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This is the second shot at making my anime hair tutorial. My hair is now longer and more difficult to style, so I thought I'd go more in depth this time around. Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! The music I used for this is Xion's Battle Music composed by sasukeshika (you can check his stuff out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sasukeshika?blend=1&ob=4 ) Tears Don't Fall by Bullet for my Valentine, and Caramelldansen at the very end. ^-^
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Touma とうま (13 hours ago)
I was searching up how to draw nice curly hair on anime character.... *and ι ғoυnd тнιѕ*
Ayumi (1 day ago)
you look cuter without ankme hair but you look cooler with anime hair, 8 almost 9 years to late to comment *BUT* i like your music track ;3 🤘
Ike_ Nike (1 month ago)
It's easier for me cause im black/white, thing is, it won't look good on me cause people are judgmental these days now 😂 They will roast tf out of me..
Nubic_ Cubic (2 months ago)
Hmm this reminds me of a youtubers hair... its SweetoToons xD
Kiyomi Chi (3 months ago)
Ur good 🥇
Rukyuuii (3 months ago)
dancing phanter (5 months ago)
XDDD the mousse reminds me of the time my friend did an entire can of it in my hair, my hair was sticky full of knots and other stuff XDDD i somehow manged to undo everything tho XD
SeFu2006 (8 months ago)
Now THAT'S anime hair
CJ Rocky (1 year ago)
i poo on wednesdays
Noro (1 year ago)
The Problem is... My hair isn't that long
Wilson (1 year ago)
You just look emo tbh
GameHero152 (1 year ago)
Anyone else thinks he looks kinda like PBG but with anime hair? Also yes I am happ I can get anime hair now
Anime Artist (1 year ago)
Bilal Janjua (1 year ago)
Dude!! 👌😍😍
Blood D. Aaron (1 year ago)
an actual heloful tutorial
Some Random Chick (1 year ago)
X.Ronnie.X (1 year ago)
wow great video
Midoryia (1 year ago)
Thin + layered hair
Gangsta Nigga (1 year ago)
Cata (1 year ago)
Prince Noctis
Me too.
Chubby Moreno (8 months ago)
Cata same i was thinking
Matthew Bell (1 year ago)
The background music (cover of Musique Pour la Tristesse de Xion) makes this about the most feels-inducing hair tutorial theme ever...
Azn Boii183 (2 years ago)
He kinda looks like Daryl
Humphrey Huet (2 years ago)
oh how I regret cutting my hair... but it must be done
SoulTamer. (2 years ago)
The hair is so beautiful but I'm not. Fan of the beard
おにrGHOST77 (2 years ago)
This is how I get girls 1) Have cool hair like in anime 2) Act cool and natural 3) Accidently bump into her and let her be on top of u 4) Say you look beautiful and she will blush 5) she will act that she hates u but in the inside she loves u 6) do what the main character does in anime 7) This info is not helpful but if it is then WTF.... 8) No more tips sorry
Ni kkur (9 months ago)
おにrGHOST77 shut the fuck up
Masteres English (2 years ago)
+Exodus :I ok...
おにrGHOST77 (2 years ago)
Masteres English one more thing my hair was naturally like this and I'm just seeing ppl try to make there hair like "anime"... And if u think it's a excuse it's not ok.... We clear? Ok I think we are...
おにrGHOST77 (2 years ago)
Masteres English I was joking XD that's not how I get girls retard lmfao if u actually believe the shit I just typed then ur an idiot lmao
Masteres English (2 years ago)
This is how you get girls. Step 1- Go to the gym. Step 2- Stop watching this weeb shit. Step 3- Watch berserk.
Alden Reyes (2 years ago)
dude do you have a thicker hair? cause mine is too damn thin! Im starting to give up having these kind of hairstyles :(
Blue Heart (2 years ago)
you look like my English teacher
Keaton Giles (2 years ago)
krypto9095 (2 years ago)
Thanks now My hairs is Anime thx
fedi bahchachi (2 years ago)
so cool man
Vahntreorr Production (2 years ago)
Nice showmanship! Bravo! Thank you for posting!
Videl Ravalcon (2 years ago)
WTF is this
A bowl of Miso soup (2 years ago)
Oh! This is the "I'm white but looks half asian what the fuck should I do with my hair-syndrome"! I have it too :D I don't take it as far as you but the sticking up part could be useful for me
MariosLasagna (2 years ago)
Never knew how to get anything to hold...Always knew mousse was necessary but never realized hairspray was a must. 10/10 tutorial bruh thanks, Gonna go out and buy some hairspray with some strong hold
eldritchClockwork (2 years ago)
Mohamed Labiod (2 years ago)
name of produi pleas
Galactic Anime (2 years ago)
I wanna make mine look like from sword art online like Kirito
Water Nebula (1 year ago)
Megan (2 years ago)
infernape boy (2 years ago)
Aya Shameimaru (2 years ago)
Aaron McGee (2 years ago)
I want that exact same t-shirt, but I can't find it anywhere online. (╬`益´)
Nikhil Prasad (2 years ago)
he looked much better without the spikes
Aaron McGee (2 years ago)
+Nikhil Prasad I disagree. The spikes made his hair go from bland to cool.
Nikhil Prasad (2 years ago)
he looked much better without the spikes
EK P-G (2 years ago)
That is so impressive that you can do this on your own hair. Did you cut your own hair too or have a professional cut it. Can you tell me what this cut is called so I can tell them. My daughter can't seem to find anyone to cut it just right. They either cut it like a boycut or pixie cut or just cut it to a glorified bowl cut with a few angle cut bangs.
Adlusis Dio (3 years ago)
new schedule: 1. wake up at 5:00 2. take shower 3. assemble clothing 4. get breakfast and run with it to the bus.
Suga Daddy (3 years ago)
no wait, u look like whiter version of bob marley
Suga Daddy (3 years ago)
dude u look like sora from kingdom hearts!!
JTAnimates (1 year ago)
More like Sora from no game no life
eldritchClockwork (2 years ago)
+Hipster Wolf he dont got black hair he got hair exactly like me really dark brown
Ion (2 years ago)
+Abdul Mouiz uuuuuuhhhhh....... he looks like noctis from ffxv
RoyalGuardEziode (3 years ago)
Aeryn Besi (3 years ago)
THIS IS AWESOME .... *_* ~!!
Suga Daddy (3 years ago)
so are you hun bun! 🌚
fantastic me (3 years ago)
i wake up 10 minutes before school starts so i prefer shaolin monk hairstyle
Yato (1 year ago)
20 minutes 4 me. Dammit you beat me
duhasianboi (3 years ago)
Weaboos everywhere..
AssassinThunder (2 years ago)
the hate is real with this normal guy
MC cashMax (3 years ago)
2:00 that's the point where I think ur hair looks best
A bowl of Miso soup (2 years ago)
M7 Productions (3 years ago)
holy                                                                                    smoooooooooooooooks
Jon Pierre (3 years ago)
Freaked out when I hear Tears Don't Fall start playing
Foxy The Pirate (3 years ago)
bfmv Tho <3
Fred Bermudez (3 years ago)
Kindgom hearts <3
mike ryan redondo (3 years ago)
nice i wish i have hairspray i only use gatsby :3
KittyCam6417 (3 years ago)
Makoto Uzuki (3 years ago)
harry poole (3 years ago)
Levvismusic (3 years ago)
would this work with me as my hair is very think and when it gets as long as yours starts to curl? 
Veus (3 years ago)
Culex (3 years ago)
That is pretty cool!
Alex Elias (4 years ago)
Jeez that be hard to do when you got only 30 minutes till school begins
Rapid Gamer (1 year ago)
Alex Elias Then wake up early lol
MC cashMax (3 years ago)
I guess u'll have 2 ask him that xD
Perpetual Help (3 years ago)
Is he even asian?just asking
MC cashMax (3 years ago)
the struggles of being a woman xD
SimplyFearMe (3 years ago)
+Alex Elias wake up early :P
Taylor Evans (4 years ago)
I love it! You did great! How long do spikes like this last though?
Taylor Evans (4 years ago)
oh, okay thanks! :)
Rune S (4 years ago)
Id say a day, if there is no rain and wind - Depends on the strength of the hairspray
Quirky Unicorns (4 years ago)
Haha if you spiked it all and dyed it pink you could be Natsu! :)
Ass Hacker (4 years ago)
jared scott (4 years ago)
what if I have hair as thick as dogs what should I use
Xeasion (4 years ago)
Yen D (4 years ago)
dang that's HELLA cool. i like it.
Volric Ascore (4 years ago)
My hair is VERY bushy that's why I can't use any style can anyone help me please ?
LaresisGAMER (4 years ago)
Awesome :3 
Maria Olivas (4 years ago)
It's more like Roxas' hairstyle. cx
Mumin Ahmed (4 years ago)
sasuke uchiha hairstyle
vegito 124 (9 months ago)
Mumin Ahmed
Alex Phelps (4 years ago)
Also why did you put your mousse in before drying your hair?
Alex Phelps (4 years ago)
Your got2b fat-tastic mousse looks different from mine, where can I find it in that bottle?
Jason Leonard (4 years ago)
Jason Rovira (4 years ago)
You're ridiculously cute though =p
Christopher Ghosttiger (4 years ago)
and again, somehow only Asian's can pull off the best anime/spiky hair styles. Damn you Asians :). Just kidding, you guys are awesome, well, some atleast :).
Angelico Magaipo (4 years ago)
Please help me make that hair!!!!!
Stu Pot (4 years ago)
I remember when I used to do stuff like this to my hair back when I was dressing visual and oshare kei. Now my hair is long and... girly @[email protected] Wondering if I should cut it, I miss the feeling of spiking it...
Steve Sanchez (4 years ago)
hairstyle after a while it does not go down?
Lemur Shurk (5 years ago)
They have a lot of heat protection sprays out there for when you straighten your hair, and for washing it you can leave the conditioner longer than you normally would. Don't worry about it! It's great to try new things. c:
lex c (5 years ago)
You are like a dream come true! So cute! ^-^ I wish more guys would spend time doing their hair like this, and (sorry if this sounds weird) but what race(s) are you?
TheDudePeriod (5 years ago)
My top 1
Darkblade5546 (5 years ago)
Roxas hair tutral plz
Yamashun (5 years ago)
Yamashun (5 years ago)
I got a curly hair does it really work on my hair? I try doing it alot but it doesnt look like my friends hair or you...is there something that i need to do that i havent dobe
Cerealbite (5 years ago)
whoa there
Jason Deaton (5 years ago)
What is the length of the top back and sides of your hair?
amine ami (5 years ago)
My friend tried to use gatsby it's amazing
Vasilis.A (5 years ago)
too much hairspray...the damage to your hair is over 1000%....
carlosdiaz66 (5 years ago)
Is that xion's theme rock version?
Lìzì Lùna (5 years ago)
Kawaii ;o
Chemotherapy (5 years ago)
Hm. Thanks.
ZANE SAMA (5 years ago)
6 months... if you were bald at the beginning
Chemotherapy (5 years ago)
How long does it take for hair to grow that long?
Andres Carrillo (5 years ago)
I have curly hair, today I got bored so I decided to straighten it, and then use axe messy paste, I look like SS 2 Gohan.
Anwar Alamrad (5 years ago)
Man your hair natural helps you alot to spike it easily up, I'm using all fucking extra hold sprays stuff and even if it worked it will be for a short time then my hair starts slowly to get down :( thanks for awesome videos upload more please !
AlphaSmack (5 years ago)
thats mega spikey :D
PERMINIT GT 2nd (5 years ago)
ColdWater Rage (5 years ago)
Hell yeah! DBZ and fairy tail ftw!.
Frank Otsutsuki (5 years ago)
You look awesome dude
Friaza (5 years ago)
It was going good until Karamel Dansen started playing ._. I'm not one to judge music tastes, but when an Anime OST and Karamel Dansen play back-to-back...

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