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Miss A-Suzy vs After School-NaNa.Visual battle!

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Text Comments (17)
ElixarVione Avakin (3 days ago)
nana eonniee💞💞😍😍
not so straight kids (4 days ago)
Tae mi (8 days ago)
i prefer nana's looks
ika sentya parmadani (11 days ago)
Nana 💙
anggun kharisma (19 days ago)
emm nana
Denisse R. Rivera (1 month ago)
Soy yo o Nana tiene un parecido con lee jung suk?
Soojung Son (1 month ago)
nana 💜
talented people (2 months ago)
Suzy in camera and real But Nana is photogenic not really as pretty as Suzy in person.
Once Kpop 4ever (2 months ago)
Mr. Dhrubajit Deb Barma (3 months ago)
nana's beauty is artificial while suzy's beauty is natural.that's the difference
ElixarVione Avakin (3 days ago)
its not artificial
Khôi nguyễn Văn (3 months ago)
Jeon Jaehee (6 months ago)
Ebrar Bozkurt (7 months ago)
奈々 Yoshikawa (7 months ago)
WANNA One (7 months ago)
BTS (9 months ago)
I think..... NaNa

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