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Girl gets catfish stuck in her leg!

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STUPID HUMAN TRICKS: Girl stabs another girl's leg with a catfish! There really are no words to describe this level of stupidity... you just have to watch it for yourself! *(Video contains some adult language)
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Text Comments (145)
jason phillips (4 days ago)
This is why I don't hangout with people like that
Schy Mark (5 days ago)
That's an infection and hurts like a bitch
Brad Morgan (10 days ago)
They have horns u idiot
Redfish Incorporated (14 days ago)
Dumb bitches, that is the future of our country right there. Anyone else hear a loud flushing sound?
nickyboy22071989 (18 days ago)
Just fucking pull it out you pansy.
mani (19 days ago)
Dumb stupid hoes
TerraBeast Gaming (1 month ago)
Care about the fish and what the hell where they doing? Slap the kid in the ass with a fish?
Kyle Lassiter (1 month ago)
I was cringing so hard😂
Karma Black (1 month ago)
once they are stuck hard as hell to get out wouldn't be surprised if she had to go to a surgeon as pulling the hook like barbs out rip you.
PhantomDrumming Online (1 month ago)
The camera lady’s laugh is probably the funniest part of the video
WR-13 (2 months ago)
fish abuse. i am so dissaponted in how fukin dumb these jackasses are.
Joel Verona (2 months ago)
I suddenly remembered an excited adult Girl picked up a crawling loose fairly sized Mud crab, "In a Supermarket"?
DZ MIX (2 months ago)
excuse me i wanna pee in the mouth of this stupid laugthing pig 0:32
xph aluz (2 months ago)
Lmao how stupid do you have to be.
Kyle C (3 months ago)
“I know how to get it out . If you massage some fresh ejaculate around the area it will fall out by itself”
King Vegeta (3 months ago)
What a bunch of morons lmfao
BartcoRacing (3 months ago)
"it's okay " your not stuck in the but with a fish !
Karen Garcia (3 months ago)
Natural hair color is blonde im sure of it
Danny Darn (3 months ago)
I feel for the fish
Giselle GI (3 months ago)
why would she do that >.>
Miguel Campos (4 months ago)
u dummys didn't even know that the dorsal fin is dangerous
Miguel Campos (4 months ago)
City girls just don't get it
Prison Mike (4 months ago)
What the frïck. This is retarded
stratchic (4 months ago)
Stupid bitches.
TheProfessional (4 months ago)
Thats why you dont swing a catfish like a bat at someone
Duke Sweden (5 months ago)
Do you mind if I bury my face in your ass while I work on your problem?
Kleekz (5 months ago)
Fucking idiots why do you think they have prongs i hope that perfectly good fish didnt die due too your stupidity
Jaxten Cantu (5 months ago)
Those two are stoupid
Jaxten Cantu (5 months ago)
Those Barb's are poyisinis
KickAss BassBabe (5 months ago)
These bitches are dumb
Brandon Duet (6 months ago)
Pause it at 2:47.
Art Calligrafia Mohamad (9 months ago)
In Malaysia, all types of 'SEA/SALTWATER CATFISH' (which known as Ikan Sembilang, Ikan Duri, etc) has a dangerous stings poison such as stingray fish which can cause serious injuries and pain. Illness and fainted complication are usual happen here where these people that get stung end up at the hospital.
John_does_stuff (9 months ago)
That's why you don't let City girls fish.
bungyons (4 months ago)
Seriously i feel bad for that fish to and the other guy that commented is obviously from the city hes so offended its hilarious I hate city people that act like city people some city people are normal and just bc she has a southern accent dont mean she from the country, also did you hear the lady say something about the fishes scalped like catfish dont have scales dummy jeez and yes I'm only a 14 year old but still
else3573 (7 months ago)
Do they sound like city girls to you? Did you see them fishing? I didn't. I also don't know any city girls that would run around chasing each other with a fish, cause, you know, they have class? Have fun kissing girls that chew tobacco and have no fashion sense though.
swager boss (10 months ago)
Did they pull it out?
Jude Law (10 months ago)
It really hurts when you stung by a catfish
Zach H (10 months ago)
Catfish do carry a bunch of bacteria
Diego S. (11 months ago)
RLomoterenge (1 year ago)
Their combined IQ is lower than that of the catfish
Omaga 6 (1 year ago)
Why why would you play with a dead fish anyways
Dominik Stahlmann (1 year ago)
Garett Lane the smell was familiar to them lol
Nicole Guthrie (1 year ago)
These girls are sooo stupid😂😂
chris haffer (1 year ago)
News flash they have barbs.... how idiotic. But thanks for the laugh
The Sorcerer (1 year ago)
Poor catfish 🙁
crossnine (1 year ago)
Dumb broads
ac86772000 (1 year ago)
This is why stupid ass people like them shouldn't fish or go to a beach
gaming trex (1 year ago)
Did they get the fish out
big bass bob (1 year ago)
I would have been fine if they just we're just piling the hook but now there playing fish tag
big bass bob (1 year ago)
What's robg with you treating a fish like that I'm glad it stung her you dummy
Sue Thomas (1 year ago)
Poor fish, they deserved it for not knowing and messing with a catfish...... they kill him they pay price....good for her
Ryan Isham (1 year ago)
She deserved it
Jr. B (1 year ago)
Stupid ass
Hoover Kane (1 year ago)
white people smh
Ryan Hale (1 year ago)
White girls
dragon breath (1 year ago)
How stupid can someone be?? You dont throw a CATFISH at anyone.... You dont throw any fish at anyone
In Da Cut (1 year ago)
You're doing it wrong.... You were supposed to take the catfish to the damn kitchen..... You only had one fucking job and fucking blew it ! 😲
FoxGaming Jr (1 year ago)
I'm only a little kid so yeah
FoxGaming Jr (1 year ago)
That's what happens to me but my foot
doodle bob (1 year ago)
wow damn such greag friends laughing when your friend just got pricked by a 2 inch msn retards
William O'Farrell (1 year ago)
why are they fucking around
Kyle James (1 year ago)
so damn dramatic
Kyle James (1 year ago)
CountryKade (1 year ago)
Marty Whitfeild (1 year ago)
skinny ass Fuck with no ass
NPC #79120041 (1 year ago)
Marty Whitfeild aka they're not obese
Alion In tights (1 year ago)
could have done without the annoying laughter, this isn't funny, shes going to be sore for at least 6 months, I got a small stab in my finger and it took 3 months to heal. there  are toxins on the spine.
tactical paratrooper (1 year ago)
Who is stupid enough to swing a catfish at each other
Adrian Martinez (21 days ago)
Dum ass woman
NiteAngyl (5 months ago)
I don't even know what its stats and abilities are.
dragon breath (1 year ago)
tactical paratrooper them
nobodyhere (1 year ago)
tactical paratrooper only dumb white women who look pretty and never cooked a day in their life.
Darik Rome (1 year ago)
that fish is gonna die because dumb bitches disrespecting a fish. wanna be country till ya get finned.
JJ Swat (1 year ago)
Lol hardhead catfish will give you a nasty disease bad bacterial infection in the spines also barbed spines Gets stuck
Ghost Wolf750 (1 year ago)
thats not funny
Fun Stuff868 (1 year ago)
poor girl
Fun Stuff868 (1 year ago)
geez that's mean if I was there I would puch you
Fun Stuff868 (1 year ago)
that's mean that's not funny at all!!!!!
Taylor Green (1 year ago)
wow that shows the stupidity of women and why they shouldn't go fishing bc of stupid shit like this
AIRSOFTHUB Hub (1 year ago)
yep stupid white girls
Samurai Sis (1 year ago)
Poor cat fish how does that even happen
LORD FARSQUAAD (2 years ago)
I honestly can not comprehend the stupidity in this video like wtf how are you surprised this happened? Now i know why fishing is usually a mens hobby haha
Elise Randall (3 months ago)
Mitchell Neiers shut up you dumb sexist oaf
Mitchell N (3 months ago)
Elise Randall more like try
Elise Randall (3 months ago)
girls can fish too!
MotoStache (7 months ago)
Excuse me as a fellow fisherman I don’t think we slap each others ass with a catfish poor fish probably dead now
jannis joplin (1 year ago)
battle of the Lord fukkahs
joe andrejco (2 years ago)
play stupid games win stupid prizes
paisa007 (5 months ago)
joe andrejco I was just about to post the same thing.
Jared Aisen (2 years ago)
I've heard of dumb blondes. Can we add dumb brunettes to the list as well? It's not funny? It is funny and not because someone got hurt, but because of the stupidity behind this. I would like to see how these two do with a porcupine.
The Unknown (2 years ago)
never play with a catfish, or you'll get stabbed in the ass
Joshua Lozano (2 years ago)
Moral of the story is " Date a country girl "
JoshingBadger (5 months ago)
else3573 I would rather date a country girl than a std infested city girl
else3573 (7 months ago)
These are country girls. Notice the hick ass accent and the fact they are running around with a catfish? Doesn't exactly scream "metropolitan". I've had both, corn fed country girls in Nebraska, and smoking hot Italian girls from NYC. I'll take the latter. You can have all the dumb backwater twats you want. Maybe you can pick some up on your John Deere? LOL.
else3573 (7 months ago)
Yeah, that's why you hick fucks are scared of everything not white and Christian and need to take a gun fucking Walmart. (I'm white, I just hate racist trash) lol. Really shows how bright you are that you think city girls are poor. Do you know how much rent is in NYC? My rent in Brooklyn was $1300 in 1997. 20 YEARS ago. Could you pick the right wine to go with your dinner? Do you know anything about fashion? I can milk a cow, you'd be fucking lost on the NYC subway, redneck trash. Like Appalachians in the "holler" aren't on welfare. lol. Whole trashy families living off the government for generations, plucking their banjos, handling snakes in church, actually being okay with eating raccoons, meanwhile the most expensive property isn't in some bumfuck fly over state, it's on 5th ave. I'll be at Gramercy Tavern, fucking models, while you and your trashy illiterate family eats some vittles grandma cooked. :)
else3573 (7 months ago)
Actually, DON'T date a country girl, they are the ones slapping each other with fucking fish. a NY girl would call them idiots.
jannis joplin (1 year ago)
aye aye yeah.. fuck no because ghetto trash aids infested, section 8 as fuck, EBT card holding thots are FAR superior to a country girl that doesn't need a shitty basketball player that weighs 157lbs soaking wet at 5ft10 and couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. SHUT THE FUCK UP, BOY.
it's time to sTop (2 years ago)
Why the fuck are you laughing
The Masked Man (2 years ago)
Stupid city slickers not knowing nothing about fish respect nature and it will respect you retards
dragon breath (1 year ago)
The Masked Man people should fish more and theyll learn a few thing... Or just catfishin like i do
TwiTch (2 years ago)
Tucker Hickman not knowing nothing..... Then you are saying they are at least fairly knowledgable?
levidgraham (2 years ago)
I've catfished all my life. Been stabbed by them fuckers before. Gotta just rib that sumbitch out
dragon breath (1 year ago)
Thiskiddrake not all have venomous spines... Only two type. The bullhead and i forget the other one
Drake Behrens (2 years ago)
Drake Behrens (2 years ago)
They got that nasty venom that stings and makes bleed for ever especially the baby's. Got stabbed by a 4 inch cat and bled for 3min straight
Damon.T (2 years ago)
melonbarmonster (2 years ago)
Just turn the fish counterclockwise and pull out the dorsal fin
fish on coool (2 years ago)
I would like to be the guy to pull it out
Ginger Joe (5 months ago)
"The panty is in the way. It has to go"
NiteAngyl (5 months ago)
fish on coool "I'm sorry, but it seems I need to massage your ass for an hour to keep the circulation going."
fish on coool (2 years ago)
fucking idiots
Hayden Dowd (2 years ago)
MrBrowning42 (2 years ago)
Stupid bitches.
Jay T (2 years ago)
the second guy comes in and is basically like well I see what your problem is , you got a catfish in you
jason phillips (4 days ago)
Yeah he walks in like, now your basic problem is that your a 6 hanging out with a couple of 8s. So just uh....walk it off.
Matty Bradley (12 days ago)
Jay T I had people do shit like this on trips I tell them all the same thing let’s go to the hospital they have to be cut out
Dennis (2 years ago)
I like the little ass on the one in purple...
ArmyVtrN (2 years ago)
From hot to completely fucking stupid in 2 minutes..
gtxxsn1per95xx (2 years ago)
Thats what happens when you are a stupid whorecunt
Rade Mihajlovic (2 years ago)
Poor fish.
Dont Spread (23 days ago)
+jannis joplin so edgy, stop acting hard kid
Slavic Niko (1 month ago)
+jannis joplin all he said was poor fish
jannis joplin (1 year ago)
Rade Mihajlovic Jesus Christ.. cry me a Fucking river. fuck that catfish. I'd have eaten it right there on the beach after I ate the blonde whores va JJ
Mustang Girl (2 years ago)
Fucken idiots
jaime snape (2 years ago)
The guy holding the cameras laugh is why I continued watching
pauldh62 (3 years ago)
Yep, that's pretty stupid. Not a mistake that she will be making again methinks, but then who hasn't made mistakes? I don't suppose the catfish was too thrilled about it either.
Aki Savela (3 years ago)
Why Americans are always so stupid? Just take it off.
DBXD (3 years ago)
yowzephyr (3 years ago)
They're smart not to just yank it out. You don't know what damage and amount of bleeding that might cause.
dragon breath (1 year ago)
yowzephyr it wont do that much damage...iv ben catfishing since i was 4
Hide Seek (3 years ago)
What the hell. There's no actual barb on it is there? It's just a sharp ass fin. I woulda pulled it out the second I saw it.
Kyle Shepperd (1 month ago)
Big time fisherman bull shit catfishes do have barbs on there dorsal fin
Hide Seek (3 years ago)
wowsers, I spose I wouldn't yank it out then. I'm a big fisherman, so if I'd been there for a week, I would have known more about local species. If it was in me, I'd probably yank it out. I've had much worse from fish throwing hooks in my hand. Anyway, that situation sucks for her. Thanks for the info.
NappaTheProducer (3 years ago)
^_^ people forget fish fins tend have barbs.  Nasty stuff
benracer (1 year ago)
NappaTheProducer it's catfish, so it's much worse
SupaFlyFatGuy859 (3 years ago)

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