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Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?

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"Nightline" hired two attractive actors to pretend to be obnoxious in a speed-dating experiment.
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borderlord (21 hours ago)
We're not blinded by looks...we're biologically programmed to seek out Youth ,Health and Beauty to reproduce ....whether we get it or not is another matter!
tucker12435 (1 day ago)
I was a borderline obese man, but I was also very handsome and comfortable in life. I met my fiance December 2017 and she has helped me become more physically active and healthy. She is my best friend and I love her. And yes she is absolutely gorgeous she has a firm petite body and I just love to squeeze her butt.
Tömåtö Pågån (1 day ago)
Lindsey isn't beautiful.
Benny Ramos (1 day ago)
The problem is , that L'Oreal has LIED to women.. They are NOT worth it. they put on their fake face, and now they think they are the shit. then they raise the standards for guys..RIDICULOUS standards at that. Only about 20 percent of the WORLD'S male population is 'the hollywood pretty boy' type. The rest of us poor bastards, are NOT. Does that mean that we are WORTHLESS? FUCK NO. As for me, I am tall, I work out, got the body of a gymnast, I used to box and still can duke it out , speak two languages, entrepreneurial, funny , play guitar and piano, and sing still have all my teeth and hair,,, but NOOOOOOOOO , i'm not good enough for you SHALLOW WHORES. I WASTED my youth, trying to 'fit in' society.. I saw everyone in my age group chasing women, and some of these guys (the pretty boys) had them lining up for them, for their sloppy seconds and thirds, while ME, I was getting rejected left and right. SURE, OCCASIONALLY some girl would go for me, but no one ever wanted me for a longterm boyfriend. I got married and she cheated on me several times. Long story short, I dislike women. SOCIAL MEDIA , HOLLYWOOD, (which is a FACT that the Illuminati is behind), are,,, excuse me,,, HAVE destroyed women. They are DELIRIOUS.. They BELIEVE the LIE, that they are more than what they are. Challenge.. Most of you whores could not do this. You COULD NOT go thru a whole MONTH of living your life WITHOUT WEARING ANY MAKEUP, NO HAIR EXTENSIONS, NO HAIR COLOR, NO FAKE EYES, NO FAKE NAILS, NO BOTOX, NO FAKE EYE LASHES... The FACT is, that if IT WERE NOT FOR MAKEUP,,, MANY OF YOU WHORES would be the ones GETTING REJECTED by the very same guys, YOU THINK are worthless. MANY OF US GUYS, have MORE WORTH than YOUR skanky asses. Another thing. Many of you whores only want guys with GIGANTICNORMOUSMOUNSTROUS (yes, it's a word,, it's MY fucken word, WHORE) ...You know WHY these women need big dicks? SIMPLE.. because their pussies are SO LOOSE, SO WORN OUT, from all the WHORING they do, they need a bigger dick every time, to feel the same pleasure as before. It's the same concept as a crackhead needing a bigger dose of drug to get the same effect. It really amazes me how shallow women are. I already knew the answer, I already knew what to expect, but I EXPERIMENTED ANYWAY. I went to a VERY POPULAR DATING SITE. Now REMEMBER, you fucken whores, I MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH, I USED TO MINGLE WITH BUSINESS PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, I am not shy, unlike my brother is, but he, nevertheless gets bitch ass whores wanting to fuck him on the spot every time he goes in a room,,,some guys are just LUCKY. Anyway, back to what I was saying.. ( These were the steps I took: 1: I set up a profile on this dating site with my REAL information, age, etc.,, and my REAL , RECENT PICS 2. I typed up an introduction message with a joke. (for the record, innocent joke, not vulgar) 3. I sent this message to TEN different women, (of different levels of beauty, I am not SHALLOW like women) 4. THEY ALL READ IT. I know, the app told me so..And this app requires you to look at the sender's profile when you read their message, so i KNOW they saw my profile 5. NOT ONE of those whores replied. PART TWO: 1. REPLACED MY REAL PICS with those of some 'PRETTY BOY''s pics i found on line. 2. SENT THE SAME FUCKEN MESSAGE to TEN 'DIFFERENT' women. 3. RESULT? All the fucken whores replied. NOT ONLY THAT, but OTHER whores were initiating contact with me. I was keeping multiple conversations going simultaneously. My tablet kept alerting me, 'NEW MESSAGE,, NEW MESSAGE, NEW MESSAGE" 4. These shallow ass whores were telling me that I am SOOO FUNNY, that any woman would be so LUCKY to have me as a boyfriend, because I was HILARIOUS. 5. I pressed my luck, and started talking NASTY to these whores. a few of them said something to the effect of, they don't move that fast, BUT THEY WERE NOT OFFENDED,, and some of them were already sending me pics of their skanky pussies.... WHICH IS INTERESTING,, you got NICE guys that will try to start a RESPECTABLE (polite, respectful) conversation with some girl they think is pretty, and the WHORE is quick to say something like "OH, I GOT A BOYFRIEND', when she DOESN'T really have one, or call the guy a 'freak', or a 'perv', or a 'werido', but YET, you will let the 'PRETTY BOY, tell you some shit like... OH MOMMA, YOU GOT THAT FAT ASS, OR NICE ASS! or NICE TITS...and you let the 'PRETTY BOYS' make a move on you even when YOU DO, HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR HUSBAND.. FUCKEN PIECE OF SHIT SCUM OF THE EARTH.. 6. So QUESTION, to you SHALLOW WHORES.....What do do you think now? The guy that was NOT considered a WEIRDO, (because of MY looks) was FUNNY TO YOU? HOW ABOUT if I had approached you with the SAME PICS as the first test.. WOULD THESE WHORES have talked to me?? HELL TO THE FUCKEN NO! fucken shallow ass whores. Just because a guy is not a pretty boy, DOES NOT MEAN IS IS NO MAN. I speak for myself, and others that I have met that did not win the 'pretty boy' face lottery. I am a MAN'S MAN. I can do MAN SHIT. I can fight, I work out, although not a mechanic by trade, I CAN and WILL and HAVE worked on my car or truck, i know how to use tools, i weld, bi lingual, work out, got muscle, boxed as a youth, can work on a computer or in a warehouse. I can mingle with the rich, and I can get right down ghetto... and yes, I can spell too, WHORES, but I type my feelings as i feel them, no fucken time to capitalize, or correct typos as i type quickly. But NOOOOOOOOO, I don't look like a pretty boy, you FUCKEN SHALLOW WHORES. L'OREAL CALLED, THEY WANT THEIR SLOGAN BACK. They said it was a typo.. "You're NOT worth it."
Sarah Hatcher (1 day ago)
I feel if ur funny u can have any girl u want being a man. Plus I also feel that man will be with any type of girl as long as she's willing to have sex. And as for women their more lucky. I also strongly.believe that's why people dont.make it in relationships now a days and break up or are unhappy in their relationships. Cause were mostly all shallow dating and just get with someone that's hot and feel really happy about it and the sex is great in the moment. Then it doesn't end up working out cause u realised looks aren't really everything if u wanna spend the rest of ur life.with somebody. Not to.mention tinder and all these dating apps make it hard for.people to.stay faithful. Anyway at the end of the day if people got to.know eachother on a real level first for a while then decided.to get married. Then itll.work out..
first last (2 days ago)
Most guys don't even read profiles since it's a waste of time because of the likely hood she will even be interested and message back is very low unless you're in the top 20% of men.
Atwa Jesper (2 days ago)
The actor is just not good-looking enough. Look up for similar experiments on women and you'll find out they are just as shallow as men, they just won't admit in public.
Raghu Seetharaman (2 days ago)
Good looks = good genetics = higher social order. I hate to say it, but eugenics is just a part of human evolution. This is why we dont pick fat people since they are undisciplined, we dont pick ugly people because they dont naturally ascend to the top, and we dont pick bad Gene's because we dont want our children to have issues. Simple dosage of reality. Luckily, you can make yourself gorgeous these days with plastic surgery. It changed my life and now I can sleep with up to six hot women a week without trying that hard. So go do it and enjoy life!
lloyd dobbler (2 days ago)
Lol, guys aren't trying to date the bad personality chicks... they're wanting to #@&k them....big difference
Resego Nchuetsang (2 days ago)
Women become shallow when it comes to money not looks. If they had presented that guy as really rich they would have had a totally different response. Women like security. Your social experiment favours women.
MultiMillyon (2 days ago)
These guys just wanna hookup. Not date her
james berry (2 days ago)
Everyone wants a good looking partner they settle for what they can actually get in the end.
88Dogster (2 days ago)
What a con! Put a girl to lie and pretend on tv. What the hell is wrong with you?
roger8654 (3 days ago)
She is ok
Emi Aman (3 days ago)
One world without feminism?
steijn vanb (3 days ago)
7/10 women would not accept an 7/10 man because he was insulting them but a 4/10 men would date an 8/10 slut that means men must be only looking for looks really trash experiment. seriously, just go on tinder as a fake male model and youll see you can be just as easy as going on a dating site as a 7/10 women. MEN ARE JUST MORE DESPERATE IN THE MODERN AGE.
William Weaver (3 days ago)
blah blah blah blah blah
Doamino41 (3 days ago)
It's no secret that women are just as shallow as men but it appears to be socially acceptable. Physical attraction is the first impression for both men and women.
EYESBOLL (4 days ago)
holy shit they are saying man 1:04 and woman are perfect !!!!
jpgr. mmt (4 days ago)
Lady: Hi! I once killed three people and got away with it!! heehee I ate their livers with a nice burgundy! Guy: Gosh, you’re pretty! You’re beautiful and you smell great! I’m sorry, what were your saying?
Spiderman (4 days ago)
This doesn't make any sense... Why isn't the "gold digger" good looking?
johnyou35 (4 days ago)
I call bullshit. Women are unbelievably shallow. All they care about are looks and money.
WCG (4 days ago)
It’s not just guys. The menendez brothers who murdered their parents both got married in prison. I personally knew a woman who waited 10 years for her drug dealer boyfriend to get out of prison.
Billyboyforever (4 days ago)
Aprodite is one of Zeus' offspring...
Victor Celeste (4 days ago)
like if 3 is a significant sample... c'mon.
badjazy (5 days ago)
Actually I would say women are even more shallow, but men are close behind.
Akuma Sin (5 days ago)
me run lmao
Dr. Riq (5 days ago)
This is so dumb. Of course men value looks. Women value provision. It has been this way since Adam and Eve. Heck even incels know this
Aslan Ibrahimov (5 days ago)
Man will say anything and agree with anything woman says just to sleep with her but trust me right after what he gets, it will be huge awakening to reality lol
Austan G (5 days ago)
Women explaining how men think. 🤔 by today’s standards that’d be considered “women-splaining”
Devon Littles (6 days ago)
Lmfao get real people. These dudes wasnt even on her level as far as looks and they would just want to have sex with her and not actually date her.
1822138 (6 days ago)
Women are just as shallow. The fact that the guy that did the Boston bombing and the Aurora shooter still have fangirls online proves it
Kevin Huang (6 days ago)
I’m a way below average looking guy who’s dated both beautiful and not so beautiful women. I can say from experience that what a person determines to be “attractive” is also about SOCIAL CONTEXT. An obnoxious man who looks like he’d fit in at a family gathering will easily be selected especially if there are other obnoxious men around. A woman who rejects me because she feels I’m the wrong religion or race, she instantly loses all her credibility in my eyes and can never get it back with me. In my mind, “attractiveness” and “relationship material” are absolutely not the same and don’t necessarily correlate with appearance but absolutely correlates with social fit.
Nicholas Karnes (6 days ago)
I like to date girls that are attractive, but I want them to have a good personality. Cause I'm not bad looking, but I have a good personality.
Will Bauermeister (8 days ago)
Purposely mismatched the experiment in order to get the results they wanted. This is nothing new
John doe (9 days ago)
Ha, people don't read the profile...
Sam (10 days ago)
Romina Constenla (10 days ago)
Ladies, men who don't care about your personality just wanna fuck. If he cares for the full package he wants a relationship.
Rob R (10 days ago)
they wanted to seriously date her or just fck her? stupid study.
Hydroxoid (10 days ago)
If a girl ever said anything like that to me, no matter how hot she is, I would smack her across the face and walk away
TheInvasion King (11 days ago)
1 night stand speed dating looks interesting, like the old saying goes "Fake it, until you bang it" #Puss¥Digger
Donald Drumpf (11 days ago)
why must we shame people for having dating preferences? we all have standards.
Chrissy Schwab (12 days ago)
Aren’t people expected to be somewhat shallow at a speed dating event? You can easily gauge physical attractiveness in a few moments, but not the essence of who somebody is. This experiment just doesn’t seem very well thought out.
Joker (13 days ago)
Omg like woman arent the same as men these days! . Shallow only focus on looks or if he makes money basicly most of the time exactley what men do aswell. Fuck off biased ABC!
QTee (14 days ago)
That guy about @2:25 uggghhh so typical... that is often what they say.... especially when it comes to women like her
Knighted 1 (14 days ago)
The indian guy with the glasses what the fuck man he has no chance geeky fucker thinks money will get women typical geek.
Bukarat Muhammad (18 days ago)
Absolutely fucking SEXIST shit right here! It's time for men to #SMASHTHEMATRIARCHY
lasaviorlove413 (18 days ago)
What a unbelievable biased report. This is not a fair comparison. Women fall to charming man all the time. Men also like alluring women. Start from a even base and do a proper social experiment.
Jo mic (19 days ago)
yeah right. thats like forcing all women to go one full year without wearing makeup or hair products. i think we couldnt even fathom that world.
Bob Stuffguy (20 days ago)
Looks matter. Highly. It’s evolution and it’s cruel.
RarelyAccurate (21 days ago)
I turned down a date with a smoking hot chick because she was a white supremacist and neo Nazi. I sort of regret not banging her then dumping her.
Gai Jin (21 days ago)
Woman are evil
esrapk (22 days ago)
people are cunts? WHAT A SURPRISe! xd especially men lol
David Wilkins (24 days ago)
Of course this is geared toward women.. besides if u lie detector the men they'd just want sex so does this matter?
Dhhsrobert 18 (24 days ago)
😂😂😂 girls tryna talk from a guys perspective Lls bitch if all y’all knew what we liked and were looking for them why are so many of y’all single y’all jus lik us when we say we know everything bout women we don’t know shit
Ryan Glass (25 days ago)
Woman are alot more shallow..
Marshall McElmurry (26 days ago)
This is so sexiest and stereotypical it's ridiculous....
Meagan Francis025 (26 days ago)
Looks matter in this day and age .sad but true
robby lebotha (27 days ago)
What this excitement doesnt understand about men is that even if shes a horrible person, we will still wanna smash. Theres a big difference between smashing and wanting to date BUT we can pretend to want to date all the while we just plan on smashing
no name (28 days ago)
I have done online dating for a long time........the first thing women ask is how big is your cock and how tall are you......lol if your not 8 inches or over 6 feet tall you are BLOCKED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol WOW!!!!!!!! Whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention the HUGE number of women on those sites are married, dating someone and cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I forgot the ones that want a sugar daddy or are selling sex........lol
Rahul Ramrakhiani (28 days ago)
This is a dumb experiment. Experiments I did in year 5 were more valid than this bs 😂😂
Mike Wible (28 days ago)
💸💸💸 makes people more attractive
Dmg Control (28 days ago)
I feel bad for these people who are tried by the actors and actress it's like a human experiment and emotions aren't suppose to be experimented makes these actors and actress feels like a god they fooled someone what a con.
Allen Clw (29 days ago)
I do not think it was a good experiment since you are putting those 'volunteers' in the limelight by officially filming them. A very biased study, with little control in effect.
Kani Sohal (1 month ago)
yeah but the ringers not hot.. she's a 5/10
A New Love Official (1 month ago)
We can't deny the fact that most of us get attracted to physical appearance first and character is the last thing we noticed. But what I learned is, we need to change our perception because everything that we see in front is just superficial. It's better to invest feelings on someone who's able to understand and accept for who you are because it would give you a very satisfying life in the future.
intelceleron11 (1 month ago)
Are we blinded by sex?
Wolf du Chatenier (1 month ago)
ConservativeMedia (1 month ago)
This is hypocritical leftist bullshit that promotes great groups like mgtow. Annoying women saying being attracted to looks is shallow while they only care if you are tall with good hair or rich.
Hippity Hoppity (1 month ago)
Please believe women are much much worse.
William Kazenas (1 month ago)
Holy shit are we going to pretend that women dont do the same thing for rich/tall/handsome men. It isn’t exclusive to men.
Brent Manuel (1 month ago)
Women are way more shallow than men
Scary (1 month ago)
You also have to consider that these are (mostly) middle aged people going to somewhat desperate lengths for dating and could therefore have lower standards.
Hemant (1 month ago)
I'm sure all those men just wanted to have short term relationship with her and not marry her!
S RT (1 month ago)
I hate to say it, but this is generally true of men and women. Men tend to be more visual and women tend to be more about the way you make them feel. I used to be guilty of tolerating this BS, but I realized BS isn't long term. I would of been like Steve(who I commend) these days thinking this is a joke.
PRIME (1 month ago)
Those dudes wanted to smash this experiment sucks lmao
J de la Cruz (1 month ago)
This is crap
Johnson Kids (1 month ago)
Women are not shallow? That is just simply stupid.
the dragon (1 month ago)
What is good looking?
Ryan Stevens (1 month ago)
Men only want sex from women because it’s the only thing women have to offer that men want other than that women are useless
edie Haskel (1 month ago)
She is ugly garbage
Aditya Bhagwat (1 month ago)
um how is jarid good looking?!
alaskaskater (1 month ago)
Dan Harris should be fired by revealing rape victims
Addem (1 month ago)
The proper way to do the experiment is to let the guys actually have sex with the gold digger and then ask them if they'd like to see her again
John Cronin (1 month ago)
Women are the same...just convince them you've got money and are interested in supplying sperm for their future baby. But these weren't included so this is invalid.
Mathin3D (1 month ago)
Michael G (1 month ago)
Yeah, but atleast a mans version of shallow (focusing on looks) still focuses on the person. A womans beauty is attached to her....SHE is the beauty. The female version of shallow is actually more fucked up, because its about being only interested in money, possesions and status. All of these things can be removed from the guy completely and entirely.
Mr H9736 (1 month ago)
What year is this?
MansonX (1 month ago)
How many just wanted to PUMP & DUMP the bitch?
Kurt Patterson (1 month ago)
They did it wrong. It should be an attractive woman on one end. And on the other, a guy who is a millionaire, but may have a few shady business connections. Tell women u are a millionaire military general or Prince of a small country who may have ordered a few ppl killed and see how many women u scare away.
Ayşe Ece Ayhan (1 month ago)
It's so funny that the video shows the men choosing only for looks more than the women in the video and yet all the butthurt guys say women only care about looks and they are shallow. Have you ever thought that maybe women do not want to date you not because of your looks but because you are a horrible person?
R Leota (1 month ago)
The ones who are desperate will take anything
Christopher Labedzski (1 month ago)
Good looks are the most important thing you need in a date yes I too may be shallow but that's life is, ugly people had no possible chance in a date, tip look at celebritys, magazines and movies,
Jevon Jackson (1 month ago)
As a solid seven i go for a woman that's between a six to ten my opinion just saying.
jump oricakle (1 month ago)
relationship expert tells host men are very visual in attraction on a psychological level. host says that sounds like shallow to me. god forbid men follow their instincts right.
Roy Robert B (1 month ago)
These females are not virgins. So if you were able to take a visual look into the history of the males she has let have sex with her, most would be better looking than her. She has play the harlot and now they are in the phase of playing the wife. In this phase, she is more concern with security and provision. She wants a man who will provide and protector, but has no saying in her life, while her desires, opinions, and feelings are to be validated by him. Time to come reality men, no-fault divorce is a female dream to take all you work hard for and the government will gladly help her and make you into a financial slave. Truth can be unpleasant, but if you can see you can avoid the dangers ahead of you.
Roy Robert B (1 month ago)
Don't be deceived, females are even more about appearance/looks than males. They are even vainer than man. Think, can a person who is so consumed with their appearance that they will wear fake eyelashes, nails, hair, skin complexion, lipstick, push-up bra, have surgery, and then deck themselves with jewels and precious metals and so on, be not concerned with how you, a male, appear? Man needs to stop deceiving themselves about female nature. Females like to deceive males about their actual nature because to reveal how they actually are will be the end of them, it's self-preservation. Males don't want to know the truth, because it can be very painful and a sense of defeatism may send them into depression. Female are more into looks than males are, surprise gentlemen that's why Jeremy Meeks is so popular, it's not about personality. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Meeks
Trolley McTroll Troll (1 month ago)
Yeah and if brad pitt was a shit human being im sure hed never get laid. Women are the same stop pretending its just men...
P fields (1 month ago)
They need Corey Holcolmb on here..
Retro Dude (1 month ago)
What pretty women have to understand that is that men that are successful can find another woman

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