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PUERTO VALLARTA gay Beach - The Men In The Hills

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Puerto Vallarta GAY Beach. International male models-the best video made yet promoting hot men who visit PV from THE HILLS of southern california. Plus gym hunks gay men all exclusive gay traveling studs aussies angelenos new yorkers bh malibu laguna beach sidney london new york WHITE party music vid MTV the hills the city KC LC HM SP AP BJ KM all access.
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Luci Lorriane (4 years ago)
Suuuper hot video... Love it when a bloke has a big tool. If you want a big tool, I found something that actually works. It's the sizetrac device and it works wonders. google sizetrac
Anton Kadiyski (7 years ago)
@TheLeon55555 the sound is like Offer Nissim`s remixes, he makes all the songs the same way :(((unfortunately!
det niurkas (7 years ago)
hola chicos, soy det niurkas, entra a mi canal y escucha las canciones mas locamente gays
Saintelyk (8 years ago)
@TheLeon55555 it's very expensive to know it!!!
TheLeon55555 (8 years ago)
What´s the name of the song please?!
Enigma Villas (8 years ago)
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT
Saintelyk (9 years ago)
well, thanks!!!! long live the hot men!

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