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Settling for a "just okay" woman? Take my Eligible Bachelor Test and discover why... http://www.bachelortest.com QUESTION: "Why do I keep hearing that pretty girls sometimes have trouble finding a boyfriend? I don’t get it. They get any guy they want. Many guys like them. And many times these girls are social/outgoing and have guy friends and spend great times with them. It seems it’s easy to find a boyfriend with that kind of life." ASK A QUESTION: http://www.wolfletter.com WHO IS THIS GUY?: https://youtu.be/akKjXjAhwY8 WOLFLETTER is the only personalized dating Q&A show for everyone. Ask a question and receive a video response this week.
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WOLF & GARDEN DATING (4 months ago)
My instagram is http://instagram.com/anthonyrecenello so follow me yall
Sarah Brennan (8 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN not anymore as I’m happily married now with kids, but when I was younger I could never understand, how I knew fellers liked me as they would tell my friends, but never ever asked me out... I never had the confidence to talk or approach anyone. But with age comes confidence and I say to any woman girl... that if they like someone and feel that the feller likes them, smile and see what happens 💛
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (8 months ago)
Thanks Sarah! Does this happen to you??
Sarah Brennan (8 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN I agree..
Trian Rozario (9 days ago)
Is it something very normal for Americans to utter obscene words other than kissing for others to see?
Mari (11 days ago)
I’m one of those whose puberty ‘hit them like a train’ and I used to be bullied for my looks during school years and it still makes me struggle with my appearance even though I try to fake it until I make it. When it comes to partners I want, like anyone else, someone I feel attracted to but not only physically but emotionally and mentally. sometimes you might see a pretty face but they will have a shitty attitude (and this applies to both genders- either girls who are mean girls or guys who are fuckboys) and that immediately turns me off, so I can’t really go into something without first taking a step back and trying to crack down what kind of character they have by how they talk or what their morals are and if we don’t have much in common or they’re a douche, I will just close myself to them. I have to say though, I’m not really one to approach first though because either I don’t have much self esteem from my past bad experiences or fear of rejection or being seen as ‘easy’ and I don’t blame guys who’ve had problems with these aspects as well, we’re all humans. but yeah, it’s a struggle and also since I’m one who’s very independent and wants to have my own business when I get a bit older, I believe some people get put off or intimidated by it; then again, I don’t want a partner who feels like they have to feel more powerful than me and gets put off by that, I just want an equal who can compensate where I’m lacking and vice versa. I want to be able to have intelligent conversations at late hours in the nights or just do simple dates like go have a coffee and make jokes or talk about what kind of plans we have for the future. before being my partner I want them to be my best friend and the hookup culture just doesn’t work out for me like it does to others, like you want to hook up go ahead but that’s not for me, I need to have a connection.
Varangian Rus (15 days ago)
To you she may be pretty but to me she just an ordinary cow,that's why.
tropical girl (25 days ago)
Because they r unlucky ..many pretty women have boyfriends am ugly and i dont 🤣 unfair life
Sandra Guo (1 month ago)
Beautiful women dont want to be told over and over about how beautiful they are. If you were a wealthy man seeking a genuine relationship, would you be happy with a girl who kept saying "youre so rich" over and over. Exactly. So dont do it.
jad72 still listening (1 month ago)
Thank u for your insight 46 this year and always wondered why. Better advice than my therapist. Take care and best 2 u.
Elizabeth Saiz (2 months ago)
I struggle to find a boyfriend I get so many stares from men and women get mad at me cause their boyfriends are staring at me I am not a home wrecker or a bitch Tell me is there something wrong with me can u tell me
Tyler Bay (2 months ago)
Why is the car pit all wet toter
Tyler Bay (2 months ago)
Hey man who has been a great time to at work , light go oh
Greg Chase (2 months ago)
I have money, am good looking, I avoid all relationships. Pick any arbitrary girl and remember she sits on the pot every day too. No intimidation. Feel resistance? Bail out, not every girl is in the right mood or interested. Most important, realize that commitment, being faithful, monogamous are NOT at all time highs. If you accept that, "hey these are the facts on the ground" then you understand to avoid relationships. Make it clear to her "I'm not interested in a long term relationship. If you're not okay with that, we should part company." VARIETY. We gotta have variety. Getting stuck with the same person sucks, admit it. No variety in the bedroom. You live together, start getting on each other's nerves after 1? 2? 3? months, kills the romance, BAM relationship over. We have to set our own expectations, it's not like being devoted, committed, dedicated are at all time highs. That hasn't been around for a long long time. Have fun, have variety, avoid relationships like your life depends on it. . . .
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (2 months ago)
I like your thoughts. Though I also like relationships.
Cornelius Agim (2 months ago)
You rock...advice real and true!
Cornelius Agim (2 months ago)
WOLF & GARDEN DATING, thanks bro, Wise words! Check out #MGTOW, what do you think of this view...
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (2 months ago)
Thanks!!! And you have a great name!
bob smith (2 months ago)
WANTED!!! one good submissive woman with pleasant, kind, giving, considerate personality, must be able to cook clean and sew. must be attractive, must be good in bed, must like hot rods / corvettes!! PS please send picture of car!!!! sadly and unfortunately for normal unsuspecting males, ALL new age females are egotistical, grandiose, out of touch with reality, arrogant, disloyal, disrespectful, finicky, users, abusers, EXTREMELY selfcentered, sly, mind gamers, vengeful, double standard, uncaring, insensitive, spoiled, egotistical, users, one way, TAKERS, manipulative, narcissists, and crybabys!!!! they only want to ridicule, use and abuse the dum dum, braindead, manginas, cucks, soyboys!!! if you understand this and are able to outmaneuver them in any dealings or relationships, they will realize TRUE STRONG MALE SUPERIORITY, then quickly just vanish and give you the silent treatment at which point you realize you just won and avoided devastation / destruction emotionally and financially!!!!! use the pres Trumpster techniques of turning the oppositions techniques against them and WIN WIN WIN!! MGTOW forever!!! silly silly out of touch dum dum liberals, fenemists, and manginas!!!!!
Shannon Welch (2 months ago)
MOAR videos about how to figure out where to find specific types of people!
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (2 months ago)
That’s part of my private programs shannon. But I’m glad you’re interested in that. Thanks for the comment.
Shannon Welch (2 months ago)
YES YES YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! /standing applause
nadii swiat bye (3 months ago)
bollagurl (3 months ago)
Nice guys are often too shy. There's the jerk that you can see a mile a way by age 25. Then there are those men that think you are there to smile and dangle off of his arm like trophy.
Myisha J (3 months ago)
Sexual Objectification is the word...such a turnoff...or...intimidation or they think you're NOT single...🙉
MissNubian Queen (4 months ago)
The entire video I was not really paying attention, boy I I want to kiss him.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (4 months ago)
MissNubian Queen thanks!
name 123 (4 months ago)
The most beautiful women don't want men of equal good looks. Look at top model Adriana Lima's ex husband! Lol!
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (4 months ago)
Olisa Pearl (4 months ago)
can i be your girlfriend.. 😁😁😁😇
Olisa Pearl (4 months ago)
WOLF & GARDEN DATING Awww I'm heartbroken 💔 😂😂 but I'll heal..😁😁
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (4 months ago)
I have an amazing gf sorrrry!
Fernando Carvalho (4 months ago)
Nobody fucks down ha you can't tell me that you never seen a couple the made you utter this phase How did she get him or how did he get her will I guess She/he must love him
Johnny Tramain (2 months ago)
Fernando Carvalho: Money
Fernando Carvalho (4 months ago)
WOLF & GARDEN DATING Guess that's true I as I have neither can't no real woman replace Xbox and pornhub anyways J/K FYI
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (4 months ago)
There’s usually some sort of equal exchange. If not in looks then in personality. But those are usually the exception and not the norm.
Ariane Hannig (4 months ago)
I am still confused . Lol
Thelondonbadger (3 months ago)
Got insta?x
mysterious me (5 months ago)
"I'm going to cry, you're going to cry, we're all going to cry" 😂😂😂😂 love that movie!
Cully Schmetterling (5 months ago)
I approached plenty of good-looking girls. I was rejected time after time, because they wanted ‘exciting’ low-life scumbags and/or psychos. I was not playing out of my league, in terms of physical appeal and income. After a while, I stopped trying. The bad boys can have them.
Thelondonbadger (17 days ago)
+XxKhoisanxX Goddess Oh i love a girl with a potty mouth, just means shes a loud one in the bedroom. Gimi your instagram, i got the skills to tame your thunderthighs. x
XxKhoisanxX Goddess (17 days ago)
Thelondonbadger idk are you real or did your mom swallow you & im just dreaming that somebody responded to me on a fake account ? Since we playing 21 question 😂😊
Thelondonbadger (1 month ago)
+XxKhoisanxX Goddess Are you truly a diamond or simply glass tryin to fake it. Whats your instagram?
XxKhoisanxX Goddess (1 month ago)
Cully Schmetterling another myth almost EVERY “ attractive “ girl gets accused of. I absolute avoid those type of low life scumbags. Tough world
Shannon Welch (2 months ago)
These guys are unappealing to you, but to those women, they are. What's a 10 to you isn't a 10 to other people, even the ones you perceive as being "in your league".
m o (6 months ago)
Guys will always look at me or stare but never come up to me or talk to me. I won't ask a guy out. I'm traditional and I want a guy to ask me out.
m o (3 months ago)
Thelondonbadger no I'm not like some psycho that your describing. Some females like to simply be feminine and not act like men or want to be in control when in comes to starting relationships. Some people are just more introverted
Thelondonbadger (3 months ago)
+m om Traditional are we? So do you have your chasity and you are ofc a virgin right? *L O L* Do you at least cook, clean, know when to shuttup, want kids, are emotionally supportive and dont emasculate your man? *L O L* Well you are about as traditional as a drag queen .
Jayson Jayson (4 months ago)
m om Men want woman if there is a spark be a woman and make a move
m o (5 months ago)
Amos Døssing women want MEN not boys. If the chemistry is there and you want it then be a man and take it
Jayson Jayson (5 months ago)
From What i come from thats its called an excuse Thats like me saying i Want the Girl to ask me out because i am scared to make a move so... I just Say i am traditional.... Well miss your proply one of the 98,8% WHO is.....traditional lol
MrHoppers002 (6 months ago)
if I can boil life down to 2 things it's basically expectations and supply/demand. If you have high expectations, you yourself is in high demand, and what you are looking for is in low supply you basically will be left out in the cold. The best scenario is you have moderate expectations, you are in moderate demand, and what you are looking for is in high supply.
Christopher white (6 months ago)
They don’t have trouble they’re just picky plain and simple as that.Why waste your time with a beautiful girl 7-8 out of 10 she’s going to reject you.Everyone wants to pursue her and even if you do get her in a relationship with you’re still pretty much competiting with the other guys that want her so not worth the time or stress at all believe me
d r e a m w a v e (3 months ago)
Well if you're a 6 or below then yea you'll feel that way
Skin&ThingsbyAdrienneG (6 months ago)
This was good
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (6 months ago)
I know! You subbed?
Robert CROSS (7 months ago)
What's the point in agonising over this? There always will be guys who are just out for sex and as commented here, they pitch far above their weight. For their part, good looking women might be dumb as ditch water, but feel entitled anyway. This is never ever going to change. It's human nature and we may as well just accept it. Yes, good looks can and often are a curse! Try being ugly!
tubularbill (7 months ago)
They don’t have any trouble. It’s that they are uber picky. They can have any man they want and they do so they go for the best. Have a really hot woman friend that went to Europe a few times a year to find a rich husband and she found him in the UK.
TightSqueeze Jam at FB (6 months ago)
What's wrong with wanting to be cared for so you don't have to work? Men make 250k over women in.a lifetime, eliminating children factoring in. It's GREAT. Nothing worse than those cheap males splitting the cost of arugala...
Spacely Man (7 months ago)
tubularbill And for those superficial reasons are how they end up as single mom's sometimes too.
eclipseNF (7 months ago)
1 answer: Ridiculous standards
dick justice (7 months ago)
Because the are picky and honestly they can really be.if i wasnt ugly as fuck i probably would be too
Zahira L (7 months ago)
o my gosh. i love u. i feel like i needed to hear this. thank you ❤
Kry Kry (7 months ago)
I excercise I'm fit and relatively attractive and some have thought I was a model. I have a promising career and education and am a nice person. Despite this the only type of men I attract are sociopaths narcissists perverts and assholes. I never ever attract normal decent nice men. If there are they become friendly but that's it. There's no hint or anything where they want to take it further. However I get strangers or people online only telling me I'm beautiful . Not knowing I got into an abusive relationship and have crippling self esteem from the past. Looks aren't everything . I've seen the ugliest women get great men while some pretty girls can struggle. One of my other friend looks like a fashion catwalk model and is a virgin and literally never ever approached
MrKrushgutz (7 months ago)
Because they are boring and expect guys to do all the work.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (5 months ago)
That’s not true.
Tiff's Right Ear (5 months ago)
Attractive people are pretty vain most of the time.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (7 months ago)
Did you watch the vid though?
Lauren Snoow (7 months ago)
Guys stares from far away or tell me I look like beyonce and rihanna (weird I still dont get it) and then they’re leaving with a big smile on their face and thats it... lol Why ppl are saying girls are complicated ? Naah... guys are complicated
Russell Siete (4 months ago)
You do look like Rihanna or Beyounce. Might as well be another black woman singer.
Owolabby Azeez (4 months ago)
If you are attractive, or say well endowed, guys are probably admiring you and deciding if you are "in their league" or not. Guys have this thing called an ego. They do not want to put it at risk unnecessarily. When I was young I was the same way. There is no longer walk than the one across a room or dance floor to ask a girl to dance, be turned down, and having to walk back. It is humiliating. Then I learned a big secret. CONFIDENCE. I realized that if I stood there and never asked I would never get a yes. So I started asking and sucked the rejections up. Then the laws of averages kicked in, and I started getting more yes's, because I did not care how many no's I got. Later the confidence I had was visible to the women and they started saying yes more. This continued way past dating and into the pursuit of romantic partners too. More than once I've walked up to complete strangers, talked to them for less than two minutes and then off we went to planning a date for another meetup time. My point is young guys have fragile egos and they do not want to risk them, so they judge whether they might get a yes or no before they approach a girl or woman. That's why if you like them you should give them some signs of interest back such as a smile in their direction so they can Shoot Their Shot At You. Since they are looking they probably find you attractive. They probably judge that you are "too" attractive and therefore are too great a risk to approach. I don't know what other people are telling you, but no one knows what is going on in a man's head better another man who has lived it. The stares might be because you are busty, or have a nice figure. THAT can be intimidating too. Guys might stand around a drool like a bunch of horny dogs but no one will do anything because of the risk and the humiliation factor. Then there are the guys who have a lot of confidence and those are the one you might consider players. Given the fact that they can easily approach you with limited anxiety it's likely they're approaching and hollering at other girls as well. Today there is nothing wrong with a girl approaching a boy. A simple smile towards his direction or position yourself in a way where he can shoot his shot (ex. if you're with your friends take a moment away for them where it would be easier for him to approach you). If you are interested in someone you have seen looking at you, try approaching them and saying something like, "I noticed you were looking in my direction, kind of like you wanted to say something...am I wrong?" That gives them a chance to chat you up, and you have not said anything that would be interpreted as the First Move, like you are coming on to him. You are just asking him if he had something to say. He might then say..."Yeah, I wanted to ask you to dance...." Starting communication is the hardest thing. Once the lines are open its pretty easy. Over the years guys have always had to be the aggressor and it is hard for young guys to approach the opposite sex with any confidence. It only comes with years of practice after you have gotten confidence in your self. Women can help by telling a guy his good points. We have no idea how we come off to the opposite sex. Our mothers can't help because they are biased. Our sisters, well, we take their input with a grain of salt. So if you have male friends, talk about the subject of what makes you or them attractive. Do know that men are very big on visual sexual stimulation, so if you are big busted, that alone is enough to get boys interested. Just do not let yourself be used. Confidence is a two way street. Made a video all about this as well lol
mac1bc (5 months ago)
The only beautiful girls i talk to are the escorts. Because I know the outcome is what I'm looking for.
Duygu ALTINOK (5 months ago)
Girl, you're gourgeous. Those men are retards.
Tyrone jacobs jr (5 months ago)
but time.... u dont want to miss oppunrities
A1977ification (8 months ago)
Boy, you are perfect.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (8 months ago)
A1977ification no you are!!! I hope you’re subbed I’m gonna put out a buncha vids soon
dogsarebetter (8 months ago)
I think this can be summed up quite easily. A LOT of men see us as a conquest, not a person. They spend weeks, months, or even years trying to figure out how to "bag" us. Once they achieve it, once you agree to go out with them, sleep with them, or return their affections, they lose interest rapidly. Cause all you ever were to them was that day's hottest new gadget. By the next day, they'll have you out on the sidwalk awaiting bulky item pickup while they go after the next new thing. When you have SO much more to share with people beyond your looks and sexuality, it becomes depressing being treated this way and categorized as one dimensional.
bastet lioness (1 month ago)
dogsarebetter damn. explains my past narcissistic relationship.
stektirade (1 month ago)
Thats because maybe you are going out with the wrong ones. ever think about that? how about you strike up a conversation with the right guy instead of the ones that approach you.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (3 months ago)
Whoever hurt you I’m sorry
Sounds like you're talking about players.
MgtowArena (3 months ago)
Yet again, I just posted this comment on another comment thread in this video. Indeed... and here we have another perfect example of the meme- "if you want to piss a woman off, view her as a sex object... and if you want to piss a woman off DONT view her as a sex object" I have seen this both ways so many times.
des ray (8 months ago)
What you mean not a lot of gay people in the middle East? They hide it bc they k now it's frowned upon
Beauty Is From inside (8 months ago)
All the guys just staring at me and some will come up to me and said "wow, you are gorgeous and tall ". Even the one I like they just staring and not talking to me
Tiff's Right Ear (5 months ago)
You don’t have to make it obvious just approach for any petty reason and he’ll eventually respond. If you’re around him frequently and he never does advance there’s a 99.9% chance he doesn’t like you.
Madalena (5 months ago)
In my case they just cringe because of my face....
Beauty Is From inside (8 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN I love to but I'm a shy person, sometimes I pretend like I don't even see him, maybe I am scar of reduction
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (8 months ago)
It’s obvious! You go approach him. YOLO
Beauty Is From inside (8 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN So what should I do if someone I like isn't approaching me? Any advice
Rukhsana Zaidi (8 months ago)
You’re hot. No disrespect.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (1 month ago)
Vitalii (1 month ago)
Yeah like a girl. .
Barbara Walker (7 months ago)
bettahthanyou its the brown hair and the nice brown eyes 😎
Lucy Lopez/Actress (9 months ago)
Wow!! You are on point!!!
Pony Haly (9 months ago)
From my own experience, I was big and didn’t dress nicely. I think a man knows how to get a woman who has low self-esteem (they always look how you look physically) I don’t say that attractive women do not have low self esteem. (some of them do have) but most of the time, it’s how a man pick easy targets. That’s why they don’t approach attractive or “put together women”
Thelondonbadger (3 months ago)
All women are insecure, even beyonce. IF crusty lips jay z can wifey that, you can get that 7/10 at the park/gym/bar.
Stargirlvampire (9 months ago)
different reasons: - some men are shy and like you but are intimidated by your personality or by something they lack that the girl has - some men are insecure and afraid of rejection - some men that want control of a girl but then discover that they can't control the girl will back off if the manipulation doesn't work - some men like you but are afraid to get hurt - some men only want a hook-up but don't want to be a boyfriend - some men only want to use woman - some men are intimidated if the woman is more intelligent than them or makes more money than them after 7 failed relationships, not all my exes were bad but some of them were one crush who almost became my 8th lover but isn't and who treated me bad one potential man from facebook who claimed to want me but became clingy and gave me a thread disguised in so called friendly advice I finally found my 8th lover at work who is a gentleman and who want to take things slow and really wants to know me as a person and wants to go deeper, he not only finds me sexy on the outside he also likes me intelligence, actually asks questions to know me and remembers things and he actually appreciates me I'm his first girlfriend , I even met his mother already and his mother actually likes me
Thelondonbadger (3 months ago)
+eclipseNF Shes probs cheated on him or chucked him already. She doesnt want good men, she wants assholes that put her in her place. That is what makes her feel secure. She wants a man that she cant run over. She will test and fuck with him until he gets fed up of the abuse and leaves.
mac1bc (5 months ago)
Good for you
eclipseNF (7 months ago)
Nobody is intimidated by you
Katyasimply (7 months ago)
I hope all goes well for you😊
LISETTE C (9 months ago)
The question is girls, why are u bringing up gays is beyond reason. U don't change the question.....
Sharon Jones (9 months ago)
You're my type! I'm your type, too!
Thomas Margolis (9 months ago)
I'd think the perception they are in a certain status and therefore way above ...you...me... must rank right near the top. ANd risk rejection from her, so many won't risk that.
Jaelon Griffin (9 months ago)
Todd. Todd Howard? That you?
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (9 months ago)
Wow he really does look like me. Good call. That could be an older brother.
Canadian (9 months ago)
we don't have trouble finding a boyfriend at all. lol
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (6 months ago)
You rang?
Crystal Lazier (6 months ago)
Repent and Believe (7 months ago)
Canadian some do
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (9 months ago)
Are you wearing the venom suit?
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (9 months ago)
Who’s we? Do you have split personalities?
Repent and Believe (9 months ago)
Answer to this question. Simple women are too picky
krogaan (3 months ago)
there looking for doctor mike
tubularbill (7 months ago)
Repent and Believe - very true!
Dizzle Sizzle Fizzle (10 months ago)
Aaliyah Maria (10 months ago)
This is completely incorrect. Men never ever approach sexy woman because they are intimidated. But they then dm her and arent afraid to talk over the net. Sexy woman can never get a boyfriend because men are too scared to talk to them
Brandy Moore (4 months ago)
Eugenio Magay Hmmm. I can’t decide between schooling you so you can learn the concept of intelligence or let you reap the consequences of being a plague on society. Nah, I’d have to dumb it down too much.
Brandy Moore (4 months ago)
Tyrone jacobs jr How would you prefer to have your list of all the wonderful things a pretty woman can provide written so you can keep up with the rest of us?
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (5 months ago)
Woah calm down bro
Cully Schmetterling (5 months ago)
Breach98 Women need us in the way that a fish needs a bicycle. So said Feminist Gloria Steinem. So....they can fuck off and do it for themselves.
Cully Schmetterling (5 months ago)
I approached many such women. Only two said ‘yes’. One of those approaches turned into a relationship. The rest rejected me, because I was not an edgey bad boy.
Seth Freeman (10 months ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger fucked his maid.....that's gotta be pretty low on the totem pole.
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (10 months ago)
Hahah yup. Hey btw where did you find my vid? Thanks!
Forever Young (10 months ago)
Omg! I so get it now xx thanks
sSavage xx (10 months ago)
Pavel P Stepanov (9 months ago)
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (10 months ago)
Haha Gemini. Are you subbed? 🙈
B Sz (10 months ago)
you look like Jackson Rathbone a little bit :D
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (10 months ago)
Thanks I’ll look him up now. Are you subbed to my channel?? 😛
Keianna Young (10 months ago)
I love your personality 😂 I was literally laughing through the Whole video but I have the same exact problem I guess I can relate
Madalena (5 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN getting those subs!!!!
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (10 months ago)
Dope! I hope you’re subbed!!!! Are you???
Salia Suale (10 months ago)
That's my issue. Every guy that approach me, are always like "You are so pretty, Omg...." All they say is pretty, pretty pretty... and it might be strange but I don't like it, it feels like they don't see beyond it, and I'm turned off right away. I know that they are not blind, they see. But I feel like I need someone that says " Ok, you are very beautiful. But I want to go deeper inside you and check what more you have to offer." I really wish for someone that will appreciate my mind and won't want me for decoration and show off!
Shannon Welch (2 months ago)
So not weird though. It's hard to talk about because if you say out loud and admit that you know that you're attractive and talk about the problems around it, people get pissed and don't want to hear it. But it's all true. I feel like I have to be a lot more closed off and cold and defensive than I ever want to be with most people (i'm naturally very bubbly and interested in others) because I can immediately detect that they're drooling (or if another straight female, glaring at you) and simply want something from me/want to use me. And the thing is, they themselves, the people, often aren't even consciously aware of their own intentions and vibes yet at the time. But if I wait long enough for them to get it well then they think you were egging them on. There's no winning, you just have to back out as soon as possible. You end up lonely and disappointed very quickly. It's completely exhausting to be so valued that you're actually devalued overall.
krogaan (3 months ago)
bend over all go deeper inside you all fuck you hard
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (3 months ago)
Nah.. you don’t have it right. You have a skewed perception and it’s where your hatred comes from. If you want to talk I’d be happy to discuss stuff and exchange information.
MgtowArena (3 months ago)
Indeed... and here we have another perfect example of the meme- "if you want to piss a woman off, view her as a sex object... and if you want to piss a woman off DONT view her as a sex object" I have seen this both ways so many times.
Barbarella Bravin (11 months ago)
I always have this problem!
Fernando Carvalho (4 months ago)
Madalena same here
Madalena (5 months ago)
I don’t, I’m ugly...
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (10 months ago)
It’s because you’re pretty! You better be subbed to me!!! 😂
Laila Kitty (11 months ago)
Are you still single hun? Lol you sounded like my type to be honest. 😂😂
Laila Kitty (11 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN SOCIAL For replying, I definitely will :)
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (11 months ago)
I’m taken! I hope that doesn’t mean you won’t sub!
spanglish 2018 (11 months ago)
I think your'e the man for me!!!
Sarah Brennan (8 months ago)
spanglish 2018 go for it he.. he 💕
spanglish 2018 (11 months ago)
WOLF x GARDEN SOCIAL I am now..... Xxxoooo
WOLF & GARDEN DATING (11 months ago)
Thank you! Are you subscribed???
Pamela Torres (11 months ago)
I like your channel your funny lol.
rob kazinsky (1 year ago)
even the bottom of the barrel thinks they deserve someone better than them. also, i've noticed there are more sociopathic type of men who don't consider who they are in comparison to their target. they are always trying to go up, while they don't' have as good qualities. that's offensive and obnoxious and it happens all the time. they know they have nothing in common with the other but they try anyways. men seem to just be out for sex. all they consider is the other's physical looks and anything else they can get such as a relationship is a bonus. i'm honestly amazed at the numbers of absolute lowlives that are out there. they are codependent and have almost zero values. they see relationships and people as objects they can use. this is why they pick people who have different interests, intelligence, tastes, looks etc. anything they can parasite off of.
qmulus1 (7 months ago)
rob kazinsky I would say that women do it more.

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