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Pool Boy - SNL

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A married woman (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has a hard time ending her affair with the pool boy (Pete Davidson). Special appearance by Nick Jonas. [Season 41, 2016] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (4464)
BulletBill110 (13 minutes ago)
Chad thundercock
Dragonz St1ng (1 day ago)
He's soo much like Jimmy Jackson
M U (1 day ago)
This fools career ended even before it started, jackass!
IamPandora Bitches (1 day ago)
This sounds like my internal monologue every time I have a problem.
Nigga Bird (2 days ago)
Oh keh
Kylie Taube (2 days ago)
Ariana: We need to split, i can't do this anymore Pete: Okay Ariana: Also you ruined my life i don't think i can forgive you... pete: aw my bad
Brandon L (2 days ago)
Why am I so attracted to Pete? Wtf
Gundomus Flash Prime (2 days ago)
moot (2 days ago)
anyone else get an engagement ring commercial 💀💀💀
Nazzila (2 days ago)
omg this guys hilarious, 'okay' 😂😂😂
Jessie Roden (2 days ago)
Alaine is hot af
Hoe • (3 days ago)
o o (3 days ago)
I’d put a deep dent in JLD’s tunnel
Bucky11404 (3 days ago)
Umm okay...
Sami Iqbal (3 days ago)
Elaine still got it 😆
Oh okay
Sandra Becht (3 days ago)
It is politically correct, but not funny
Galaxy Deerie Q (3 days ago)
Aw, my bad
Layne Elijah (4 days ago)
Ariana Grande: I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you. The engagement is off. Pete Davidson: Ah, okay.
Oh okay
Jeff Vader (4 days ago)
how life imitates life yeah
Chase Bullock (4 days ago)
"aw, my bad"
Phillup Johnson (4 days ago)
Oh my bad lol
AbbieJ64 (5 days ago)
Lol he’s single now
Emily Reed (5 days ago)
What is this 👇 Your kitchen
Na Da (5 days ago)
1:47 OMG, that face 😂😂
Lillysaurus 12 (5 days ago)
Ariana: thank you, NEXT! Peat: ok. Hey i found a dead squirrel in your pool.
Rileyboodram RB (5 days ago)
Yo pete davidson is hilarious
fred flintstone (5 days ago)
raj narula (6 days ago)
Skully X (6 days ago)
Katelin Kaz (6 days ago)
why is this my brother lmaoo
Minti Min (6 days ago)
*C H A D*
ioan ioan (6 days ago)
Every romantic movie should have a "pool boy."
Nicnac Truelove (6 days ago)
"Oh, my bad" gets me every time 😂
Vardas Pavarde (6 days ago)
I found a dead squirrel puts a fucking fake laugh
rubber band (7 days ago)
When my Friends Mom said we had to stop fucking
Alex Donet (7 days ago)
Jessica Kasten (7 days ago)
Piinkstar17 (7 days ago)
the best chad sketch
Alaina May (7 days ago)
Ah okay 👌🏻
bigbabysld (8 days ago)
OK....that was funny
Sister Peppa (8 days ago)
sotheysayy (8 days ago)
That was probably one of the dumbest skits I've ever seen on SNL.
Antonio Ponce (8 days ago)
Julia was all of us at the end of this sketch... 😂😂
anil bhatia (8 days ago)
Be like Chad
Danny Herrera (8 days ago)
This was hilarious! And my gosh! What is it with 40+ women being so damn sexy and hot!!!! 😍 Is this the same chick from that show Yes, Dear and Seinfeld? Idk, these three look a like to me. Please, someone clarify....
Lydia Stilinksi (8 days ago)
he’s a fucking loser, why the hell was Ariana even with him in the first place?
Carleigh Davis (9 days ago)
“aw my bad”
vijion2020 (9 days ago)
This is the same sketch as The Chosen One. Both equally unfunny and pretty typical for this unoriginal SNL writers room.
Blake Unrein (9 days ago)
could sleep last night oh I hat that
Brande Burns (9 days ago)
This how I answer people😂😂
JustSilly rachet (9 days ago)
Damn Nick Jonas sure has a type 😏😂
JustSilly rachet (9 days ago)
Ari must have been feeling like that, like to release a song within 30 minutes bc of a fucking joke 😂
get wet (9 days ago)
Pete Davidson is a communist cocksucker.
Jinan M (10 days ago)
I’m dead😂😂😂
Jonathan Ferguson (10 days ago)
Jews will be Jews.
Jack Roark (10 days ago)
Abhived Pulapaka (10 days ago)
Anyone else catch Meditation from Thais in the background?
Jay Johnson (10 days ago)
dmmadde x (10 days ago)
Elaine is a lot funnier when she's working with good writing.
Cool Trainer Richie (10 days ago)
Where were these cougars when I was young?
Nicky :/ (11 days ago)
“My bad”
Matthew Johnson (11 days ago)
In what world is this a funny skit? Good lord...SNL has fallen.
BEB (11 days ago)
Ariana: *thank u, next* Pete: *Ok!*
Keila Suntura (10 days ago)
ebaylistentomusic (11 days ago)
He should shoot himself in the eye...
starry eyes (11 days ago)
AAAskeet (11 days ago)
SNL champions of promoting strong women.lol
Ursie Minor (11 days ago)
Pete makes me laugh so fucking hard hahahahah
Stephen Jones (12 days ago)
The ending was worth the wait!!
Frickenchickenart2 (12 days ago)
chad knows consent so well😩😩😩
Samantha Lyons (13 days ago)
I really can’t tell if I find him funny or not.
Ella Bella Makeup (13 days ago)
Ariana: pete I am sorry but I think we should split Pete: Ok
violadash (13 days ago)
guys r dicks. thats why i never wanna date again. lol this is funny &sad at the same time. i think in all my relationships every guy ignored me just like this. love aint real no matter what any1 says
HaleyJ Johnson (13 days ago)
Javier Duarte (13 days ago)
Bien ahí Julio Cesar Chavez JR, you are great
Abdullah Mahmood (13 days ago)
what’s the classical music in the background?
NDB (13 days ago)
Pete Davidson is a straight a hole
Saddle J (13 days ago)
Wtf is this🤣🤣🤣🤣🙉💀
Avery Taylor (14 days ago)
wAiT a MiNuTe iS tHaT ChRiStiAn YeLiCh
Michael Soriano (14 days ago)
Okay .
Michael Soriano (14 days ago)
Andy Le (14 days ago)
Jennifer Delagarza (14 days ago)
I’ve literally watched this video idk how many times. 😂😭
Sympathique Gosse (14 days ago)
If it was an older man saying "I'm gonna fuck that kid" all of a sudden he's bill cosby instead of innocent milf
Christian Johann (14 days ago)
Lilniggainacorner (14 days ago)
Man this was so funny...........no.....no it wasn’t.......
Xxxtentacion fan (15 days ago)
Wtf this looks like a character from big mouth
Daniel Cazarez (15 days ago)
0:49 perfect representation of Pete and Ariana’s break up
Jawbreaker (15 days ago)
Not so different from the real life of American women
Jose Molina (15 days ago)
*don’t scroll down the comments, I’m warning you*
ANGRY COLLECTOR701 (15 days ago)
Man she could get it
SweetnerButeraaa (15 days ago)
Ariana: We have to end this.. Pete:Oh ok
Dance Free (16 days ago)
I luv both them she ans pete are hilarious. She has always been one my favorite actresses.
*oh ok.*
SkinnyPaintbrush (16 days ago)
*oh okay*
Django Stewart (16 days ago)
"But alas, I can't let you leave," said Scythe Goddard, "I need a new pool boy." -Scythe
Ethan Gordon (16 days ago)
Rodney Dodson (16 days ago)
Does anyone remember Desperate Housewives? How old was the kid Eva Longoria was having sex with?

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