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How to create a Purchase Requisition in SAP - SAP MM Basic Video

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Text Comments (13)
naresh kumar (27 days ago)
Gaurab (2 months ago)
thank you sir
vikas pal (3 months ago)
Sir make video how to take purchase requisition print in erp
UDAY KUMAR (3 months ago)
humko iske bare me malum h
Entrepreneurs BOX (4 months ago)
Is there still openings in MM ? please reply me
Shakil Ahmed (5 months ago)
Thank you , it was useful , suppose i am working in field and requisition is initially sent to Central warehouse , why should we call it a purchase requisition , I mean this can be done only if Central warehouse do not have the material we requisite
ikhwan izat (6 months ago)
how to add fields in that form? example you want to add SLED into that report
MANOJ GIRIYA (2 months ago)
Saw sap it's easy for learning process for beginning it's good field process for logistics department
BHUPAL REDDY (4 months ago)
Deavron Paskel (7 months ago)
This is an old setup and there are many more steps to a purchase requisition order
Aman Deep (9 months ago)
How to check purchase order
SHANKAR ANUMALLA (10 months ago)
I'm getting error that valuation area is not deined.can u help me on this
Mariam Peters (10 months ago)
Thank you for this video! I learned in 4 minutes what an 8hr SAP training session could not teach me.

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