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Citing Sources in APA Format

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Learn how to create citations in APA format! Table of Contents: 00:10 Objectives 00:25 Introducing Citations 00:39 Basic Parts of a Citation 01:05 Finding Citation Elements 01:35 Author 01:48 Publication Date 02:07 Article Title 02:24 Journal Title 02:35 Volume and Issue # 02:57 Page Numbers 03:12 DOI 03:58 Complete APA Citation 04:32 Example 1: Document on a Website 04:57 Example 2: Online Government Publication 05:14 In-Text Citations 05:31 More Resources 05:45 Need Help? For more help formatting citations, visit the Citation Style research guide at: guides.lib.wayne.edu/apastyle or visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab at https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html
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