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Of Monsters And Men - Yellow Light (Cillo Remix)

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Of Monsters And Men - Yellow Light (Cillo Remix) Cillo: http://soundcloud.com/cillo http://www.facebook.com/cillomusic http://www.youtube.com/cillianw Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/cillo/of-monsters-and-men-yellow
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Text Comments (40)
diego bass (2 months ago)
Better than original song...
King_blüe canine07 (11 months ago)
yellow light is one of the songs i hold near and dear to me, this is really well done and makes me happy. good job with this!
Dainty Bat (1 year ago)
Just what I was looking for
Lily The Nindroid (1 year ago)
beautiful <3
Csw- Media-UK (1 year ago)
sehrish qureshi (3 years ago)
+Ibrahim S
TheTomkisses (4 years ago)
nice one beautifully done 
stella. (4 years ago)
really beautiful.
laura john (5 years ago)
one of my favourite ever songs and you have made it even more beautiful than it already is..
Storm Rider (5 years ago)
Reach4TheStarsBai (5 years ago)
Cringadubstep (5 years ago)
How did you get the acapella for this song? or did you just go over it?
Bianca Ward (5 years ago)
favorite band 3
Astrofarmer Imaging NZ (5 years ago)
Wow!! thumbs up Mate!,. Cheers H.F
DancerBrittany588 (5 years ago)
Too much emotion for this song..
Cristina Conacel (5 years ago)
Christine Dawson (5 years ago)
Chris Wood (5 years ago)
I love this, makes me forget about my favourite Lama dying last week
Cloverwing (7 months ago)
Chris Wood you had a llama? Sorry for your loss... he/she was surely a sweet lil guy. Yea I'm so late.
Adam R (5 years ago)
I love love love this song. Unlike that stupid fucking crap on the radio. Pardon my French.
Sierra Alicee (5 years ago)
Good job dude its a good song
Looren94 (5 years ago)
Jake Rosales (5 years ago)
of course...
JProx159 (6 years ago)
Hauntingly beautiful...
Karen López (6 years ago)
I love this!
Kristilyn Rolka (6 years ago)
I do
Sab3na (6 years ago)
Woah I love this!
crwags7711 (6 years ago)
Deviant (6 years ago)
anyone got a playlist with music like this?
Stephanie Frias (6 years ago)
Corey McLaughlin (6 years ago)
you got my sub :D
MrFlauel (6 years ago)
This is fucking amazing,love it !!! good job
Cesar Romero (6 years ago)
Jack London (6 years ago)
awesome man!
RMAffiliations (6 years ago)
nice nice.
ChilledMusicHD (6 years ago)
Thanks, I appreciate the support, but all the credit goes to the amazing artists. This channel wouldn't be much without them and the wonderful people who come to listen :)
Jazmin & Rubi (6 years ago)
Dude you really deserve more subs you really put hardwork on this channel....
MH95Sensei (6 years ago)
So now I'm sub :)
MH95Sensei (6 years ago)
So now I'm sub :)
MH95Sensei (6 years ago)
So now I'm sub :)

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