music too loud
Jason Furler (1 year ago)
Alot of eHarmony women claim to be visiting other countries for one reason or another, and will ask you to give them money to return to the US. It's all the same scammer under many names. Also with poor grammar. Beware of contacting them for not having eharm subs and their reply saying something like "I hate to sound rude but I hope you aren't like other guys on this site. I will be deleting my account soon".
Evelin Hasieber (1 year ago)
drubu716 (1 year ago)
Do you know about a site called Secured Online Seekers SOS? Is it legit?
James Dough ISR (1 year ago)
Very helpful and u had me dyin' laffing.
trucker 9000 (1 year ago)
thanks lol
Evangeline Gilbero (1 year ago)
yes totally bullshit...same with men on Badoo.thwres always drama in thier life
Evangeline Gilbero (1 year ago)
scammers right away from the start of chat is ..what do u do for a living.or what is ur job...be on Skype but the web can is not working ..just a call..hmm.whats out with African sounds of English
ShyAnn291 (1 year ago)
Yes the grammar does usually point to a man in another country
c m (5 months ago)
ODDBALL SOK (10 months ago)
a hairy 250 pnds sweating, farting one...
Sky Doe (1 year ago)
Put it this way, if they are supposed to be English, they should have good English grammar, period. If they do not want to videochat, red flag. Even if they give a number, I would insist on videochat.
Sky Doe (1 year ago)
Yes you can meet people from this site, I have met some men, but...yeah, a lot of catfish. When these catfish ask me what makes me think they are fake, I say I will not tell them because it will just help THEM improve their scam, not repeating the same mistakes, lol! Then, they block me which then just proves my belief!
Lurch USA (1 year ago)
Want to go fishing for catfish? Don't bother going to your local waterway, log into badoo.com
Daisy VALDERRAMA (1 year ago)
Can anyone help me to report a scam ? I don't want this creature, insect, to hurt another woman, like I'm heartbroken!! Thanks God I did a little or research on the pic... And is a scammer on a dating site.
nouara nouara (1 month ago)
Daisy u should expose him here. Name,age etc. Internet is full of love rats playing with womens feelings. Sad but true
Black Samurai 7 (2 years ago)
I met my fiancé online. We met on eharmony. It does work but that's true there are a lot of scammers on these sites.
Grant vivian (2 years ago)
hot tip, dont trust video chatting too, dont trust talking on the phone directly, dont trust the things they say, dont give them your skype details either. they record your skype conversation and threaten to post it to facebook showing all your friends and family if you dont pay. they hack into your contacts and photos and try blackmail you. so dont ever trust anyone you cant meet. skype calls can be faked, and blow u away with this, scammers can be good looking chicks too. yup. wont be long before a sick aunt or a dying uncle or something they want that they cant pay for will be leading to asking you to pay in one way or another they will get angry, they will say all sorts of things to guilt trip you into giving money. even if you say no and somehow the conversation continues, they will be asking again before long for money. ive never sent a dime anywhere and I never will. what is interesting is finding how far they will go to coerce you into handing money over. its very interesting
that is so true
Ken Masters (2 years ago)
Its a bot
Necro Vomit (2 years ago)
i can confirm, that this whole site is fake
NPC Chronicles (1 year ago)
Necro Vomit no it ain't
Dan DCC91 (2 years ago)
Oh my god, you people, it's SOOOOO SIMPLE!! Just meet them in real life or, AT THE VERY LEAST, video chat or, REALLY AT THE VERY LEAST, call with them first before you start wiring them your life savings!! Like seriously, wtf! I mean this doesn't just apply to Badoo, it applies to all online dating. I mean, if you are so stupid to wire people money or give people your personal info without even checking that they are what they claim to be or be clicking links that strangers give you on dating sites, then you deserve to lose your money.
MrNeckCrack (2 years ago)
Horny Pervert XD
Horny Pervert (2 years ago)
Why don't badoo make game AI instead?
Dan DCC91 (2 years ago)
+MrNeckCrack lol I am the superior being? You are one to talk. I crack ONE joke about you losing track of the convo and you get all defensive all up in my ass, wtf. Great personality.
MrNeckCrack (2 years ago)
"try to keep up" sorry I don't have a fedora to match yours XD wtf sorry i slacked on that you apparently SUPERIOR being jesus why am I even talking to you, PEACE
Dan DCC91 (2 years ago)
+MrNeckCrack Also, yey, my theory. See? I never had VIP membership and didn't have that problem. I know VIP members pay a good money. That makes sense if they pay girls to go on dates with VIP members. But with regular members, it doesn't make sense.
Last Call (2 years ago)
came to check out your vid cause one tried to scam me about 1 hour ago......lolll....she was from saskatchewan in her profile, the when I looked maybe 20 minutes in the conversation all of a sudden she was from Ottawa, her grammar was horrible and she asked too many questions while answered mine in a weird and evasive way..(she did ask me how long I was on the badoo site)....when I tell her that she travels very fast and impressive, she tells me she is in new york all of a sudden....ooooook.....I was on to her now and told her I was allergic to superheros...she never answered....so I reported her.......She goes by the name of Lawerencia...beware...
joker herbert (2 years ago)
all dating sites have scammers on either payed or free dating sites i remember chating with a woman from usa and she was saying she wanted to get out of the country and said she only had half the flight money to get over the uk next thing she had the bloody cheek to ask me to send her 250 pounds to her bank account i said nochance in hell then she blocked me lol
Creedlake (2 years ago)
It seems like all these dating sites are full of these people they always want to take you to another website where you put your credit card information in
Dan DCC91 (2 years ago)
In my experience, it's interesting, but there are way more scammers if your location is set in US. I am from Korea, and when I am browsing with Korea as the location, I don't think I've run into a single scammer (on badoo and on tinder). But as soon as I set my location to LA, which is where I study, on tinder, the majority of the girls I get matched with are bots and at least half the girls on badoo are scammers (or bots). Maybe I am just fugly by American standards so only scammers and bots swipe me right, lol. Kiddings aside, I think scammers tend to target Americans, or people in America (they don't know I don't have American citizenship anyway).
Craig Elliott (2 years ago)
its fairly obvious she is east asian. prob Thai
wowerman (2 years ago)
In few words. 98% of dating websites want to convince you that you are attractive, someone wants to meet you. They incourage men to send some gifts to women to get priority in line but you must spend money.Why would you make add to some value to your match yuo do not know and before revealing your values?Again its designed you to spend money on dream which will never come true.I spent hour and hours online chasing gilrs.I met only small percentage.Its not worth your effort. You could do so many different things in same time. Go and do some overtime and buy thinkgs you like. Go and chase girls in town from time to time. Go to gym, swimming pool,cinema, study languages helping you enjoy life better,you can have a wank to relax, you can get your motorcycle and go for spin at night. You can develop skills you neglected in past.I know its easy to hit keyboard buttons not moving yuor butt. However NO PAIN , NO GAIN.
wowerman (2 years ago)
Badoo uses internet cookies , scripts and automatic messages generated randomly.It shows bar with information that " those girls want to meet you" and photos are pixalated.To uncover them you need to pay money. When you keep refreshing page or browse some profiles and same bar appears with same girls but message is different and photos are uncovered and clear.Message states" those girls are popular now".Website is designed in way that mislead you not giving clear information what has really happened.Its same technique like banners on websites trying convince you that some people slimmed down using some amazing diet.Somewhere close to banner its question mark or info that it is a commercial and not a news.Those markings are so small that you do not see them and clik the link.You send info about your IP address and they will start to spam you more and more. Also badoo marketing team create fake profiles which are easy to spot.Proifiles have same age brackets of matches they look for. Normally it is 15 years or so.They do tend to have some interests like" waking on beach","sun","Dolce Gabana" and all that non important shit you would never consider as interest and hobby.I suppose thay study human's mind behaviour and create some graphics on web site telling you that someone is interested in you.There are obviously genuine profile too. Those can be devided by 3 groups. First are girls bored with life with low self esteem waiting for guys to chat with.They wait for messages telling them how pretty they are at photos. Women wrom that group less likely are interested to date you despite they talk sweet things just to keep you for few minutes till they get confirmation that thay are pretty.Many of them live in other countries pretending to live in same country where you live. They have location switched off for that reason.They waste your time. Next group of women on dating sites are women with very big demands. They are interested at first glance, they will give you a phone number, they like you very much but are verry picky and choosy on date. They will pretend to be natural and sweet but will never see you again. They are looking for "REAL PERFECT MAN".Again those waste your time.3rd group are women with intention to meet you. They behave more natural, they woudl share some their private info giving you more credit of trust.They will meet you and will always check if you are coming on date by asking where you are.They are mosre likely to thank you for date and and send you messages few days after.That gropup of girls is of course smallest in volume.Now you can ask yourself a question.What is a chance to meet very attractive woman which is genuine, will turn up on date, will not be choosy, will ask you how it was and will make sure that you will be interested to see her again?Chances are very small.So after reading this your behaviour as man should change.I stopped reacting on any profile viewers. I also stopped chasing them and sending number of messages.If woman is interested she would send me a message. Feminists fight for equality and they fail.Women want equality but never share bill in restaurant with you and never send you a message first.I recommend to all men read my post 2x and search MGTOW in google.Remamber women not giving any signals of interest will always want you to do all the hard work starting on dating website and ending up on changing nappies full of sh....
Rick Maat (2 years ago)
Well, a girl could be shy, despite the fact being very pretty. But yeah you are absolutely right, probably Nigerians. If someone uses the word "dear" it already raises a red flag for me lol
ShaChristan Hollins (5 days ago)
dudecaphony (2 years ago)
Badoo is deliberately multiplying profiles, creating fake profiles to inflate their business.. If this site wanted to, the owners could easily prohibit users to make a profile containing copied pics that are already linked to other profiles. They obviously not only allow criminal scammers, but multiply profiles themselves. A while back I did picture searches and found 38 profiles with same pics, but different names, ages and locations.. You might think Badoo wanted to do something about it, but in sted they change coding to make it more difficult to cross reference profiles and pics.. Owners must be really pitiful, sad kind of people: Hey let's spend every working day, scamming people... such a noble way of living.
James Dough ISR (1 year ago)
the bigger the site gets from the more emails they collected at membership log in, sign up, the more visitors and traffic then they can make money from ad banners, and they make more money if you buy the tokens, roses, premium features to see who viewed you, liked your profile etc. in the end they make it fake because the volume of activity page hits, profiles, memberships, emails collected, it all increases the worth of the site so they can sell it for a cool million, or more.
How to basic (2 years ago)
Atlest you won't have to tell your nerd friends your girlfriend lives in Canada just show them the msg you got from this Nigerian tranny
Lisa-Marie Szonyi (2 years ago)
Thank you for your post!It was definitely accurate HOWEVER as a "real" woman I have experienced the "Scam Man" too LOL So it's safe to say that it definitely happens to both sexes ; ) I am glad though that you did this post because unfortunately there are some kind hearted naive people still left in this world so,if you have saved just one I'm so glad!Thank you!! : )
Arleen Morris!!! (2 years ago)
please allow this warning to women
the morningstar 2000 (3 years ago)
i bet a lott of these fake profiles are made by the ppl that own these dating sites
andgate2000 (3 years ago)
Full of scammers or fake profiles designed to make you spend more money.
Lanmark Arnego (3 years ago)
well they can only scam if you let them scam you...as simple as that..
Zatki Johan (3 years ago)
Well...If you get ignored you know shes real...hahaha ye baoo is full of odd people
Justin198803 (3 years ago)
i use google images to find fake profiles to avoid scammers :D use it people it's a tool
Vinnie 111q3 (1 year ago)
Christian Broersma i know best way fuck the Badoo It's fake,scam
Christian Broersma (3 years ago)
+xo1Justin1ox Yes the only good way lol
debbie deleemans (3 years ago)
full of scammers this site,,,don't have to be good looking either
Joe Cool (3 years ago)
Who reads the about me parts anyway lol
Joe Cool (3 years ago)
Yea why all sites are scams yet some friends can meet someone even though she's a pig n I can't even get a mercy fuck from theese even from Instagram or pof!!
FREEDOM FIGHTERS (2 years ago)
Pof was amazing like 2007 all the way till 2012 I think..after that it changed and started charging guys for nessaging etc..before that though I slept with over 40+ woman on there lol it was a great booty call site but those days are gone cause now most dating sites want money now its bullshit and honestly I saw it coming eventually lol but luckliy I got my rounds off pof before it changed
iooi (3 years ago)
Good video but could do without background music so loud.
dummyspitter (3 years ago)
Good video, sites like this and Tagged ect are full of shit like this i just play along with the scammers till i get bored
boogy1012 (4 years ago)
Messing with scammers looks fun! I might try once lol
Horny Pervert (2 years ago)
What if you try to scam a scammer? If you ask for a obvious scammer to send you money what will happen? And instead of telling where you live you just say you live near them.
George Hoffman (2 years ago)
+Adam B some people may not be American and might not know English. So the people that created the dating site, write scripts so they can copy and paster. Thats why you don't see her responding to simple questions. He/she can only go by with what the scrip is.
trucker 9000 (4 years ago)
it can be, but they all respond so much the same way it gets boring after a while

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