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Julio Jones' jump ball skills are RIDICULOUS so we put our jump ball skills to the test and somebody got EXPOSED! COP THE MERCH : https://www.deestroyingmerch.com TURN ON MY NOTIFICATIONS! LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU LAUGHED! LEAVE A THUMBS UP FOR MORE FUNNY SKITS! AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOURE BREATHING! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE : https://www.youtube.com/deestroying SUBSCRIBE TO TROYS CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/KingTroy FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! https://www.twitter.com/deestroying https://www.instagram.com/deestroying https://www.facebook.com/deestroying FOLLOW MY BOY TROY ON THE TWITTER AND GRAM TOO!! https://www.twitter.com/kvngtas https://www.instagram.com/kvngtas SUBSCRIBE TO BEANS CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcWiSZu2KFVEE16-Cnyy9Dw
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Text Comments (1081)
Deestroying (11 months ago)
Damn why Troy had to smack me in the head like that 😰
James Glasco (2 months ago)
King score is going to win
P Jank Son (5 months ago)
Deestroying yeah
Donatello Marshall (6 months ago)
Deestroying broooo that was really funny when he did that 😂😂
Donatello Marshall (6 months ago)
Brooo that was really funny when he did that😂
Judah Hinkle (7 months ago)
thatflydolphin family (7 days ago)
Team destroying
Jace Clifton (25 days ago)
Why don’t u do a lot of vids with Troy any more like if y’all agree
Chiffon Gardiner (25 days ago)
Do odell on hand challenge part 1,2,3,4
Jaseon Durham (26 days ago)
Troy you have pussy arms
Amod'Jonae Mitchell (27 days ago)
Deestroying is going to win
Saadiq Worthy (28 days ago)
Lil Phokus Smith (30 days ago)
Turn up
Christina Williams (30 days ago)
The language I’m only 9
Nekeidra Andrews (1 month ago)
Deestroying all day long
Felicia Johnson (1 month ago)
King Troy is going to win the challenge
WIlliam Burns (1 month ago)
Marie Cassion (1 month ago)
I'm 7 years old
Rama Almansi (1 month ago)
your merch is to expensive
Arkyll Alexander (1 month ago)
Lets go Dee !
Maximino Gonzalez (1 month ago)
who else still here
king kel (1 month ago)
Matthew Hoang (2 months ago)
🙋🏼‍♂️This is Charles. Every like is how many years he's going to be alive.
Matthew Hoang (2 months ago)
Y'all be underating Micheal Thomas
Keisha Daniels (2 months ago)
your are one of the best youtubers i have watched and i play football
Missy Jones (2 months ago)
Aiden Miller (2 months ago)
I think deestroying is going to when
Davian Salomon (2 months ago)
That language tho jeez😠😠🤯🤯
TMI (2 months ago)
13:41 you welcome
Meses (2 months ago)
When a patriots fan complains about cheating lmfao
Patrick burdsall (3 months ago)
bro yall are so funny and just overall my favorite youtubers
Tray Sullivan (3 months ago)
The score is 7 to3
Tray Sullivan (3 months ago)
MasonPlays 24 (3 months ago)
Oh yea drop drop drop drop drop drop drop!
Prehestoric Wick (3 months ago)
marcus jones (4 months ago)
If I was there ever single ball is getting caught
James Turner (5 months ago)
ya boy troy look a lil like julio low key 🤔
Kameron Johnson (5 months ago)
King troy
Marshuwn Wilson (6 months ago)
Y'all funny man what is up with the quarterback
XxFortnutxX (6 months ago)
Your videos are lit🔥🔥💀
Ai Rouse (6 months ago)
Kayant Waid (6 months ago)
DEESTROY takes W’s
Kayant Waid (6 months ago)
That nigga DEESTROY snagged on that nigga
Jonas Robles (6 months ago)
deestroying gonna win
Johntavius Davis (6 months ago)
Deestroying u is funny but trash
Tameeka Downes (6 months ago)
its my bithday
DaVon Smith (7 months ago)
Troy you always saying someone cheating
Autumn Le Louis (7 months ago)
king troy is trash and stop complaining I am a boy its my grandmas tablet luv u dee
Autumn Le Louis (7 months ago)
king troy needs to stop getting mad and face the fact that he is trash
Jizzer (7 months ago)
troy got so triggered
Myles Mcknight (7 months ago)
Intro song please
Brooklon Phelps (7 months ago)
Destroying gonna win like if you know so
nesiasmith1985 (7 months ago)
do a obj one head blind folded
Angelo Allen (7 months ago)
Wtf troy
Te'Mia Lofton (7 months ago)
that was funny
olga. Lizareth CA (7 months ago)
Awesome brooo
Harold Isidore (7 months ago)
Sebastian Weaver (7 months ago)
Destroying spit on your glove king Troy you suck
Beemoney Braylon (7 months ago)
Deestrong gonna win
Vjones2020 (7 months ago)
WhY YouSoDANk (7 months ago)
Yeah a woah
Jordan Collins (8 months ago)
Football,swing,head hit
Jayvon Gardner (8 months ago)
Dee going to win
Jonathan Arroyo Esparza (8 months ago)
Doo Gang (8 months ago)
Beans cheated bro
Ernest Martin (8 months ago)
king troy
A Day In Av's Life (8 months ago)
Idris Reavis (8 months ago)
I think deestroying gonna catch the dub
lil sqeezy Jr (8 months ago)
Damn son
James Willis (8 months ago)
I was dead at the end of the video
basketball king (8 months ago)
Beans is right handed
Jam Jam (8 months ago)
XD 9:18 Troy says “Oh YUH
cj superkid (8 months ago)
Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dominic Tillman (8 months ago)
I don't know
Cole Futral (8 months ago)
It's my dream to be in the nfl 🏈🏉
QuayVon Lee (8 months ago)
Deestroy is going to win💪🏈💯
DJ Sherman (8 months ago)
krazy kid525 (8 months ago)
Trisha Miranda (9 months ago)
Why did you want to slap him in the fridge a good quarterback so just stop to be a girl wide receiver
Logan Swindle (9 months ago)
why Troy look like Julio Jones
Sammy Money (9 months ago)
juice em J 123 (9 months ago)
You be catchin hella passes
juice em J 123 (9 months ago)
King Troy da kids watching 😅
Neko Jones (9 months ago)
A person has to catch it but a person behind them jumping will catch it to and they will catch it.but
Rashaun Smith (9 months ago)
nice vid
Julie Kinney (9 months ago)
Julie Kinney (9 months ago)
Pam Shaffor (9 months ago)
Nice keep it up
eberson yonard (9 months ago)
do a challenge at a pool
yellowwolff (9 months ago)
Davion Young (9 months ago)
If troy vs odell troy will win but u need a better QB
The Extreme Supreme (9 months ago)
The end got me good 😂
Bobby Troester (9 months ago)
King troy
Dieudonne Paul (9 months ago)
Dieudonne Paul (9 months ago)
I saw it
Jordan Crathers (9 months ago)
King Troy u trash team destroying all day😎
Kingqua Davis (9 months ago)
i like your channel
Monic Pinkston (9 months ago)
Obj on him to
Cara Vance (10 months ago)
King troy sucks
MiniHelixGid (10 months ago)
#Team Dees *TROY* ing I’m on both of their sides
beastmode 101 (10 months ago)
Sskirt Gamer (10 months ago)
U guys funny😂
Jorge Barrera (10 months ago)
devin moore (10 months ago)
dee gana win
Yvonne Washington (10 months ago)
Hi baby love and prayers are with will call you

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