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Amazing Eagle Hunting Biggest Fish

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Keshav Poudel (3 months ago)
It's nepali music I guess. If I m not wrong . Like resham firiri
Erlinda Notarte (7 months ago)
I thought then that the bird could not come up because its feet hit something that prevent it to fly, then I was so amazed it caught a very big fish that could be my viand for 5 meals. .. and added to its amazement, the music comes from the Manobo Tribe of the Philippines. That's the kind of music they have. Wonderful! TIME MACHINE have more videos of this kind. Luv yah...
Eak Sok (6 months ago)
Erlinda Notarte 1111pfltj
Kayoum bangladesh (7 months ago)
very nice video. কাইয়ুম কিশোরগঞ্জ সরার চর
Usuario Privado (7 months ago)

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