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I GOT TO SECOND BASE (7.16.10 - Day 442)

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Text Comments (1164)
Lexi Ringler (10 months ago)
I wish they are still together
kathvrt (2 years ago)
Christopher Nolan is my babe. I have a Memento tattoo.
Storm (2 years ago)
Anyone watching this on May 2016?
Makenna Haubelt (5 years ago)
Melissa has the same lucky number as me but for softball
Lily Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Melissa is so cute
Madura Arawinda (6 years ago)
My coworkers laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Mimmu Fat Blast, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Mimmu Fat Blast to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)
Mama Luigi (6 years ago)
When Charles panes over to Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie board.. and asks what is this? I respond to the computer; "Only the best fucking movie in the world."
Emma Louise (6 years ago)
731 I think..
gergsport (6 years ago)
I just got here today. How far are you now?
Emma Louise (6 years ago)
836 days (and increasing daily) left. I will make it to the end by this time next year.
Fiction915 (7 years ago)
That impersonation of a horse is wrong. They say "wee-schnaw"
emily409673 (7 years ago)
don't quit youtube but be a model so we can see your sexay poses (jk) you are probally a better youtuber
Jennifer Gilchrist (7 years ago)
Maybe the first person that found the cow put it back and then someone else went back and found it again?
SooparStacee (7 years ago)
@brunette427 I think we all have an addiction!
brunette427 (7 years ago)
@SooparStacee me too! And I have to get up early :( but I can't stop!
Nevengaming (7 years ago)
FUuuuUUUU Charles When you said "it's so small" pointing the camera at a pole i bursted out in laughter with water in my mouth..
lauren langschied (7 years ago)
charles maybe the first person who found it wanted to be nice and leave it there for someone else to find :)
SooparStacee (7 years ago)
Im so tired but i cant stop watching!
* peach-n-key * (7 years ago)
I im now
* peach-n-key * (7 years ago)
brycekilltroll (7 years ago)
alli and her girl family are all freakin pretty
blackandblue10 (7 years ago)
@Chiker1234 I'm a little over a month in my marathon :)
Marian Minty (7 years ago)
Dear Charles, If you want to see American Beauty, Look at your future wife :) Love, CTFxCers!
Julien Olivier (7 years ago)
@rarrbaby Looks like "Session" from Meteora. ;)
Jackie Leigh 💭 (7 years ago)
That picture of Mr Belding looks like a big foot sighting haha.
PartyOnKeepCalm (7 years ago)
PartyOnKeepCalm (7 years ago)
Melissa's so fucking cute
R. Kramer (7 years ago)
What a crap is this! Waste of time to look at.
Melannie Gonzalez (8 years ago)
melissa's voice is so adorable
James Hughes (8 years ago)
They pitched Inception with a Scrooge McDuck comic XD
bunbuns1221 (8 years ago)
my best friend is actually building a tron bikes in florida
Neverland Nights (8 years ago)
Herman's hermits! In the car. heh <3
moonixty (8 years ago)
@TurquoiseTurtle15 correction to myself- the CTFxC army * I made it sound like I was a noob
moonixty (8 years ago)
I kinda want to see what one of your fans look like looking though a plant in the mall! ;) haha
Kreejo (8 years ago)
Scott Pilgrim is an AMAZING movie! :D
SaltPepperShakers (8 years ago)
@ctfxc wat type of dogs are zoey and marley
InsaneChef (8 years ago)
@TheGreeniPodRocker ive been watching since day one but now im sooooo behind :( how do you do it man
johny5608 (8 years ago)
Mike (8 years ago)
inception ftw
Nicky Chan (8 years ago)
@reynaldogonzalez18 Cause YOU AND ME WERE CTFxC!!!
Nicky Chan (8 years ago)
that video you did 3 years ago was my first video I saw on youtube evar
Calroy Thomas (8 years ago)
@ the flag: That's what she said. haha
thekidofpt1 (8 years ago)
x-treme G! ftw
thekidofpt1 (8 years ago)
1:12 bahahahahahahahaha
Miranda Fuzzlebottom (8 years ago)
@TheGreeniPodRocker ME TOO!!!! I have NO idea how I did it! But I have watched all of them up to this video, and its been a hell of a time trying to catch up.. Lots of fun actually :)
Leanne Fuller (8 years ago)
omg this is the first vlog i was subscribed to u. and then i started watching from day 1 and i made it back to here!!!! omg i did it!!!!!!!
123Iliketoeatpie (8 years ago)
how big that POLE is?!?!?! xD thats dirty
Mark Reyes (8 years ago)
2:20 Dats what she said
TheTigerOne (8 years ago)
@Crapckyship Lol, you're the pathetic loser looking for sexy things on YouTube. You haven't watched more than one vlog from the channel, have you? Go back under your bridge.
AdraicStarks (8 years ago)
That Tron bike looked like a dodge tomahawk. Such a pity they're not street legal. :(
cardiac19 (8 years ago)
@BoricuaDelight I agree. He more than held his own in that movie. I say he gets the supporting actor nomination and Page gets suporting actress nod as well.
cardiac19 (8 years ago)
@Nick12Tube Nolan said that he left it that way on purpose. He wanted the viewer to make up thier own mind as to what really happened. Kinda like Pulp Fiction's "what's in the case"
Heather Naveau (8 years ago)
awww,, you are the most cutes people in the world,, adorable!!!!!! XD
Daniel Adomian (8 years ago)
it's weird hearing german in your vlog's lol i wish i was your relative
Brittny Please (8 years ago)
model Charles MELLLL AWWW ZOEY I'm clapping along with you Alli STEEL TOED BANDITS!!!!!!!! SHE'S NEVER SEEN SAVED BY THE BELL?? Alli Mr. Belding is preggo DUDE TRON LEGACY CANNOT WAIT
hXcPoptart (8 years ago)
Alli is so pretty :)
Wet Paint Arts (8 years ago)
woohoo neon was my favorite!! extreme G ftw :D
Zeta Reticuli (8 years ago)
@ThoughtsCreative to skip ads use firefox + adblockplus
makaketv (8 years ago)
Hey Charles hey allie,zoey,marley! It's makayla from makaketv :] I just wanted to say my dad actually built the tron bike u saw he works for LA graphical and I have a video of him building it if u guys are interested and wanted to see it! just message me Charles and I'll send it to you :] my dad says thank you for showing his bike he was amazed how far they shipped it :] thanks again and I love you guys! CtFxc FTW! message me! My dad would love to show you! -3
7numrat (8 years ago)
@magicblack58 she's jewish
7numrat (8 years ago)
@soberanis100 she's not german, she's jewish i think & those cousins are jewish aswell lol so they don't understand eachother but their parents may speak the hebrew. Das were es...Ich bin 95% Sicher weil sie ein mal gesagt hat
7numrat (8 years ago)
hahah the stupidest game ever @ 5:52 ... so easy LOL
Lauren McCauley (8 years ago)
@BoricuaDelight dont worry your not the only one :)
Sierra Knackstedt (8 years ago)
omg! i cnt wait for TRON!
midnight hour (8 years ago)
Have you ever noticed when someone say: "I'm going to sneeze" They always end up not sneezing?
cakeboys (8 years ago)
they 1 because every one was out of shape on black team
cakeboys (8 years ago)
@BoricuaDelight My computer been broken and i missed a week worth of awsome vlogs :((((((((((((((
Nick Cunio (8 years ago)
inception was soo good on soo many levels but I didn't get at the end if he was in limbo or alive
Aaron Edwards (8 years ago)
@LilAznBoiTam01 sarasota
edianeh (8 years ago)
LMFAO at charles an his modeling! He looks exactly the same!
blaum (8 years ago)
My dog is OBSESSED with cheese too! You can ruffle every bag in the fridge but as SOON as you touch the cheese he'll be at your feet.
LulzItsACat (8 years ago)
@otherbeth ik lol, it was a reply to what LilWinch thought he said =P
otherbeth (8 years ago)
@LulzItsACat Noo he said i fought it haha
LulzItsACat (8 years ago)
@LilWinch lol Charles: Oh im gonna sneeze........ah i farted xD
Tara Sutherland (8 years ago)
MR BELDING GOT FAT! :O He was so handsome in the 80's/90's
LilWinch (8 years ago)
lol i though charles said i farted at 1:39
Jennifer Katz (8 years ago)
@scar077 that is so cool!!!
Jennifer Katz (8 years ago)
@LilAznBoiTam01 they live in tallahassee
pinkstarbabby (8 years ago)
was that citris park mall movie theater
iZEROxSKATERi (8 years ago)
the proffesional kickball league could be called PFL or MLK haha
Dillon Redding (8 years ago)
I work at a theatre and my friends and I sometimes take the standees and set them on fire!
Ruben Perez (8 years ago)
She is really pretty
Derek Lloyd (8 years ago)
i sent you an email the day i saw it, its on hulu just look up good morning america and look for the iphone one
Kristina Peregudova (8 years ago)
ijustine was on one of the commercials! for mozy online or watever
lasix77 (8 years ago)
I just wasted 15 mints of my life............may be more
Jake McKeown (8 years ago)
@Fordbronc1 Are you joking or not?
Tyler J. Smith (8 years ago)
I am Commenting on the statement you Made about the flag pole and the flag looking to small. well at least they have a flag pole up with a flag on it. i don't see ether one of you having a flag pole in your front yard or on your house. oh yea and thanks for killing the American economy by driving an foreign car.... thanks, your Blackberry storm fan!
TimeMachine20 (8 years ago)
kickball is boring
Kimberly Tangeman (8 years ago)
haha - Charles when he holds his nose up "Sax 5th Avenue"
TaylorSwiftAddict8 (8 years ago)
the horse eats corn?
golfingjen123 (8 years ago)
@royalspike2 i call it soccer base also :p
JohnPaul Rosal (8 years ago)
haha sister creepin on the back! lmfao
veeevee13 (8 years ago)
write something on the moo cow and then put a sticker over it or something
WideJuly (8 years ago)
Ha, it kind of sounded like you said "I farted" @1:39
Allison Lucio (8 years ago)
@linkel102919 haaahaa tht is funnyy!!
BoricuaDelight (8 years ago)
and YES inception was amazing and the director chris nolan was the screenwriter. he directed dark knight as well as memento. and i agree the fight sequences rocked. i think JGL was the one that stood out most in the movie
BoricuaDelight (8 years ago)
alley's never seen saved by the bell?!?!?! *le gasp*
BoricuaDelight (8 years ago)
im so bummed im all catching up on all the vlogs late because i've been swamped with doing things. but it is always essential to make sure to catch up on ctfxc vlogs! <3
Arianna Tong (8 years ago)
Inception=boss movie
Gabe Bucoy (8 years ago)

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